Serves meat, vegan options available. Indian restaurant located in the Q-Garden complex. Menu includes multiple vegetarian curries. At dinner the menu is more extensive: vegans could have the potatoes & spinach curry, papad, and roti. English menu available, and staff can speak English. Has parking. Nearest public transport is Hakushima street car station or bus stop. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-9:30pm.

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First Review by iokan


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15 Nov 2023

Just okay

I went there just after 8pm. The Indian spaff spoke English. Credit cards are accepted.
I inquired about vegan curries, he showed me about 5. On the menu it's written "all curries include milk" though, so I'm a little confused but maybe they can accommodate to just anyone, as another guest wanted something without onion/garlic.
I had the potato and eggplant curry as well as a plate of turmeric rice. They rice wasn't loose (Basmati) as I'm used too, but more like Japanese sticky rice but yellow because of the turmeric. Big portions, so very filling. But to be honest, it was just average, nothing special. Tasted like the curry I make myself.
All in all good value for about 1400 yen but i wouldn't go back.

Pros: Big portions, Credit cards accepted

Cons: Taste was just average



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11 Oct 2023

Good curry

There was not too many options as a vegan (maybe 3 currys) , but there were very helpful, they know their ingredients, so no hesitation to point it out witch one had vegan. The spinach curry was very good.

Pros: The food was nice

Cons: Not too many options vegan


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18 Sep 2023

Great curry, many vegetarian options

Just a few minutes away from Hiroshima‘s train station. Small and cosy Indian restaurant with delicious food.

Pros: Cosy atmosphere, centrally located, Delicious nan, English speaking

Cons: Menu is hard to understand


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19 Jun 2023

Loved it - fantastic Indian food

Veggie and vegan food difficult to come by in Hiroshima. This Indian place was a welcome change and great for me as a veggie with a meat allergy (Indian people mostly brilliant with food separation and hygiene), and for my partner who eats everything.
We each had a thali, mine vegetarian. We both asked for hot and very hot for our two curries, as coming from Yorkshire, UK where we have large South Asian migrant communities and fantastic spicy food options.
We weren’t disappointed. Substantial meal set, so much flavour, and heat matched to the level we’d asked for. So, trust in their heat scale when you order!
Friendly staff, good beer, amazing lassi, would highly recommend for anyone seeking a flavour hit whilst visiting Hiroshima.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-19


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03 May 2023

Tasty indian restaurant !

Good indian restaurant. They know what vegan is and can prepare vegan curries if asked ☺️
The roti is also vegan

Pros: Vegan curry, Friendly staff, Can speak english


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16 Mar 2023


Auténtico al 100% y buenísimo! Se ve la cocina desde el comedor, una maravilla ver cómo lo hacen todo. Los Naan estaban increíbles y tienen varios curris veganos. Aunque esté un poco a desmano lo recomiendo sin dudarlo.

Pros: Cantidad, Autenticidad, Idioma

Cons: Ubicación


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16 Mar 2023

Una cena que equivale a 2 comidas

El trarto es muy bueno y hablan inglés, algo alejado del centro pero nos pilla cerca del hotel, en la estación. El local es pintoresco y auténtico, la comida lo que puedes esperar de este tipo de restaurantes pero con un sabor que superaba mis expectativas. Cantidades considerables.
Hay unos 6-7 curris diferentes vegetarianos/veganos

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-16

Pros: Buena cantidad, Rápidos y trato fácil, Muy bueno

Cons: Ubicación


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27 Jun 2021

Vegan options

Very friendly and caring staff. English speaking. Food is great! My favorite restaurant with vegan options in Hiroshima.


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25 Jan 2020

Best Indian I have had in years

This place is great. The staff are easily able to point out the vegan options on the menu, and everything we tried was delicious. We got the roti (similar to naan but vegan), two curries, the vegetable pakoras, and turmeric rice. We were downtrodden after trying two restaurants that were both too busy and had one hour wait times (should have made reservations, but neither of us have an active phone number to call on) so were not in the best mind frame to fairly judge a place. However, our moods were totally lifted by the amazing food. Would give five stars if I could


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12 Aug 2019

Great Lunch Menu

Definetly worth the walk from the station. Great naan, great curry, great portion, you get way more for your money then you get at the station.


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19 Jun 2019

spinach and potato curry is fire

nor fire in like a spicy way fire in like a good way but if you want spicy you can ask for it im just not about that life. this curry is the only thing ive been eating for my entire stay in hiroshima (excluding the one time i had fries from 7/11) and i have yet to get tired of it. i usually get it with rice since japanese rice is so good like soooo good like i could eat japnese rice by itself however you can also get it with roti. just good stuff im glad i found this place yea

Pros: staff are friendly, lot of carp merch on display (carp=bball team)

Cons: the spinach potato curry is so good that i dont , even wanna try any of the other menu items


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01 May 2019

Great Indian restaurant by the Hiroshima station

Located few minutes away from the Hiroshima station, their roti is vegan and the food is delicious!! Options for vegans are the curries (they have many different curries with veggies), rice, samosa and roti bread.

Pros: Close from Hiroshima Station , Friendly Staff, Staff speaks English


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22 Apr 2019

Delicious indian food

Went there twice while being in Hiroshima. They offer a selection of vegetarian curries, naan, different Rice and starters as samosas or veg. Pakora. Staff is super friendly and speaks english, there is an english menu. Price is reasonable.


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10 Feb 2019

2 Locations of Roopali - Next to Station & Q Gardens

There are two locations of this good Indian restaurant chain. The most popular shop is next to the Shinkansen side of Hiroshima station and the second shop is in a dining complex called 'Q-Gardens' in the suburb of Hakushima (near Hakushima tram stop, bus stop, not far from Shin-Hakushima train station or Hakushima monorail station). Both shops can be hit-and-miss as far as understanding of vegetarian-vs-vegan, but usually vegetarian-friendly as the options include Dahl (lentil curry), dry vegetable curry and other varieties of vegetable-based curries available. According to the chef at the Q-Garden shop, many of these dishes are made with cream or butter, only the spinach-potato curry was vegan.

Pros: Tasty curries, nan breads, samosa & lassi drinks, Quick & cheap service, Friendly & welcoming

Cons: few vegan options, allows smoking, hit-and-miss understanding of vegetarian/vegan


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06 Feb 2019

Very vegan friendly

This is a very vegan friendly Indian restaurant, as the staff are excellent and able (and willing) to advise and adapt where necessary. They understand veganism and have a wide range of suitable curries, rice and breads. The naan isn't vegan but there is wonderful tandoori roti which is. The spice level can be adjusted to taste.

A tasty, hearty Indian meal.


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22 Dec 2018

Delicious food great price. Good vibe and English

Very nice restaurant. Nothing but great things to say. Good food vegan options easy to communicate and a great price

Pros: English vegan. Good price


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20 Aug 2018

Good enough

I had chana masala and roti (since naan is not vegan) and I thought they were delicious. However, I’d avoid pakora as it was too greasy for my liking (I literally had oil all over me by holding it).

Cons: Naan is not vegan


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01 May 2018

Good food & helpful staff

There were quite a few choices for a veggie curry and you can customise spice levels. The staff spoke English and understood what we could and couldn’t eat. We had a curry and a large naan each: the curry serving wasn’t too big but the huge naan definitely made up for it. On our way out we noticed that some people at a table on the other side of the restaurant were smoking but we couldn’t tell from our table near the door.


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05 Apr 2018

Good Indian food

At lunch time you can choose from the lunch special deal or the main menu.

Veg options include saag, saag paneer, veg, chana, daal makhani - the usual suspects. The staff speak very good english so I think it would be easy to ask them to make your curry vegan.

We shared 3 curries between 2 and one naan bread. This was a good amount of food for 2 hungry people.

As others have mentioned the naan bread was large and very good, so I’d recommend that over rice. They have a smaller size available. They also have a spinach naan which looked interesting... You can specify how hot you want your curry.

Not many options around the station so definitely go here if you’re hungry and in that area!


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11 Nov 2017

Awesome Indian food in Hiroshima

This completely smoke free Indian restaurant located around the North side of the station is awesome. As you would expect, it serves meat dishes as well as a bunch of veggie dishes. And HUGE naan bread!! Give this place a go if you’re in the area.


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18 Jul 2017

Good Indian

This was the first place I visited in Hiroshima, which was a very short walk from the station. Plenty of space and seats in the restaurant. The staff were welcoming and helpful when it came to knowing vegan options. I believe there were 4 vegan curries to choose from, including aloo palak (spinach and potato), chana masala, mixed vegetable and eggplant/potato. They were all excellent. The naan and roti they serve are huge huge (not just Japan huge). I think the naan wasn't available vegan, but they changed it to a vegan roti for the dinner set, which was very kind. The only downside was that they served Japanese rice as opposed to basmati, but that's very understandable given the regulations on rice in Japan.


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12 Jul 2017

Great food

First went there for a late lunch, but unfortunately they were closed. The hours said lunch until 15 and dinner from 17. Went there the day after for an early dinner, only two costumers at the time. I talked to the staff after I had read about people saying they might not understand veganism and dairy free etc. to me they were very understanding and told me exactly the ingredients going into the foods I asked about and said the curries could be made vegan no problem after we quietly clarified with them what that meant. I got the vegetarian thali which consisted of naan bread which they made especially for me, papadum, two different curries I choose vegetable and Chana msala, a small salad, some rice and a soft drink where I chose lichi juice. They also ask you to choose a spicy level for your curry. I though everything was delicious and my meat eating family also loved it. Wish we would have had the chance to go there more than once.

Pros: Can veganise almost everything on the menu, Big portions , Sweet staff

Cons: Allows smoking, Forgot about our drinks


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27 Apr 2017

Great food and excellent value

Quite near to Hiroshima station and easy to find. Good level of English spoken. Understood different dietary needs. Generous portions and very tasty food. Would go there again without a doubt.

Pros: Generous portion size, Good value, Easy to find


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12 Oct 2016

Good food, just make sure you know what is vegan

Decent portions of food, and it is pretty good. However, the person we talked to when ordering seemed confused about what was and wasn't vegan on the menu (he said some of the curries were ok although it says that the curries are made with dairy right on the menu), but once we worked out amongst ourselves what was definitely vegan we ordered and what we got (samosas, pakoras, kulcha) was tasty. The soy milk mango lassi was excellent!

Pros: good portions, very nice people who work there

Cons: They allow smoking in the restaurant, so I was cou, They don't seem super confident about what is/isn'


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19 Jul 2016

Best food in Japan

Great vegetarian food.
Biggest naan bread I've eaten.
Vegan options available.
Great staff, english speaking.
Go during lunch for kickass lunch offers, 1030 or 1300¥ to feel completely stuffed, a feeling not commonly recognized in Japan.
1800¥ for the full dinner option. Curry, naan, rice, papadum, salad, samosas, salad and a soft drink (mango juice, soymilk lassie et.c.)

Pros: Not japanese food., No more noodles, Finally some tasty diversity.

Cons: Japanese rice.


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30 Apr 2016


A nice Indian place really close to the train station (and our hostel) which was very busy but accommodating! The food was tasty but lacked in some ingredients. We got the curry vegetables and eggplant and potato curry - both of which consisted of mostly potato, but also I love potato and the sauce was delicious. The naan is huge and amazing!

Unfortunately we found a piece of chicken in one of our dishes, which was a bit of a bummer, but we're sure it doesn't happen often!

The staff were lovely and helpful! Menu in English and loads of dishes to choose from!


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05 Jan 2016

Good Indian food

Had an hour to find lunch before the next train left, walked here from the station, ordered food and ate it and were back to our train in good time!

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