Serves meat, vegan options available. Family operated restaurant, deli, bakery, and bar with a European market feel. Natural wood atmosphere with flowers, fountains, and dog friendly patio. Hot and cold food deli cases includes some vegan and gluten free dishes. Vegans can choose from Mediterranean salad, Thai peanut, pesto green beans (house made pesto is vegan), and vegan fritters with chipotle alioli. Offers organic juices and beverages as well as local organic espresso. In-house-made bakery items using agave and maple include gluten free and dairy-free desserts. Soy, almond, rice milk available. Open Mon-Sat 7:30am-4:00pm.

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First Review by KristaEnglish


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12 Nov 2023

Vegan breakfast!

This cute café offers two delicious hot vegan breakfast options. A rarity in the Santa Barbara vegan breakfast desert. Just wish they were open on Sunday!



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13 Apr 2023

Cute bite to eat

Clearly labeled vegan items. It felt a bit expensive for what I got-vegan huevos rancheros- tortilla with beans, tofu, and salsa. It was good but not super flavorful. Staff was very kind and helpful. Had a yummy oat milk latte.

Pros: Clearly labeled vegan options, Kind staff , Cute atmosphere

Cons: Expensive, Not much flavor


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26 Mar 2023

Healthy vegan power bowl

The power bowl was well balanced - it just needed a bit of heat. The lunch menu looked good but isn’t have a chance of to order off that menu.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cute place

Cons: Fairly expensive


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04 Nov 2022

Great food! ❤️🌱

Lots of options! And a vegan pumpkin pie! 😍


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13 Aug 2022

Maybe a tad hit or miss

I've been to Savoy a handful of times over the years. This was the first visit in maybe 3-4 years though. The good news is that they've expanded the vegetarian/vegan options a fair hit, and items are clearly labeled vegan in the cold and hot cases.

In the past I always got the vegan breakfast burrito, which I thought was solid. Always had to ask for extra pico de gallo, though. This time I got the Lorraine -- minus the cheese (no vegan cheese option) -- and it was pretty boring. It also had a strong mustard I didn't love.

I'd probably try other places ahead of this one in the future but I was with other people who I thought might appreciate Savoy.


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28 Jul 2022

Wholesome, fresh, great variety!

Breakfast oatmeal was wonderful, healthy and a great texture. We also loved the Vegan Power Bowl, Vegan Rancheros, and all day Vegan Burrito, and breakfast potatoes. They also have a lot of gluten-free baked goods, one or two of them were vegan.

These are some of the most wholesome plant based choices in the city! It’s a reliable place for plant based families. Easy, clean, and a lot of options.

Pros: Great vegan options


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23 Jul 2022

Very good!!

Many vegan delicious options!! Super nice atmosphere, super friendly people! Highly recommended 😀

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-23


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29 Jan 2020

Ask for what you want!

I frequent this cafe and have discovered a few hacks to their menu. While there are clearly labeled vegan items, like the Vegan Burrito (delicious) and the Vegan Power Plate, there are some other things they are happy to make if you ask. It’s like a secret vegan menu! Try ordering Huevos Rancheros with no cheese and with tofu instead of egg - WOW! You might have to remind them to put avocado, but it is absolutely amazing and totally vegan. You can also ask for vegan French toast. Besides this, they serve vegan cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake, and almost always have one vegan soup (usually butternut squash, curry, or black bean).


10 Aug 2022

I went and asked for vegan French toast today and they said they couldn’t do it


Points +573

16 Jan 2020

Great breakfast

Really lovely breakfast with lots of options. I would have liked to see more tofu in my scramble though. Their salad bar looks amazing and I’m going to try and come back for that!

Pros: Great prices , Lots of options, Tasty


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13 May 2019

Great breakfast and lunch spot with tons of vegetarian and vegan options

Extensive menu of prepared and made to order vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast and lunch. Great quality ingredients and fresh, tasty food. Tofu scramble was excellent and came with side salad, fruit and toast. A little pricey but the portions and food were worth it. All the prepared cold and hot items were good too. Quinoa salad, kale, green beans, were all vegan options and very fresh.


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02 Feb 2019

Great vegan options!

Great vegan options for a good price! They also have good coffee and beverage choices. Friendly service.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fairly priced, Good beverage options


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28 Dec 2018

Great place, nice atmosphere

Some baked goods are vegan -- thin mints and cupcakes are awesome. Vegan burrito is not super flavorful, but it's very healthy -- kale, quinoa, sweet potato, tofu, avocado, black beans on request. Add some Cholula hot sauce and included salsa and you've got a winner! I go there all the time

Pros: decent vegan selection

Cons: vegan baked goods are a bit more expensive than re


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21 Oct 2018

They have everyone covered!

My vegan burrito was fantastic and my husband enjoyed a great vegetarian breakfast. Flavorful and satisfying. The fresh squeezed juice is the best. I’ve forgotten how good fresh squeezed was. I’ll be back next time in town.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Deli/salad bar/bakery/market


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04 Sep 2018

Good Vegan Options

Delicious vegan burrito and even better vegan cupcake


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25 Aug 2018

Delicious vegan options

Great place for vegans and non-vegans. I went for brunch and got the tofu scramble, plus an almond-milk mocha, and a vegan pastry. Everything was super delicious and high quality! The ambiance was friendly, cheerful and informal. Highly recommended.


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29 Jul 2018

Vegan friendly, good breakfast

Savoy has a few vegan options on their menu, and the restaurant has a nice ambiance. I ordered the tofu scramble and it was really good. They also have a few vegan pastries (yay!). I think this place is a good option, especially if you are dining with people who are not willing to go to a vegan restaurant.


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05 Jan 2018

Vegetarian and veganfriendly🌱

I liked the vegan scrumbled tofu with kale, onions and tomatoes:) for a vegan breakfast, its all you need as a vegan. they have like 3 to 4 vegan dishes. very nice to try it out! loved it!

Pros: more than one vegan option. , for vegeterians a lot of options


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26 Sep 2017

Vegan foods

Vegan burrito was bland and sloppy. No herbs or seasoning. This is the vegan food that keeps people eating meat.

Pros: Meat sandwiches were okay.

Cons: vegan food is terribly done


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10 Apr 2016

Cozy place

They have a nice salad bar. Had also some sweet and sour tofu and brown rice from the kitchen and a maple syrup sweetened wheat free almond flour cookie made in their kitchen. Nice place for intimate friends. Earhty, Casual.


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05 May 2013

So good!

I walked past this place several times before going in and every time I was so drawn to go inside and just sit down. It has a lovely, warm, friendly atmosphere that is even apparent from the street. Once I finally went in...

I love the variety in this place! Sometimes I'm not very hungry, so I'll go for the salad bar. Other times I just pop in for a chocolate bar or German chocolate cup cake. And if I want a full meal, I love their El Cap sandwich and mango salad (a cold side). When they found out I was vegan, they offered to make me a tofu stir fry, which was really good!

Pros: Great sandwiches and desserts, Warm atmosphere


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Mostly Veg
09 May 2012

Wonderful place to go with multiple-eating options

This is my go-to restaurant for meetings and meet-ups with friends. They have a great selection of vegan and vegetarian options. A wonderful salad bar and even a bakery with vegan and gluten-free choices that taste out-of-this world! For your friends who are carnivorous they have them taken care of as well. All the food is fresh, organic and high quality. The atmosphere is delightful with warm tones, a fountain, fresh beautifully arranged flowers and friendly and accommodating staff. Now that I found them I try to get in here at least once a week for a treat or a meal. Hopefully,their appearance on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives doesn't make it hard to get a table! Such an oddity since they are no where near the greasy spoons you'd expect to see on a show like that.

Pros: healthy quality cuisine, nice decor/atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: cost a little more for quality, HC only allows 4-cow rate on non-veg res, closed on Sunday

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