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Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

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1700 W Sunset Blvd (at Echo Park Ave), Los Angeles, California, USA, 90026

Vegan food restaurant combined with KindKreme raw ice cream bar. Serves daily lunch and dinner plus weekend brunch. On the menu are American comfort food dishes and Mexican plates like tacos and enchiladas. Causal decor Est. 2011 by owners of Millie's restaurant and sold in 2012. Alcoholic drinks may not all be vegan, please check. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.

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Reviews (44)

First Review by gr8vegan

Overrated food and service below par - Edit

I was far from impressed with Sage. Both service and food aren't great.

We called ahead and were advised reservations weren't possible for tables of less than 6 - far enough. When we arrived, we waited for a table and were told they restaurant needed the table back in 45 mins because of a reservation (?!). In fact, every other guest was told the same. Clearly, the restaurant is just wanting to turn the tables as quick as possible. If they want to do that, then fine but be honest about it! This gave us a really negative first impression.

We both found the food offerings really average. Way too greasy and oily. I had the Molé Bowl, which tasted ok but was a bit dull. Didn't taste fresh and flavourful, which is what I had hoped for.

One other thing was the noise from the juicing / ice-cream counter. Some of the equipment they use is ridiculously loud, which marred the experience further.

Overall, Sage is somewhere I'd seek to avoid because it's so average. Makes food for the $ sign and not for the customer.

Cons: no reservations , greasy food, dining room too noisy

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This place is amazingly delicious. Brought my non vegan boyfriend and both of us were in awe. He had the red white and blue pancakes and I had the BLTA - was curious to try a vegan croissant. Both were amazing and we were STUFFED. I also replaced the roasted potatoes with sweet potatoes. DO IT! They are incredible! The weekday breakfast menu is smaller than the weekend one - just FYI.

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Decent brunch - Edit

Brunch is good. Decent selection of Mexican-inspired dishes such as Enchiladas and Huevos Rancheros. My favorite were the sweet version of the sweet potato pancakes. Service is friendly but could be more attentive. Come prepared to serve yourself (particularly coffee and water), literally.

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Absolutley Delicious - Edit

Had the cauliflower steak with mushroom gravy, wasabi mashed potatoes and kale salad. We split the brownie sundae– gluten free and vegan–and also took home a gluten free soft pretzel with "nacho cheese." Everything was delicious (a really well executed meal) and the portions were large.
Also really like the whole farm/farmer decor and outdoor seating. I hope to eat here again when back in southern California.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Gluten free/Vegan

Cons: I can't eat here everyday

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Echo Park loves Vegans - Edit

So another amazing vegan spot in Echo Park. Today I wanted to visit the Time Travel Emporium and this is 1/2 block away. C wants juice and I want a salad PERFECT!!!!

I ordered the fried Avocado salad and C gets the sunrise juice (Not sure this was the name of the juice sorry) but it was very but it was very good. The salad came and they brought us 2 plates perfect so we could share. There was an error, our fried avocado salad arrived with fried cauliflower. I called the server over and he at first tried to tell me the avo was the fried things on top, but we pointed out that it was cauliflower and btw it was cold. He promptly went to the kitchen and brought out the avocado, it was hot and yummy. The salad itself was a little expensive for the size but it was very good. I love spicy but was a little worried about the habanero lime dressing, but it had flavor but no heat?!?! Soon after delivering the Avocado, our server brought over the Buffalo dipping sauce for the cauliflower we received on our salad in order. This I was very happy we did not pay for, it was to vinegary and salty I just tried 1 dip and didn't feel the need to eat more of it. We did enjoy the cauliflower with our salad.

The décor was homey and comfortable, they do kind of squish you in. It would have been nice to not have to squeeze out of my seat and not invade the diner's space at the table next to me. But it was cozy and we were able to chat with the guy at the next table.

Pros: Good menu, Vegan, Homey

Cons: pricey, cramped

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So much comfort food - Edit

Sage's Mac n cheese is the stuff vegan dreams are made of. It's so creamy and comes with broccoli and I ask for a side of their hot sauce to add on top. The spicy Brazilian Burrito is my favorite burrito in all of LA. Get it mole style. I usually go to Sage in Pasadena because it's closer but it's tiny. If you want a legit date spot or to go with a group, go to Echo Park. Two thumbs way up.

Pros: Great food, Good location , So many options

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Delicious! - Edit

Stopped in while in Pasadena last month. We had a vegetarian, a meat eater & myself a vegan. We all enjoyed our food! I had the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit sandwich. They make their own BBQ Jackfruit. It was delicious! I also had a serving of their pumpkin Kind Kreme which was tasty, not quiet pumpkin pie but it did satisfy my longing for pumpkin pie at this time of year. It's a small little café but clean with happy, friendly staff.

Pros: yummy, Kind Kreme , friendly

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complex and satisfying flavors - Edit

I had a ravioli dish with a sauce that clearly contained wine & had been cooked for a long period of time over low heat. As a vegan I don't often get to savor such complex and carefully composed flavors, so eating at Sage was a real treat. I also really enjoyed the complimentary salad that came with the main dish - it was simple but delicious. I ended the meal with an ice cream that included some frozen corn kernels, and which was, surprisingly, delicious. (All their odd ice cream flavors were patiently explained by a very enthusiastic and friendly waiter!) After going all out on this feast, my bill for one person came to be about $70 - not really justifiable except on special occasions.

I went on a weeknight and it was packed, and it was quite difficult to find parking, so I would recommend making a reservation (if you can) and going early.

Pros: food was mind-blowingly amazing, very friendly and knowledgeable staff, superb sauces

Cons: quite expensive, difficult to find parking

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One of my favorites - Edit

I go here again and again, it's always worth it. I love the burgers and bowls. The appetizers are also super tasty. They let you sample the vegan ice-creams and they renew the selection frequently. The service is always good. They don't serve alcohol but they let you bring your own bottle without additional fees.

Pros: Burgers, bowls, Healthy, Delicious

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Loved everything I tried - Edit

When you find out about its cool "Farm to Table" philosophy the decor starts to make sense with water served in milk bottles, mason jar lights, wood plank tables, and white wash just about everywhere else. With such misleading simplicity, it becomes clear that it is paradox for the complexity of the food and the unique menu selections.
If you go, please try the Quinoa Corn Cakes that have a fan of avocado and spicy cream cheese dressing. Their exploration has a great payoff.
My entree was the Root Vegetable Tacos with a hard shell. Messy, but well worth it.
My friend's Heart of Palm Salad makes you realize that this restaurant strives for dishes that you can't quite find anywhere else and the $$ prices become well worth it. Our neighboring patron notices that we're reviewing the restaurant and lets us try his fried artichokes which were simple and fun "why has no thought of this before?" appetizers as he called them.
Each dish had good to great presentation that invites.
The staff all wears ironic second hand black casual clothes from their own closets giving a more hipster synergy vibe rather than dress code.
I'm looking forward to coming back again and trying some new dishes and a desert from Kind Kreme which is a conjoined vegan ice cream business in the restaurant.

Veg Out,

Veggie Army

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Don't bother if you don't eat onions and garlic - Edit

I dont like leaving bad reviews for vegetarian restaurants. Its a hard business to run, and I appreciate the fact they are there. But, I have to say, I was very dissapointed with Sage. I dont eat onions or garlic, and although I am used to my choices often being restricted at vegetarian venues, in this case there was NOTHING on the menu that I could eat. Really - is it that hard to cook without onions or garlic? No, its not that hard. They could only offer me two dishes - an extremely unimaginative cook - as even in non-veg places, if the cook is creative they can do something nice for me.
They gave me an extremely ordinary kale salad, very boring. The only hot dish they could make for me was a pasta, which came with NO flavouring at all - undercooked pasta with some avocado. On request they bought a tahinii dressing which really didnt do much for it. I asked for protein, which they didnt bring out. Asking again, they brought some plain cooked tofu. Goodness, my children can make a better meal than that. My wife got a mushroom dish which looked awful - their presentation in general is not that great - and was so salty she couldnt eat it. Sorry to say, it was a bad experience. Pull up your game Sage!

Pros: Large extensive menu, Great vegan dessert range

Cons: No catering for onion/garlic free diet, No creativity in offering other options, Poor presentation, & poor responsiveness

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Yummy vegan food - Edit

I always enjoy the plethora of choices at Sage, had the Reuben sandwich and butternut squash soup, both were super tasty. Service was fast and friendly. Prices are moderate, to be expected from vegan places. Cute neighborhood. Like the outdoor patio seating at the culver city location better, but overall same quality and service, will be back

Pros: choices, taste of food, location

Cons: little noisy, lack of patio seating

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Flavorful - Edit

I had read about this place on Happycow, and went there when it first opened and later on as well. Was just here again, and here's my Sage Organic Vegan Bistro review update.

Sage was originally opened another owner before it was sold to the current owners (Sage, KindKreme, Cafe Gratitude). I really like the original menu and food; there was variety.

Since the change, the menu is more American comfort food and Mexican food. Lots of flavor but also more salty.

The space is small, and the vibe is relaxed though when it's busy it feels loud and a bit too tight. Shares the same space as KindKreme, so it's convenient to grab raw vegan ice cream for dessert.

Pros: lots of flavors, vegan ice cream, tasty tacos

Cons: salty, needs better ventilation

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Honey is not vegan, so neither is Sage! - Edit

I patronize only 100% vegan eateries, because I don't want to be around people hurting (eating) animals, I don't want to have to worry or ask about "hidden" ingredients, and I believe in using my limited dining dollars to support brave vegan restaurateurs. I've enjoyed Sage in the past, but now that I know some of their sauces include honey, I'll stay away. I've also read KindKreme's rationale about why they use "humane" honey, but the financial interest of the owners' beekeeping father-in-law makes it suspect. When Sage/KindKreme become 100% vegan, I'll return.

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They Can Do That With Fruits and Veggies??? - Edit

Sage has everything I ever wanted in the world in one cool, collective cafe. After taking full liberty of sampling every glorious flavor of raw iceKream they offered I finally settled on a brownie Sunday adorned with maple and chocolate Kream and salted caramel topping. I was shocked that someone in this world could create something this magnificent. It was so sinfully rich and delightful that I was tempted to get another because I couldn't believe what magic just graced my lips. I then took a dive at their special of cauliflower hot wings and was pleasantly surprised at this common bar food turned veg. All in all, great sweets, eats and friendly faces.

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Pleasing to All Types of Vegans - Edit

We went there with healthy vegans as well as junk-food vegans. Everybody was pleased with their dishes. The food seems healthy and whole foods based, but not douchy. Nice atmosphere and we some someone famous there?

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An instant favorite! - Edit

Wow... We are extremely impressed with Sage!

It is rare to find a place that gets so many things right. We loved everything we had, and Sage offers a menu so extensive and so enticing that we'll have to return dozens of times to try everything that looks appealing.

We loved the jackfruit nachos, root vegetable tacos, reuben sandwich (best we've ever had). The butternut squash ice cream was divine. Fresh juices and smoothies were great.

Service was excellent even though the place was completely packed.

And, considering the quality of the food and the generous portions, the prices were surprisingly reasonable. (We've certainly paid a lot more elsewhere for food of lesser quality and/or smaller portions.)

After we stuffed ourselves, we had a pleasant stroll around the lake two blocks away, a good way to burn off a few calories from a great meal — or at least rationalize the dessert ;-).


Pros: huge menu of delicious organic, vegan fa, excellent service, reasonable prices

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Great Food - Edit

Delicious food and warm, inviting staff and atmosphere. I especially dig their hot apple cider- amazing! Other favorites: root vegetable tacos, plantains, samosas.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Vegan junk food too if you want it

Cons: Not completely vegan (honey)

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Good Food - Edit

Had a nice dinner, I love ravioli and theirs is great. We will be back to sample more.
Word of caution: I emailed and asked whether all food was vegan, and the answer back was "Yes everything on the menu is vegan except for we have honey for tea and two of our flavors of ice cream". Fair enough. The waiters did not know this and assured me that everything was vegan.

Pros: Good food

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Friendly Yum - Edit

The staff is so sweet, helpful, and accommodating. The brunch menu is delicious and you can't leave without having a milkshake. I had one with coconut milk and pumpkin pie icecream...out of this world

Pros: Friendly Staff, All Vegan, Great Food

Cons: Price, Kind Kreme uses honey

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Best brunch in LA - Edit

I love this place. Recently went for the second time after fantasizing about the Benedict Arnold I had there about a year ago. Unfortunately the Benedict Arnold is no longer on the menu, but there are still a ton of amazing dishes to be had.

On this visit I was able to try from all my friends dishes. We had: Chilliquiles, potato tacos, chia french toast, and the spinach avocado and walnut sausage florentine. Everything was amazing, except for the florentine. I wasn't a fan of the fake sausage. It was too mushy, not a fan of the consistency. The french toast was sweet and delicious but the real standout was the chilliquiles! Sooooo yummy.

The staff is really friendly and the ambiance is very bright and open. PLUS, if you're not full after all the bomb food, they have a little vegan ice cream shop right when you walk in.

I visit Sage every time I'm in LA and never regret it.

Pros: Delicious food, vegan ice cream shop!

Cons: pricey

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Seriously & Excruciatingly Superb/Exciting Food!! - Edit

I had brunch here a couple weeks ago and was quite pleasantly surprised when I bit into my Sweet Dumplings appetizer. The taste, texture and presentation were exquisite. Then I bit into the Tex Mex Chimichanga Egg Rolls appetizer and knew I was in vegan heaven. Gourmet vegan food at its best.

Since I am a vegan baker myself and eat enough of my own delectable delights, I did not partake in KindKreme's desserts, but maybe next time.

I will tell you that it is very hard to find. I never saw a sign for Sage, but I did see a KindKreme sign and just passed it by not realizing it was in the same building. When I walked in and asked if this was Sage, the friendly counter people said it was. It is a basic & funky type of atmosphere with an up and downstairs eating area. It is very casual and hip with attentive wait staff.

No matter where you live, if you are a vegan, vegetarian or vegan/vegetarian-curious, you HAVE to go to this place!! I have been a vegan since 1997 and have never tasted such flavorful cuisine.

Bon Appetit!!

Updated from previous review on Sunday March 17, 2013

Pros: Exquisite Food, Reasonable Prices

Cons: No Evident Signage

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Nice - Edit

I went first time with new friends, I like it, food excellent. But one staff member was not friendly at all, kind of hurry up I'm busy... one of my friends left him a note, saying he was a bit rude. Also desserts are a bit pricey.

Pros: good food , nice vibe

Cons: one staff a bit rude, a bit noisy

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portions are HUGE - Edit

lots of craftmanship going into this menu. the raw crackers and vegan cheese plate is THE BOMB. cheese is why it was a challenge for me to become vegan in the past. my sweetheart ordered soup and the jerk burger. the soup was a "cup"...it was enough for at least 2 people. he didn't even get to the burger..we both had to go boxes and the only complaint...we were too full to taste the raw vegan ice cream

Pros: healthy, good value, large portions

Cons: noisy, crowded

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a favorite in los angeles - Edit

i've taken a few non-veg friends to sage, and they have all loved it as much as i did/do. every dish i've had at sage has been outstanding, and i usually eat there multiple times on my visits to los angeles.
plus, it's about a block away from the echo park film center.

Pros: the food, the location, the staff

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Sage Organic Vegan Bistro - Edit

Sadly, they wouldn't serve me the fried mac n cheese balls that I went to Sage for. Apparently they don't serve them during brunch, bummer. Instead I tried the TLT sandwich, which is made with tempeh. Let me preface this with, I hate tempeh. So why did I order it? The waiter assured me it was great and that I'd likely like it, he was right. The tempeh didn't taste like typical tempeh, and the sandwich bread was a croissant, yes a croissant...yum! Overall my sandwich was really good, so good that I actually ate tempeh. I recommend the sandwich to tempeh lovers and haters alike.

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One of the best vegan places - Edit

In my visit to L.A. I came here twice the food was so good. I had the spinach ravioli and it was to die for. The raw tacos too are especially good. Great food/service/atmosphere. Coming back for sure.

Pros: Variety of meals, Friendly

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organic Vegan - Edit

Stopped in for lunch the only thing better than watching the locals come and go was the food. Grilled vegetable sandwich with the horseradish sauce was amazing. A little too much oil used in grilling veggies but that is mostly because we have pretty much stopped using oil in cooking, So now a little goes a long way, but overall that did not detract from the meal. The salad with balsamic vinagarette was also very good. Very nice casual dining with some outside sidewalk tables available.

Pros: excellent food

Cons: need additional wait staff

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The most incredible vegan brownie sundae! - Edit

I've only eaten at Sage once, as I don't live in LA, but OMG this place is absolutely incredible! If I remember correctly I had the Soul Bowl, which was a tasty mix of black beans, quinoa, deep fried mac and cheese ball, and the most delicious horseradishy sauce I've ever tasted.. My partner had the Hawaii burger which was also one the the best burgers I've ever tasted. For desert we shared the brownie sundae with salted caramel sauce... drooollll!!!

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I dream of heading back to LA one day to eat here again...

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Sadly, not very good - Edit

I was extremely excited to try Sage for dinner. I can say that the space was open and inviting and the menu descriptions furthered my interest. However, the food was ultimately clumbsy and underwhelming. I endured either bland or bizarrely seasoned plates. When I ordered the ravioli, the server asked if "I like spicy". I said "great" - later I realize that this was his way of telling me that customers often complain about the odd usage of herbs in the dish (no heat, just awfully designed flavor). Overall, the menu reads better than it actually looks/tastes. I want to make it clear that I adore comfort food (I'm NOT a foodie snob). That said, Sage is pretending to be upscale, while offering sloppy creations best served to the excited palates of newly transformed vegans on college campuses. If the food was great, the prices would have been fine - EXCEPT for the extremely overpriced vegan icecream. I'm sorry to say it, but KindKreme is just not that special. This is not sent with malice. I support all things vegan. Hopefully, Sage either turns into a coffee shop or imports new talent into the kitchen, thus creating a more positive identity.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Food, Seasoning, Flavor

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Less than fair - Edit

I went to this bistro guided by reviews in my app... I was disappointed... the food was average and for expensive... we order different plates... I tried them and they were less than fair... I've been in better restaurants... however, I aplaud that they are offering options for vegans in the area... The places is starting we will have to give them some time to improve the menu...

Pros: Clean place

Cons: Poor flavors, no parking, expensive

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One of the Best Veg Restaurants in Town - Edit

Sage is one of those restaurants vegans wish was in every neighborhood -- fresh, homemade food served by hunky waiters in a casual but attractive setting. A group of us finally made it over there this afternoon and were completely satisfied, even the carnivores. I was intrigued by the Tuna Melt and was not disappointed. It was made with shredded jackfruit and and piled high on toasted olive bread with veggies, special sauces and even avocado. I appreciated that they just used veggies to stand in for the tuna instead of processed soy. I even found some sunflower seeds in there. The German potato salad that accompanied it was very tasty as well. It was such a large plate that I ended up taking most of my meal home. Others in the group got the Street Tacos, the Bacon Chili Cheeseburger, the Southwestern Burger, the Pesto Croissant Club Sandwich, and the baby got her Mac n' Cheese on. The spicy pickles on burgers were amazing! I was thankful my husband is not a pickle person so I got to eat his. We were too full to get ice cream but I got a Baby Cakes chocolate chip cookie to go. All in all, a very satisfying and relaxing meal.

Pros: very fresh, good prices, nice atmosphere

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A++++ - Edit

Gourmet vegan cuisine in a relaxed, casual setting. They serve lunch, dinner and do brunch from 9a-4pm Sat & Suns. The menu selection is amazing. It's the kind of place you could keep coming back to b/c you'd never get bored. Sage makes me wish I lived in L.A.!

As for specific menu items, the spinach quesadillas are fantastic. The burrito mole had no mole..it was more of a red pepper sauce. It was good but false advertising if you were expecting a typical thick, dark brownish red mole sauce. For dessert, deep fried black bean and fennel ice cream served with plantains. I ordered it for the plantains but found the icecream to be mind-blowingly awesome. Where else in the universe can you get this dessert? If the 'special' desserts on the menu don't appeal to you, you can order from the ice cream counter up front.

If I'm going to be really picky my only complaint would be that they close down from 4 to 5pm on the weekends. We got there just in time at 3:30pm. They started turning people away at 3:45pm. There was a steady stream of disappointed faces heading out the door. I understand u guys open early on the weekends but if there's any way you can stay open while you're making the transition to the dinner menu that'd be a bonus.

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Delicious! - Edit

Wow- what a great little place! The food was excellent, and the prices were reasonable, too. This place offers so many various options, from brunch foods, to burgers, to pastas, to other exotic entrees. They also have a wide selection of dessert and "ice cream". A vegan's dream. The food was very good (loved the succotash!), but some dishes were quite spicy, so ask for things mild if you don't like the spice. The service was friendly, too. Definitely two thumbs up!

Pros: Delicious food, Many options, Dessert

Cons: Parking can be tricky

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Loved it! - Edit

So good, I had the raw tacos and my my friend had the breakfast burrito. Both were delicious and fresh. The French Press coffee was great also. Really wanted ice cream but was was too full, next time for sure!

Pros: delicious, friendly staff

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The best! - Edit

I am amazed by this place! One of my favorite places for dinner. I love their mac & cheese balls!! Their ice cream is phenomenal!! Great service and quick with the turnaround.

Pros: Delicious food, Great Service , Great desserts!

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An Echo Park vegan place to call our own! - Edit

Besides being stoked at the fact that there's now a local Echo Park vegan restaurant...it's also INCREDIBLE food. Highly recommended for a date or if you just want something different than your average vegan spots. The food is gourmet, equivalent to Flore or Elf or Real Food Daily. They have items on the menu I've never had anywhere else..everything tastes fresh! The staff is super friendly and helpful.

They also have a vegan ice cream bar with mostly almond or coconut based milks...not soy!

After you go there..head down the Echo Park Lake for some croquet !

Pros: Gourmet, unique menu items, atmosphere, price

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Yummy brunch - Edit

We went today for a late brunch and I wanted everything listed on the menu. It all sounds so good! And the ones we did order tasted so good. I got the smoked macaroni and cheese with biscuit & gravy and walnut sausage. I chose the side of roasted rosemary potatoes. So so tasty. Dirk got the jackfuit chorizo burrito which was fantastic although it was a bit spicy for me. He got the side of fruit which was very fresh. I also had a mimosa while Dirk got an iced dirty Chai. To finish it all off, we got a waffle ice cream sandwich from Kind Kreme. Yes, ice cream between waffles! OMG! I can't wait to go back and try more items from the menu.

The space is open and clean with Kind Kreme in the front corner, so it's easy to check out their stuff although their menu was given to us along with the Sage one. The service was very friendly as it feels like a neighborhood place. Our only issue was that it was sort of loud as the sound carries around the room.

Pros: fabulous brunch options, Kind Kreme inside, friendly service

Cons: a bit loud

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Probably the best vegan food in Los Angeles - Edit

I had an amazing meal here a few days ago. Chef Greg is talents beyond words. The french grain bowl took me to that scene in Ratatouille where the food critic takes a bite and crys. My first bite took me to France. It was the slowest I've ever eaten a meal in my life, savoring every bite. The hot chocolate was pretty amazing, too! There is a KindCream Ice Cream parlor inside which makes this place quite a treat.

Pros: French Grain bowl

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