Foodhouse serving vegetarian, vegan, and raw food meals. Previously at Stephan Ludwig Roth, this location reported Oct 2018. Open Mon-Fri 08:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-23:00.

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First Review by veggieriga


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31 Oct 2023

Very good vegetarian/vegan restaurant

Excellent welcome and atmosphere in a truly relaxing place.delicious dishes and fair prices.da

Pros: The variety of dishes, The stillness of the place



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12 Oct 2023

Evening meal

Great atmosphere and amazing food choice, everything was exceptional and could easily go back and try all the other dishes


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16 Sep 2023

Many vegan options

So the restaurant is vegetarian but, they have many vegan options and were labeled correctly. This is already a plus points for them (except for passionfruit martini with pasteurized egg white).

We chose the outdoor seating. We arrived an hour earlier than our reserved time but, there was no issue to have us seated as right away. The staff were friendly and accommodating too.

We ordered lentil cream soup, avocado salad, dumplings, simple burger, raw avocado, carrot cake, tepache margarita and beer.

The tepache margarita was yummy and so as the carrot cake 😄

Extra: The “bland” comments from others may be true but, if you’re vegan for the animals, it should not matter.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-16

Pros: Friendly and accommodating staff, Well labeled vegan options, Big space

Cons: Quite a long wait time for food to be served


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10 Sep 2023

Uninspiring Linguine veggie bolognese

I can't speak for the other dishes, but the veggie bolognese mainly tasted of tomato-carrot sauce, it really lacked both umami and a bit of texture. Furthermore the menu was outdated pricewise so they charged more than shown in the menu. Otherwise a nice outdoor seating environment, and a friendly staff, so might be good for a drink, or maybe another dish would be better.


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13 Aug 2023

Doesn’t live up to the hype

I’m always excited to try an all-veg restaurant, even though other review sites had many complaints about wait time & service. I came in for lunch today without a reservation. The hostess said she had a table available in the smoking section. I asked if non-smoking would be feasible & she said as long as I finished in just over an hour when the table was reserved. I replied I could eat that fast as long as the service allowed it. My server took several minutes to come over, and I couldn’t look at the English menu until then. He then took several more minutes to return for my order. I explained that the table was reserved at the specific time that I was told, and he said an appetizer and a main course should be no problem in that time frame. I ordered the pumpkin boulette with horseradish sauce. I then tried to order the jackfruit curry but he said it wasn’t available so I ordered the veggie bolognese pasta. I also ordered a cherry lemonade. The lemonade took several minutes but was very good. The starter took several more and the dish’s taste was completely dominated by the horseradish sauce. It then took several more minutes for my plate to be cleared, and several more for the bolognese to arrive. It was blander than the pasta sauce I make at home. I sincerely have no idea why it was even called bolognese as it just tasted like a bland marinara. But most importantly, it had taken so long to arrive I couldn’t finish eating it before I had to vacate the table. The server (who had barely stopped by) tried to insist there was “no rush” for me to leave the table when I asked for the bill despite what the hostess had specifically told me, which I guess explains his cavalier attitude about my service. The server responsible for the next section walked by my table a dozen times for every time my own server stopped to check on me.

Pros: Excellent lemonade

Cons: Terrible service , Surprisingly poorly crafted food


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30 Jul 2023

Highly recommended

Tried the caramelized eggplant (new addition on the menu) and the coconut and jackfruit curry and they were very tasty. Also had a white wine and lemonade and they were amazing. The raw berries and vanilla cake was delicious.
It might be just a bit pricy for some but it's definitely not considered overpriced for what you get

Pros: Beautiful place, Very good and fast service, Many vegan options

Michelle Bridi

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16 Jul 2023

I would like to give it 0 stars

I arrived here around 2.30 and got a table inside on request because of the heat. It took the waiter an eternity to come to me. I ordered a water melon soup and pasta with artischocke,dried tomatoes,tofu und a cashewcreme.
It sounded all good on the menu.
And then I waited...and waited..and waited..nothing happened. After over an hour I caught a waiter and asked where my food was. My soup arrived 10min later. The watermelon soup was nice but at this point I was so hangry. After about another 30min after finishing my soup I spoke with another waiter. I said it is not normal that the food takes so long (the restaurant was only half full). He then started with an arrogant attitude saying the food is fresh he doesn't know where I am from but this is not Mc Donnalds good food takes it's time.
Well I am from the industry so no good good can be prepared fast and the food is obviously not fresh. I have been to a restaurant where the food was harvested from a nearby field after ordering and they were faster.
Then when my food arrived I couldn't believe it. The antischocke was not fresh but from the glass and the dried tomatoes had a strong taste of old oil (how do you even manage this in a restaurant?). They used yeast flakes as vegan cheese which was not just stupid but also disgusting since the whole food had a strong taste and smell of yeast. Honestly this was the worst meal I had in a vegetarian restaurant ever! So much ro being fresh. Also the dish itself was blend,boring,the texture was weird.
When I paid the waiter already typed the money into the card reader. I paid and he said service is not included.

That's right service was not included in this restaurant..
Arrogant waiter,disgusting main course,unbearable waiting time and expensive. I can not believe it but this costed me 2 hours of my day..

While I was waiting I had time to read Google reviews. I should have read them before..

Somehow I couldn't give it 1 stars but it should get 1 max!

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-16

Pros: The watermelonsoup

Cons: Arrogant waiter, Expensive, Unbearable waiting time


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29 Jun 2023

Very bland

The place looks amazing but the food was incredibly disappointing 😬


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13 Jun 2023

Best dinner during the stay

Me and my friends went here for dinner and had a wonderful time. All of the dishes and drinks were amazing, as well as the presentation and the people. Highly reccomend, but it’s better to make a reservation.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-08


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20 May 2023

Nice Experience

It was a nice day outside so I got to take advantage of the patio for dinner. Really nice ambiance, nice decor and very large patio so everyone has there space.

The service was good, friendly and quick. I got the guacamole to start, the vegan burger as my meal (with fries) and a carrot cake. To drink I got a lager and then an IPA.

The guacamole was nice and tasted fresh. It was just missing something though but I can’t put my finger on it. But all in all it was fresh and tasty. The burger was good but not my absolute favourite. I would explore other things on the menu but if I have to order it again I would. The carrot cake was absolutely lovely! Great flavour and it was nice and moist. The beer was lovey, especially the IPA.

All in all, it was a nice experience and I’d recommend going. Just a heads up - the kitchen stops about 1.5 hrs before closing. I went on a Friday and arrived at 9:20pm and the kitchen was closing at 9:30pm. Last call was at around 10:30pm and closing was 11:00pm.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: A little expensive


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07 May 2023


Very good food, nice staff, wonderful decor. Interesting drinks (like their Limonade with cherry and elderberries) and dessert (like their upside down chocolate cake).


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Mostly Veg
05 Apr 2023

Un vegetariano/vegano excelente

La carta se puede consultar online y también reservar online. Hay muchísimas opciones veganas y toda la comida es vegetariana.

Pros: Vegetariano estricto con muchas opciones veganas., Personal atento., Muy buena relación calidad-precio.


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13 Feb 2023

Delicious food

You have a lot of vegetarian dishes to choose from . It is incredible they have them all and they are fast serving , very polite and well behaved waitresses.
I will come back whenever I am in town.

Pros: artsy plating, nice decorated, good food


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24 Oct 2022

Lovely food and atmosphere

Wonderful restaurant with amazing options and lovely service. I had vegan soup and pate as I wasn't too hungry and now am working out how to fit in more meals in the short time I have here. Everything is well thought out. The menu is extensive and the decor is beautiful. Highly recommend.


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21 Aug 2022

Really nice veggie food and very friendly staff :)

Much options of vegan an vegetarian food.


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27 Jul 2022

Realy nice place to sit in

This is kinf of a more fancy restaurant.
Evry little detail is taken into consideration, from to knife and spoon to the way the food is served.
This is a real restaurant.
Ate a minestrone soup - excellent
A burger with French fries - very good
For desert 2 chocolate bars - it was well done, but if you don't like almonds / nuts taste, it will be too much for you

Drunk a good beer, was unique, don't remember its name.

Pros: Good vegan options, A realy nice place to sit in the evening

Cons: A little more expensive


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28 May 2022

Tasty food,nice service and cozy atmosphere!

Tasty food and nice service! Highly recommend it!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-19


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23 May 2022

Cozy place with delicious food!

So many different vegan options! Loved the fact that they also have protein packed dishes, containing tofu, jackfruit etc.

Pros: Lovely, cozy atmosphere, Delicious vegan and vegetarian food, Very friendly waiters


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14 May 2022

Delicious options, lick the plate clean kind of place

Delicious vegan options, I still felt full many hours afterwards. The hummus with mint was so yummy. They were friendly and gave as blankets when it got cold.


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06 May 2022

very good

Very nice atmosphere and kind service. The food (I had melon tomato gazpacho and cabbage a la cluj) was delicious as well.


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06 May 2022


Very very good, staff was so nice and the atmosphere is cozy. You can sit outside and bring your dog.


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30 Mar 2022

One of a kind restaurant

Lots of vegan and raw vegan options.

Pros: The location is central, The place is nicely arranged, The staff is polite


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20 Jan 2022

Vegan Burger 🍔 🤩

The Vegan Burger was delicious, i could feel the caramelized onion and the bun of the burger was crunchy.

Pros: Delicious Vegan Cocktails

Cons: Only 2 Vegan options for dessert


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07 Dec 2021

Fancy-ish food

The food was quite healthy and really good. They had plenty vegan options. Only the waiter seemed a little annoyed and was not too friendly. Maybe he just had a bad day. It's still worth a visit😊


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Mostly Veg
25 Nov 2021

Very tasty!!! Nice design:)

Delicious lasagna, truffle pasta! Also tried Mexican soup and halloumi salad!


Points +89

25 Nov 2021

Bomb & Fancy

Fancy vegan place, food is bomb.


Points +125

10 Nov 2021

Great place to get a bit 'luxurious' vegan foods

I had a vegan burger and carrot cheescake. It was delicious! I went with people that are not vegans nor vegeterians and they loved it! I highly recommend the place. 😊

Pros: Great and healthy vegan options, Friendly staff, Great ambience

Cons: A bit pricey

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