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40, Skoufa Str (at Omirou), Athens, Greece, 10672

Cafe bar with occasional live music. Vegan choices include a mille feuille with beets and hummus, broccoli soup, quiona with cream of pepper, linguini with saffron and wakame seaweed, veggie burger. Bright and colorful space with free Wi-Fi. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-12:00am, Tue-Sun 12:00am-12:00am.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Organic, Western, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Greek

Reviews (29)

First Review by AlloraKonstantina

Pricey, but Totally Worth It! - Edit

When I went to Rosebud I had their dumplings paired with some white wine and the vegan cheesecake for dessert.

It was all awesome! Fabulously delicious!!!

The staff was friendly and the atmosphere hip. Definitely an "it" spot for vegans in Athens.

If you want to have a nice night out, you cannot beat Rosebud.

Pros: Wonderful atmosphere, Fabulous food, Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey

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Don't miss it! - Edit

Wonderful and creative dishes by my favorite green-chef Nikos Gaitanos! A bit pricey, especially the salads, but offers enough vegan options, the environment is cosy and staff is friendly.
A restaurant worth visiting even if you are not a vegetarian/vegan.

Pros: located in the center of Athens, excellent food

Cons: pricey

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Made us sooooo happening! - Edit

This is more than a "café bar" as the description says. Its a restaurant. Its a very good restaurant. My husband had the great mushroom burger served with delicous roasted potatoes and a salad with a great vinaigrette.
I had "dubbings" which I think was ment to be spelled "dumplings". Tasty anyhow and filled with mild fenchel. Loved it!
Friendly staff also.

Pros: Both fine dining and "junk food", vig portions

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Tasty and creative food - Edit

I really enjoyed having dinner at Rosebud. I tried their pizza, a salad and a curry and everything was tasty and fresh. At the end they provided a digestive sweet drink that I absolutely enjoyed.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly customer service

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Loved it! - Edit

Finally a good, high quality vegan place in Athens. Doesn't compare to the rest at all - it's much better!
Service was great, food was tasty and was made by themselves, not store bought. Flavour was good, but could be better, that's the only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5. I recommend to go there anyway.

Pros: High quality, fair prices, tasty food

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One of my favourites - Edit

One of my favourite restaurants! I adore the vegan pizza. I also like the atmosphere of this place and the location is really good -close to panepistimio station.

Pros: great food, Atmosphere, location

Cons: expensive

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Best Vegan Pizza! - Edit

A fantastic restaurant with a good selection of Vegan dishes. I ordered their Vegan Pizza; topped with Tofu cheese, mushrooms and favabean-sausage and was astonished by how tasty the meal was! Each bite was a celebration of my senses. High quality food in a relaxing atmosphere. The waiters were very attentive to my table regularly filling my water without request and I enjoyed a nice conversation with one about the history of the restaurant.
After my meal a complimentary desert was served; a traditional greek sweet called 'Vanilla Submarine' (vanilla fondant on a teaspoon dunked in cold water)

Overall, I would highly recommend Rosebud, the prices are a little steeper than I'm used to but were totally justified by the taste and quality of the food served.

Pros: Nice location, Top of the range food, Considerate staff

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Outstanding! - Edit

My boyfriend and I ate here tonight (last night of a week long trip to Greece) and it was definitely our favourite meal of the week. We ate at a few of the other places listed on Happy Cow for Athens and this meal was far an away the best. Between us we ate sushi, a curry and a burger along with a dessert. All of them were delicious. The service was good and far more attentive than we experienced elsewhere in Greece (constantly topping up our water without being asked for example).

I can highly recommend this place based on what we experienced.

Pros: Delicious food, Vegan dishes clearly marked, Good service

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good eats. - Edit

The food is good. the staff is great. has some good vegan options. I tried to order a dish with pesto which said could be vegan. luckily I had a wonderful waiter/cook who informed me that pesto has cheese and offered to make a different vegan sauce for me. definitely worth eating here.

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I would go back to Greece just to eat at Rosebud - Edit

I would go back to Athens just to go back to Rosebud.

I found Rosebud towards the end of my trip b/c I mistakenly thought it was a little too far from where I stayed in the beginning. It's out of the tourist area but not far at all. And once I went there, I went each remaining day of my trip.

The souvlaki is a must! The fresh juice is amazing. The staff was super friendly. And they even gave me a traditional submarine spoon treat at the end. I didn't find the prices high (as some other posts have said). About 10 euro for the souvlaki, fries and juice. Would have been twice as much in the US.

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked, Outside seating, Nice vibe

Cons: Not in main area, if you don't venture

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Super discovery - Edit

I'm so happy I discovered this place in Athens. I went twice on the same week. Amazing food, the asian salad was amazing!! I was able to have a vegan raw meal!! Staff is super friendly and helpful!! Can't wait to go back.

Pros: Nice outdoor seating, Super friendly staff, Fresh and delicious food

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Good vegan options - Edit

There were quite a few vegan choices, I had the thai curry and the raw chocolate green tea for dessert. Both were delicious! The restaurant has lots of seating inside and out and the staff were very friendly and spoke good English. would definitely recommend.

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The best of Athens! - Edit

You can not go to Athens and miss this place! Soo friendly staff, the restaurant itself is nice, and the food is absolutely amazing. We had the hummus entry, which was wonderful! And the veggie-burger was the best vegan burger I have ever had, I almost cried while eating it. My fiancé ate the pizza, which also was delicious! This was the favorite restaurant on our weekend in Athens.

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one of the best! - Edit

Everything about Rosebud was good. Really attentive service, lots of choice, great food. I'd definitely put it up there with one of the best veggie/vegan places I've visited in a long time.

Pros: choice, service

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Delicious Food on our first night in Athens! - Edit

My partner and I arrived in Greece today and were originally going to try out the Vegetarian Restaurant 'Avocado' - but it was closed early because its Sunday so we found 'Rosebud'.

We ordered a bead and dip starter (I can't remember what it was called - but it said it was traditionally greek) and it was delicious. We ran out of bread and still had dip remaining so they brought us free bread and free olives - we have just spent a month in Turkey and my boyfriend said these olives were better than any we tried in Turkey! (and we loved the Turkish olives!).

We both ordered fresh juices - mine was the seasonal, and my partner had banana & mint. For mains he ordered the pumpkin almond ravioli (not vegan - he absolutely loved it! He was practically licking the plate clean!) and I ordered the Thai Turmeric Coconut Curry - it was so delicious! It had mixed vegetables, chickpeas and a delicious sauce, served with rice.

The staff were lovely and even gave us a free shot of oozo! I was pretty keen to try a raw vegan dessert - but unfortunately they were all out of vegan desserts so my partner ordered a chocolate cheesecake - which was actually listed as 'chocolate pastry' - so not at all what we expected when it arrived, but he said it was pretty delicious nonetheless.

The only con's I can find is that there were no vegan desserts left and also it was fairly expensive (we are not sure if this is normal prices for Greece as it was our first meal here - however it is more than double the price of all the restaurants we went to in Turkey so we found it to be very expensive.

Would definitely go back! :)

Pros: Food, Ambience, Staff, location, food :)

Cons: No vegan dessert, Expensive

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everything poifect - Edit

The food was fast and really great, location on Skoufa was nice and service was nicer still. Gracious when catering to a vegetarian family with food allergies and absolutely no Greek language. + added bonus of Greek style done in vegan.

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Beautiful Restaurant with Nice Vegan Options - Edit

This restaurant featured some great vegan options (note: most of the menu is vegetarian and not vegan). My husband and I decided to try the Souvlaki in keeping with something that was based on typical Greek cuisine. The flavor and taste was amazing. We also ordered green tea which I am pretty certain was lightly sweetened with agave. Only downside is the prices are a bit high or Athens (3.50 Euros for a glass of iced tea, Desserts are all 7 Euros and up).

Pros: Vegan Options, Great Tasting Food, Great Service / Ambiance

Cons: Pricey

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Just Awesome! - Edit

We live in town and Rosebud is a perfect choice when we are in need of some tasty vegan food.

We like many of the dishes, but our favorites are the vegan pizza (with home made cheese and salami from mushrooms!), as well as the vegan hot dog (which also is based on a homemade sausage, yummy). The salads are also really nice and refreshing, with very rich and distinct seasonings.

Rosebud is awesome because it is located in an easy to find area of central Athens, and in the spring/summmer months you can also sit outside by the boardwalk, which is really great.

The chef is great and has vast knowledge of vegan food, and very often he comes out to check that customers are pleased.

Another plus is that food always arrives quickly, which is a huge must when we are super-hungry after work! :)

Pros: Tasty Food, Food arrives quickly, Nice and easy to find area

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Friendly staff, good food. - Edit

I can comfirm that the burger was great. We also tried the mousaka. The chef came to our table after our meal and asked how we found it. Good food and friendly staff. Had to tip a little extra. Would definetly go back.

Pros: Food, Staff, Music

Cons: Lighting

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Good food and nice staff - Edit

Best vegan food I found in Athens. Really nice staff, the chef even came down to ask us how whe found them. Tried the mushroom burger wich was really good, also the fired potatoes were really good.

Pros: Firendly staff, Good Food, The mushroom burger

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Mediocre tastes, overpriced - Edit

Most items here are not vegan. Maybe 10-15% of the menu is vegan, and another 10-15% can be modified to be vegan. That makes this a vegetarian restaurant with only 25% vegan items, and that's baffling to me.

On top of that, each dish is 12-15 euros for something I didn't think was all that good of a meal. The service was friendly and attentive, but the food was lacking. I ordered souvlaki, which is basically a kebab. They used silken tofu, so as soon as you picked up the stick that everything comes on, the softness of the silken tofu didn't hold up, and it just crumbled to pieces off the stick. I know that firm tofu exists, so why they used silken tofu for grilling on a stick is confusing, and it was still extremely gooey.

My biggest problem with this restaurant, though, is that they allow smoking inside. Despite anti-smoking laws making this illegal, the staff allowed numerous people to smoke inside, even with "no smoking" signs (required by law) posted throughout the restaurant. I don't want cancer smoke with my food, and this really ruined my meal.

I definitely wouldn't go back here.

Pros: No meat served

Cons: Allows smoking inside, Tried to grill silken tofu on a kebab, Limited vegan options

1 Response

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Dimitris Haralas 07 Mar 2014 - It’s true that from the 30 vegeterian dishes we offer , 20 of them, they are for vegan lovers , not at all a bad score for a restaurant in Athens , where local audience is very difficult to be convinced about the ecological and healthy benefits of vegetarianism . Vegeterianism in Greece is something new for the moment , but even though, it expands more and more , so veganism is the next step .
The prices in our existing menu are :
From 4.50 up to 7.00 euros for breakfast and snacks
From 6.50 up to 12.00 euros for appetisers and soups
From 8.50 up to 9.80 euros for salads
From 8.50 up to 12.00 euros for main dishes
The quality is excellent , not only according to us, but reading the comments of many clients and journalists ,who have appreciated our food.
Regarding smoking , that s a big problem for us , as we are not smokers . In Greece, as you may know , despite the law against smoking , people (in great majority ) they can’t and they don’t want to accept it, even they are vegeterians or not . If we didn’t allow them to smoke , perhaps we should be broke .
That’s why we have the first floor where smoking is not permitted and that’t the reason we ask our clients if they are smokers or not .If the waiter didn’t ask you, that’s a managing problem , we have to solve .

Remarkable alchemy of flavours in Athens! - Edit

Mix of flavours that cannot be found elsewhere easily. The taste of linguine wakame is still remaining sweet in my palate and the mushroom burger was really worth-eating. If you like coconut you should not forget to taste the soup. The environment is cosy, the stuff is really gentle, while the soft music really makes you feel relaxed. For sure, is a place worth visiting even if you are not a vegetarian.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 26, 2013

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