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Via Giovannipoli 18 (at Via Cristoforo Colombo), Rome, Italy,

All vegan food menu includes sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, crèpes, ice cream, pizza, bruschette, piadine, pudding and custard, hot and cold chocolate, smoothies, Italian tap beers, and more. Has Wi-Fi, live music and shows. Confirmed closed, Jan 2016. Open Mon 12:00am-2:00am, Wed-Sun 8:00pm-12:00am, Thu-Sun 12:00am-2:00am.

Category: Vegan, Italian, Organic, Western, Fast food, Beer/Wine

Reviews (42)

First Review by Romeo er mejo der Co

A great place for vegan comfort food and a drink - Edit

Volunteer run, 100% vegan, has a DIY/punk feeling but don't let that put you off (I mean it as a good thing!). It costs €2 to become a member, which is necessary to eat there, and you only have to do once. Very friendly, great comfort good. I imagine it would be a nice place to have a drink and spend the evening too. The food was cheap and very tasty - I had a huge burger!

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Amazing vegan food and lovely staff - Edit

Loved this place and the food was amazing and there are sooooo many options. Staff are happy to translate to English. I tried the burgers and hot dogs, French fries, onion rings and chocolate brownies :) all yum :) highly recommended

Pros: Amazing vegan food , Ran by pro active vegans making change, Lots of options

Cons: Small venue , Menu in Italian , Not available in England ;)

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rewild wins rome for vegans! - Edit

we never thought that we'd find such an outstanding place to eat on a sunday night (after 8) in rome. in fact, we thought we'd be lucky to find a pizza margherita.
even though we'd read about rewild on happycow, there were no really recent reviews online & we thought that we'd find it shut. however, we were staying only about a 15 minute walk away, so it was worth a punt. when we found it - & it was, indeed, open - we nearly died of excitement. it was great to see that they're serious about veganism. you won't find any half-arsed excuses to serve animal milk here. everything on their extensive menu (i think that it was about six pages long, but my memory might be clouded by my enthusiasm) is vegan. thoughtfully, they've two menus: one in italian & one in english. sadly, i don't speak much italian - but, it was rather fun just to choose something from the italian menu & hope for the best. i ended up with a seitan & aubergine wrap with a side order of the crispiest, perfectly-spiced onion rings. my mates ordered burgers that eclipsed their heads. they were that big! each of us had a frosty, refreshing beer - & it was even a chore to choose that, as their selection of drinks combines both quality & quantity.
the person who took our order spoke english very well & was happy to chat about rewild, the menu & some of the other restaurants in rome.
even at 9 o'clock on a sunday night, business was brisk. but there's plenty of seating. the ambience is great. you feel as if you're with like-minded people. all of us just fell in love with it & we'll return...when in rome.

Pros: extensive, all-vegan menu, inventive food, great beer selection, friendly people & ambience

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Don't trek to this spot until after January 7th. Much to my disappointment, it's closed until January 7th and there's absolutely NOTHING in the area that is Veg-friendly. Good luck with your search elsewhere!


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Great food, great prices - Edit

This is more than just a restaurant. You can tell the people working there are passionate about veganism, not just making money off vegans.

The food is fresh, delicious and inexpensive. I wish I could have gone here more than once.

The tiramisu was definitely delicious and highly recommended.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly

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Great Value Vegan Food - Edit

First thing to note is that it was very hard to tell if this place was open. For the uninitiated you need to press the buzzer to gain admittance as it is classed as a 'club' rather than a restaurant. Tax stuff or something I guess... Anyway, they offer a massive menu of simple but delicious vegan food. Sandwiches, salads, some raw foods, pasta, etc. My seitan burger was delicious, as were the sides of onion rings and crisp, salty fries. The drinks were great value, including a BOTTLE of local fizz for only 5 euros, absolute bargain. The staff were really friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be that my girlfriend, who is gluten free, had a very limited choice, none of which were marked on the menu. But what she had was very nice, and the staff spoke English and knew the ingredients in the various dishes. Well worth the trip out of the centre.

Pros: Value , Tasty , Friendly

Cons: Bit Hard To Find, Little Gluten Free Selection

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Lovely cafe - Edit

This is one of our favorite vegan places to go in Rome. They have veganized just about everything possible. They have tons of panini, cheeses, meats, crepes, lasagna, etc., etc. The prices are not too bad, considering that a lot of their items are made from veg cheeses and meats, which can be a bit pricey to buy. They have a great selection of wines, beers, juices, etc. Also, they bring you water in a pitcher! For free! That is pretty much unheard of in Rome, so we really appreciate that touch :)

The environment is quite laid-back, and even dogs are allowed to eat here. The servers are always very nice and helpful. Sometimes food takes a bit longer than normal to arrive, but it is always worth it. There is usually only one cook and one or two servers working at a time, so they are definitely kept busy! This place gets packed on weekends, so try to get there as close to 8 as possible.
As it is a small place, they do run out of things at times, but there are always amazing options to fall back on!

They also hold benefits for different vegan causes, so check their website before heading there in order to know if it'll be easy to find a table or not. Overall, this place is awesome and we love it. I definitely recommend it!!

Pros: wonderful food, great staff, good prices

Cons: noisy, only open at night

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I am a member of a vegan club in Roma!!! - Edit

I don't know exactly how it works, but apparently the restaurant license is cheaper if you operate as a club instead of a restaurant, so as soon as you walk in you are asked to fill out a form and get a membership card. After that, the fun begins. The seitan here is some of the best I have tried (particularly the carpaccio) and it goes very well with a glass of house white. The bruschetta is really good, particularly the Harissa, which is a spicy tomato sauce on bread.
They also sell T-shirts and vegan condoms.

Pros: good wine, all vegan, seitan

Cons: short hours

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Thumbs up! - Edit

Everything here is excellent.
All food: cheese, appetizers, first and second courses, and suuuuper desserts!!!
You must try all you can, especially because the price is very low.
They're also very careful to vegan drinks.
Friendly staff, interesting merchandise.

Updated from previous review on Monday March 26, 2012

Pros: Amazing food, Low prices

Cons: Bad background music

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notable place - Edit

it was the first vegan place in Rome and it was exciting when it opened some year ago. I came here several times, but I realized I never had a comment on HappyCow. anyway, Rewild is still a comfortable and friendly place. It has a big choice of sandwiches and similar to have an easy dinner. prices are ok considering the cost of raw materials and food is tasty. Fair trade drinks are good. I did not check if there still are board games and cards to have fun during/after your meal, but you can bring your own and play. free tap water is not an unimportant detail for roman standard. definitively I recommend it and then a night tour of popular block Garbatella.

Pros: free tap water, friendly environment

Cons: enlightenment

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All paths lead to (Rewild) Rome - Edit

On a cold and windy February night we fought our way against the nearly freezing wind to find The Rewild Club and as we were pretty hungry arrived early by Italian standards I guess (half past 8 ;o)
The place itself didn't really look like a 'restaurant' but the friendly staff and the fantastic menu made up for that and how. We choose from the enormous variety of food the Bruchetta with peppers and tomatoes (partner) and a springroll with a variety of herbs and veggies for me.Delicious!!
For our main course we choose (after a long time to choose) the ricelasagna with spinach(partner) and Tofu and reddishes medaillon for me with grilled eggplant en a (giant) salad as sidedishes. Oh man, heaven in the eternal city. My partner had her first full vegan meal in a restaurant and was pleasently surprised and to be honest I was too.
And now for desert. I read some other reviews about the Tiramisu so ordered that and just because I could the soy chocolate pudding and waffels with haselnut and cocospread. Did I mention 'Heaven'?
Concluding the best damned food I had since turning vegetarian (and later vegan) 18 years ago !!!
Only turn off was the loud ska-punk playing although I'm a sXe-hardcore fan all the way I had wished for a more 'angelic' setting enjoying the wonders of vegan cooking.
Rewild, you make me return to Rome sooner than I expected. Grazie Mille!

Pros: Enormous variety, Price/Quality, Helpfull-friendly staff

Cons: 'Cool' atmosphere, 'Music'

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Uncomfortable but pleasant - Edit

The area looked unsafe but it was safe we came at 8pm & they opened 20 minutes after the opening time. No live music. Menu was in english thankfully, waiter speaked very good english, menu was varied but the pizza was no longer made :( but still on the menu numerous things were nolonger made. The food was not wholesome fresh average vegan, cartoned juice ( some) poor presentation. For some postives i had a seitan wrap which was yum so had two woth a harissa sauce & vegan cheese- first time since going vegan, the tiramisu was amazing the custard had a slight minty fresh flavour it was delectable only downside was serving size wasnt big enough, ravioli was nice but the bugers was pitiful, quite cheap but small servings very small so it added up to quite an expensive meal

Pros: Varied menu, Cheap, English speaking

Cons: Not fresh, Small servings, Dark unwelcoming atmosphere

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Best meal I had in Paris, Rome, or Florence - Edit

Closest metro is Garbatella on the Metro B line. Use your smartphone or look it up on google first and print a map. It isn't hard to get to, and you get the benefit of walking through a neighborhood without tourists and see where most people in Rome really live.

The menu as mentioned is extensive. I was overwhelmed and thrilled. It was totally in English and if you get one in Italian just ask for one in English. The two waitresses were excellent. We asked for a pitcher of water and she did not know the word and was excited to learn it. She said they are revising their English menu so the translations are more accurate. There was a lot to do for just two of them. We waited a bit to have our order taken, we didn't say anything and she apologized first thing. After that, water, beer, appetizers, it all came quickly. You go up to pay when you're done. I loved everything I had. Started with onion rings (only about 5 and served freshly fried), then bruschetta with black olive spread and another with artichoke spread (our favorite). There were maybe a dozen spreads to choose from. The beer on tap was one of the best ones I've had. Hellebock or something? We also got ravioli stuffed with tofu and basil. Way more flavorful than it sounded. Got one of the small sandwiches "vivadella?" with cheese. When it came we thought there was a mistake because we saw no cheese. She explained it was melted into the bread. It looked so boring, with some cuts of fake meat and no visible cheese. But, wow, it was so flavorful! We were still hungry and got one of the lasagnas which was also very good. For dessert we had tiramisu. I thought it was good, my partner liked it more. I can't remember when I have had a crepe, being vegan for 22 years, and having seen so many crepes with Nutella all over Paris, I had to try theirs with a vegan version of Nutella. It was really good. My partner who is vegetarian and had the non-vegan version of this elsewhere said it was very much the same.

So overall, lots of new tastes, excellent service. Refreshing to not be in a touristy area. All the comments about an activist place and a co-op feel are true. Get over it. It was as good a meal as I have had in fancy, expensive vegan restaurants in San Francisco and Marin. And all of it came to only 43Euros. Remember that includes tax and tip! I was shocked by it.

I tried to go again on a Monday and sadly their sign on the door says they're closed Mondays. Call first & don't depend on the website!

Pros: Excellent food, Huge selection, English spoken

Cons: Not in walking distance, Not fancy, Don't let the other cons I put dissuade!

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Vegans in Rome - Edit

We visited in September 2012 after seeing it listed here on HappyCow. When we went there was just some great background music playing, no events which suited us for our first visit. The choice of food was extensive and the staff were friendly and helpful. We felt totally relaxed and sated.

Pros: Affordable, Lots to choose from on the menu, Great atmosphere

Cons: No coffee even though listed on menu

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Best place ever! - Edit

This is hands down my favorite venue, the best one I've ever found! I go there every day when I'm in Rome and I never regretted it.
Their menu is huge and everything is absolutely delicious, they have a vast selection of just about everything you could ever dream of.
Yes, the location is a bit off the center but well worth the trip (just 10 minutes walking from the nearest metro station, which means a grand total of 20-25 minutes from the center).
They have a English menu but the nice and friendly girl waiting at tables speaks perfect American English as well.
This place also hosts a lot of amazing benefit events, so be sure to check their website before going, if you want to avoid a really big crowd :)

Pros: nice activist-style environment, huge delicious selection, friendly staff

Cons: a bit off the center (but not too much)

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Wild for REWILD! - Edit

It was indeed an adventure finding this place, and at a fault that's all my own (didn't pay attention to the hours clearly posted on HC), it was closed the first time. So when I went back on 19Jun12, I knew exactly where I was going. Once inside I found a large, open, and very clean eating establishment. As I often do when traveling, I ordered many things. The fresh (very fresh) pear juice was extremely refreshing after a day of walking a million miles. :) My absolute favorite food was the Longobardo (a vegan chkn sandwich), which I ordered extra spicy. It was SO good! The Vandalo (veggie burger), Hot Veg (veggie dog), and vegan tiramisu were all good as well. I also bought a cool vegan tshirt, and met a nice vegan friend while there. REWILD was a joy, and I hope to return soon.

Pros: Only 100% vegan eatery in Roma!, Large menu selection & large portions, Large, clean, friendly atmosphere

Cons: Hours; Not open until 8pm

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The only one in Rome! - Edit

The only one 100% vegan pub in Rome! Not only a place where you can find several, tasty and cruelty-free things to eat, but a meeting place full of benefit events, movies and docs screening and much more! Of course animals are welcome! ;)

Pros: friendly staff, good value, excellent food

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Super good value and child-friendly - Edit

The struggle of finding this place was definitely worth it! We had lots of different things including lasagna and raw tagliatelle, sandwiches, cake and more and everything was absolutely tasty and well done. The staff was super-nice and child-friendly, our little one had lots of space to crawl around. Don't miss out on the fresh juices!
If you are travelling further south, seize your time here - the next 100% vegan place is in Palermo!

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Awesome Vegan Food & Bar - 5 Roars out of 5! - Edit

My girlfriend & I ate here every night we were in Rome! After eating mostly salads & marinara pizzas in Italy thus far, it was refreshing to finally find a true vegan restaurant. They serve amazing vegan noms, as well as fresh fruit juices & cocktails, all with a relaxed bar vibe & great prices.
We loved the awesome hard cheeze platter, served with olives & apples. The vegetable croquettes were also a great appy.
The barley & grain sheezeburger was hearty & flavorful (I added sautéed mushrooms to it, which was a nice touch). I also had the roast seitan, which surprisingly reminded me of my mom's sunday roast from my pre-vegan days.
The home made tofu ravioli was also delicious.
We definitely fell in love with the coconut & chocolate rolls for dessert, as we had them every night.
Overall Rewild is a great vegan restaurant & bar, with super reasonable prices and a very cool atmosphere. They even have a movie night, which was fun to witness the local community come together. The owners & servers are all extremely friendly, speak English well & you can tell that they truly love & believe in what they are doing. 5 Roars out of 5!

Pros: Awesome Vegan Noms, Reasonably Priced Food & Drinks, Friendly & Relaxed Atmosphere

Cons: None! We loved it.

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Cold cuts and vegan cheeses plate! - Edit

This place is definitely off the tourist track, and you will probably need a cab to get there, but it's certainly worth it! It's a fun spot with a progressive, punky vibe and friendly staff. They had an English menu, which was helpful, because there was a lot of options.

We ordered the cold cuts and cheeses (hard and soft) sampler plate for a starter, and it could have been our entire meal. This thing was incredible, if you're into faux versions of meats and cheeses. Definitely the best we had in Italy. There was a lot of variety and the size of it was a meal for two. For a first plate we shared the ravioli; it wasn't quite to my taste, but my partner loved it. I had a cold cuts and cheese panini; maybe not the best choice after eating an entire platter of similar foods, but we don't see this much in the US so I went for it and it was delicious. I was also able to enjoy a local vegan beer on tap. There was, unfortunately, no room left for dessert. The menu is large enough that you could go back several times and still not sample it all. Definitely recommend making the trek; the cab ride from the Pantheon was about 11 euro. There might be public transportation available, but we didn't look into it.The chef kindly called us a cab to get back into central Rome.

One minor complaint is that there is some disturbing imagery on the walls of animal cruelty (to persuade people to adopt a veg diet, I assume.) Since I'm there because I eat a veg diet, I don't really need to be persuaded. Maybe this is a personal taste issue, but it's not what I want to look at as I eat my vegan meal. I would still recommend checking them out, and I would definitely eat here again.

Pros: vegan cold cuts and cheeses platter, friendly, helpful staff, funky, fun atmosphere

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The Vegan Cheese and Cold Cuts Plate - Edit

If you are worried about the 15 Euro charge for the vegan cheese and cold cut appetizer, don't be. It is worth it. It is also almost enough for a meal for two.
I complemented it though with a shared appetizer of ravioli which I enjoyed and a huge sausage sandwich (which I fear I was too filled to properly enjoy but can assure you is good). This menu is HUGE. The unfortunate things are that there was only ONE person waiting on the whole restaurant. The place was packed about halfway through the meal, so it was hard to get her attention always. Also, the place is covered in rather sad animal welfare cartoons which was a bit troubling in order to enjoy a meal (many of us are already vegan, so this just seems a bit too much). Also, the semi-terrorist images on the walls were weird. But, other than that, it was a great, filling and pleasant experience. The staff was very helpful and called us a cab. The restaurant is located well outside of any tourist region of Rome so our cab driver (who we picked up at the Pantheon!) needed a map to be sure of where he was going. I would defintely suggest it for those wanting to get out of the tourist areas of Rome.

Pros: Huge Menu, Friendly Staff, Cold Cut/Cheese Plate

Cons: wall decorations

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Excellent Vegan Food - Edit

Went to REWILD last night, absolutely fantastic. Price was very low (we paid 8 euro for a set menu and 9 euro for another). Food was lovely and presented in a very relaxed way. Menu was in English. All in all the best vegan food I have had out in a long long time. Well worth the trip

Pros: Cheap, Excellent food, Amazing value

Cons: Late opening time, Bit out of the wa

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Vegan - Edit

Food - mostly burgers and fast food options. We had seitan with rench fries + salad. Tasty,ideal for fast lunch. Tiramisu as dessert was excellent choice, try it! Price very good and really low.

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More like a community center than a restaurant - Edit

Food is really good and you have many choices, even if most of the dishes are pre-cooked, good veg-cheese and veg-burgers, beers are not good.
Prices are very low and the owners are really nice and kindly.

The really only bad thing is that the place looks like more a community center than a restaurant, with dogs walking down the table searching for food, grotesque activist decorations and customers walking in their barefoot in the restaurant...

Nice for a veg-burger and a beer with some buddies who play bongo and smoke ganja...

Pros: Food, Price

Cons: Atmosphere, Customers, Service

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Pretty Good - Edit

We stopped here our second night in Rome. The interior of the place has a very co-op feel to it, and staff was mostly friendly, though they did seem a bit more "business" around us than with other customers, possibly due to the fact that our command of the language was negligible. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it did make me feel like much more of an outsider.

The food we had was delicious, and we'd talked about possibly going back a second day but ultimately never ended up doing so. I'd probably go again if I were there.

Overall a solid dining experience, though.

Pros: Food, quiet location

Cons: atmosphere

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If animal rights people ran a cafe... - Edit

When you arrive, it doesn't look great outside and you have to push a buzzer to get let in to the club. Once inside there is a good clean envrinoment with sofas, tables and chairs scattered around. It is obviously run by and for activists so there are animal rights posters, leaflets and magazines everywhere.
There was a stage / pa so they must have live music sometimes but just old punk stuff on in the background when we went.
Everything was vegan and cruelty-free, so though the menu is in Italian and we had to use a bit of guesswork to order, we knew nothing could go far wrong!
The menu is huge and has set meals from 8E as well as separate items. We hope to go back and try their bruschetta and pizzas with vegan cheese.
The beer on tap was great. We also had a big sausage hot dog and a tofu, spinach and mushroom burger with onion rings. The crepes and veganmisu puddings were gorgeous.
3 courses for 2 people came to around 25E, plus beer at 4E per pint.

Pros: veganmisu, big vegan sausage!, did I mention it's all vegan?

Cons: Off-putting exterior, Out of city centre, Only open evenings

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All vegan food - Edit

Great to find an all-vegan place to eat in Italy, not the most vegan-friendly of countries. And REWILD is more than that, its also a place that promotes animal rights.
As other reviewers have noted, it does look closed from the outside (you may need to ring the bell) and its not the kind of place to go for a special meal (it's a shame, the place has so much potential but instead is decorated with banners and posters).
The food is fairly basic but there's a big choice. And as its all vegan it doesn't matter whether you understand everything on the (Italian only) menu - just chose at random and enjoy!
You can also chose a 7euro set menu which includes bruschetta, a panino, drink and dessert. I didn't think the portions were too great but at these prices you can afford to order a bigger selection anyway.
It's worth the metro ride out of the city centre (10min walk from nearest metro) or the long walk if you're after all-vegan food.
I think it could be improved by making the inside and outside more welcoming and some better meals (from what I could read of the menu it was pretty basic and didn't involve much cooking). I've given it a 4 star rather than 3 star rating because it's 100% vegan.

Pros: 100% vegan

Cons: basic food

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check this place out - Edit

don't be put off by the fact that this place looks closed. the staff are friendly, although not great with english, and the food is cheap and good. huge selection, menu is in italian with no english translation so either brush up or you might just be lucky like we were and have some lovely english speaking italian girls sitting at the next table. they also sell t-shirts, badges, vegan wine and some other products.

Pros: great food, good value, large selection

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very nice place to be - Edit

Nice people that run this job because they belive in the vegan cause and they take care of animals and earth issues.
Impressive menu with tons of choices for vegan. All menu is vegan!!
They also have a lot of stuff to do information and seed vegan idea ( books, flyers, etc...). very low prices for food. Dogs ( animales ) welcome: they also serve food for dogs!!!

Pros: food, people, price

Cons: anything

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Scrumptious!!! - Edit

I've been here twice in 2 days. And I'm intending to partake in their fare tonight again. This is an amazing place in Rome. Located in the Marconi (?) area, you can get here by getting off at the Basilica St Paolo Metro stop and walking here. The restaurant opens nightly at 8pm and apparently stays open through 1am.

The menu here is OFF THE HOOK! Their soy based an seitan products are amazing. Living in America, we go to vegan/veg restaurants all the time and Re-Wild is one of the best places we've been to.

Start with the chicken nuggets. Yum and crispy. Then try the veggie croquettes with a smooth and creamy spinach filling and a deep fried shell. Comfort in the mouth. I've had a plethora of their seitan dishes, ravioli, wraps and burgers. ALL EXCELLENT.

End with their canoli filled with VEGAN nutella. You will go INSANE.

Also, the place is very reasonably priced and has a large alcohol menu.

I love Re Wild. Also they have the cutest dogs there who are so friendly! This is a place you need to check out to see how local vegans/vegetarians/people who appreciate good food eat!

Pros: Yummy Food, Healthy Options, Friendly Staff

Cons: Not open for lunch :(

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Dont miss! - Edit

An awesome little place with great great food, sad that i didnt get to go there twice and try a lot more off their menu, plus the day we were there a lot of things were missing from the menu like the lasagna and the tirimasu!! :-( will deffinately go back there as soon as i get the chance though, really chilled out place,no english menu still but the guy at the bar translated everything happily and with perfect english.Found it to be a really mixed crowd, the dog was a little barky(everytime the doorbell rang :-) but he added charm too.Would deffinately say its worth the commute and a must on a visit to rome!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, all vegan!

Cons: no english menu

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best food in rom - Edit

We were for 4 days on holiday in rom and visited the rewild club. At first its a little bit difficult to come inside, because you have to ring at the door. Outside and inside a lot of flyers and posters from animal liberation and other stuff. Very friendly staff!! They tried to explain us the menu because we didn't speak italian. (menue only in italian)
It's a big menue! From burger, hotdogs, pasta, bruchetta,frecnh fries, something like taccos, sweets and beer, mixed drinks! it's hard to decide something. The prices are ok, but i thing the beer is too expensive.
At first i thought it's a hardcore vegan restaurant. But it isn't. There was a mixed audience.
When i come to rom back, my first stop is rewild club!!!

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Animal Liberation in Rome - Edit

This place definitely lives up to its name and is truly for hardcore vegans. Tons of pro-veg literature, posters, and decor showing that they live the lifestyle in addition to serving the food, tucked away in a nondescript corner of Rome.

Rome, in general, was very difficult to navigate for my American girlfriend and I, but once we found the place we were warmly welcomed in and greeted by their friendly dog Gyro (or Yiro?)

If I recall correctly we got a four course vegan meal for around 30 euros, which I think is a good deal. There was one item that stood out though: the SEITAN.

This was the best seitan I have ever had in my life. Seriously. It tasted like a fatty steak, if I can even recall what that tasted like. It was flavored perfectly, chewy, salty, just...incredible. Whatever shortcomings this place may have (hard to find, slow service - this is all of Rome, kids), the food will make up for it.

The other courses were awesome, dessert was great, and we had some tea and just chilled out for a bit. Used the wifi, talked to the one of the guys there, but no one else spoke english, and looked at the various literature around (lots of Italian animal liberation stuff - so cool!).

Definitely our favorite place in Rome of the two we were able to locate (seriously; Romans - update your damn street signs or something!)

Pros: all-vegan, legit, SEITAN

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Best food I had in Rome! - Edit

Very impressed with this restaurant/pub!! I know it says they have beer/wine, but I was so pleased to arrive and find out they serve almost any kind of mixed drink. And a good strong drink! I love that they serve dinner until 2AM. They were open on christmas day, I arrived late (11:30 PM), and they were very nice and accomodating. AND THE FOOD! Best food I had in Rome. I had the tofu ravioli with vegan cheese on top, and it was perfection in my mouth. Perfect consistency, perfect blending of flavors, best ravioli I've had in my life. I had the vanilla pudding for dessert, again perfection. So smooth, so flavorful. Highly recommended restaurant/pub!

Pros: Fantastic Food, Hard Liquor, Late Hours

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Good food, poor service - Edit

The food we had was very good and at a good value, unfortunately though, our experience was much different than all other reviews. I looked forward to going there after reading the reviews here, but was very disappointed with the service we received.

The menus are still in Italian only, but the guy that was waiting tables translated anything we didn't know.
We ordered appetizers and drinks and after receiving those were ignored for the next half hour or so. Our plates and glasses were cleared as we finished the food and drinks but he was gone before we could ask for anything else, and then we waited another 10 minutes before getting their attention to see if we could order anything else. I ordered one of the burgers and my husband ordered a salad, which again were very good, but just not worth our exeperience.

I hope that it was an off night for them, but the two people working didn't seem to care at all about the tables they had (2), and just sat in the corner on their computers with their friends. I will not go back if I am ever in Rome again, and would suggest that if you go, to make sure you order everything you want (appetizer, meal, drinks) right at the beginning or you may be waiting a while before you order again.

Pros: Food

Cons: Service

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Worth the Trip - Edit

This place is a little out of the way, you have to take the metro out to the edge of the city for it, but dont miss it! You get there and ring the door and are greated by Churro, the owners dog. Grab a small table or a long communal table and take your pick of bruchettas (harissa was best) and burgers (acheo was great) and there is even a full bar and lots of iced teas to choose from. The Vegan cheese platters are really interesting, worth a try.
But best! The prices! A burger was like 5 euro! The owners/servers/cooks were so friendly.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, cheap

Cons: a little out of the way

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Fab vegan eating place - Edit

After eating in several very expensive restaurants we visited Rewild. Excellent extensive menu and very friendly staff. The food was far more reasonably priced than most places in Rome. Its well worth the visit if you're a vegan or vegetarian on holiday. Definately the best place we ate in :-)

Pros: fab food, friendly service, good portions

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Coolest place in Roma! - Edit

I just returned from spending a week in Rome, and my biggest regret was waiting until the last day of the trip to visit REWILD. I ate some really good food, drank some really good beer, and most importanly met some extremely cool people! Employees speak english and you do not have to worry about the ingredients in the food - everything is vegan! I was in Rome for business and came to REWILD mainly for the food and to check the place out, but I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience. If you have an opportunity to visit Rome, I would highly recommend visiting REWILD sooner rather than later in your trip. I promise you will want to come back again before you leave. I planned to only spend an hour or so at the place but ended up staying all evening until closing time (2am) and having a great time!

Pros: people, food, location

Cons: hours - not open long enough!

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Beyond Cool! Amazing huge vegan food & drink menu - Edit

We were so blown away by the vastness of the menu! Its all in Italian right now (they are working on the English version) but they speak perfect english and you don't need to translate Tofu Burger or Seitan Panini, etc. We literally spent the time it took us to drink our first amazing beer to decide what to get! I was lucky enough to be with 3 other people, one of them being my girlfriend so we split a ton of stuff! The Tofu burger with mixed veggies and mustard is hands down my fav! I know you are thinking "tofu burger..." but its well beyond tofu! mixed with veggies on insane panini bun hybrid and savory as can be! They are also famous for their Tiramasu dessert, which didn't let down at all! There are so many drinks, desserts, food, etc I could go here every day for a month and not have tried everything. Coolest Vegan Club in the world!

Pros: tofu burger, tiramasu , COOL PLACE!

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I love it - Edit

Maybe my favourite vegan "everyday" options in Rome.
Please note that this is a pub, so in general you will not find first courses like pasta, but you have plenty of other very attractive options in the menu.

Not expensive, but I would not say "cheap".
The prices are good/fair for the food quality.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, cool place

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My favourite - Edit

Not just a place to eat vegan, but the only vegan pub in Rome. There's plenty of events and it's a nice place to meet people in a cozy atmosphere. Excellent food! Must try!

Pros: excellent food, healthy food and drink, friendly staff

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