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Serves meat, vegan options available. Lebanese cuisine with many veggie items like falafel, skewers with soy chunks and veg, hummus, salads, potato salad and veg rice dishes. Located by the Dunas Maspalomas Hotel. Pita and bread is reported to be vegan. Reported to have limited vegan options November 2021, please confirm and send an update to HappyCow.

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23 Reviews

First Review by Stellina2017


Points +81

18 Aug 2023

Lovely food!

The food was lovely but we were charged for bread that we didn’t ask for and they didn’t give us our correct change with our receipt which left a sour taste after an amazing meal

Pros: Gorgeous food

Cons: Issue with the bill



Points +1119

19 Jun 2023

Ok food

I've been here several times, the last time was in may this year for a lunch. The food is good, and the staff know what vegan is. I have enjoyed the food more at other occasions, don't know exactly why I didn't enjoy it that much this time around. The hummus is good, they have dishes with soy meat which I like. But they couldn't offer any dessert, which was a disappointment.


Points +111

20 May 2023

Ok, but nothing special

Got stuck at the worst table even though the restaurant was empty. The waitress was friendly and helpful, but the main guy had attitude.. didn't feel that comfortable. The ful medames was not like any ful I've had before, but the hummus and moutabal were tasty. Wouldn't go back though.

Pros: Lots of vegan dishes

Cons: Vegan bread cost extra


Points +98

07 Dec 2022

Muy bueno

Los camareros saben lo que e svegano y lo que no,me pedí el menu degustación que traer hummus de garbanzo y de berenjena,ensalada,falafel,papas,verduras,shawsrma vegetal,pan.. estaba todo tan rico que no llegue hacerle foto.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-07


Points +70

16 Nov 2022

Absolutely delicious

Went with my friend and probably both agreed it was the tastiest place we had visited all holiday, we'd used their outside seating and the atmosphere was great, the food is absolutely amazing, staff are fairly knowledgeable on veganism too, offering flat bread with the houmous as it is made with soy milk I believe? Would definitely go back just to visit and have their garlic pots toes again

Pros: Fair amount of vegan options , Staff knowledgeable , Tastiest food


Points +76

09 Mar 2022

Table full of nice food

Everyone can find something to eat and drink here.

Pros: Many vegan options, about 80%, Friendly Staff, quick service , Food came very fast

Cons: Expensive, since in tourist region


Points +22

28 Feb 2022

Tasty food, outstanding service

We ate here two times on our holiday (since vegan options are very limited in the area) and on our second evening were greeted like old friends. Upon leaving we couldn’t get a taxi, so one of the waiters took us back to our hotel in his own car. ❤️ Food was super good and fresh, too.


Points +7779

13 Nov 2021

Loved it!

Sat outside in November. Very attentive waiters and they knew which dishes to suggest that were vegan.

We tried to order more but the waiter advices we had already ordered enough and he was right 🤣. We had the roasted cauliflower which was my favourite, fried potatoes in garlic and corriander, stuffed vine leaves, humous, falafel, Aubergine dip and fresh out of the oven pitta bread.

The bread is now made with soya milk so can be enjoyed by everyone as they have had a lot more vegan customers.

Would recommend and will definitely come back next time I’m in Gran Canaria. Surprised about the previous negative reviews as we found the staff to be really lovely, kind & helpful plus advices us to not over order.

As I’m working here this weekend, local knowledge is that this is the best Lebanese in the city. 💚

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-12

Pros: Tasty and good choice for vegans , Outside seating, Attentive waiters

Cons: None


Points +26

09 Nov 2021

Vegans be warned...

I really want to give this place a better review but the waiter was pretty off hand and seemed annoyed we'd turned up (at first we were their only customers).

There's a big sign out front 'vegan food available' - I asked if we could be told the vegan options from the cold and hot mezze and was basically ignored (this wasn't due to a language barrier) and had to double check which of the options I thought might be vegan actually were.

After essentially guiding myself, we ordered the humous, motabel (baba ganoush), falafel (very tasty but three tiny balls for €5?), fatoush (which never turned up but was on the bill - we got it removed before paying), chilli potatoes (deep fried cubes of potato with no chili for €6) and roasted cauliflower. All the food that arrived was tasty but it came with such speed it concerned us how pre-cooked it was. Portions were small for the price.

My biggest issue other than the missing dish, poor service and portion size was that the humous and motabel dips turned up with no bread. I asked for the pitta, thinking it had been forgotten - nope, apparently none of their bread is vegan. Fine but why let vegans order two dips with nothing to eat them with. Either warn them they won't be served the bread, give them a discount on the dish or serve with veggie sticks to dip. We paid €10 for two bowls of dip with nothing to eat them with!

I wouldn't return or recommend this restaurant to vegans. I see another vegan recently had other negative issues here. What a shame as Lebanese is normally a great option!

Pros: The food that turned up was tasty

Cons: Expensive for small portions, No vegan bread or pitta so don't order dips, Poor service - incorrect order and bill.


Points +37

08 Feb 2021

Don’t go

Went here and had the vegan mezza, owner first brought us meat then came back and changed it for a vegan option. Later we also had a piece of meat in our soy skewer.

The owner thought that vegans eat chicken...

The waiter was very pushy, telling us that we should drink a whole bottle of wine instead of one glass. On the bill he also charged us for way more than we actually had so we had to correct them.

It was super expensive, the food was already sitting around and not fresh.

Overall ambience was bad.


Points +324

25 Nov 2020

Expensive but delicious

My wife and I searched this restaurant out as there were no other vegan options close by.

The restaurant appeared to be closed due to Covid-19 restrictions but we were met at the door and told we could order as long as we paid in cash.

The only option we were offered was a mezze for 2 which along with 2 beers and 2 portions of bread came to 58 euro which made for an expensive lunch.

Having said that, it was delicious, filling and lots of it.

Would happily return for the food, but not again at that price and with limited choice.


Points +54

06 Dec 2019

Very good food

Very good lebanese. We found the restaurant inexpensive: we shared six dishes and glasses of wine for 46€. Considering the quality of the food we were really happy and will return. No feel of scamming or pushing as some people have reported: I got the feeling they might suggest sharing the mezze platter because some people might not be familiar with lebanese cuisine and thus the platter would be a good introduction. Try the veggie shawarma!

Pros: DELICIOUS food, Nice staff, Good understanding about veganism


Points +14

16 Mar 2019

Ok, but not great.

Not the best Lebanese food but tasty all the same. 2 members of staff encouraged us to buy the mezze platter (38 EUR for 2 people) and some wine before we had even looked at the menu or found the drinks section. Wine was quite expensive and this all felt rather pushy. Baklava was a little dryer than I've had before. There was a belly dancer which was quirky.

Pros: Good variety of option

Cons: Expensive for what you get , Pushy staff


Points +489

26 Feb 2019

Great food but bad service

Lots of vegan options that are tasty. The service is not good and they charge for bread they serve without ordering. More than once they also "by mistake" have charged for a extra bread or drink even though it has not been ordered. So watch out. But food very good.

Pros: Lots of vegan dishes. Love the califlower with tah

Cons: Bad service. Expensive.


Points +11

Mostly Veg
17 Jan 2019

Good food, but feels like scamming tourists

Food was good, but they gave us a bottle of wine instead of a glass, and gave the wrong, more expensive, food. It feels like they try to scam you on purpose.

Pros: Nice location, Friendly staff, Good food

Cons: Very pushy , Don’t listen , Feels like scamming


Points +43

31 Dec 2018


We shared veg mezze, ok but not great.

Pros: Vegetarian mezze

Cons: Expensive, each bread was 2.50 extra, Staff was not so nice, Vat is not included


Points +76

19 Nov 2018

Great Vegan Meal

The menu has a 'Vegetarian Mezzo' (sp?) option for two. We asked the chap (whom I presume is the owner) whether he could make a vegan version of it for us, and his response was "no problemo".

We got fried potatoes, fresh salad, soya pieces, two types of hummous, bread, and a few other things which I don't know the names of.

It was all very tasty, and we left feeling full, which is a big deal as I have quite a big appetite.

38 Euros for the platter isn't cheap, but it was very enjoyable and we're likely to head back again while we're here. Quite possibly on Saturday night to check out the bellydancing! :-)

Pros: Range, Quality, Helpful staff

Cons: Not the cheapest, but not super-expensive either.


Points +215

07 Feb 2018


Read the negative reviews on other sites before visiting. We did not enjoy this restaurant. Food was expensive and not much. Tax is not included in the price. Waiters are not too kind.


Points +78

02 Jan 2018

Gorgeous Vegan Options Found Here!

Found this place using HappyCow (so thanks to the community for that!) ... and enjoyed a delicious starter of Hummus, Mousabaha (with aubergine / eggplant), Falafels and Tabule (all shared with others of course). For main, enjoyed the Okra. My partner also really enjoyed the meat courses. I’d definitely recommend this place!

Pros: Friendly service


Points +143

02 Jan 2018


Friendly service and delicious food. Understood when we said we are vegan.
Had Hummus, Mouabaha, Falafel and Bamyeh in tomato sauce. Complimentary aubergine dip and rice given to us too. Excellent


Points +106

18 Dec 2017

Vegan dinner

Went there with my partner and 11 month old child. We had a very good vegan dinner. Excellent hummus.

Pros: Vegan options


Points +234

17 Nov 2017

Delicious food, great atmosphere

We went to this restaurant specifically to review it and didn't even expect to have a wonderful experience.
The place is easy to reach, not inside any of the malls which I loved, parking right in front.
Inside, the atmosphere is one of formal dining without the stinginess.
Lots of local patrons, a good sign!
We had a very comfortable table in the back with a sofa on one side (center tables have chairs).
Service was fast, friendly and spoke English and even German.
We ordered a whole array of dishes and they brought everything on shareable plates so we could eat "like the Persians do". Personally, I loved it and the only thing I disliked was that the size of the dishes felt smaller than if we had gotten them on individual plates. I was looking forward to the salad and it was just a tiny portion that came with my (very delicious!) grilled cauliflower. We did pay full price, though.
Other than that, the food was exceptional. We had the grilled cauliflower, falafel, cucumber salad, tabouleh, vegetable rice, several.kinda of spread and fresh bread. All amazing and the mocha was a revelation.

Pros: Large selection of vegan and vegetarian options. E

Cons: Paid full price for all dishes, felt like the port


Points +27

28 Aug 2017

Best falafel ever and tasty veggie shoarma!

Went to this restaurant with a meat eater. Plenty of options for both! Very nice appetizers, cold and warm. Friendly staff. For veggie stuff the prices were very reasonable. Veggie shoarma is a lot (not a lot of vegetables in the dish though). Falafel was the best I ever had.

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