Vietnamese and Japanese fusion restaurant. Menu offers various soups and noodle dishes plus bao burgers, wraps, lemonade, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Everything on the menu can be prepared vegan on request. Est. 2017. Open Mon-Wed 12:00-23:00, Thu-Sat 12:00-00:00.

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02 May 2023

Amazing A+++++

If you’re in Berlin you need to go here. Lovely staff and relaxing atmosphere. The food was incredible and 90% of the menu is or can be made vegan. Quick service and staff don’t mind going through the menu to help. Would go back for the staff and drinks alone never mind the incredible food

Pros: Friendly staff , Loads of options , Amazing quality food for reasonable price



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22 Mar 2023

Super tasty and fast service

The food was so good! A lot of vegan options and their drinks are also yummy.

Pros: Tasty flavors, Chili oil on request, Nice service


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04 Feb 2023

Jeder Besuch überzeugt

Einer der Top Picks in der Nachbarschaft. Mein persönliches Lieblingsgericht ist Foggy Dew. Ausnahmslos alle, die ich bislang mit hierhin genommen habe waren begeistert.

Pros: Vytal Mehrwegverpackung für Bestellungen, Sehr freundliche Mitarbeitende, Köstlich

Cons: Etwas enger Innenraum, Nudeln sind nur vegan, wenn man es dazu sagt!, Portionen sind ausreichend aber nicht riesig


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06 Nov 2022

Burger in deep fried bao bun?

Hell yeah! Ryong’s burgers and sweet potato fries are along my favorites dishes of all times. Heard great things about bento as well. Their 2nd location on Rykestraße is cute and perfect for a date night.


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14 Oct 2022

Worth a visit and more!

The food options are amazing. Next to homemade (!) noodles there are burgers - quite unconventional for asian restaurants.
The prices are relatively low and the portions are just right.
The quality of the meals was very high, everything was served fresh and hot. I highly recommend to try a burger with fried tempura...

The interior is suprisingly nice and invites for a longer stay. The music is not annoying. I will definitely recommend this and visit it again.

Pros: Many delicious options, Fair and relatively low prices, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Not 100% vegan ;)


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10 Mar 2022

Enjoyable lunch

We went for lunch, and we had some starters, a burger and a (non-vegan) dessert. The food was very tasty and the price reasonable. The decorations are quite cool. However, there were a couple of annoying things: the menu is visible via QR code, and then one writes down the order on a tiny piece of paper, where there isn't really room to write all the required info (many burgers have some choices, for example about the sauce, and it is necessary to specify if the dish should be vegan or vegetarian). Moreover, the burger (which was really good!) was also really oily, since the bun was fried, and basically one commits to eating it all without drinking or touching anything else, lest making a mess all around. Nevertheless, we suggest to try it out!


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10 Mar 2022

Relaxed Atmosphere, Great Food

Been there many times already, both during the day as well as in the evening hours and the continuous high quality and care with which the food is being prepared still amazes me. Ambience is laidback, a great place to hang out with friends over some good food and drinks

Pros: Most dishes can be made vegan, Unique menu, Reasonably priced


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29 Dec 2021

Favorite restaurant

We eat here regularly and love the menu, the atmosphere and the staff. Everything is very delicious and there are many vegan options!!!
We recommend the place to everyone.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious food, Moderate prices

Cons: Uncomfortable seats (for 2 hours ok)


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19 Dec 2021

Not that good

Unfortunately I did not really enjoy the food here. I recommend going to the other Ryong restaurant instead - it's much better.


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16 Sep 2021


After all great reviews I’ve read we chose this place for last lunch place in Berlin and it was surprisingly average.
We took three different noodles (pho, crazy Saigon, foggy dew) and one side dish- summer leaves- which sounded interesting but as the rest of tried options it was without a flavor.
Only one noodles where more interesting -foggy dew- but still, for restaurant it wasn’t enough tasty.
Everything came in room temperature.
For plus noodles itself were good and waitress who take care of our table was really nice.
Second waitress who helped with bringing our order seemed to be unhappy and angry with our poor knowledge of who ordered what- but when you are vegan with vegetarian friends it’s quite important to be sure if your not getting your friend option..

Pros: Many vegan options, Fast service

02 Aug 2021

Good experience

The place offers some vegan dishes with an interesting fusion of cuisines. Unfortunately, vegan options are not clearly labled, which makes it necessary to check the ingredients carefully. I went with a bento and some of their homemade ice-teaish drinks and was very pleased with it.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-02

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-02


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14 Mar 2021

best tempura burgers💗

Looove the tempura burgers and the pho! lots of vegan options and the staff is flexible to switch the few veggie ones into vegan as well😄


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03 Oct 2020

A very special fine dining restaurant

... but not pricy ;-)
You should make reservations beforehand, it’s always full😉

Pros: Menue 50/50 vegan vegetarian


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12 Sep 2020

Kleine Portionen, aber lecker

Essen kam sehr schnell, Service war nett, aber die Portionen waren nicht sehr groß und machten nicht so gut satt. Man muss aber auch sagen, dass die Hautgerichte alle etwas als 10€ kosten.


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19 Aug 2020

Best Bao Burgers

So new in taste an the burgers are unbeatable.


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10 Mar 2020

My best experience !!

This is the first time, or maybe second time I have this feeling in a restaurant... (the other time was a restaurant in madrid) like so tasty, original, from the appetizers (“just” spinach made me go into the sky) and the burger ... OMG, and the dessert was just one of the best one I’ve ever had ! The bean / vegan one...

I more that highly recommande this place, it’s amazing, flavors you don’t know, surprising, Uniques. Incredibly tasty!

I just right this even before I leave the place, I’ll come back the day after for lunch and even diner !
In one week in Berlin, I’m sad that it’s the last one I knew !

Also people working here are so nice ! Something I really missed in Berlin. So the atmosphere was amazing as well!

Go go go!!

Pros: Incredibly tasty, Original, staff adorable and patients. , All home made, some to tell more.

Cons: Reserve ! Even during the week, it’s full.


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07 Jan 2020

Schon enttäuschend

Ich war hier nun zum 2. Mal. Der Service war nett (der Laden war recht leer), der Kellner hätte allerdings öfter kommen können, soweit in Ordnung. Die Nudelsuppe, die Dragon Bowl, hatte ziemlich viele Nudeln, kein Gemüse, obwohl es drin sein sollte (es schwammen drei Kohlblätter umher), das Sojahack war in Ordnung und der Koriander fehlte auch. Ich werde nicht wiederkommen.

Pros: Vegane Optionen , Alles vegetarische Optionen

Cons: Kartenzahlung erst ab 20 Euro


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05 Jan 2020


I was really looking forward to coming to this place due to the good reviews here and across all other platforms. It wasn‘t worth it. The interior is beautiful and the concept sounds great - with so many Vietnamese places in Berlin it seemed promising to try a Vietnamese-Japanese fusion restaurant.

However, the dishes we had were just not good. It was okay, don‘t get me wrong, but nothing I would pay for at a restaurant. I got the Ryu Curry and my partner had the Saigon Bento. The curry essentially consisted of a blob of room temperature noodles drenched in a red curry sauce with a few pieces of tofu, taro, scallion and mushrooms on top of the congealed noodles. Not only was it a joke of a meal but it also left me super disappointed in terms of flavor and texture. The bento was quite simple but its presentation was stunning.

The sauces and individual components of each dish are described in great detail on the menu and sound super fancy, but in reality the food is nowhere near as exciting. It was bland and makes it seem like someone is (successfully) trying to make money off a trend without having a good chef to stand behind it.

We might have chosen the wrong dishes but then again, there shouldn‘t be such a thing as a „wrong dish“ at a restaurant this popular and hyped. Drinks were nice and the service was lovely though.

Pros: If you‘re into aesthetics this is your spot, very polite service

Cons: Overhyped, merely „okay“ food


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28 Nov 2019

One of the best veggie places in Berlin

Amazing food, their bao burgers are just the best. The soups and bowls are also very tasty.
Finally they got rid of the plastic straws :)


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13 Oct 2019


...da ich auf den einen oder anderen Geschmack nicht vorbereitet war, doch vermutlich ist hier jede Überraschung ein angenehme. Besuch am Samstag kurz nach 18 Uhr; um 19 Uhr war der (kleine) Laden dann voll. Bei mehr als drei Personen also besser reservieren.

Pros: Sehr freundliche Bedienung , angenehmes Ambiente


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14 Sep 2019

It was good

I had quite high expectations based on the reviews.. so I was a little disappointed as my dish (creamy noodle soup with added seitan and tofu) was a little tasteless. There were also too many noodles in a small dish. Maybe I just took the wrong dish and have to give it another chance. I also had to wait almost 15min to someone to come and ask if I wanted a drink, otherwise service was friendly.


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13 Sep 2019


Best meal I had in Berlin, would recommend it to every vegan going to Berlin

Pros: Great Food, Great Price


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13 Sep 2019

Great iced tea and noodles!

Even after 11 they serve very tasty food. Miso soup was good, pesto noodles not 100% fresh, but very tasty and the iced tea w that leaf was superb. Prices ok.


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10 Sep 2019

Tasty food, portion size small

The food was tasty. Everything we ate. No contestation. Had two starters which were delicious. Sweet potato tempura and seaweed salad. But they were super small portions, unsuitable for sharing even between two people. One bite of mine and it was half finished. Dragon Bowl noodles was tasty and comfortably filling actually, but my partners wrap was well, finished in six bites. I really want to stress that there is an attention to detail in the menu that makes the flavour profiles of the meals and drinks exciting. My partner and I couldn’t get over the amazing lemonades. Mine had fresh ginger, lemongrass, chia and pandan leaf his had lime and some fragrant rice milk I suspect was made from basmati rice. We were hungry tho. I’m a believer in eating or being served “an elegant sufficiency” but we were hungry afterwards. Staff were very nice.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Small small portions

Toast and Avocado

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04 Sep 2019

A pleasant experience

The dishes are of a good quality, fresh ingredients, with a heap of vegan options. Staff are friendly and helpful. Certainly a nice experience.

Pros: Nice ambience, Good quality , Friendly staff

Cons: A little more expensive


Points +28

29 Jul 2019

Very nice food and great atmosphere

We really liked the food, we ordered the pesto noodles and the dragon bowl with extra toppings. Was exactly what we were craving and the staff was very friendly. Will definitely go back there!

Pros: Everything can be made vegan, Price/ quality is good


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14 Jul 2019

Creative! Delicious!

Sooo glad this place was around the corner from my hostel! Amazing food, very fresh and unique. I’ve never tasted anything like it! Would absolutely come back.

Pros: Amazing options, Unique food , Flavorful

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