Serves meat, vegan options available. Long-established cafe offering multiple vegetarian and vegan items for breakfast, lunch and dinner and desserts, made with fresh ingredients and attempts to offer healthier food. Added a full bar with wines, craft bees and espresso in 2017. GF options. Bar happy hour Mon-Fri 4:00-6:00pm. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by ed_wharton


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22 Nov 2023

Don’t come here for breakfast

The only vegan option they have for breakfast is a sad excuse for a tofu scramble. It tasted more like a stir fry. Our server Justin was amazing though! Not so much the manager, he wasn’t understanding at all.

Pros: Good server, Good location, Good drink options

Cons: Not alot of vegan options, Breakfast and lunch are servers at different times, Manager was rude



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20 Sep 2023

Ruined our entire trip to Sedona. First ever visit for 6 adults.

We were dropped off in the area by our tour guide. She gave us an hour and a half. We walked over to the Secret Garden Café, and joined their waitlist. It was a 30 min wait. While we were waiting we received a text pushing out our wait 10 extra minutes. For fear we would miss our tour bus, and get no lunch, we went inside to order at the bar. While we were waiting for the food our table was ready. We went out back to the table and let them know we already ordered, and would still tip the server for letting us sit there for 20 minutes to eat our food.
After we were seated the manager came over to us and told us we had to leave. He said he only has two 6 top tables and they are reserved for dine in guests. We let him know we had just spent $200 inside, and still planned to tip the server well, and that we would be out of there quickly. He said he didn’t care and we had to leave. *I have full recordings of all of his interactions with us as proof.
I asked him for management contact info and he said it was him. So I asked for owner contact into and he refused. He then got so mad at me that he said my order was cancelled and barged into his own kitchen screaming ‘cancel that order! Cancel that to go order’.
He was cancelling my order AND refusing to reimburse me.
My boyfriend went back in and was able to get our food, and the food was amazing. Sucks so bad cause the service was horrible. No one spending money inside at a restaurant should ever be treated this way.
After a brief google search it looks like the manager, KYLE, may be the owners (Robin Russell) son or something. That’s probably why he didn’t want to give me her contact info.

Pros: Food was tasty, Waitress and Hostess were nice, Clean

Cons: Manager was horrible, Seating areas were not clearly marked, Poor communication from mgr to staff


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09 Jun 2023


I had the veggie cobb salad for lunch after a hike. The server was helpful in making sure I get it vegan. It was tasty!

We paid cash, they charge more for credit card payment and they tell you about it.

Pros: Great service


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27 Jan 2023

Healthier versions of classic dishes

I was sold when I saw they have a vegan Chile relleno! It was really tasty but different from the standard way the dish is prepared. Usually a chile is stuffed with cheese and then battered and fried. This chile is stuffed with sautéed veggies and black beans, has vegan cheese melted on top, but no batter and no frying. I loved it! The Spanish rice aside was mui rico tam bien.
My husband liked but didn't love his vegan reuben. It too was a healthier spin on the classic in that this one is not pan fried in oil as they usually are. Our server Brandon was super attentive and friendly. #Veganuary

Pros: More than a few well marked vegan items, Less fatty versions of comfort food, Nice service


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08 Dec 2022

Vegan Reuben

Great little cafe with plenty of Vegan options. We got the Vegan Reuben w/ Chips. Delicious!

$80 bucks for two of us to have lunch is a downer though.

Pros: Great locations , Plenty of Vegan options , Knowledgeable staff

Cons: Expensive


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08 Nov 2022

Vegan options 💚

I love that this place is vegan friendly and the staff is professional, friendly, and accommodating. I’d happily eat here again. With that said, I agree with the other reviews stating that the tofu scramble was a bit heavy in soy sauce and not very breakfast-like. Still enjoyable and I ate it all - however, I would recommend they explore revising how they prepare the tofu 💚

Pros: Vegan options, Customizable vegan options , Professional and friendly staff

Cons: Too much soy sauce in the tofu scramble


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13 Oct 2022

Good food, but expensive

I had the vegan Rubin and it was pretty good. The cheese was the most melty cheese I’ve ever had that’s vegan so that was good! The chicken was ok. It was expensive though

Pros: Several vegan options, Cute sitting area

Cons: Expensive, Busy


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10 Sep 2022

Cute place and vegan friendly

Super cute garden patio and pooch friendly. The service was great as they quickly brought out a water bowl upon noticing my two dogs. Vegan breakfast wasn’t that great as it seemed like more of a sautéed tofu in a dinner type sauce vs a breakfast taste. But nonetheless good and great to have the option. The ambience and dog friendly patio made up for it.

Pros: Vegan options, Cute garden, Dog friendly

Cons: Missing breakfast flare, Not a lot of vegan options, Pricey


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19 Jun 2022

Not the best vegan breakfast

Went here for breakfast and got the vegan scramble, but was disappointed that the "tofu scramble" was just cubes of tofu and really wasn't enjoyable. Maybe their lunch options are better but breakfast here isn't worth it in my opinion


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23 May 2022


Secret Garden has quite a few vegan options. I had the southwest grilled veggie sandwich (no cheese). It was delicious. We splurged with the chocolate cake. Yumm!


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22 May 2022

Always good

We have eaten here several times over the years and everything is always quite good.

Pros: Many vegan options , Clearly labeled vegan options , Friendly staff


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26 Mar 2022

Great food

Very good food had options for myself and also my non vegan wife. We visited Az and it was so good, we ate there twice!


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03 Mar 2022

Expected Better

Tried their only advertised vegan breakfast dish which was a tofu scramble. Was very disappointed. It was very soy sauce heavy and they didn’t even try and emulate the texture of scrambles, they just used cubed tofu. Coffee was really good though!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-03


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Mostly Veg
23 Feb 2022

Charming breakfast spot

We came here for breakfast and both had the vegan scrambles with tofu and plenty of veggies, filling for the morning before we hit the trails.

Pros: Creative, healthy food, Charming ambience, Good and knowledgeable service


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20 Feb 2022

Cute spot

Loved coming here for lunch. Many options to choose from as well as coffee and drinks. Cute location with nice staff and nearby shops. The sandwiches were great!

Pros: Marked Options , Cute location , Good food


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17 Dec 2021

Vegan Reuben - yum!

I've been here a few times (pre-pandemic & during), and was never disappointed. As others have said, there are indeed a small number of options, but they're very good! My absolute favorite is the vegan reuben. It's a hearty sandwich that includes a side. I've always had extremely friendly employees/servers, and the vibe is very relaxing. The patio is enclosed/heated during the cooler months, and it's pretty large. As of December 2021 they have a sign indicating to-go orders can only be placed online.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff , Relaxed vibe

Cons: Limited (but good) options , Inside touristy shopping area


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02 Nov 2021

Only a few vegan options. Server recommended a salad

Only a few vegan options. Server recommended a salad which is what I got. Veggie burger option as well.

Pros: GF options as well


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26 Sep 2021

Good vegan options for lunch

Beautiful outdoor seating place with a lot of vegan options for lunch but not many vegan options for breakfast.
I had the tofu scramble and it was good… not scramble though, just squares of tofu cooked with veggies.
Big plates and flavorful.

Pros: Beautiful place, Friendly stuff

Cons: Long waits, Not many vegan options for breakfast


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13 Sep 2021

Peaceful dining experience on outdoor patio

I enjoyed the Garden Love Scramble made with tofu. Very flavorful, and the balsamic dressing was sweet and rich for the side salad. Sedona Sunrise mimosa completed the meal nicely.

Pros: Lots of patio seating , Friendly staff, Local business

Cons: Not many vegan options


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22 Aug 2021

My Favorite Place to Eat in Sedona

Breakfast burrito vegan style for breakfast. Vegan Rubin sandwich for lunch, and the vegan quesadilla and Chili rellano for dinner. All are awesome.

Pros: Very vegan friendly

Cons: It’s pricey


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12 Aug 2021


This cafe was absolutely perfect. Super quick and very yummy vegan food options. Many things on the menu were customizable. Loved the patio area. Great beer selection. We got the hummus pizza as an appetizer and our main dishes included the Chile pepper entree and the portobello mushroom sandwich. The hummus pizza grew on me and the mushroom sandwich was A DEFINITE win. The pepper was okay, probably wouldn’t get it again. All vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-12

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Outdoor patio

Cons: Happy Hour is BAR ONLY


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20 Mar 2021

Good food

Garden love tofu is very good,

Pros: Very good

Cons: Pricey, Has meat, eggs, and cheese and , you have to specify Vegan alternatives


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14 Feb 2021

Rosemary potatoes!

This place is glorious. I always make it to an all vegetarian restaurant when I come to Sedona but THIS is my new Sedona must have! First of all, the atmosphere is beautiful and the staff is beyond friendly and helpful!! The black coffee is delish.. I forgot to ask what they served. My dish was awesome, especially the tri-colored rosemary potatoes... there were the best. Rob has a vegetarian breakfast burrito and enjoyed it too! I can’t wait to come back!

Pros: Coffee, Potatoes and vegan options!!, Service with a smile!

Cons: 🤷🏻‍♀️


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20 Jan 2021

Come for the vegan Ruben

I come back for the vegan chicken Ruben as it's incredible. I also love the garden love tofu scramble breakfast which is amazing with the tricolored potatoes and covered in Cholula and Pico. The vegan chicken quesadilla is good but could be better if they melted the cheese under the broiler for a minute or so.

Service on the other hand is a huge challenge. I have been a regular for over 6 months now and still somehow I randomly get served meat. 3 times this has happened!! Once I ordered a portobello sandwich with vegan cheese and veggies as they were out of the Ruben and they put chicken on it. I almost took a bite, but luckily I saw it and stopped. 2 weeks ago or so they gave me a beef Ruben. Not cool.

The manager who's name I believe is Christy is very sweet and friendly. Love her. The young brunette that works there is a rude little [censored] who has no business working in hospitality. She refused to take my phone order for lunch at 11:25 because lunch doesn't start until 11:30 and actually made me call back in 5 minutes to place the order! Power trip much? She was also rude when ringing me up, barking the price at me without any other greeting, a thank you or anything. Just cold, snippy and borderline combative. Not the first time either. She needs to go or I'll have to start recommending other places for lunch in town to the many guests and tourists I meet at work. I also bring large groups of colleagues here for lunch. If they allowed reservations I would bring groups more often.

There is also a space cadet server who is nice but definitely smokes too much weed before work or something because he can't remember from one second to the next what you just asked for and will spend the whole meal bringing you one item at a time that he forgot. Oh you asked 3 times for a refill on that beer? Yeah just make sure he takes it off the bill because it's never coming and you're ready to go home. Lol. Overall, I love this place but wish there were more vegan options and way better service. Also the vegan deserts are dry and disappointing. Try using apple sauce as an egg replacement, you will see a huge difference! Thanks for the great Tofu scramble and Ruben though!

Pros: Best vegan breakfast in town, Ruben to die for. , Passion fruit iced tea is divine, Nice garden setting and good prices

Cons: Service , Attention to detail lacking, May serve meat by accident


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Non Veg
14 Dec 2020

Why the hell is 5 stars reserved for ALL VEGAN restaurants?

This restaurant is 5 stars.


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13 Nov 2020

I love this place!

We had a great experience here. Our waiter was very polite, professional, and friendly. We ordered the chips & guacamole, Chile relleno and margaritas. Everything was spectacular.

Pros: Many vegan options


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16 Sep 2020

Breakfast lunch and dinner

We came for dinner and they were serving select dinner menu items with the full lunch menu because of Covid. My parents got sandwiches from the lunch menu and I got a GF and V dinner option. We all loved our dishes so much we made plans to come back the next morning for breakfast. Amazing!

Pros: Something for everyone , Gluten free and vegan , Marked menu

Cons: Expensive

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