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Ronald's Donuts

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Contact 702-873-1032

4600 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89102

Small donut shop where the top 2 rows of the donut case contain the vegan donuts (though sugar used might be or not). Varieties include honey glazed, sugar coated, chocolate, maple, cinnamon bun, soy cream filled pastry, and apple twist. Open Mon-Sat 5:00am-4:00pm, Sun 5:00am-2:00pm.

Reviews (85)

First Review by Janelle

Classic - Edit

I love this place because it has such a classic donut store feeling, but they offer vegan options. As soon as I walked in, the staff was friendly and informed me that the first 2 levels of the shelves were vegan! I tried a few donuts, but my favorite was the custard filled chocolate donut. It tasted so similar to what I remember the non vegan version being like. I will definitely be recommending Ronald's to all my friends traveling to Vegas.

Pros: friendly staff, vegan options, easy parking

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AMAZING!!!!!!! - Edit

These are the BEST vegan doughnuts in the world!!! They remind me of what I remember of Krispy Kreme doughnuts tasted like in my pre-vegan days.

Pros: DELICIOUS , super friendly staff, very helpful , amazing price

Cons: they don't deliver, there's not one in my town, not available on the Las Vegas strip

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MUST VISIT! Trust the reviews - Edit

On previous visits to Las Vegas I managed to not spot this place on HappyCow. What a mistake. Small family run business with a huge variety of vegan donuts. Really excellent texture and weight and taste. Very cheap prices and the selection is the best I have ever seen in any vegan bakery in the world.

We bought 2 normal donuts, 2 huge speciality donuts and a large bottle of water for $7.50.

Pros: taste, price, it's great vegan donuts!

Cons: not much else going on, but that's not the point.

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amazing selection of vegan donuts - Edit

We love Ronald’s Doughnuts. It opens really early and when you walk in you feel like you are walking into a donut shop time machine. Not all of the donuts are vegan but most are and the staff will let you know. The doughnuts are so good and taste exactly the way a doughnut should. My wife was back in Vegas on business a year after our trip and we sent her with Tupperware and sent her messages everyday reminding her to bring home doughnuts!

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Delicious Donuts! - Edit

Delicious donut shop at the end of a strip mall. From the outside you wouldn't expect the treasures you'll find inside! Reasonable prices too! Totally recommend the donut holes!

Pros: Good selection - whole top two rows are vegan!

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Ronald's has the best yeast+fried donuts. Period. I can't stress this enough. I have had vegan donuts everywhere - east coast to west coast. Even all over the world.

One thing is that pretty much every donut will taste the same, no matter what you get. But that taste. That texture. The fluffiness and airiness. You can't beat that. Glazed donuts, plain and simple, are my favorites. But also the apple fritter is AMAZING.

Pros: Good Parking, Close Enough, Excellent Donuts!

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Go here!! - Edit

I haven't had donuts in such a long time so I had to try this place when being in Vegas. They are amazing. I love them so much!! We got a box full of different kinds and they are seriously all delicious. They don't taste vegan, they just taste like delicious donuts. If you're vegan or not, you should try these donuts!

Pros: So delicious

Cons: None

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Donut bliss - Edit

Our annual October trip to Vegas got extended due to flight cancellation. This made for an extra visit to the mecca of vegan donuts. Finished off the vacation with a fabulous cream filled raised, a perfect apple burrito and wonderful smiles from the owners. Hint for travelers: The apple fritters freeze very well - I always take a few home and thaw them out on special occasions.....
Updated from previous review on Monday November 02, 2015

Updated from previous review on Monday November 02, 2015

Pros: Owners are the sweetest!, Apple fritters are world class., Only a few minutes from the Strip

Cons: 1282 miles from my house...

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Delicious!! - Edit

Stopped by here and they have so many vegan donut options that were totally delicious and a very good price! The staff/owners were very friendly as well, a great little spot!

Pros: Tasty, Lots of Options!, Friendly Owners

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Oh my! - Edit

I remember when I was in the States 11 years ago and had donuts (not vegan). These donuts took me back and brought the same flavor. Real delicious, unhealthy, super yummy donuts. :-) The lady that works there was so nice! I will definitely come back when ever visiting Vegas.

Pros: Lots of yummy vegan options

Cons: None

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Go there, just go - Edit

Don't think about it just go. Best to go there on the way from the airport to the hotel, that way you get more time to process the donuty goodness before going again on the way home.
Loads of choices and super cheap, when we went it was $9 for 12 of the 'fancy' donuts.

Pros: Lots of donuts

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vegan. donuts. - Edit

You've heard of this place. You've probably eaten here. I know vegans who have come to Vegas just to eat here.

It lives up to all your expectations. It exceeds them.

Pros: vegan sweets, affordable

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never miss it - Edit

Always stop in for the best, not healthiest, vegan donut you've ever eaten. The place is famous. The poor guy at the counter has to listen to every gushing excited vegan customer and their story. They just smile and nod their heads. Very humble people. Every time I go I am never disappointed. It's hard to say a favorite but if I must I would say the raised donut with soy cream filling and chocolate topping. Next the apple turnover.

Pros: vegan, inexpensive, best tasting

Cons: place is a little dingy/ just don't look

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Awesome - Edit

The donuts here are so moist and yummy. As others have already mentioned the top 2 rows of donuts in their display case are typically vegan. They also have a vegan cream filling that you just have to ask for. They will take the donut in the back and fill it right then. They are cash only and sometimes they close earlier than the hours they have listed so beware of that.

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I Am So Addicted!!!!! - Edit

I fell in love with this place on the first bite. Their donuts are amazing and are vegan!!!!!(fried are vegan not the cake ones). I never skip stopping here when in town. Love them!!!!

Pros: Awesome Selection, Inexpensive, Fabulous

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Unbelievably Good!!!! (Remember CASH) - Edit

These donuts are the best I've had in a long time, vegan or otherwise. They are soft, fresh, and tasty. I went here with my family, who is not vegan, and they couldn't tell the difference. We all loved them! Remember to bring cash, as it is CASH ONLY here.

Pros: Tasty vegan donuts!!!, Nice staff

Cons: Cash only

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First donut shop donut in 24 years, wow! - Edit

I used to love donuts but gave them up when I went vegan. This was my first stop in Vegas. It was an hour before closing so they had 2 rows with about 6 kinds of donuts. The custard filled was the best. All were exceptional. I ate 4 or so. It was funny, the 2 customers after me asked which were vegan so I guess many vegans find out about this place, which is wonderful. I'm going back again before the end of my visit. My partner who is vegetarian, so has had donuts recently, also thought they were particularly good.

Pros: Tasty, Clear about which are vegan, Decent prices

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Regular stop on our trips to vegas - Edit

As long time vegans we like to treat ourselves a bit when we travel. This is the spot for vegan treats. Donuts are very tasty, not too salty, and all very fresh tasting. One of my favorite places in Vegas for some vegan comfort food. Owner is there and available for questions and everyone is nice and helpful.

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Heavenly Do-eat them all-nuts! - Edit

This place is ALL that and a box of donuts! Seriously, for a sweet-tooth-fiend like myself, this is truly a vegan dream come true. Melt in your mouth deliciousness. I ordered a dozen and 3 days later the 2 of remaining stragglers were still fresh (I left them out/room temperature. Refrigerating may make them hard). I went on a Sunday morning and not only were the first 2 rows all vegan, but some of the 3rd was as well. So many options and flavors... I'd happily drive 4 hours just to get a couple of dozen to bring back home.

(And the non-vegans who tried them had NO clue these were vegan.)
Updated from previous review on Thursday September 05, 2013

Pros: so many delicious vegan options, can mix & match to your liking, cheap!

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Vegan Heaven - Edit

If there was a heaven for vegans, this would be it. These donuts are incredible and would fool any non-vegan. Soy cream filled, glazed, sugar... so delicious! They are also very inexpensive.

Pros: Lots of Vegan Donuts, Inexpensive, Delicious

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Best donuts ever !! - Edit

Best donut shop I have ever been to !! Vegan or otherwise .. the soy cream is delicious ... all their donuts are delicious ... but get there early as they close early ... 2pm or 4pm depending on the day ... they have soy milk available by the quart ... & remember it is cash only !! There are other great vegan restaurants in the area too .. on the same street is Veggie House .. make a day of it !!

Pros: Delicious, Amazing, Affordable

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YUM! - Edit

One of the things I looked forward to the most while anxiously awaiting my Vegas trip was having a donut from Ronald's. It had been such a long time since my husband and I had eaten one and it was something we greatly enjoyed pre-veg. Well...Ronald's lived up to our expectations. We visited them twice during our short stay and even packed some in our suitcase to take home! There's plenty of choices, the prices are low, the people are great, and the donuts will not fail to please. I will be sure to stop again the next time I'm in Vegas. Go. You won't be sorry.

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Vegan Donuts!!! - Edit

What a delight it was to finally nom down on these moist delicious sugar bombs. I've heard about this place fromm vegan buddies for a while, and it was well worth the wait.

Pros: fresh , delicious, friendly

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Best donuts EVER - Edit

I kid you not, these are the best donuts I've ever had in my life.

A few years back, a friend and I had heard rumors of this place and stopped in on a trip through the southwest - even though it was a bit out of the way.

We asked which donuts were vegan, and the owner leaned over very conspiratorially to whisper "all of them" and then lean back, with a huge smile. We bought an unnecessary amount of donuts and devoured them over the course of the day.

This place is worth adjusting a trip, even for an extra 200 miles.

Pros: Vegan donuts, AMAZING donuts

Cons: Far away from me

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The best! - Edit

I was so exicted to try this place the last time I went to Vegas, that I literally took a cab straight from the airport before going to the hotel. We bought 3 dozen donuts and ate them all in 2 days! They were even sweet enough to give us a few free ones for buying so much while we waited for another cab. Why can't they be in Canada?

Pros: Cheap, Awesome, Donuts, duh

Cons: Smoking allowed inside, Kinda sketchy looking

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Better if eaten sparingly - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow, and here's my Ronald's Donuts review

My sister brought over a huge box of them Ronald's Donuts, and I really felt an overdose of sugar. These donuts tasted just like regular donuts, and not like the fancy ones from gourmet and specialty all-vegan bakeries. Not sure if the sugar used is vegan or not.

The vegan donuts tasted good on the same day of purchase, but after an overnight refrigeration, they tasted kinda hard and leaves a sugary and kinda bad after taste... Well, at least vegans can have their donuts!

Pros: some vegan

Cons: very sugary

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As someone who is allergic to dairy, I have never had a fresh donut. I've ordered them online or what have you, but never an honest straight out of the oven ooey-gooey goodness donut. On my birthday trip, I had to have one. This were amazing. We ended up taking a box back to the hotel to let the vallet guys try some. I loved them, my boyfriend loved them, and the vallet guys loved them. These were simply amazing.

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There's a muse alive and well in Ronald's... - Edit

There's a muse alive and well in Ronald's Doughnut Shop. People think good thoughts there. A film critic writes his reviews there.

There must be something in the doughnuts. Most of them are vegan, but it's more than that. People come from afar, because they've heard about a place that actually sells vegan doughnuts.

When they arrive, they beam. Some of them haven't had a doughnut in a decade or more. The taste reawakens the past.

Others just come there to get a good doughnut.

All ages gather in Ronald's Doughnuts.

As Hemingway once wrote, it's "A Clean Well-Lighted Place." It inspires thoughts of doughnuts and living. And an occasional story.

(Please see my homepage (http://tonymacklin.net/) for a link to my newest short story, The Vegan Doughnut Shop.)

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Wicked Good - Edit

I made a trip to Ronald's Donuts for the first time today. I ordered a dozen of the vegan donuts and a dozen donut holes. They are amazing. I'm not really a fan of sweet food but these donuts are perfect. They are fresh, cooked perfectly and not overly sweet from the glaze. They are priced very good too, which if you are a vegan, you know how much more you have to pay for your food. These donuts will make you smile!

Pros: Price, Selection, Fresheness

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Best Donuts. - Edit

I used to come here all the time and bring back dozens for my coworkers. I have convinced everyone I know that these are the best. I just hope that someday they come out with gluten free/sugar free donuts.
The owners are very friendly!

Pros: Bear Claw, Cream Filled, Maple Bar

Cons: Atmosphere

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OMG! Delicious! - Edit

If you're vegan, in Vegas, and love donuts you HAVE to go! It was our very first stop after arriving on a red-eye and picking up the rental car. It had been over 10 years since I had a fresh vegan donut and it was incredible. As mentioned in previous reviews, the top two rows in the display case are vegan. They have all the common donuts you can think of (glazed, chocolate, filled, twist, bear claw, etc). I sampled most and have to say they're consistently good. Not sure if this is on the menu, but they sold me a cup of soymilk to wash down the donuts. In one word, Yum!

Pros: Vegan!, Inexpensive, Friendly, Knowledgable Staff

Cons: Driving distance from the main strip

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Ronalds Rocks! - Edit

Vegans, when you are in Las Vegas you MUST go to Ronalds. I hadn't had a doughnut in almost 5 years and you would have thought I was a Vegas showgirl the way I kicked my legs up after my first bite! The top 2 rows are vegan. Creme-filled and tigers tail are my faves.
Updated from previous review on Friday August 21, 2009

Pros: friendly, inexpensive, vegan!

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Ditto to all the Rave Reviews! - Edit

I've been visiting my in-laws in Las Vegas for years and did not know (until reading it here) about Ronald's which is walking distance from their house. AMAZING vegan donuts which were inhaled by me(vegan) and my "I hate vegan food" family members. When you are in Vegas, you MUST go there!!!

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delicious donuts! - Edit

Ronald's vegan donuts are the best I have ever tasted and if you didn't know they were vegan, they taste so good you would never know the difference. My all time favourite is the bear claw while my husband loves the apple fritter. Oh and they are so cheap it's hard to resist buying one of each! Every time I come to Vegas I come to Ronald's, and have even found myself staying up all night and waiting in the parking lot at 3:50am for them to open! 5 cows for Ronald!

Pros: donuts that are vegan!, super cheap, they open at 4am

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Always on the agenda when in Las Vegas! - Edit

This place is wonderful! They have a great selection of delicious vegan donuts. Any vegan with a sweet-tooth will appreciate Ronald's Donuts!

Pros: many vegan options, helpful staff

Cons: not open late

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Ronald's Donuts - Edit

For vegans it's a dream come true, where you can find vegan donuts. I believe only the top two rows are vegan, but double check with staff. It was tasty after not having one in over fifteen years or so. Been back there twice while driving through LAS.

Pros: Friendly staff

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Reason enough to visit Las Vegas - Edit

It had been years since I had a donut, they really were my weakness before switching to veganism. When I was searching for vegan options in the area, I was soo excited to see this cute little donut shop listed in Chinatown. Very friendly staff, my only regret is that I should have gotten more donuts! The soy custard filling is to die for and the apple rollups were fantastic. My non-veg inlaws inhaled their donut holes and bought more donuts for the next day. Day old donuts from Ronald's still taste amazing! Can't wait for my next trip to Vegas, I plan to hit up Ronald's more than a few times. :)

Pros: Inexpensive, Delicious, Lots of vegan options

Cons: Distance from the strip, There isn't one where I live

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the donuts are SOOO good! first day we went they were sold out of maple bars, so you better get there ASAP and buy them all! even our non-vegan people loved them! we asked them why they have vegan donuts and the lady said because her brother that used to work there was vegan, so that is why they offer them. though it isn't displayed anywhere, if you ask them which are vegan they will point it out to you. lets just say it was a nice selection.

Pros: vegan, friendly, delicious

Cons: far

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drool... - Edit

I'm in Vegas with my non-vegan family and found a review for Ronald's and decided to check it out today. We bought a dozen. I was so disgusted. I sat there and watched the non-vegans inhale MY delicious donuts! They are so good! No one could tell the difference. They really need to start shipping these.

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Woe is me! - Edit

Why oh why can't I live in Las Vegas?
And why did I ever eat at Ronald's Donuts?
Now all I do is daydream and obsess about donuts. My life has been miserable ever since we left Las Vegas, never to eat at Ronald's again (or at least not until we return on vacation, but whatever).

Okay, this place is seriously amazing. Sure, the building is kinda a dump compared to the glitzy strip, but who cares?! The donuts are delicious and everything I've been missing since going vegan. They're all good (and trust me, I tried them all during my stay), with the chocolate glazed and the jelly-filled being my absolute favorites.

Also, the guy who works there is adorable and super nice.

Pros: awesome donuts, friendly service, quaint


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Really a must! Wow real vegan donuts! - Edit

After reading all the reviews in happycow, this is a must do for vegans. I don't know how many years that I skipped on donuts. So the first bite of achocolate glazed donut with soy custard made me forget about the warnings of not eating donut (that it is unhealthy, etc. etc.) Just eat it! Cause there will be no other chance! Yummy! The donuts are soft, melt in your mouth, and not really too sweet. I ordered the apple fritter and thought that it was too sweet. But there are more choices, maple glaze, regular glazed, jelly filled, cinnamon glaze, etc. etc. Just ask them which ones are vegan. There are PLENTY!

Pros: cheap , soft and melt in your mouth, not too sweet

Cons: far from home, coffee is just ok, need a car to get there

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A MUST DO - Edit

This place is a MUST for any vegan who lives in or who visits Las Vegas!

Vegas Veg meets at Ronald's on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 10AM.

I consider Ronald's to be vegan-friendly. There are lots of questions about whether or not the donuts are really vegan and there are always rumors within the vegan community that Ronald's doesn't really have vegan donuts. I have asked them on numerous occasions and in many circumstances whether or not their donuts are vegan (and what kind of sugar they use or what kind of cream filling they use) and they always tell me it's vegan and offer brand names if I want to check. Veg News even sent out some donuts for testing in a lab a few years ago and found NO animal ingredients. Bottom line: I TRUST THEM.

But here's what you should know:
- Some donuts are NOT vegan. Ask which ones are and they'll tell you.
- They only take cash.

Pros: cheap, tasty, friendly

Cons: no outdoor space, vegan donuts are not marked \, tables are stationary

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spiceislandvegan 22 Feb 2013 - Good to know! Thanks for this review. It's really helpful. I will go there soon and will try them. Buddhists won't lie. I had a vegan dishes made in a Buddhist restaurant (cooked by Buddhist monks) in San Francisco years ago and those were the best chinese vegan dishes I had ever had. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed now. Bummer! Let's support vegan restaurants so they don't go down the hill!

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Donut heaven - Edit

We go to Ronald's every time we are in Vegas. We can't resist. It's total gluttony and each time we say that the next time we will only get a half dozen, but that never works. As soon as you see the shelves of vegan donuts, the dozen box comes out! The first donut is the best, before the sugar overdose sets in! lol Definitely gotta go!

Pros: vegan donuts - no need to say more!

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Tasty and delicious - Edit

Went to Vegas last weekend and checked out Ronald's donuts based on the reviews here on Happy Cow. I was not disappointed. The atmosphere was a little lacking, i.e. dark, plain, not cozy - But the donuts made up for it!! Sucks that they take cash only. My husband and non-vegan cousins were converted. You could not tell the difference. Would definitely come here again next time I'm in Vegas. My soy custard-filled Bismark was the best I've had in a long time!!

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, Great selection

Cons: Dinghy atmosphere, Cash only

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Five Cows!!! - Edit

I LOVE Ronald's!! I'm trying to think of an excise to go back to Vegas to get more donuts, and I literally just got back from there 3 hours ago. I ate breakfast at Ronald's with my bf and his parents on Saturday morning, and we all LOVED the donuts, you can't even tell that they're vegan. I got a dozen to bring home, plus some for breakfast this morning, and they threw in a half dozen donut holes. I didn't try the apple fritter, but my bf said it's the best one he's ever had (we've been veggie for a year, and he's had 'tons of apple fritters' and he says that he can't fault that apple fritter, it's the best one ever). I got basically one of each of the vegan donuts to bring home, and It's difficult to not go eat them all right now! they're delicious, you HAVE to go there if in Vegas!!!

Pros: delicious donuts, friendly staff, good value!!

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Sugar in their donuts IS Vegan - Edit

My husband and I just got back from Vegas and a fantastic visit to Ronald's. We asked about the sugar and the owner told me that they found a vegan brand which they are now using called Spreankle or something like that. We brought a box home and have a bit each day. I have NEVER had a donut this good, even when I wasn't vegan. It's a great shop with great owners, go there, support the place and keep vegan awareness alive.

Pros: Outstandingly delicious, Great variety, cheap

Cons: none

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Sweet taste of heaven! - Edit

I love Ronald's! I was planning a trip with my sweetie and I looked up the VEGAN returants in Vegas. I was so excited to find this place. It is $7 for a box of vegan donuts. I live in , so it's $3.50 for one vegan donut. We stayed in vegas for 4 days and had 3 dozens donuts. Totaaly greedy but well worth it! We came back to DC fat and happy!

Pros: Inexpensive, Friendly Staff, Great selection

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Reviewer Avatar

my favorite! - Edit

I come here every few weeks or so as a treat to myself-- my guilty pleasure. Once in a while I'll buy a dozen and give them to friends and family. I don't tell them the donuts are vegan; they never know the difference :D
The lady who works here is so friendly. I always look forward to my dessert haven.

Pros: delicious, cheap

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ridiculous - Edit

What can I say about Ronald's that hasn't already been said? I actually think there may not be any more adjectives to describe this place. Apple fritters that have to weigh almost a pound. Jelly filled, soy cream filled, cinnamon twists, maple bar, donut holes.

Even if you aren't vegan/veg, this place is a must visit. The donuts are that damn good!!!!

Pros: huge selection, great prices, great staff

Cons: too delicious, make me fat, I only have one mouth to eat them donuts

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I died and went to heaven - Edit

We ate breakfast everyday at Ronalds. I could live there. I ate the soy cream with chocolate frosting, my wife had the jelly filled. The owners were great. I costs about $5 for three donuts and two drinks. It's worth traveling to Las Vegas just for these donuts.

Pros: Vegan Donuts!, Super Cheap

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Ronald's: Issue Over What Type Of Sugar They.... - Edit

are using to make the donuts. I called the store several months ago and at least at the time of me call the sugar is not vegan:

After seeing the reviews of how fantastic the donuts are at Ronald's, I really wanted to go.
One of the reviews here mentioned C&H Sugar packets at Ronald's (which is bone char processed sugar, so Not vegan) The reviewer went on to say they didn't ask Ronald if he used C&H in making the donuts. So I did; the next day I was curious and called Ronald's, I asked their store hours and I asked what kind of sugar they use in their vegan donuts, Ronald said "we use C&H sugar". I explained to the owner that C&H is bone charred so isn't vegan informed him that there are other kinds of sugar that are vegan. So at the time of my phone call to Ronald, the donuts aren't vegan :(
It would definitely be good if one of the locals her would print off some information about this and give it to the owners.

Pros: Delicious Donuts, Friendly Staff

Cons: Processed Sugar

2 Responses

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Erin P. 22 Feb 2013 - Not all vegans care about bone char processed sugar, it's really not a big enough deal to declare these donuts are not vegan. Even Jo Stepaniak weighed in on this debate and declared bone char processed sugar is taking things a bit far. If you're this concerned you'd better watch out for your tap water as it too is filtered through bone char. I agree that using vegan certified sugar is best, but this shouldn't be a deal breaker for a company going out of its way to provide vegan donuts.

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Sandy M 22 Feb 2013 - Actually, the use of bone char processed sugar IS a deal breaker for many vegans, using bone char processed sugar still makes a food product not vegan to lots of vegans.
I did read recently that 40% of white sugar now produced in the USA is beet sugar, which is vegan; you have no way of knowing which commercial sugars are the vegan 40%, or are the bone char processed other 60% though (I don't drink tap water or cook with it, incidentally.)
I feel that Ronald's is onto something great, they need to change the kind of sugar they're using though because bone charring sugar makes it Not vegan. (Mighty O Donuts in Seattle are 100% Vegan yummy donuts, so it is possible to make a vegan donut

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Holy Cow..... - Edit

Its like every Dunkin Donut's Donut you can imagine from yesteryear but vegan. I was bummed out by the crappy Donut selection at Portland's Vodoo Donuts so I didn't have high hopes. I was really blown away by Ronalds. They have EvERTYTHING! Donut holes, Bear Claws, Long John, on and on and on... The owners work 360 days a year from 4am to 4pm. We went twice, lol. The first dozen was gone quick. The second dozen was not a good idea! then we got 2 dozen more to bring home (they keep in the fridge for a few days) for a potluck we were going to. I highly do not advise that you eat more than 4 in any given weekend. To make them vegan they let the yeast rise a little longer and use soy instead of milk products resulting in a donut that doesn't absorb as much oil. They taste just like the real thing! I'm glad Ronalds is far far away from me because I'd eat myself dead quickly. Ronalds is legendary and every vegan glutton should make their way to this mecca.

Pros: too many to list

Cons: i'm addicted instantly

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Ronalds Rocks! - Edit

Does it get any better?

*Remind them to add a VEGAN sign inside and outside to support their extra efforts to offer vegan alternatives AND give those vegan people driving by a treat they will not soon forget!

Pros: vegan, friendly

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Reviewer Avatar

Amazing! - Edit

I went in on a Sunday afternoon. They were smiling and friendly amongst a store filled with patrons. The top two rows were vegan and I bought a few of each. They brought fresh soy-cream filled turnovers out for me to buy. The donuts were literally the best I have ever tasted, even the nonvegan ones. I will be returning on a regualar basis.

Pros: Friendly, delicious, cost effective

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None the wiser :) - Edit

I was in charge of getting donuts for a morning meeting for around 100 people. Ordered massive dozens of creme-filled, chocolate covered and lemon filled VEGAN donutgs and VEGAN apple fritters and didn't say a word to anyone. The 15 dozen donuts were gone in about 30 minutes. Lots of happy smiles and lots of MMMMs and AHHing all around but mostly on my face! Finally, I could eat something at a meeting :)


Cons: short hours, probably bad for you like regular donuts, can't eat just one!

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Yummy - Edit

I live in Flagstaff, AZ and have had many of my vegan friends here tell me about these donuts. I went to Vegas in 2005 - I was vegetarian then, not vegan, and I had no idea that happycow existed. I was traveling with my very non-veg friend and her parents and we stayed on the strip the entire time. I don't really like Vegas so I knew I'd only get these donuts if someone brought them down for me, and lo and behold a few weeks ago at a vegan potluck for some traveling musicians there was a box of vegan donuts from Ronlads that the musicians had brought with them from Vegas. Vegan delicious - I was so happy. The only thing that worries me is that they taste so much like donuts that they probably hydrogentated oil in them. Does anyone know what kind of oil they use?

Pros: yummy, vegan

Cons: i want to try more flavors and I can't, possibly hydrogentated?/not natural

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmm - Edit

Excellent, excellent donuts. Better than many non-vegan donuts I've had. We always buy way way too many. The custard one is one of my favorites, and my husband likes the apple fritters. We both love the twists, and the donut holes! Actually, I'm happy with just a million donut holes. They're cheap as hell. The lady who works there is very nice, and their soy milk is some of the best I've had.

it's pretty far, but if you're vegan, it's definitely worth the drive. When with vegan friends, this stop is always a MUST. We each get an entire box of donuts and a bag of donut holes, haha.

I would rate this a 5, but it won't let me.

Pros: Good price, Great donuts!, Nice help

Cons: Far from strip

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Awesome - Edit

This place is the Best--We wnt there and got a dozen Vegan Donuts We took them back to our Hotel Room and demolished them, Def go there if in Vegas right off the strip easy drive down the street on your right side

Pros: everything

Cons: nothing

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Delicious Donuts - Edit

This is such a great place to go for not only great tasting donuts, but vegan donuts! The staff is so friendly and they really care about making vegans happy, which rated high in my book. The shop has about four varieties of vegan donuts, that are so good. The soy cream ones have a light and airy flavor that tastes of sweet vanilla, and then there are basic flavored donuts like chocolate and vanilla that taste great. They also have nonvegan donuts, but those are clearly marked and kept on the bottom shelves along with the other pastries. The staff is great, and serves up sweet donut holes along with wonderful service.

Pros: Vegan donuts, Great Service

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Yummy in my Tummy - Edit

I had my husband do the donut run. Based on what he said... it was near the Orleans Hotel where we stayed... and was kinda hard to find... It was like going to an asian store b/c it was around asian plazas. The Donuts are SOOO GOOD!!! Yummy... he said there were only 4 variety of vegan donuts the rest were pastries. they close at 4... so make your run before they close.

Cons: hours

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happy place - Edit

one of my co-workers once told me that i should come up with a happy place to escape to in my head for when things get stressful. ronald's donuts is it. i am one of the utahans who is happy to make the detour through las vegas for this place. the last time i was there with friends, we pulled up right as the owners were leaving. heartbroken, we prepared to leave donut-less. but when the owners saw us, they waved, pulled back into the parking lot and re-opened the store so that we could load up on donuts for our drive back to salt lake. i get a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about it. if you are anything like me, i recommend getting only as many donuts as you truly want to eat and then getting only one additional donut for each person you plan on bringing back donuts for. if you try to bring back multiple donuts for each person you may end up eating the additional donuts and getting fat. i fall into this trap just about every time. consider yourself warned.

Pros: perfect happy place

Cons: wish cake donuts were vegan

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These are the best donuts I've had, vegan or no. Their apple fritters are so moist on the inside. I visited Vegas with my (vegan) fiance and we blew about $15 on donuts on the first morning, and we bought another dozen or so before we left. They kept very well but didn't last long cause we ate them :(

Their soy-cream filling tastes like vanilla pudding, so rich and so yummy. The staff is very vegan-friendly and readily knows which of their selections are vegan and which aren't. In fact, when we went there only 4 of their 30 or so trays were not vegan, the rest were.

If you're in Vegas, you need to stop by.. only a few miles from the strip.

Pros: So, Friggin, Good

Cons: They don't operate out of my kitchen

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Workout time! - Edit

Best donut ever! I took my husband with me, he said he didn't want "vegan" donuts- until he stepped inside and saw the delectable stacks. He ended up getting a dozen holes, and 5 other donuts, as I only got one. He was suprised they tasted just like krispy kreme glazed! Definately the best!

Pros: excellent, friendly

Cons: gain 30 lbs

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vegas for the donuts not the gambling! - Edit

OMG! this place is for real. sooo gooood. do not be in vegas and not eat these vegan donuts! they have all the donuts you could imagine, but they are vegan, they will bring back fond memories... and i almost feel sorry if you live in vegas and you are vegan cause i dont see how you dont gain 10lbs a week by having this place near by. the only bad thing about this place was that i bought so many donuts and was just passing through driving through the dessert without a/c in my car and everything melted and went bad, but i couldnt stop eating and i got sick.

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Wow, this would be a 10 Cow Rating if possible - Edit

I'm usually the critic and don't give good ratings if not deserved, yet Ronald's Donuts are by far some of the best donuts in the entire world. These donuts are so good that they won the Las Vegas award for best donuts. That is impressive for any donut, yet for a Vegan donut, it is simply AMAZING.
Yet tasting is believing. I haven't had a donut like this since giving up eggs 17 years ago. The donut holes and Lemon Creme Filled glazed donuts were my favorite.

After looking at all the reviews, everyone RAVED about their donuts, yet gave them 4 Cows. I'm not sure where the disconnect is.

The owners are devout Buddhist's and probably do not understand the Bone Char Sugar issue. It would be good if one of the locals her would print off some information about this and give it to the owners. At the same time, please do some research and let them know the alternatives. Please note, they probably get their sugar from Sysco or GFC. Please see if these companies carry a vegan sugar.

I would do it, but am leaving town tomorrow.

Ahh, the system is currently messing up and 4 cows is the maximum rating. I'm sure the owners of happy cow will fix this soon.

Pros: Taste, Taste, Taste

Cons: May not be vegetarian

1 Response

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Erin P. 22 Feb 2013 - Happy Cow won't allow a 5 Cow rating for places that aren't entirely vegan (I think that's a mistake because most people don't know that in advance). The cake donuts at Ronald's are NOT vegan so beware. They will happily tell you which donuts are vegan so don't be shy about asking. All the best donuts are vegan so it's all good.
(las vegas resident)

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Vegan Donuts Taste Great!!! - Edit

These donuts tasted like non-Vegan donuts! My friend had to try these when we were in Vegas. The one thing I want to say is that I wish I could eat more than one donut at a time [explanation: I have a problem eating sweets in large quantities]!!! The owner was incredibly nice and although the place seemed older, it felt very welcoming and/or comfortable. We even met some "regulars" who were sitting in the dining area - they were the nicest people ever! If you're in Vegas, it's seriously a few miles off of the strip and is well worth the little drive!

Pros: Good Donuts!!!, Nice Owner/Employees, Welcoming Atmosphere

Cons: Yeah, it's a pain to leave The Strip.

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Vegan desert heaven - Edit

WOW! Vegan donuts. My husband so got points for getting me donuts from here. The service is absolutely wonderful and the store is mostly vegan the owner is vegan as well. Everything we got was wonderful but I especially enjoy the apple turnovers. Very inexpensive and great

Pros: great staff, wonderful prices, huge selection

Cons: none

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vegan creme filled donuts !?!?! - Edit

try the apple roll and the soycreme. I almost cried when i found out i could have a really tasty cream-filled donut again! I am sure these things are totally bad for you, but would it still be called a donut if it were good for you? I think not.

Pros: DONUTS!!!!, friendly staff

Cons: off-strip

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Oh. My. God! - Edit

WOW!! Like the review by "Vegan Pig" before me, I wanted to get locked in there overnight too! At first I was slightly disappointed until I realized I had misunderstood when I asked which selections were vegan, and thought that the 4 trays they pointed out were my only choices......imagine my delight when I was corrected and told that those 4 trays were the ones that WEREN'T vegan! All the rest were there for me!! Trays and trays of donuts, Vegan donuts!! Ohhhhh, I was in heaven!! It was so great! All the ones I ate were delicious! Even my non-vegan friends loved them, said they couldn't tell the difference! And of course I had to bring some back for my vegan friends too. Boy was that hard to do. (To not eat them myself!!) The owners were so nice! I thanked them over and over again, both days I went, and rolled myself out of there! Gotta do this place folks! Vegan or non-vegan, delicious donuts, wonderful feeling, and lots of business too, which is great!!

Pros: VEGAN!, Outstanding assortment, Yummy!

Cons: None that I saw!

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IGrowKale 11 Mar 2014 - Great donuts and great selection (all but two trays were vegan). Make sure you bring cash and a empty stomach! My favourites where any of the ones with apple/cinnamon filling.I hope to go there again when I am in the area again!

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