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East Indian food grocery and deli-style vegetarian fast food service; originally known as Bharat Bazaar and Samosa House. Counter service, bus your own table. Food is kept warm in a glass case display with various main entrees (some vegan, ask); plus a la carte snacks menu for order (samosas, dosas, pakora), and also Indian sweets and juices. The grocery section features a large selection of Indian spices, sauces, grains and legumes, ready-to-eat packaged dried as well frozen Indian foods, and a small selection of fresh vegetables. Expanded seating in 2012. Has parking lot. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-9:30pm.

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First Review by kyvegan


Points +341

15 Jan 2023

Bang for your buck

Yummy Indian and just what you’d expect - hearty and satisfying



Points +446

06 Jan 2023

A little gem

Really delicious, authentic Indian food. They have a good little grocery store and shop for all your India needs. Good prices, good portions, super chilled, unpretentious place. Happy to see this place open over the years I’ve been coming to LA.


Points +311

02 May 2022

Authentic Indian Food

Combination plates are reasonable and tasty. The naan bread (not vegan) is made fresh. They had a vegan chicken curry that was amazing.

Pros: Lots of vegan food

Cons: Reasonable prices, Fresh, Authentic


Points +70

07 Sep 2021

Awesome Quick food & Grocery Store!

I like Samosa House's food in general (& I'm quite picky with Indian vegetarian food), & the quality of the items from their store are good too.

With there Big plate order- you can't go wrong with trying any of their main course items. Samosas are tasty and crisp. On the weekends they have regional food items which would be worth checking out as well. Completely vegetarian- with Vegan options- which I love to support.

At their store in particular I want to recognize 2 employees: Rukmini & Shyam. They are extremely kind, caring, & helpful. They assisted me with all my queries patiently & were able to take care of one of my order requests. It makes me want to return to interact with them.

Managers in charge, please recognize these employees in some way, I definitely appreciate it!

Pros: Authentic Vegetarian Food, Good Value, Variety of options

Cons: Desserts/Snack items could be made less sweet


Points +72

14 Feb 2021

Beyond Satisfied

Always double check what’s vegan. Their naan isn’t not vegan but the Chapatti bread is. I loved my food. I got brown rice, mixed sweet and sour veggies, Aloo baingan
(Eggplant & potatoes), and Spicy veggie soy chicken With one Samosa. Everything was delicious but my favorite was the mixed sweet and sour veggies they had such a great flavor and went well with the other sides. Everything is affordable.

Pros: Super flavorful , Perfectly spicy , Very filling


Points +205

12 Feb 2021

I loved everything I got!

Really delicious flavorful food for sure. It's also inexpensive because the portion sizes are pretty big. If you want a combination plate just ask whats vegan and they'll let you know because it's not labeled. I highly recommend.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: I wish the Naan was vegan


Points +392

06 Jul 2019

Great Indian food

Love this place, it's fast, clean and super tasty. Indian market is great too, get spices for really cheap there.


Points +239

21 Oct 2018


Easy place to go get some Indian food. Buffet style and a menu. Big dining area, and good prices.


Points +12462

13 Apr 2017

Still Excellent Vegan Indian

I have been coming to the restaurant/grocery store since it was half the size.

The food is alwaumys fresh and delicious. I usually order lentil and garbanzo bean dishes on a combo plate, but I was not so hungry, so just got a jackfruit curry dish and a vegan mango lassi.

The jackfruiy curry is always tasty, and the mango lassi had a great flavor and texture.

I'll be back.

Pros: many vegan options, can grocery shop after your meal, interesting ambiance


Points +1346

31 Oct 2015

India in the middle of culver city...

Nice place, with delicious samosas, aisles full of products, species and other delicatessen that will help your next curry. It feels local. Sitting are in a big room when tv screens broadcast of course Bollywood movies, staff doesn't speak much English but kind enough to make that all together it's a nice place to stop for a quick lunch ready to eat, fresh and tasteful.

Pros: Price, Concenience, Ready to eat

Cons: Sitting could be more comfortable


Points +655

29 Dec 2013

OK Place

Had lunch today. Friendly server helped me sort the vegan from non-vegan dishes. I had a combination plate and a samosa. Food was OK but not special. It was interesting to stroll in the supermarket but we were not adventurous enough to actually buy anything.


Points +3635

26 Jun 2013

Casual, Fast, Cheap

Some years back I had read about this place on happycow, and have eaten here many times. Was just here June 2013, and here's my Samosa House West review update.

Samosa House (West) has been at this located for so many years, I used to eat & shop here when it was Bahat Bazaar & the Samosa House years ago. The owners also opened a second restaurant not far from this location (Samosa House East).

This location has under gone some expansion with a newly added, huge dining room. Very casual, large screen TV playing Bollywood musical. The setup is very casual, with the kitchen and steamtable display in straight back, tables for dining to the large side room, and tall shelves stocking Indian groceries (all vegetarian) all over.

Food selection is pretty simple. For the combo plate (I paid $8.50-ish), you choose 3 dishes, plus rice and naan. If you are vegan, let them know. The dishes on display are often not labeled if vegan or not.

The flavors are authentic though not spicy and slightly salty for me but still very flavorful. The kitchen certainly cater to American taste buds (not Indian spicy). The samosas are very tasty.

Grocery-wise, you will find all kinds of Indian cooking spices, herbs, grains, legume, and sauces in addition to jars of pickled things and ready-made packaged Indian curries/sauces/food. There is a small selection of fresh produce plus freezers for packaged frozen food. Definitely check the expiration date on the packaged & dry things you buy to be sure.

Pros: fast and cheap, get the samosas, compostable dining ware

The Veggie Cook

Points +1201

26 Apr 2013

All-veg Indian grocery and food

I come here to buy spices and cooking supplies and is always impressed with the selection. They sell everything one needs to make authentic Indian cuisine at home from scratch, like cinnamon sticks, different curry spices, cloves, lentils, fresh ginger, rice, chai. The family that runs this store and cafe is friendly and the service is prompt. This is a good place to try Indian food and buy some Indian spices.

PS. The garlic naan from the kitchen comes with ghee, so if you are vegan, ask for chapati or regular nann.

Pros: well stocked, cheap food, relaxed


Points +35

23 Jun 2012


My brother lives in LA and took me to this spot. I sampled almost all of the vegan dishes (there were plenty) and loved them! They even had a soy lassi. Highly recommended and love the grocery store that is attached. I will return.

Pros: Vegan friendly, variety, good value


Points +41

09 Jan 2011

Fast and delicious

Korma is delicious.


Points +2359

28 Aug 2008


Wow, I was fortunate enough to be treated to Samosa House tonight! You approach the counter and (order the combo plate) and tell them what you want. My friend said Jackfruit is a REQUIREMENT! Make sure to tell them you don't want sour cream!!! They'll sub Tomato soup instead. You get your tray (order a samosa on the side, they are large enough to split) and you'll be in Indian Food Heaven. I hear some people bring their own plates to avoid the Styrofoam they use there. They have a recycling bin so you could bring Preserve Plastic plates. Great place, great parking! Some yogurt dishes, but make sure to confirm a dish is vegan your first time!

PS I've had the jackfruit at Pure Luck many a time and this place does it off the chart!

Pros: Jackfruit, Parking

Cons: Styrofoam


Points +13

24 Feb 2008

Samosa House is Addicting!

I ended up at the Samosa House on a whim, just driving by on a hungry afternoon. Since then, I have gone at least once a week for lunch, with co-workers, friends, family, and we have yet to be disappointed! The jackfruit is a MUST, and I've noticed I'm not the only one who feels that way. Their spinach pakora is a great treat, and the homemade roti is excellent. My sister has started going with her co-workers, too, and they've commented upon how great the paneer is and the puris. There's also a market on-site for mass quanitities of everything Indian (and some British), from spices to incense to cookware. The Bollywood music videos streaming from the wall-mounted TV are highly entertaining when there's a bit of a line for the buffet. This is not the place to go for "romantic dining" - this is the place to go for really, really good food. P.S. It's located about 1 block west of the DMV, on the same side of the street, in a brown building (some people have had a hard time finding it).

Pros: fresh, homemade daily, Friendly service, family-owned, 3-item combo for less than $7!

Cons: non-recyclable plates


Points +88

30 Jul 2007


I wish that I could give Samosa House a good review. The staff was very friendly and I always want to support family owned and operated businesses. But this was one of the most disappointing Indian experiences I have had. I had never met a Samosa I didn't like...until today. It was incredibly oily and there was nary a pea to be found. Just a big, greasy mass of flavorless potato. Worst of all, about 15 minutes after eating it I became incredibly sick. I don't have a weak stomach and have never become ill from a dining experience, so this was quite the shock. My recommendation? Proceed cautiously.

Cons: zero ambiance, flavorless fare, potential health risk

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