Hare Krishna restaurant serving an inexpensive meal of the day. Dinner on Friday is a la carte and the last Friday of the month there is a buffet with more than 20 items. Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-3:00pm.

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First Review by maynard7


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23 Aug 2023

Unique restaurant with okay food

They serve a menu of the day. When I went I had rice covered in sauce, veggies, and soup. It lacked seasoning and wasn't that great. I would like to try it again on another day
They have a yoga studio and sell unique items



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26 Mar 2023

Affectionate place

We were happy that we found this place in the heart of Pereira. It's like an island of peace in the busy center. Don't miss the entrance, it's very small and stairs go up to the first floor where is the restaurant. The restaurant itself is a big place with high ceilings. Very nice people, good energy, homemade food. Big portions for small money. I also liked the cake. On Sunday mornings are also Yoga lessons.


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05 May 2022

Cheap and delicious, buffet is a must!

We came here twice, once for lunch during the week and once for the buffet (only last Friday of the month). We recommend the lunch because they use lots of spices which makes the food tastes different from other similar places. if you're in Pereira the last Friday of the month, the buffet is really a must. It's very abundant. They have lots of vegan options and you can always have seconds. Free yoga class on Sunday!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cheap and delicious, Buffet every last Friday of the month


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12 Apr 2022


Muy buena atención, un almuerzo muy delicioso y a un precio muy asequible. El restaurante está muy bien ubicado.

Updated from previous review on 2020-09-19

Pros: Almuerzo 100% vegano y delicioso.


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18 Nov 2018


Had their menu del día at lunch - delicious and BIG! A good spot for a quick and big vegan meal.


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19 Jan 2018


Good Colombian style food.

Gado-Gado Gal

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04 Feb 2013

Favorite vegetarian option in Pereira!

Original review 09/28/2012:
I don't know why this place isn't more popular. Perhaps the location? Whatever it is, forget about it. Go there and enjoy this food!

Like the other vegetarian restaurants in Pereira, lunch includes soup, a full plate meal, a drink, and a small dessert. But it excels. Lunch includes a gorgeous fresh, green leaf lettuce salad along with an Indian-style meal (lots of vegetables!). What a bit of mana to see green leaf lettuce instead of iceberg! Today's lunch was a squash soup, very lightly breaded spinach pakoras, tomatoey aloo gobi, rice, salad, a pineapple dessert, choice of coconut milk or aromatic iced tea. (COP 6500 as of 09/2012)

The restaurant is on the second floor of an old style building, warmly decorated. They also sell body care products free of synthetic ingredients, and host morning yoga classes on Sundays.

Update 02/03/2013:
First, my first visit (upon which my first review was based) was early in the middle of the week. I've now visited several times on virtually all days of the week. This place is even more popular than Flor de Loto. If you arrive close to 2pm, they'll likely have run out of food.
Second, I've realized that what makes this place better than all the other options in Pereira, in my and my Colombian partner's opinion, is that it's not Colombian food with the meat taken out, and uses mock meats minimally. Colombian dishes with meat taken out or a mock-meat substituted tends to be the fare at other places. Colombian food is often bland, with multiple carbs, and IF vegetables are included then they've been boiled to be equally as bland as the rest of the meal. That's what you'll find at a lot of vegetarian restaurants here. I think when I first arrived I was just happy to have a meat-free meal, so I think my earlier ratings were higher than I might rate them now after eating at this restaurant (time to revise the other reviews too!). The food at the Hare Krishna restaurant occasionally gives a nod to a Colombian dish, but is usually Indian-inspired with different spices, lots of vegetables, and hence lots of flavor. Last Friday of the month is the best with a huge array of dishes.
Third, I've recently made friends with a vegetarian Colombian family, and Restaurante Hare Krishna is their favorite by far, and they've tried them all.

Pros: uses lots of fresh and beautiful veggies, Indian-inspired dishes (not Colombian), not grease, dairy or carb heavy


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Mostly Veg
25 Dec 2012

Decent food

I arrived at 1205pm and they were still getting ready. I just had a seat and the food was ready at 1215pm. Plenty of seats available. The day I went, they had bean soup, the main plate with rice, carrot & lettuce salad, an arepa and 2 things I didn't recognize. Drink and dessert also included in the 6500 peso price. I would give the place 3 cows for good, basic food on the day I went. The food was OK, but not really memorable.

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