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Porridge, rice, handmade noodles, tofu, mock meats, and vegetable dishes. Open Tue-Sun 10:30am-8:00pm. Closed Mon. Last order 7.45pm. Will open on Mon if it is new or full moon day, then will rest on Tue instead.

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First Review by herbman


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Non Veg
14 Jan 2022

Terrible portion, taste ok

We ordered the Petai Fried Rice. I can literally count petai! Terrible
Then the fish soup, like I ordered dry fish noodle.

Pros: Taste good but not fantastic

Cons: Very little soup for the fish noodle , Very little Petai for the Petai fried rice, Terrible service


13 Mar 2022

I love their porridge. Other than that ...



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16 Aug 2021


So small with an extensive menu. Ate there many times. their fish soup is great!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-16

Cons: limited variety of vegetables


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06 Mar 2021

Lovely meals at affordable price

Earlier @foodpandasg order in lunch situation with sister from Ricehouse Vegetarian.

Sister ordered hence I do not have the receipt of this & I have forgotten how much are these. All should be less than 20sgd! We enjoyed our Vegetarian fried chicken rice and beansprout sides! YUMMY! These seems vegan too! Go try out their foodie (via delivery or their shop)~ recommended! Affordable and goooood!

Pros: Many vegan options, Affordable


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28 Feb 2021

Friendly place and funny boss

It’s a joy to come here with the entertaining boss at the counter. Wide selection of dishes and I had been patronizing it for more than 10 years.

Pros: Lots of selection, Delicious food, Budget friendly


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28 Feb 2021

Delicious vegetarian with jovial boss

Quietly tucked in Geylang East. Good and cosy atmosphere, friendly for any crowd. The boss loves to joke and staff are friendly.

Pros: Wide variety of food items


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07 Oct 2020

Great Variery, Great Ambience

(taste is subjective)

Cozy cafe tucked away in Geylang/Sims Drive.
Spoilt for choices (see photo of menu)

Pros: Reasonable prices, Good portions (value for $ :), VARIETY

Cons: Middle of 2 mrt stations (paya lebar and Aljunied), tucked away from main road


17 Oct 2020

The food is ok. Having vegan options. However, the man serving at the counter was REALLY RUDE in many occasions. It makes you feel like you are 2nd class citizen from his attitude towards you. There are many vegetarian and vegan food outlet that are very nearby and alternative to this store, so I would suggest people to consider eating at other place unless they wouldn't mind having their noon or evening being ruin by some imprudent rude man.


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02 Apr 2020

Our place for lunch or dinner while in Singapore

We stayed close by to this place and we went there a few times. The menu is large, you have plenty to choose from. Everything is delicious. The place is always full of locals. The staff is friendly. We highly recommend

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff, Location


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23 Feb 2020

cool place but too salty! (ordered wrong dishes?)

huge place with beautiful traditional decor. has bhuddist dharma discs, posters and magazines too if you’re keen. also has a huge range of food items for sale! menu is extremely extensive too. wished they had some chef recommendation sections so i could try better dishes! portions are pretty large.

*: enjoyed

here’s what i ordered:

*** #0121 stewed duck porridge $4
best out of all dishes, nice flavour. too salty for me though. love the thick texture of the porridge!

#0001 vegetarian duck rice $4.50
has a weird after taste... will not recommend. rice is hard too.

* #0002 hainanese chicken rice $4.50
not too bad, would prefer other dishes. the beancurd skin chicken slices were too oily. rice has a nice flavour.

** #0065 mushroom noodle soup $4
pretty good! slightly healthier dish. pleasant tasty clear soup. mock meat is pretty realistic!

* #0153 thai’s crispy beancurd $4.50
the firm tofu and sauce was alright. do ask for the sauce on the side or they will drizzle it over!

#0151 texas chicken $5.80
too “mock” and salty for me. the seasoning has a bbq/indian spice to it! you may like it if you’re into these flavours :-)

overall i would love to give this place a shot again as i’m sure i didn’t order the right dishes :’(

Pros: huge menu , quick service , many products, good ambience, huge and airy space

Cons: some dishes are too salty , hard to discern which dishes are nicer


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04 Feb 2020

Love this place, so many options

So many options to choose from whether it's food to dine in or a variety of shelf food to store at home - amazing stuff. We are so pleased our friend recommended this place. The food was delicious and the ordering very simple - go up, order, pay, receive a buzzer number, collect your food when the buzzer buzzes. Cash only, so remember to get cash out before you go here. The uncle behind the till is hilarious and made the meal there even better. Great food, great service, great variety.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Authentic flavours, Good prices


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08 Dec 2019

Affordable Fusion Veg Food

Some of nice dishes are 麵線,炸豆干,滷花生,牛蒡卷。。。Do go try them all.

Also sell veg grocery such as taiwan veg instant noodles, seasoning etc.


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13 Oct 2019

Nice vegan food

Humorous boss at counter taking order.
Enjoyed the food especially the yummy stewed rice and 4 heavenly king. Wen Chang steamed Chicken rice was good too. Will visit again.


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17 Aug 2019

Asian dishes with fake meat / fish

This place is not fully vegan. Only vegetarian. I say this because they sell cakes and other things in their store that have dairy.

Pros: Variety and lots of fake meat / fish, Quick service, Cheap

Cons: Not all staff speaks good English, Some items in the store have dairy


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23 Jun 2019

Good curry

The massive menu can make ordering a bit tricky but food is reasonably priced and pretty good. The curry noodles are my standard go to although my husband isn't as fond of them because the sauce is quite heavy on the coconut milk.


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19 Jun 2019

Order well

My sister and I ate there. I ordered all wrong and had a super average meal then topped with seafood balls in curry to try improve it. My sister ordered the most delicious curry meal and i was envious on her's the whole time..

Pros: Vegan food everywhere

Cons: Hard to figured out what's good..


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27 Apr 2019

Good inexpensive food

I tried the Hainanese chicken rice and baby kai lan with oyster sauce. I wasn't 100% sure if the oyster sauce was vegetarian and opted to leave it off, but it probably was fine. Nobody here spoke Cantonese, English or Bahasa Melayu, and I don't speak Mandarin so communication was a little iffy.

The rice component of the chicken rice dish was very flavourful but the kai lan was overcooked. I ordered the sour plum drink which was pictured in a glass, and requested no straw be given. The drink came in a disposable plastic cup and with a straw. Terrible that even in a seemingly progressive society like Singapore, disposable plastics are used liberally without a thought for the environment.

Despite the glitches, I would recommend Rice House for tasty inexpensive vegan meals. With consistent requests for no plastic and disposable items, I'm sure the management would change their standard practices for the better.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Tasty food, Inexpensive

Cons: Communication a challenge unless in Mandarin, Liberal use of disposable plastics, Unfriendly staff


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08 Mar 2019

Vegetarian Food

Sells many varieties of rice, noodle sets. The porridge is their signature dish.

Pros: Nice delicious


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29 Dec 2018

Nasty attitude and so-so food

Whole family of 22 pax went to this place for vegetarian food. My daughter and I went to buy a packet of vegetarian food from her favourite outlet. Packed food to join the family but was given a stern warning by the male boss/waiter that we cannot eat outside food. End up we have to eat our packed food elsewhere.

Male boss/waiter and entire gang have nasty attitude - unfriendly and inflexible. Reconsider before you visit them. Needs lots of improvement.


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11 Nov 2018


Had the monkey brain soup (not the exact name) which was fine, and the plum drink which was very sweet but still alright. Lots of choices.


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12 Aug 2018

Delicious food with peaceful background music

A variety of tasty vegetarian food. Tried the curry Mock pork cutlet rice, love it!


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28 Jul 2018

Great food, service and atmosphere

The food here is delicious, they have many options and sell out of some in the evening due to their popularity. The flavours are very unique and the portions are very large. Prices are very reasonable and the service is very nice. The atmosphere of the place is very serene and peaceful and they even have lots of free meditation and buddhist books. We came back a few times during our stop in singapore.

Pros: everything

Cons: nothing


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05 Jun 2018

Delicious food, a lot of options

The menu is massive and they have some interesting ideas such as the mustard cheese balls.

It's also not as expensive.
Do come if you are around.

Pros: A lot of vegan options

Cons: Quite cheap


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21 Jan 2018

Review of Rice House

Not a good place for the health concious as they do not even have brown rice options. Many items contain gluten/mock meats.

I wont rate it at 2 stars if given a choice


01 Feb 2018

hmm so you rated the restaurant based on its inability to provide brown rice?
For the gluten/mock meats, you can opt for more vegetables instead, which one of my friend did and enjoyed.


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18 Jan 2018

porridges and Noodles :)

Really enjoyed the bittergourd Kway Teow Soup, it’s like half the bowl is bittergourd slices!
The ‘duck’ porridges and dumplings are a must try, and sometimes they are sold out.

Pros: suitable for large groups


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09 Oct 2017

Nice food

Many choices of food, staff are friendly.

Pros: Variety of Food

Cons: Not too much seats

Rosa veg

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19 Apr 2017

Good and convenient

Simple place ,lots of potions , amazing dumplings . Really cheap and very nice staff


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04 Jan 2014

Nice Place

Many varieties for main courses, soups &snacks . Prices slightly above average with no aircon environment.

Pros: Beside having Veg Provision Shop.

Cons: Self-order But Table No no.

Peace ...

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11 Apr 2010

Nice Porridge and ala carte snack ...

I went to the Rice House (粥大王) after reading this in Sunday times January 4 2009 - In search of the unknown in the Foodie CONFIDENTIAL column.

Taxi Driver Alice Tan who is a non-vegetarian mentioned this place as one of the good food places :-

"There is also a vegetarian stall in Geylang East Avenue 2. The porridge from that shop is really good. I can finish two bowls in a sitting. The dish isn't too salty and doesn't dry the throat. It's simple but tastes very good."

And guess what she answer for the question - What would your last meal be? Her answer is :

"I would like something simple like the vegetarian porridge in Geylang East. That is all I need. Nothing else."

I had porridge (Porridge and Congee is my favourite food) and deep-fried beancurd (which was a little to o hard).On the whole, the price was reasonable but the place will be too far for me (I need 1.5hr travel time via public transport).
Update (11 Apr 2010)
Geylang is a Vegetarian Heaven. Was at Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food in Geylang, so near to Rice House and I went for my second round of vegetarian food again.
To my surprise, North South East West which is a Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant located in the heartland of Marine Parade is run by the same group. Look like I should visit North South East West which offers Western or Fusion Vegetarian Fare.
Back to what I had - Otak-Otak Slice $3, vegetarian version but deep-fried. If there is a steam version option (no oil or less oil), that would be nice. It is slightly crispy and is yummy as an appetiser or accompaniment for steamed rice or porridge.
I still prefer the traditional Otak-Otak which is wrapped in a fresh banana leaf that bring out the subtle flavour when left to sizzle over hot charcoal/fire or cook gently in streamer. But it is only available in some vegetarian stalls, so I would get those from Friendly Vegetarian Supplier and baked them in toaster oven.

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