Eggless vegetarian bakery. Offers quick lunch food. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by slo0go


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02 Mar 2022


I was there a few days ago and got a bunch of stuff!

(Almost everything there was vegan except the cheesecake and maybe some pudding cup.)

My absolute favorite was the tiramisu! It was so good! Delectable!

The mango cake was good, but I loved the more complex flavor of the tiramisu.

The chocolate cake pops and the chocolate mousse cake were very good, too, but too rich for me. I don’t like desserts that are chocolate inside and out.

The currant roll was very good.

I’ve been here 3-4 times over the last 15 years and always been excited by the experience.

The cake is soft and moist! …no dry, hard cake here.

We got a beautiful small black forest cake for a young relative heading out for his foreign student exchange program and had them write a message on the cake for him. We got to pick the color of icing, too.

The wonderful owners seem to be an older married couple—they seem to love and take pride in what they do.

I look forward to going back!

If I knew they were organic and that they never used artificial flavors, colors, or ordinary white sugar, I would definitely give five stars. I might ask them about this.



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22 Nov 2021

Can't miss cake

Fantastic birthday cake. Vanilla with vanilla custard was a huge hit with vegans and omnis alike.


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19 Jun 2021

The place for birthday cakes

I've been buying cakes here for over 5 years. Never a disappointment.


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09 Feb 2021

Lovely Delicious Vegan BD Cake

Celebrated a birthday while visiting NY and needed a vegan cake. Found this lovely spot in the neighborhood and the cake was a hit with the entire family.

Pros: Ready made cakes at short notice , Friendly, All occasions cakes

Cons: Cash only


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12 Jul 2020

Wonderful options!

Their rainbow cookies are amazing. Everything is already labeled so no questions asked! Love that


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02 Apr 2020


I had my wedding cake done here and all the guests LOVED it - there were only two vegans attending 😉 so it won over all the nonvegan taste buds !
They also carry munchies like slices and cake pops ! The owners are absolute sweet hearts and the prices are not compared to other vegan baked goods.

Pros: Lots of flavors , Reasonable price

Cons: Cash only


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28 Oct 2019

Awesome cakes... perfect sweetness and creamyness

Went there got a slice of oreocake and was really impressed. Often in the us the sweets are too sweet but this cake was just perfect.
Not everything is vegan and the Ambience for sitting down and eating there is probably not the nicest. But the cake and pricing is just awesome!

Pros: Awesome cake, Good pricing, Nice people

Cons: Not that nice for a sit in, Not fully vegan


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16 Apr 2019


I order the mango cake for my birthday. It was great.
Pleasant and engaging staff


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16 Jan 2018

Delicious cakes

We had the vanilla and strawberry cake and it was delicious. Everyone loved it!

Pros: variety, taste, customer service

Cons: parking


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09 Dec 2017

You Won't Believe They're Strawberry Turnovers are VEGAN!!!

I've come here a few times and I'm happy to say that they're food is pretty grand. Some of their foods aren't all that amazing, for example, I'm not fond of their cookies. But other foods like they're Mango Moose and Strawberry Turnovers are total bomb! I've also had they're strawberry Shortcake, OMG, best cake I've ever had. During the holiday's they sell pies too, I had they're pumpkin pie and again, really really good. Everyone needs to check this place out! They're desserts beat a lot of the non-vegan desserts I've tried in the past. You really won't believe that this stuff is vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2017-09-04

Pros: Great Desserts, Near Veggie Castle (Vegan Restaurant)

Cons: Unclear Ingredients, Cash Only, Decoration


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23 Jul 2017

Best Cakes Ever (plus they are vegan!)

This is the absolute best place for cakes. I come here all of the time for our vegan cakes. We had our wedding cake done here, which came out perfect. Nobody had any idea that it was vegan. Most people hear that something is vegan and automatically say it's not good so don't tell them until after they try it. The owner and pastry chef are wonderful people. They are super kind and will make sure that what they make you is of the best quality. I have also had birthday cakes and my baby shower cake made here. Oh, and don't forget about their cakes that they sell by the slice. The Napoleon cake is my personal favorite, followed by the rainbow cookies. My husband loves the Black Forest cake. We are so glad to have found such a tasty vegan bakery with such nice owners!!! You should try it, even if you aren't vegan.

Pros: Delicious, Great Value, Friendly Owners


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25 Oct 2016

vegan cakes

By far the best vegan bakery I've been to. I brought the rest of my birthday cake to work and my coworkers could not believe it was vegan! Absolutely delicious.. creamy and moist cakes...the store owner is so pleasant to talk to. I'm so happy to have this bakery close to home!

Pros: everything

Cons: cash only :( sometimes I'm dying for cake but have


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Non Veg
31 Aug 2015

Great place to get cakes and cupcakes

I was looking for great tiramisu and chocolate cake (both are my dessert kryptonite :-) Since I am trying to be more health conscious this year, I wanted a bakery that served desserts that were lower in sugar and vegan and/or vegetarian (I have been reading a lot about hormones being injected into animals and all the damage/ repercussions it causes on our bodies so try to eat organic and/or vegetarian when I can).

I yelped this and thought I would give it a shot... and boy! am I happy I did!!!!

My first experience- I was greeted by Mr. Singh who was friendly and polite. He showed me various slices which all looked great but I knew what I wanted :-)) I ordered my slices and sat at an available table. I took my fork and plummeted in for the first bite.. and WOW!!!! The first bite of tiramisu with a small coffee was soo delicious- moist and full of flavor goodness (by the way, I must mention.. this place only takes cash which was OK for me because the price was really reasonable.... compared to the Manhattan bakeries I am used to). Needless to say, after I scraped the last piece of tiramisu cake into my mouth, I ordered a slice of the chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling....wow, what a little slice of chocolate heaven!!!!

In the end, before leaving, I ordered my dessert fill for the week for both me and my boyfriend (who also loved the chocolate cake and the chocolate mousse cake- both 2 different cakes- both lovely)

I am now a loyal customer even though it's a journey for me.. if you are committed to dessert like me... it is well worth the trip!!!!

On last bite of info- everything is fresh and they switch things up as far as deserts go. While you can place your order in advance, I recommend giving some of the newer created desserts a shot too..I did.. one being a mango mousse... it was AMAZING!!!

Pros: GREAT FLAVOR!!!, moist cakes, sweets that is not too sweet


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13 Mar 2015

Outstanding Vegan Cakes

I purchased a cake for my wedding, and I must say I was impressed with the level of professionalism from the staff. The cake turned out beautifully, and most of all it tasted great. It's hard to find vegan cakes, and Rose Valley Cakes made my dreams come true. The staff is like having an added family member in your corner.


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08 Feb 2015

Delicious new bakery!

I have been trying to find a vegan bakery in the NYC area to bake my wedding cake. I was convinced that with my budget, I could only afford a small cake and then feed sheet cakes to our guests. I had spoken to Lael cakes, which has beautiful and delicious cakes, but which is also pretty pricey. I had spoken to Vegan Treats in PA, which had better pricing, but at which I could only afford a smaller cake with sheet cakes. I had ordered a cake at Cinnamon Snail once. The cake was beautiful, but because it was made in fondant, it was not as tasty as I'd hoped.

Finally, my parents found a flyer at VegeEats for Rose Valley. I stopped by over the weekend. They are right down the street from Veggie Castle in Richmond Hill, and their baked goods are AMAZING!!! We were so impressed with the chocolate mousse, which is so rich but not too sweet. Kamla, the baker, told us that she does not use a lot of sugar; she uses fruit juices to sweeten her desserts.

Although the bakery has only been open for eight months, Kamla told us she has decades of experience. We saw several people stop by to pick up beautiful cakes for their parties. A few of them made it a point to personally thank Kamla and tell her how wonderful her baking is. And it's all true!

Kamla will be making our five tiered vegan wedding cake at a price I can afford. I am so excited - I'll have to update you after the wedding!!!

You should also know that Rose Valley has food as well. We tried their platter. The lentils were absolutely delicious! We also had a vegetable curry dish and a mock duck dish that was tasty as well. Definitely give Rose Valley a try! It may be a bit of a schlep, but definitely worth it.

Be aware that not everything is vegan. I believe everything is egg-free, but not everything is dairy free. Be sure to ask before trying!

Updated from previous review on Sunday June 22, 2014

***UPDATE*** The cake was absolutely delicious and really beautiful. HOWEVER, I must note that Kamla called me two days before the wedding to ask me for FOUR TIMES the delivery price she initially quoted me, saying that she thought my wedding was on Long Island, and not in Jersey City. I refused to pay the additional funds and insisted that we had an agreed upon price. She ultimately conceded to the price we had agreed upon. (My confirmation email to her after we first met did in fact indicate the location). Get everything in writing with this vendor.

Otherwise, I was very happy.

Pros: Delicious baked goods!, Affordable!, Friendly baker!


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