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504 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 1T5

Serves vegetarian versions of traditional comfort food. Has fair-trade organic coffee and a wide range of fresh juices and smoothies made with real fruit and available with protein boosts. JUN 2015 REPORTED SHUT, CONFIRMED BY ITS TWEET.

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21 Reviews

First Review by vegan.flora

Just no - Edit

Everything was bad. Food was bad, service was bad and the cloud of dust and grease we sat below was also bad. No thanks!

Cons: service, food, cleanliness

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We told them we were vegan, they brought us butter - Edit

This is an honest review of Sadie's Diner. A bunch of us went into Sadie's a in 2011 and we told them that we were vegan and not to bring us any animal products. They do have a lot of vegan options, but it is a vegetarian restaurant. They have great food, but the waitress came back and gave us butter. We told her to take it back. Great clean and nice decorated restaurant, but they are not fully vegan, yet.

Pros: Great Food, Very clean

Cons: They don't know what vegan means, They must go vegan, cruelty on the menu

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old faithful - Edit

Love Sadie's! This was one of the first places I came to when I moved to Toronto and I go here somewhat regularly. If you, like me, grew up with dinner culture then you will appreciate what they do here. Straight up dinner food veggie or veganized. The sandwiches, burgers and fries are on point. The vegan BLT is my personal go to. However, if you are looking for something a bit healthier, try one of their smoothies and opt for a salad instead of fries. They actually do a great side salad with their homemade citrus dressing and mandarin slices which I don't think gets enough love, it's very nice. If there was only one slight complaint I would have, it would be the coffee. The coffee is ok, but it could be better.

Pros: inexpensive, good portions, traditional comfort food

Cons: coffee could be a bit better

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Lots of Options - Edit

only had the donuts and sandwich so far and they were amazing!!!!

Pros: Price , Options, Taste

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Hit and not miss - Edit

Some of the other reviews suggest this place might be quite hit and miss, but it was certainly having a good night when we went - the staff were very helpful and made sure you were clear on whether you wanted vegan or vegetarian options (particularly useful when we were ordering one of each). The quesadillas I had as a main were filling and didn't skimp on the cheese, which is all I really ask for from quesadillas; and the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake I had for dessert was excellent - I wolfed it down despite already being pretty full.

On a side note, while we were in there, another couple came and sat nearby and spent the entirety of the meal fiddling with smartphones - to the extent that at certain points they were clearly having a conversation with each other while both having conversations with other people over their phones. Why must this be a thing? Leave them alone for a bit people and just focus on the person you're talking to, the phones will still be there when you're finished!

Hm. Anyway, that's not the diner's fault, so, erm, yeah, try 'em out sometime, hopefully they'll be hit and not miss for you as well.

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Sadie's Diner - Edit

I love greasy diner food, but not with large spiders crawling all over the place, including where I was sitting. I basically ordered two vegan donuts while awaiting a friend who was meeting my bf and I at Sadie's. While my bf and I waited a large spider crawled up from my chair, then we noticed more spiders in the general vicinity...not appealing! That coupled with the lack of cleanliness of the place, we decided to take those donuts to-go and dine elsewhere. Sadly, the donuts were terrible (oreo filled donut and a maple cream donut), they were very dry and tasted like they were 3 days old. Would not recommend...
1 cow, although the site forces me to give it two.

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michaellanfield 11 Jan 2015 - Agree!  

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Funky fun, perfect nabe greasy spoon - Edit

This is the perfect neighborhood greasy spoon. Don't expect fancy feasting. Although not exclusively vegan, they have more vegan choices than some fully vegan restaurants. I have a penchant for vegan interpretations of diner food, and Sadie's delivers in spades. The breakfast burrito is ridiculously good and filling. The BBQ plate is awesome, and you can get a veggie burger with vegan bacon and cheese with a plate of fries to die for. The only thing that is not great are the buckwheat pancakes, but the friendly service and great ambience makes this our go to place in th neighborhood. Highly recommended, but not fancy, so bring your tattoos and leave your mink at home.

Pros: Food, Price, Ambience

Cons: Buckwheat pancakes, Coffee is weak

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Come a long way - Edit

When I first started eating here years ago I had some frustrating times that involved an unclear menu in terms of what was vegan and what wasn't. But all that has changed and for the past few years I have been bobbing happily in the sea of vegan comfort food that is extremely well priced.
Recently I discovered the wonder that is the Sadie's veggie burger. I rarely order veggie burgers because they are mostly all the same. However, Sadie's is obviously homemade and it's THICK. It comes with awesome fries (I am very particular about my fries. Crispy and with a bit of skin is best) or delicate salad. (I recently found out you can do half and half, which satisfies my need for greasy and healthy!)
The chili is great, the grilled cheese is excellent as is the BLT and Club. I'm gunning to try the BBQ plate which has BBQ tofu, corn, seasonal veggies and other yummy things.
The atmosphere also rocks - with kitchy stuff lining the walls that are painted bright and homey.
You need to stop by and try it out!
Updated from previous review on Thursday July 28, 2011

Pros: Very yummy food, Decor keeps me coming back, Prices are excellent

Cons: why not make everything vegan?

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Good food, atmosphere not what I expected - Edit

For years I heard about Sadie's dinner and expected a lively 50s style atmosphere. Maybe I went at the wrong time (6ish on a Thursday night), but the place was dead and I thought the diner could go further in terms of creating atmosphere (or maybe they are trying not to be cheesey and try too hard, I don't know!) The place is also smaller than I expected, about 4 or 5 tables that can seat 4 people (also not a bad thing, just good to know that you should call ahead if going with a bigger group). Now for the food - I wanted something unique from the menu, that I couldn't find anywhere else. I had the vegan club with salad on the side (for about $9). It was quite good and I will definitely go back to try the vegan BLT and mac n' cheese.

Pros: good taste, fast take-out, friendly staff

Cons: menu items not all consistent with theme

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maulydaft 22 Feb 2013 - There's actually a back section to Sadies! :)  

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I work downtown and usually bring my lunch....but ever since I found Sadies (on HappyCow I might add...I don't mind when I don't have anything to pack.
If I'm short on time, I call ahead and my order is ALWAYS ready for pick up in about 10 minutes and I've never had a problem with finding out that it's the wrong order once I get back to work and open it. The prices are, in my opinon, great! Especailly for the portion sizes and location. The choices are great and my absoolute favourite fast lunch is the tofu club sandwich on rye.
My only complaint is that sometimes the fries are a bit overcooked; but nothing's perfect. I've brought friends and everyone (including meat-eaters) have enjoyed. It's not a 5 star/fancy restaurant; but if you're looking for yummy food and a comfy atmosphere, Sadie's it :)

Pros: price, serving size, variety

Cons: fries sometimes overcooked, sometimes slow table service at lunch

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Lots of options - Edit

I recommend checking this place out. I have been once and found it to be promising, though I will order something else next time I go. I had the tofu scramble which was not what I expected (It was too plain for me, basically an entire package of tofu that was still a bit watery, cooked lightly with some tomatoes and green peppers in it, I was hoping for more flavour) along with toast, sausages and homefries. The serving of tofu scramble was enormous but the other items were a bit stingy esp the yummy homefries. But, there are other vegan options that sound really good, along with traditional meat options for whoever I go with, so I will be back! Plus, the atmosphere is enjoyable.

Pros: multiple vegan options, cute place, large portions

Cons: lacking flavour

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The worst brunch I have had - Edit

i went here a few weeks ago for Saturday brunch and had the vegan burrito. I really want to love this punky, nostalgic, hidden diner.....but, in all honesty, i could make a better burrito myself. The tofu inside was not seasoned, not even salt. In fact, im pretty sure it was just mashed with a fork and heated. I sat thinking "where are the vegetables, the salt, and fatty goodness that makes a diner a winner"?

I actualy don't understand why the chef would try to charge money for this.

The service was slow, although, it was a busy afternoon with only one server working. I'll give her props for answering our questions about tourism.

I wont go back. I felt sick after eating there.

Cons: slow service, Bland food

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Heart diner food that's plentiful and cheap - Edit

I love Sadie's. If you're looking for nice, light, healthy fare, hit up someplace else. This place has giant pancakes, excellent vegan club sandwiches, big breakfast burritos served all day (add the guacamole), and a big slice of cheesecake for dessert. Cool art on the walls that changes often makes for a fun place to dine in as well. Did I mention it was cheap?

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, Good sized portions

Cons: Can be a bit cramped

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Loved this place! - Edit

We recently visited Toronto and delighted to find many more vegan/veggie options than in Vancouver. Sadie's was probably our favourite. We had vegan huevos rancheros and a tofu club sandwich. I don't know, maybe in your town such items are commonplace but not where we live! The food was good, the server was nice, the decor was kitschy and cozy. We'll definitely be back next time we're in Toronto.

Pros: Veg comfort food!, Cute decor, Good service

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Potential to be good - Edit

The food was good enough. My sister and I both had the burrito and it was good - nothing particularly special, but all vegetarian and a nice meal.

The problem with this place is the service. One server was very nice. The other one ruined our meal.

We ordered two burritos with guacamole. We also ordered samosas as an appetizer. The waitress instead forgot the samosas entirely and brought salsa with our burritos. This in and of itself was easily fixable. However when my sister let her know we didn't order salsa and had in fact ordered guacamole - the server was visibly rude to us telling my sister repeatedly that she had ordered salsa and was wrong. It was an awkward back and forth, and ruined our meal. We didn't even bother asking for our samosas.

It's remarkable how the service can ruin a place with otherwise great potential. Given the other reviews I've read here, we aren't the first to be put off by the service. Clearly changes need to be made.

Pros: food

Cons: service

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Expect an ironic greasy diner atmosphere and enjoy - Edit

When I have a bad hangover I head on over to Sadies for a greasy vegan breakfast plate (classic home fries, tofu scramble and deep-fried vegan sausage) and a beet/carrot smoothie. Nummers. You can also get a vegan breakfast burrito with vegan sour cream and cheese, just be sure to mention that you want it vegan, as you can get eggs and dairy products here, too. I wish they'd go completely vegan, but that's life.

Sadies also does all-you-can-eat veg chili benefits for local causes, which makes me love it all the more.

The decor and service is detailed by other reviewers, so I won't reiterate. Some of the criticism about the latter is valid.

Pros: greasy, ironic diner feel, cheap

Cons: greasy, iffy service

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Definately worth the trip - Edit

Friends of mine have raved about sadies for years and finally I had a chance to eat there. I enjoyed it so much I came back the following weekend. I dont live in the toronto area and I like to spread around to different restaurants when I am up. First time I had pancakes that ruled, second time I had a wrap. The coffee was much needed both times, and was awesome. The service was quick, friendly and our waitress were quite cute.
I will be back the next time Im in Toronto for breakfast.

Pros: food, atmosphere, staff

Cons: I heard the bathrooms are "awkward"

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Not reaching potential but still pretty darn good - Edit

There are a few areas in which Sadie's could improve (consistency of food quality, for example), but overall it is really nice to have an all-vegetarian diner right downtown.

I often get the huevos rancheros for brunch, and have never been disappointed. For lunch I like the tofu club with the Yves brand vegan bacon (the non-vegan bacon tastes WAY better, FYI) and french fires, which are plentiful and really good 90% of the time. I wish they had gravy on the menu. My mom really likes the quesadilla, which (as with anything on the menu) can be made with regular or soy cheese.

One area of improvement would be to upgrade the bread to bakery fresh, thick-sliced whole grain bread, instead of the thin, mediocre supermarket quality bread they currently use. It would add some flavour and bulk to the sandwiches and really kick things up a notch.

The all-vegan soups are nothing to write home about, with the exception of the creamy mushroom soup, which is fabulous.

Sadie's always has a tasty selection of sweets like vegan cupcakes, so it's also a nice place to go for a coffee & dessert.

Overall, I like Sadie's a lot, I just stick to the menu items I know are good. I have always had good, friendly service there, and the owner is often around, which is nice.

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Not worth the risk - Edit

Okay here goes-

The good: atmosphere is fun, smoothies and juice are good. The Huevos Ranchero's vegan style was really good. Also enjoyed having sausage option-even if it's only Yves brand which is readily available in all grocery stores.

The bad: Service hasn't been great a few times. Took a long time to get our food even though there was only one other table. The 'pancakes' are awful, i could only stomach a few bites. Everything else we've tried on the menu hasn't been good. Coffee is weak. Most frustrating for me is that some of their fake meats are vegan, some are vegetarian. If you are vegan make sure to question the server to see what is appropriate.

Definelty not worth the trip.

Pros: sausage, smoothies

Cons: most food is not good, service

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Shabby - Edit

Sadies should be down to earth, homey and comfortable. That's what you think when you first see the joint. But the service and food make it shabby instead. Make the tunes neutral or kill the music would be one suggestion I have. I HATE honky tonk ambience. I asked about the veggie burger, which came with fries and a salad. Strangely, I don't remember the salad, which isn't good. I think it was just a few leafs of cheapo iceberg lettuce, but I don't really remember. The buns were crap, as even the server acknowledged. I asked whether the fries were crispy and she said that making them crispy was no problem. I got floppy fries. And she brought me two kinds of mustard and no vinegar. When I expressed surprise about that, she expressed surprise that I expressed surprise. Was she serious? I asked whether the burger was in patty form. After my experience at Green Earth (I shudder), I didn't want a repeat. She said 'yes'. The patty was okay, I think. But it was meager. And the burger overall was a sorry thing indeed. The coffee, fair trade and oranic, was so weak I couldn't taste it. It was a barrel too. A barrel of hot water. What a waste of time and money! The server's comment after she asked for mine, which was given, was: 'It's a diner'. Right. Is she saying diners are by definition crappy and therefore I can't complain?

Pros: looks good

Cons: food, service, ambience

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ekim 22 Feb 2013 - So... I go here regularly and I have to defend Sadies.

Granted, the music can sometimes be annoying, but it's usually good and chosen by the people who are working there rather than the management. Let the people listen to what they want.

As for the veggie burger, I usually save my veg. burger appetite for when I'm eating out at non-veg restaurants where that's the only option. Sadies has so many interesting vegan-adapted things on the menu and you ordered the one thing that is available almost everywhere. Sorry if you were disappointed, but be a bit more adventurous.

The salad is always pretty good. It has mixed organic greens, candied pecans and orange slices. There is no iceberg lettuce. They offer salad, fries, or both - I only know a small handful of places that will do that, and most charge extra.

Did you ask fo vinegar or did you just expect it?

The servers there are no-nonsense and it sounds like you were giving them nonsense with being verbally surprised at the arrival of 2 kinds of mustard.

Also remember: you paid $7 for your veggie burger with fries and salad.

I hope you tipped

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cute + tasty - Edit

We went to Sadie's diner for breakfast, and thought the decor was quite fun--a Pez dispenser collection, a handful of 50's-style appliances and knick-knacks, and all of the framed art was paint-by-number. :) Your traditional diner-style food (pancakes, scrambled eggs/tofu, fries, grilled cheese, burgers, etc) with a veg flair. I had a fruit smoothie that was delicious and refreshing. My husband had the chocolate-banana-peanut butter smoothie/milkshake, which was incredible, but perhaps a bit much for the morning. We also tried the pancakes (waffle iron was broken) and huevos rancheros (vegan-style with tofu and Follow Your Heart cheddar). Both were good, and the portions were huge. Not everything can be made vegan, but as vegans we were more than satisfied with our options. They also have a juice bar, and serve only fair trade coffee. Decent prices (smoothies for $5, and meals in the $8-$10 range).

Pros: vegan-friendly, fun decor, low prices

Cons: "greasy spoon"

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