Vegan restaurant and bookstore (second floor) and health store (first floor). Shop offers local organic products, imported organic food, supplements, oils, healthcare, incense, teas, and more. Restaurant serves daily specials, and the bakery offers fresh bread and sweets. Located opposite the Casa Maria Elena hotel. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-4:00pm.

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12 May 2023

Will come again!

Absolutely amazing vegan food. The best food I have had in Central America so far! I had the chicken parmesan sub, nachos and a lime pistachio and avocado pie and it was all so tasty. The nachos could have a bit more kick but I also tried my friends Mac and cheese and that was great. Lovely to have some vegan junk food after months of rice and beans. I also had the blueberry, mint and lime smoothie and it was soooooo good.



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05 Mar 2023

Brilliant shop and cafe!

Very large all vegan menu, generous portions. Expensive (uk prices) health food shop but great products and selection of homemade perishables.
Cafe serves homemade style food. Upstairs seating, nice chill area.

Pros: Large menu, All plant based

Cons: Shop is a bit pricy.


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03 Mar 2023

good food but be careful

the food in the restaurant is exceptionally good and also vegan. But you have to be careful with the shop below. some products contain honey or milk powder and are therefore not vegan.


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04 Feb 2023

Vegan 🥰

It is hard to find any vegan proteins or cheese in Central America, so this was supernice! They own made seitan and "bacon" (smoke tasted tempeh) were nice, also bagels. We ate hamburgs. Good, but the service could be better. Plenty of different combuchas, I liked ginger&passionfruit!

Pros: Vegan restaurant, lots of options!, Seitan, cheese etc nice products, Food was good, combucha also

Cons: Super slow service, Toilet not in use...(?), Wifi didn't work :D


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04 Feb 2023

Very good!

We went there for lunch and took the nachos, the meatballs sub and the mac & cheese.

The nachos and sub were delicious, but the mac & cheese less matched our tastes.

We went another day for breakfast and we took the tempeh bacon sandwich. It was excellent!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-29

Pros: Taste, Price


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27 Jan 2023

Lots of choices and vegan 'meats '

There was a lot of choice here! They use seitan to make vegan chikin and burger patties and do it well. The food itself had a lot of flavors going on: the herb and garlic house bread and the bagel were excellent too. The loaded fries plate is huge!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-22

Pros: Big menu, Seitan and vegan cheeze

Cons: The health shop sells dairy products and taurine


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14 Jan 2023

Go here

Lots of vegan options - we got a cheese burger, garlic hash brown in the side and a taco pizza. Burger and hash were great, pizza could be tightened up a little bit still enjoyable.

Pros: Heaps of options


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19 Oct 2022


There is so much choice that you don't know what to order!! We went for a burger and a sub and they were both very tasty. We also had the loaded fries which they seemed to be home made chips - really good too

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01 Jul 2022

Excellent restaurant

Excellent and varied food, large dishes, excellent flavors and good service

Pros: Very good vegan food, Lots of options, Wonderful service


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21 May 2022

Absolutely delicious!

If you are in San Pedro, please visit this place. There is a store on the first level, with the shop extending to the second floor. The second and third floors have the restaurant, with the third just a huge balcony. I sat on the balcony when I visited if it was not terribly windy.

The food is absolutely incredible. I have had the burger, a sandwich (cannot remember which one), and the mac n cheese. The gluten free bread is wonderful, as well as the cheese sauce. I have also had some of the appetizers, like the cheese fries. The folks who work at the restaurant are great, and the entire vibe is calming.


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03 Apr 2022

Store, bookshop and restaurant!

We first saw the store in which you could get lost for some time. The staff then told us that it is also a restaurant and since we were hungry and looking for breakfast anyways we checked it out.
The staff know exactly the ingredients from all the dishes and is very helpful with choosing/explaining. We went for two subs/sandwiches . You can choose your bun, but sadly today 2 options were not available. We chose the chicken parmesan sub and the bacon sandwich. At first the bacon alone tasted a little bit dry for me but with the vegan cheese and the other ingredients together it was really tasty. I did not like the tasteless bread but in most central American places I do not like it.
The parmesan sandwiches was even better and then we finished with two desserts that are made with coconut sugar. The avocado-lime-pistacho pie tasted mostly like lime, what I like but is maybe not for everyone. The chocolate caramel pie was just awesome and tasted like a mix out of snickers and Kinder penguin.
We will go again to this place!


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17 Feb 2022

Second time as good as the first.

This is a easy to find restaurant upstairs from their store. The restaurant is all vegan. The store has some items that are vegetarian. I didn’t see any meat. The food is well cooked and tasty. I have the build your own burger with tempeh bakon and Seitan burger. Last time I had the lentil burger and I think I liked it better. Both were good however. Their Cajun and garlic fries are so yummy. They make their own condiments and breads. All vegan. Afterwards I went to the market and got some hard to find vegan cheeses and things like liquid smoke, shoyu, vegan hair products, etc. very reasonable prices for Guatemala. For example, I paid 75 q for an item here that would cost me 129 q in Panajachel.

Pros: All vegan restaurant and most vegan store. , Great service and fresh food. , Lots of choices.

Cons: None


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14 Feb 2022


The food is absolutely delicious! I had the fried rice with cashews and pineapple and was so so tasty! Then for dessert the lime avocado pistachio pie... Soooo good! I'll have to come back for more.


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09 Feb 2022

one of the best vegan restaurants

incredible food, full of flavour and imagination, very fair prices, they are 100% plant based so i wanna try everything on their menu!!!
I've had one of the best vegan burgers in my life here, ordered the one with tempeh, lentil beet patty, lots of juicy melted (vegan ofc) cream cheese and suuuper yummy coleslaw... wow, so good, must try.


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21 Dec 2021

Highly Recommended

Great spot in this lakeside town. Bummed I was only there on a day trip because I'd definitely go back!


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30 Nov 2021

Very good food would come back

Only had the salad, but it’s was really tasty


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12 Oct 2021

All dishes were delicious

Wonderful vegan restaurant that ranks highest from all we have tried in Mexico/Guatemala so definitely highly recommended.
Downside is mostly the limited opening hours (no dinner) and that prices are on the area's high end. Otherwise I'd likely visit it daily.

Pros: Liked each and every of the 6 dishes tried, Very friendly service, Rooftop sitting

Cons: Not cheap for the area, Very limited opening hours do only lunch time, Rooftop might be noisy


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26 Jul 2021

Delicious vegan food

I went here with a group of non-vegans and they all enjoyed it. Huge selection!


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26 Jun 2021

Great food !

I was in San Pedro La Laguna for a few weeks to learn Spanish back in 2017, and I was far from imagining that it was possible to find such a place in such a small place by a lake in Guatemala !
I was so happy when I walked by this place !
I went there a couple of times and it was delicious !
The organic health store was also a very good find.
When you're in a small village far away from home, you wouldn't think you'd still be able to purchase the organic products you're used to being at home :D

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-26

Pros: Organic, Delicious, A store with a lot of good products

Cons: None


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27 Mar 2021

Super Yummy All Vegan

It’s the only all vegan place I know of on Lake Atitlan. The food is pretty great. The cheez is just “ok” though. The person who I think is the owner maybe was very nice. It did take about 30 min for my food to come out after I ordered it which was ok I guess.

Pros: Only 100% Vegan place on Lake Atitlan

Cons: Takes a long time for food to come out


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13 Mar 2021

Love it!!!

Couldn't imagine a better place for a nice lunch and groceries in the health/bulk store. The menu is so extensive, we go there all of the time without getting bored. Some items are more comfort food/veganized dishes, others are more on the healthy side. Best thing, most items are homemade (seitan, burger patties, sweet treats, vegan cheeze, bread......) and can also be taken home. The staff and owners are also really sweet and friendly.

Pros: Very extensive menu, Homemade products, Amazing staff

Cons: Store not 100% vegan, Closing at 4pm


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02 Feb 2020


A huge selection of vegan options, all made in house. Everything we had was amazing and the pricing was on point. Staff was friendly and helpful and the overall vibe was very relaxed and welcoming.


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10 Aug 2019

So many options - all vegan.

Finding this place during my travels was a godsend. It had been a long while since I’d come across a fully vegan eatery with a such a variety of options - burgers, sandwiches, curries, stir-fries, cookies, cakes. Everything I tried was delicious - highly recommend!

Pros: Lots of options and variety, Vegan snacks available to take home


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16 Dec 2018

Very good lunch and bakery

Had a burger with quinoa, beets and vegan cheese. Also tried the brownie and some cookies, all vegan. They are good, but not the best. But when you have been traveling for a while and haven’t been able to get good vegan food, you’ll be happy to have found this place.

I find some of their products (from their organic shop) too expensive.

Pros: Has almost everything you need

Cons: A little expensive


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29 Aug 2018

Super food

Had the chick’in and cheese bagel! Would definitely recommend!


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11 Jul 2018

Amazing health food store

SPV is awesome; stocking a wide array of veg/vegan foods and supplements comparable to any health food store anywhere in the world. I was pleasantly surprised by their range. You can buy nuts, seeds, grains etc by weight. They also serve a number of vegan/vegetarian dishes like tempeh and seitan sandwiches that are really tasty. The staff are really nice and helpful

Pros: Amazing selection of products , Fresh meals prepared on the spot, Great staff


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15 Apr 2018

Health shop with nice vegan choices

A little health based grocery shop where you can buy some light vegan food options including salads, bread, hummus and sandwiches.
They have some really nice kombucha options and homemade peanut butter!
They also sell flour, seeds, etc in bulk and has some zero waste options such as tote bags, refill water bottles and bamboo toothbrushes

Pros: vegan light food , natural products , best kombucha

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