Small local wine bar and vegetarian restaurant. Serves all fresh farmers market based food. Focuses on local and natural wines. Has many vegan options and others that could possibly be made vegan. Offers a seasonal selection of farm-fresh vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. NOTE: Over-the-counter ordering 7 days/week as well as 7 day evening delivery for all orders in before 5pm. Orders go out at 5:30pm. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-8:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-5:00pm. NOTE: Open 5pm-10pm every first Monday.

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First Review by LawrenceG


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07 Jul 2023

One of the best vegan spots in Santa Barbara

This food is amazing. The chef sources most of the ingredients from the local farmer’s market. So, if you like local, fresh food, Satellite is for you. I read some other reviews saying it was a bit pricey, but it is well worth it. This food has love in it and is very high prana.
Also, great people and ambiance. There is nothing bad to say about it. Love Satellite!

Pros: The Focaccia is 🔥, The Gigantes are amazing, love the Yoga Pants

Cons: Hard to get a table on Thursdays bc a rad band pla



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09 Mar 2023

Yummy yummy vegan Mac-n-cheez!

I can only base this review on their vegan mac-n-cheez but it was very, very good. It was creamy and delicious. I recommend it.

Pros: Lots of options , Friendly staff

Cons: Street parking only- on a pedestrian only street.


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18 Jan 2023

Made with care!

My favorite thing about the dishes I tried here was the attention to detail. It was definitely a treat and their presentation makes it worth the price! The only downside was the amount of vegan options felt minimal, but it is a small menu overall and I'm glad that they offer some vegan options at least!


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09 Jan 2023

(Formerly) Some Very Tasty Vegan Options

Summer 2022, I returned to Satellite for the first time since eating at the "Friendsgiving" special during the Thanksgiving season of 2020, which was my only previous experience since the Lockdown began. During the Lockdown the number of vegan options was very low, until summer.

Prior to the Lockdown I ate at Satellite a number of times. The food was usually very good tasting, but the portions were small and it was expensive. Their Jackfruit tacos (even better, though a lot more expensive, than those at the now defunct VeganGreenGo) were amazing, but they were dropped from the menu before the Lockdown.

On my recent visit I tried the "Eggplant Toast", and the "Filet de Hongo" - both of which looked very good on their website. The topping on the Eggplant Toast was very good - unfortunately, the toast was VERY HARD, it was very difficult to eat. I hope that this was an unusual case, and not normal for this dish, as I would really like it if the bread was not so hard. I would like it even better if I was able to order the topping on potatoes or some other base, rather than the (white) bread toast.

The Filet de Hongo tasted very good. However, I was looking forward to the horseradish in the potatoes. Although the dish tasted very good, I could not taste the horseradish - for my taste it could use a lot more horseradish. The portion size was very small for the price.

One other criticism that applies to EVERY Santa Barbara vegan restaurant, is that they all serve only white flour bread for various dishes that use bread (including buns, rolls, flatbreads etc.). I would really prefer whole grain breads.

I will return to try some of their other recent vegan additions to their menu.

Also, my three star rating was mainly because I will generally not rate any non-vegan vegetarian restaurant more than 3 stars (and I do not patronize restaurants that are not at least vegetarian).

Update(12/27/22): I returned to satellite a few months ago - and unfortunately it was disappointing. It is the most expensive vegan/vegetarian restaurant in SB (which is saying a lot as SB vegan/vegetarian restaurants tend towards being very expensive). The food was simultaneously very bland - and EXTREMELY oily. The soup was swimming in oil, and so was the Filet de Hongo (which had previously been my favorite dish) which was also more bland (with less flowers) than in the past. Additionally, the oil was not even a high quality olive oil - but a bland tasteless (olive?) oil.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-09

Pros: Not much anymore

Cons: Not vegan, Expensive, White Flour Bread and too much bland oil


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02 Jun 2022

“If 🎶you’re going to Santa Barbara🎶be sure to savor some flowers for flavor🎶”

(The title is a ref to that hippie SF song by Scott McKenzie) Santa Barbara is a land unique unto itself. Distinctly Californian yet remarkably nothing like anything to its northern or southern neighbors. Satellite embodies that unique spirit with their vegan tacos, and this wholesome quinoa and lentil stew that is topped off with fresh cilantro. My friends got some other dishes. We all got some drinks too. Everything has flower petals in there. Unique!


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20 May 2022

Great ambiance

Salads were large and tasty! Fresh baked choc chip cookies were awesome. Loved the live band.


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08 Apr 2022

Tasty but SMALL portions

Sorry I just can’t give 5 stars to a place where an entree is more a shareable appetizer size. For the price the portions should be larger. I have loved everything each time I’ve gone but need more food! Yoga pants salad is great for lunch.

Pros: Delicious , Lots of vegan options

Cons: Small portions for price


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26 Feb 2022

Great spot especially for wine lovers

I didn’t have a glass but I do have a taste for wine and I think you’d love this place if you like a nice veg wine bar with lots of v options. I did have the local booch, the soup of the day and olives. Everything was excellent and served with attention to detail like flowers in plating and printed pages as plate decor. Not cheap.


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20 Feb 2022

Tasty entree's

Had the Baes bowl and Cauliflower Curry Couscous. Excellent. Wine was fantastic but not cheap.


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13 Dec 2021

Creative dishes, too oily

The vegan menu items are interesting, inviting and creative. They are also beautifully plated with little edible flowers. Unfortunately, there is so much oil in the food it drowns it of its natural flavors. We had the focaccia, winter squashes, curried cauliflower couscous and seared broccolini. When my sweetie left, the first thing he said was “disappointing.” That sums up our experience.

Pros: Imaginative vegan dishes , Beautifully plated food

Cons: Way too oily , Needs more heating lamps , Pay counter 1st so 2 much hassle 2 refundoilyfood


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Mostly Veg
08 Dec 2021

Refreshing and Filling

Came here on a Wednesday for lunch. They have plenty of seating in their outdoor patio that extends on the street itself. You order at the counter and find a seat.

We ordered their miso cabbage, yoga pants salad, filet de hongo, the daily soup (coconut cream, celery, fenugreek, sweet potato), brussels spouts. The miso cabbage was nicely charred with a ginger and miso dressing, quite satisfying. The yoga pants salad was citrusy, with beets, but maybe a tad overdressed. The filet de hongo consisted of shitake mushrooms on a bed of polenta and did give us the feeling of eating a filet of something. The soup was pretty good, not overly coconut-flavored, but could've been a bit warmer. I forget what the brussels sprouts were on a base of, but it was pretty satisfying.

Overall, I think it has a nice ambiance on State St. I would come back for a light lunch. Service was also pretty fast.

Pros: light but filling, miso cabbage, outdoor seating

Cons: salad was slightly overdressed


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06 Sep 2021

Try the Yoga Pants Salad

The Yoga Pants Salad included a fresh mix of greens, fruit, and veggies - all in a lightly seasoned dressing.

Pros: Good variety of vegan dishes

Cons: Dishes come out of the kitchen at different times., You may get your dish after others are finished


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18 Apr 2021


Delicious vegan food! Small menu selection but everything we ordered was incredibly tasty, creative, unique, and delicious.


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17 Nov 2020

Fabulous salad!!

Happy waiters, good food. Definitely try the yoga salad.

Pros: Some great vegan options available


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13 Sep 2020

A 5 star experience! Each dish unique, beautiful, and tasteful — full of taste!

Each dish—we had 3– was unique, beautiful, and tasteful, ie full of taste. Imagine a salad deepening in taste over time. It happened. Herbed Baked Tomatoes over Shitake bread makes me salivate to remember. And so it goes. Wine too. Enjoy

Pros: Whole food plant based, Delicious , Taste deepened

Cons: None Ivan think of


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19 Aug 2020

Yoga Pants Salad

Every vegan dish I’ve eaten here is fresh and delicious and beautifully plated! In the mood for a healthy salad? Order the yoga pants salad made with fresh seasonal farmers market veggies! You will not be disappointed!


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05 Oct 2019


We drove up to Santa Barbara just to eat here. Unfortunately it wasn’t open at 11 on a Saturday like it said it did online and on happy cow. We walked by a few more times - didn’t open until at least 90 minutes after listed open time. Bummer.


06 Nov 2019

Hey there, So sorry to hear we weren't open for you. We changed our hours in September to open at noon each day and after changing those hours on all the other platforms I totally forgot about happy cow! Apologies for that. I sure hope you'll drop in on us again and give us a shot. Looking forward to it!


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14 Sep 2019

Flavorlicious !!!

Had three outstanding dishes. Started off with the Smoked Shrooms packed with flavor and the Yoga Pants salad two delicious items to share. Followed by the Vegan Tacos topped off with the Crazy Cake. Service was outstanding & friendly. Looking forward to coming back and tasting more of the vegan dishes.

Pros: Outdoor Seating, Pricing, Vegan Selections


06 Nov 2019

Thanks so much for the kind words!! Great to have you :)


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01 Jul 2019

Great Wine Bar With Veggie Food

Went here on vacation. The owner is super nice, he offered us tastings of a few of the wines & the food is yummy. We had the Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Tacos ; they were delicious . We got the Vegan Crazy Cake which was also fantastic . I would definitely go back the next time I’m in S.B.


06 Nov 2019

I'm so happy you had a good time!! It was a delight to host you. Thanks for coming by!!


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25 Jun 2019


Beyond delicious! The Sexy Toast is an absolute must. The Yoga Pants salad is my go-to taste explosion. Don’t miss this beautiful, magical spot when in Santa Barbara!

Pros: Great ambiance , Low manipulation, organic, biodynamic wines, Cool vibe with a patio


06 Nov 2019

Thanks so much for the sweet words!! You are always the brightest and most wonderful guest?Thank you for the love!


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04 Jun 2019

Must eat at this place!

This place is an absolute must if you are in Santa Barbara. I believe it is only 1 of 2 vegan/vegetarian places in SB. It is a tapas style restaurant with really fresh and delicious food. If you go here you need to try the tacos! The staff here are really friendly and helpful too! If I'm ever back in SB I would absolutely make this my first food stop.

Pros: Fresh, healthy , lots of vegan options, great atmosphere and decor


06 Nov 2019

Thank you so much for the review! You rock. Thank you x 1,000,000


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08 May 2019

Unique dishes, amazing presentation.

Friendly service and lots of choices. Try the Shrub drink!


06 Nov 2019


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27 Apr 2019


This is a real gem. They offer first rate vegan and vegetarian food with a carefully curated wine and beer list filled with natural choices from around the world. Very impressive. Having eaten at countless vegan places, this one has food that is passionately prepared and each ingredient is considered. The soup of the day was a delicate broth with exotic mushrooms, potatoes and herbs. The pizza was incredible and the bread they serve is mainly from Oat Bakery. It’s a comfortable place to hang and feels like an oasis in the city.

Pros: Creative and unusual offerings, Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Intimate and comfortable atmosphere


06 Nov 2019

Thanks so much for the note! We sure love OAT Bakery too!! Can't wait to have you back :)


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10 Feb 2019

Awesome Toast plate

I ordered the Sexy Toast, loved it! Cashew cheese was the bomb.
The Japanese Potatoes was greasy and small.


06 Nov 2019

Thanks so much for the positive review!! Japanese sweet potatoes have been replaced a few times now and I hope you'll come check out the newness! Thanks

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