Small donut shop where the top 2 rows of the donut case contain the vegan donuts (though sugar used might be or not). Varieties include honey glazed, sugar coated, chocolate, maple, cinnamon bun, soy cream filled pastry, and apple twist. Open Mon-Sat 5:00am-4:00pm, Sun 5:00am-2:00pm.

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First Review by Janelle


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16 Jul 2023

Excellent donuts, but hours aren't accurate

They've got a huge selection of vegan donuts. No fancy names and stylish fusion flavors, just regular donuts.

At this point I think most of what they have is vegan, but not all so ask.

They're *not* open as early as they say they are. I've stopped by a couple of times when I had a long drive ahead and wanted to leave early, and both times they were open about 5:30.



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28 May 2023

Classic Las Vegas

I don’t travel to Las Vegas often, but when I do, I always stop at Ronald’s! Great donuts and treats. I dare you to try and say no to the lady behind the counter!

Pros: Huge variety of vegan treats


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23 May 2023

The best

I once flew to Las Vegas in 2013 just to eat Ronald’s donuts. After all these years, the basic glazed is still the best vegan donut I’ve eaten.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-18


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09 May 2023

Best donuts ever

The top two rows in the cabinet are all vegan but NOT all marked so ask so you don’t miss out! The lady working there was very helpful and told us which were the best - and she wasn’t wrong. Proper donuts that I’ve missed since being vegan. Best vegan donuts I’ve had (and I’ve tried lots!)

Pros: Gigantic portions , Extremely reasonable prices , Friendly staff


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16 Apr 2023

Favorite Vacation Stop

Every time we come into town we look forward to stopping at Ronald's for their reliable service and fantastic donuts. Their prices are very reasonable so you can get everything you want - and the case is full of options for vegans

Pros: So many options!, Reliable, Well priced


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17 Mar 2023

Vegan Donuts Galore

Not just a few vegan options, but 2 shelves worth. Go and get some! Haven’t eaten them all yet, but the bear claw (which has apple filling) and the basic glazed were tasty. I’ve missed yeast donuts. Vegan ones are hard to come by. They also serve vegan ice cream and Thai iced tea. Dude behind the counter was almost mute. Guy in the back was very helpful. $26.50 for the dozen we picked out. Nice! Surprised there were so many different ones to chose from in the afternoon. Thought they’d have run out of a lot since they open at 4am. Score.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-17

Pros: So many vegan donuts!


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13 Feb 2023


OMG freaking amazing. The entire like 3 cases were all vegan except 1 row! It was amazing. They were orgasmic. Ugh. I NEED THIS IN MY CITY
apple fritter and cinnamon twist were my faves

They weren't expensive either. I think 15 dollars for 6 donuts. And two of ours were humongous


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11 Feb 2023

Never miss a stop here!

We love Ronald's Donuts! The ice cream, donuts, and especially the service is always top notch!

Pros: Vegan options , Great service


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08 Jan 2023


Ain’t nothing better than finding these little gems! That’s why I love happy cow so much! Majority of donuts are vegan, and also got vegan sandwiches. #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of options!


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04 Jan 2023

5 stars

Almost hard to believe there are so many vegan options here. Unassuming, hole-in-the-wall type donut shop in Chinatown. Mostly all the donuts are vegan. Awesome staff. The best.

Pros: Donuts


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03 Jan 2023

A must-stop in Vegas

I stop here every time I am in Vegas, and the service is always amazing and the donuts are even better. I haven't had their vegan breakfast sandwiches, but I assume they are all amazing too. Their thai teas and coffees are excellent also. Biggest and tastiest bear claws I've ever had!!!

Pros: so many options, friendly staff, quick service


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15 Dec 2022

Glad I stopped by

All the donuts are vegan but one single tray! There are a ton of flavors to choose from including apple fritters and cream filled.

I also got the Thai iced coffee with oatmilk. It was very good, reminded me of khalua.

They also served v. Ice cream, we didn’t get any but it looked good.

Pros: Lot of options, $33 for a dozen and 2 large coffees


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08 Dec 2022

Never disappoints

We have been stopping by Ronald’s for 20 years! A huge selection that is always delicious. And they have vegan breakfast sandwiches! Outstanding. So happy it’s still here and thriving!


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10 Jun 2022

Delicious, affordable donuts

I’ve only been able to be here twice while visiting but my family an I love their donuts! They have my two favorite donuts vegan the Apple fritter, (which is the size of your head) and old fashioned. The top two rows are all Vegan. I love that I can support a local business instead of franchise that Vegas is so full of.


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06 Jun 2022

So many vegan options

I'm town to visit family. Heard about this place and had to check it out. We got a dozen for the family and it was $21. The vanilla cream filled was so good

Pros: So many vegan choices, Tastes great, Friendly

Cons: Expensive


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25 May 2022

Great donuts but deceptive sales tactics

Positive: Jelly Donut and Butter Flies (Peanut Maple Cinnamon Roll) are two of my favorite items here. I also like the regular Cinnamon Roll and the Vegan Bagel Sandwich (with Ham, Bacon, and Cheese)—although it's oily. I don't recommend the Apple Fritter because the high sugar concentration is overpowering, and the donut is unreasonably large to finish.

Negative: The donut trays lack labeling. The pricing is confusing. Most of the donuts are actually $1.75 each (for "fancy")—$0.50 more than the standard $1.25 shown on the wall menu (for "old fashioned"). The language barrier makes it easy for the clerk to hustle you into purchasing more donuts than you originally intended. The clerk doesn't provide or offer a receipt, but instead uses mental math and rounds the total up to the nearest dollar. During my most recent visit, the amount charged was shown to me on the payment device, and this amount also appeared as a pending charge on my bank app. However, when the payment cleared two days later, I was overcharged by $6. So, I have opened a dispute of the charge through my bank.

Recommendations: 1) Decide ahead of time on the maximum number of donuts you're willing to purchase, and the most money you're willing to spend here; 2) Bring enough cash to cover the bill, because this business prefers cash payment, and charges a significant fee for paying with debit or credit card; 3) Request an itemized receipt; 4) Tell the clerk the exact number of donuts you will purchase; 5) Don't let the clerk rush your decisions, or pressure you to buy additional items that you didn't ask for.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-25

Pros: simple, traditional, unpretentious

Cons: clerk pressures you to buy more and more items, no receipt provided or offered, undisclosed fee for payment by credit card


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24 Feb 2022


Would consider relocating to the other side of the world just for these donuts. When you are within driving distance you must must must go there. Top two rows are vegan and some extra once’s on the bottom right shelf (just ask the really nice guy behind the counter). They even have some more food (lunch?) options on the menu marked vegan but I was too distracted by all the sugary goodness to really pay attention. Did I mention I love love LOVED the donuts yet?


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01 Jan 2022

The best vegan donuts in Vegas

You’ve found the best vegan donuts in Vegas! They do carry non vegan options so I recommend to confirm what rows or trays have vegan options available but I’ve never been disappointed by any of the flavors I’ve tried at Ronald’s over the years!

Pros: Lots of options including “cream” filled , Knowledgeable staff , Centrally located on Spring Mountain


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28 Nov 2021

Didn’t taste special, I’m curious if they’re really Vegan

They just tasted like plain sugar. I know they are donuts, they’re supposed to be sweet, but I’ve had some that had really good flavor that didn’t just taste like nothing but sugar. She claims that 2 out of three rows are vegan. Usually we go somewhere and have 3 options that are vegan. I’m not convinced that in ChinaTown they somehow make 2/3rds of their entire donut collection Vegan. If it wasn’t for my husband convincing me to stay I would have skipped out on this donut shop. Neither of us finished our donuts and ended up throwing them away. We’ve never done that. They were gross

Pros: Lots of vegan options apparently

Cons: May not be vegan, Don’t taste good unless you like pure sugar taste


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09 Oct 2021

Should be 5 stars

Wish I would have ordered more. They were all really delicious. Tons of options


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21 Sep 2021

Great donut shop

This place is great. All the donuts and bagels are tasty. The top two shelves are vegan (donuts) while the lower shelf is not.
The bagel sandwiches are worth a try and they have several drinks (coffees and Thai teas) which they will use soy instead of milk.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-21

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Not expensive

Cons: Can't think of any cons


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12 Sep 2021

The best donuts ever!

Soooo many vegan options!! I compare all other donuts to Ronald’s and none of them come close. Cheap, delicious and legit. I’d give 10 stars if they would go completely vegan!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Serves dairy and egg


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04 Sep 2021

Vegan donuts!!!

I’m a nurse and we get donuts all the time that I never partake in, but when they said these were vegan I couldn’t believe it! Jackpot!!! And these were better than non vegan donuts!

Pros: AMAZING vegan apple fritters!


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29 Apr 2021


If you are visiting Vegas or you live here. Please stop by!!! So many options for vegans!! All kind of sort of donuts and even bagels sandwiches. I was so surprise most of their donuts are vegan. Except maybe one row which is not vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-29


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Mostly Veg
11 Feb 2021

Got my jelly donut fix

For the longest time I've been searching for a vegan jelly donut. Something so simple was not easy to find but this place had them. I didn't know only the top 2 shelves were the only vegan donuts I thought it was all vegan but luckily that's where mine were.

Pros: Good donuts, Reasonably priced

Cons: Vegan donuts are not labeled


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09 Nov 2020


Best yeasted vegan donuts I've ever had, by a lot.


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14 Oct 2020

Best vegan donuts ever!!!

Recommend? Yes to the nth power.

This is not an all vegan establishment. The items I ordered are vegan. I stopped by twice. First time during the afternoon, maybe 2PM. Second time at 6AM. The first 2 rows of donuts are vegan and I wish I had gotten a picture. I have tried 4 of the donuts, the chocolate eclair, the cinnamon roll, the hand and cheese bagel, the apple turnover, and the apple fritter. I strongly advise going as early as possible, they open at 5AM.

The donuts are light. It is exactly like how I remember a donut. Where I'm from I often see vegan donuts and I get all excited, but only to be greeted with something dense and cakes. Not that that is bad, but it's not what I want in a donut. This place just completely blows my mind with these.

Chocolate eclair - It's light like the donut with a nice frosting.

Cinnamon roll - It's not overly cinnamon flavored and lighter than normal cinnamon rolls.

Apple fritter - full of chunks of apple. Very sweet.

Ham and cheese bagel - This didn't have as much "meat" as I would have liked. For the price, it's a fair sandwich.

Apple turnover - The outside is flaky and full of apple. Kind of like a handheld pie.

I would say that the glazed donuts and cinnamon roll are my favorite here.

Cons: $1 fee for cards

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