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Serves meat, vegan options available. Bakery offering gluten-free breads, quiche, and cakes. Open for all meals as well afternoon tea. Vegan options may include cheese-less pizza, salad, mushroom spinach quiche, salads, differen cakes. Can make vegan toast and crepe for brunch - ask. Relocated from 178 Upper St. Open Mon-Wed 09:30-21:30, Thu-Fri 09:00-22:30, Sat-Sun 09:00-21:00.

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First Review by Bea_lc


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28 Aug 2021

Are you looking for cakes that taste like wet sand, look like the poop emoji (💩) with some icing sloppily thrown on top, and garnished with some fruit? Then Romeo's Bakery is the place for you!

Like most people, I had the absolute worst experience with them! Blinded by false advertising on their website, I regret not reading reviews thoroughly before I placed an order. I was looking for a sugar-free cake for my wife's birthday, and I placed an order on their website following their instructions and letting them know about the delivery date, etc. in the order notes. Having placed the order on 8th Aug 2021, I called them to confirm the details, and they said they have everything and I needn't worry.

On 25th Aug, I called them up to enquire about the delivery time. BTW, they hardly answer their phone, which in hindsight is perfectly in line with their excellent customer service! After like 30 attempts, when they finally answered their phone, they were clueless about my order but kept saying that if I've placed an order, I'll get it! I wasn't convinced and called them up an hour or so later, and lo and behold, they had no idea what the cake was or what the delivery address was! They said that they could only see the order number on their system and nothing else! So, frantically they said that they have the cake in stock and they will send it over. I had asked for a Vegan cake, but they didn't seem to have that, so I had to accept a regular cake (cost £44.99). They said they would refund the balance amount of £5, which of course they haven't!

Fantastic customer service continued when the cake arrived, and the delivery person called shouting that he can’t get out of the car as there’s no free parking space (which of course there were) and I have to go down to him to get the cake! After some kerfuffle, he came up and left the cake box at the door. When I opened the box, to my horror, the cake looked nothing like the pictures they have up on their website! I kid you not, the cake that arrived, looked like the poop emoji (💩) with some icing sloppily thrown on top and garnished with some fruit! I was praying that it at least tastes good, but no luck there either! It has the grainy texture of wet sand (it could be used to make sandcastles at the beach, and now that I think about it, maybe that's how they were able to stack it to look like the poop emoji), and taste like it too! One expects sugar-free cakes to taste just like sugared cakes, and having eaten at other places, I know that they do, especially when you're paying so much for them!

So save yourself the stress, frustration, horror, disappointment and heartache, and give this one a miss!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-28

Pros: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing

Cons: False Advertising, Inedible Cakes, Abysmal Customer Service



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01 Sep 2019

Wholesome Cakes (Vegan Options too) that accommodates all!

TAKEAWAY: Vegan Triple Chocolate Cake, Vegan Apple & Almond Cake, Vegan Coconut Cheesecake

I didn’t dine in, and only stopped by to get vegan cakes to takeaway. It seemed to be popular among locals who were having breakfast/brunch here. The waitress was very helpful and friendly, happily answered the questions I had about the different vegan goodies they have, and was very accommodating towards my requests. There is plenty of seating – some tables outside and also downstairs (I think). The place has a rustic and warm charm to it with mainly wooden interior.

The vegan cakes I had were a mix bag. The great thing is that they weren’t overly sweet. The Vegan Triple chocolate cake was average to me as it was quite dry and didn’t have the intense chocolatey flavour I expected. The Vegan coconut cheesecake was good although texturally it was too soft for me, and I really liked the vegan apple and almond cake.

A novel idea of a bakery - natural sugars and offering vegan & gluten free options, but left more to be desired taste wise. They have good potential but definitely have room for improvement with their sweet treats. Still, I would like to come back again to try their breakfast/lunch.

Pros: Vegan and Gluten Free Options, Friendly Staff

Cons: Vegan Cakes needs improvement


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24 Feb 2019


I love how everything is gluten free and natural sugar only, and there are lots of vegan options too. It can be so hard to to tick all these boxes!

Pros: Lots of vegan, gluten free and natural sugar goods

Cons: Even more vegan options woild be great! Ha.


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07 Feb 2019

Not A fluorescent Chain Restaurant!

Such a relief to find a spot like it in the area.

jon active

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13 Apr 2018

Nice savoury stuff but a tad pricey

I've been refined sugar free for over 3 years now and so spotting this "sugar free" outlet was a pleasant surprise.
We were in a rush so did not try as many cakes as we wished but without a doubt the savoury items were the best. There are plenty of vegan options and the cheesy spinach pastry roll was a delight. The chocolate brownie was however a complete waste of time. dry, tasteless and dull. The prices are as one might expect on Upper Street islington, damn expensive. Top tip is to go towards the end of the day when the friendly staff we were served by offered us items cheaper that were the "last of the day" Maybe she spotted two poor folk from another socio economic lifestyle or maybe its policy either way we were grateful for the offer.

Pros: Sugar free vegan options!, Good selection of vegan savouries, Friendly staff

Cons: Expensive, Not all vegan, Avoid the chocolate brownie


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24 Feb 2018

amazing selection!

Found this little place as I came to Assembly Hall for a show, and tons of vegan options! Really enjoyed it


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24 Feb 2018

Great pastries and coffee

Loads of vegan options including quiche and pizza plus cakes and pastries. Really tasty coffee too. Will be back!


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28 Oct 2017

delicious but expensive

I had the vegan apple cake which was delicious (sweetend with coconut sugar). Service was friendly and interieur cute. At £5.25 a slice, 5.5 for vegan quiche and 6.99 for a green smoothie it was quite pricey though.


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31 May 2017

Vegan GF and SF cakes!

At Romeo's they do some things very well and some others not so much... Their vegan: brownies, coconut cake and apple cakes are super tasty. They also have seasonal sweets on top of that usual vegan offer. However when it comes to veganism things they just tend to remove the cheese (like their vegan pizza) or brunch toasts.
The service is not ideal and they are on the expensive side of things by charging £3.5 for brownies and £4.5 for a cake slice.

Pros: Everything is gluten free and sugar free, Tasty

Cons: Very expensive , Poor service

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