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Serves meat, vegan options available. Abeno branch of the popular natural food cafe chain サンミ at 大阪市大阪府大阪市阿倍野区阿倍野筋2丁目4−39 (also in Shinsaibashi and Kyobashi, Osaka). Serves lunch sets that generally include meat, but can usually be made vegan. Soup includes dashi fish stock but can also be made separately vegan - please call ahead if possible. The cakes and puddings are made with dairy, but drinks can be made with soy milk. Sells house-made bottled salad dressing at the front, which sometimes contains honey. Also sells genmai, salt-and-black-sesame furikake, cookies, tofu mayonnaise, and other goodies. Last lunch order at 3pm after which it's less busy and doubles as a cafe providing an array of main dishes, desserts, and drinks. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by greentuffet


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26 Aug 2021

In terms of vegan options this is a one star for me.

The flavours are great, atmosphere is good, and they do have some genuinely vegan things like tofu mayo, dressing, etc BUT **UNLESS YOU CALL AHEAD** there’s dashi in the soup, some side dishes have tiny fish, the main dish which we requested was changed to tofu instead of pork still had tiny pieces of pork in it. Thankfully I was with a meat eater so we just swapped some of our dishes around. Basically I don’t want to poo-poo this place too much because they don’t advertise vegan options, I just think you MUST call the day before or a few hours before so they can prepare proper options. As most restaurants in Japan prepare everything before opening it’s hard to ask for changes as most of you might know. *also the soy pudding has gelatin*

Pros: Good flavours, Nice atmosphere

Cons: No vegan options, Must call ahead



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24 Jan 2020

only one option for lunch

was kind of plain, but i think they have more options for dinner

Pros: they specifically asked what we can/can’t eat, served meal that’s not normally on the lunch menu, cute atmosphere

Cons: only one option during lunch , meal was basic, only rice with veggies, not a lot, a bit pricey (900 yen) for not a lot of food


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Mostly Veg
16 Nov 2018

First Happycow experience

I went here for lunch after searching for places to eat in Happycow and it was certainly not a dissapointment.

I went to this tiny store during it's peak hours, so we had to wait for a bit after writing our name on the visitor listing outside the store near the door.

My friend and I ordered the cheapest one (around ¥900) in menu at the time: the lunch set, which consist of rice and few side dishes. It was really good. The staff speaks very little English but good enough to assist you with their menu which is only available in English. Do mention that you're vegetarian and they'll give you replacement options for the meals. We changed the meat side dish to tofu. Although, fish oil is still used in the making of the meal but we couldn't help with that one.

Would certainly come again and try their desserts.

Pros: Close to the station, Comfy store, Friendly staff

Cons: Still uses fish oil in the dish, Store is VERY tiny


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15 Mar 2017

Nice Place But Really Busy

This is a well-established natural food cafe (it's been around for 14 years), which has 3 locations in Osaka, 1 in Tokyo, and 1 in Okinawa. It has a cool rustic-meets-modern atmosphere and is extremely popular every single day for lunch, especially with young business women. Their lunch sets generally include meat, but recently when I went they were able to switch that dish to soba noodles. However, even though I told them I didn't eat fish, I forgot to specify dashi fish stock, until the soup arrived and I remembered to check. Unfortunately there was stock in it, to which they were very apologetic, but also seemed stressed because they were so busy, and said they could make me a vegan one but it would take a bit of time. I told them it was alright and I didn't need it, but it made me feel a bit uncomfortable about the rest of the meal because even though I double-checked again, I wondered if they'd forgotten about other animal ingredients. However, after my meal they kindly brought me a cup of tea and apologized for the mistake, which was really nice. I spoke to them for a while about HappyCow and veganism and they were very interested to learn more about it. Iwould recommend coming here if you're in the area and confident about specifying what you don't eat in Japanese. If not, however, Komeday #1 is another option instead (a little further south from Abeno and more vegan-friendly).

Updated from previous review on 2017-03-15

Pros: Pleasant atmosphere, Natural ingredients, Nice staff

Cons: Not fully vegan


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17 Nov 2016

Good Experience

I used to go here for lunch a few years ago when I worked in this neighbourhood (and am only writing this review because I see they don't have one yet so I figure my memory is better than a completely blank page.) (Also, I didn't realise at the time that they use fish broth in cooking. I will check the next time I go.)

The staff was always very friendly.
They were busy during lunch hours, but I almost always got a seat.
The food was always flavourful and obviously very healthy.
I liked that they used brown rice and you could flavour it at your table with a black sesame/salt furikake.

Their hijiki fried rice was really good! I've tried to make my own at home, but it never tastes as good as theirs did.

Pros: Yummy lunches, Nice staff, Cute interior

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