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Pod Norenami

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Ul Krupnicej 6 (at near Teatre Bagatella), Krakow, Poland,

Artistic decor with individual rooms for families or groups. In front are booths by a picture window. Food is all vegetarian, with vegan options marked on the menu. Serves primarily Asian cuisine with different faux meats, some European items. Opened early 2013. Arrive before 945pm to order.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Chinese, International, Japanese, Thai, Asian

Reviews (23)

First Review by Veggie Mama

best veggie restaurant of Europe - Edit

It's always a pleasure eating here! The staff is very friendly, amazing atmosphere and the food is beyond words delicious!!! There's nothing to complain really, I had a three course meal and I'm just perfectly filled, not Too much so the portions aren't so big. I had Thai soup with tofu, tofu with chili which was only served with leek so my only wish would be to add more veggies, jasmine rice and little salad, vegan gluten free cake(that was big tbh) It's a place where you can just be with yourself and enjoy a wonderful meal :))

Pros: quality of food, options for vegan and gluten free, atmosphere and price!!!

Cons: not enough veggies with main dish

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Bad experience. - Edit

Sad to say: We went for my husband's birthday lunch with friends. The restaurant was EMPTY. e were the ONLY Customers. Shockingly SLOW SERVICE! After over 1/2 hour we got our sushi appetizers. 1/2 hour after that, we finally got our meals, as we went to the desk to cancel it. The food there is tasty, questionable quality of 'fake meat', prices rather exorbitant for Poland, nice interior, but OWNERS DO NOT CARE FOR THE CLIENTS. Waitress was sweet, but when we complained at the desk, they did not say a thing. No, I do not want to go back there.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-11

Pros: food is tasty, lovely atmosphere

Cons: SLOW SERVICE beyond belief., Owners do not care about their clients. I met one., Not sure what ingredients they use for fake meats

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Best vegan Asian food - Edit

If you're looking for good veganised Asian food, Pod Norenami is definitely the place to go. Their menu is huge: they offer many options from misoshiru through jiaozi to sushi. It's definitely one of the places you *have* to visit when you're going on a veg*an culinary adventure in Cracow.
My favourite is definitely their ramen: they have several variations, like with vegetable tempura or tofu. The menu says it's vegetarian but you can ask the waitress for a veganised option too (which is just delicious!). It's one of the few places where the spicy scale actually means something. They also offer a great selection of incredible tea and some Asian alcohols.
The prices are on the higher end for veg*an restaurants in Cracow (especially the main dishes with fake 'meat'), but I feel like it's justified. The atmosphere is amazing (the inside is dark-lit and they have great decorations) and it's definitely a place where you can go for a more formal meeting or a date.
The restaurant also has an outdoor garden; I'm not sure if it's open besides summer, but it's sheltered so you can also sit there when it rains.

Pros: great atmosphere, amazing food, big portions

Cons: high prices

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Too Shy Shy, Hush Hush Eye to Eye - Edit

It's 3am and I'm writing my review listening to Kajagoogoo on Spotify so that explains the title. This area of Krakow is hugely veg friendly and Pod Norenami plays a key part. We tried a couple of sushi balls with aubergine to start which were a perfect appetiser. The freshly sliced ginger and wasabi provided a little kick. For the main course we had a tofu yellow curry and beef in black bean sauce. Vegan beef of course before anyone asks. There was some confusion as to why some mock beef dishes were labelled vegan and some weren't. The staff appeared to clear this up but I wasn't convinced. Disappointing that the yellow curry had quite a lot of onion in it to bulk it up but it was still very tasty yet liquidy. The 'beef' was succulent and extremely satisfying. Both dishes were served with jasmine rice which we drenched in soy sauce. Rice is always crying out to be soaked in soy sauce. A carafe of white wine and some sparkling water helped digest the food. In total the bill came to 120PLN. This is most acceptable indeed. Any fool who voted Brexit should be made to pay more. Whilst this is not a top ten Happy Cow dining destination for me, it is absolutely somewhere to consider on future visits to my favourite city in the world.

Pros: lovely venue, location, vegan choice

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Tasty Asian dishes - Edit

Pod Norenami has a really extensive menu, so choosing dishes is quite difficult! We decided to share the vegan sushi set and some momos. The sushi was really good, there was some nice variety and good balance of flavours. The momos had a good vegetable filling and were served with a fiery tomato dip.

The restaurant looked really nice inside - very bright and airy at the front, and dark and atmospheric in the back, with some nice Asian influences in the artwork. It was a really nice environment and service was good. Recommended!

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5 - Edit

ok, so this place is amazing. they serve vegetarian and vegan options for typical asian food - they have their own "meat" which tastes so realistic! i love their sushi in vegan set, it's amazing. they don't have lot of gluten free meal but i can live with their galangan-coconut soup! also stuff is very friendly and nice but it depends on standards they have - it's a real restaurant not a casual bar. if you want to eat a dinner in cozy place pick this one. love to eat here!

Pros: best fake meat ever!, very cozy place

Cons: bit expensive

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Tasty! - Edit

We chose to eat mock beef and mock duck. I was surprised by the size of the portions and happy that I had not ordered a starter.. It was difficult enough to finish the main dishes. We loved it, the food was tasty and atmosphere was warm. As a dessert we shared a vegan brownie cake, also worth trying.

The price was reasonable. Everything was perfect but the English skills of the waiter: I asked for vegan desserts and she started to explain about non-vegan cakes. So we were uncertain of whether we were going to get our vegan meals. We got them, alright, but the suspense was not nice. So try to be very clear and simple when you order..

Pros: Vegan dishes were marked., Tasty.

Cons: Language barrier

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amazing menu! - Edit

Out of everywhere I travelled in Europe this restaurant was by far the best, there's so many options to choose from and every dish me and my friends chose over the 4 days in Kraków we loved very much.
If you are vegan don't be put off that it is a vegan friendly restaurant because there is also a fairly sized menu for vegans as well! Enjoy

Pros: staff very friendly, food delicious and not too ex

Cons: on our first night he waitress took us to a table

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Probably the best veg restaurant in Kraków - Edit

I was in Kraków only 4 days for tourism and I have tasted 5 veg restaurant/coffee here. The best, of course, is this because the dishes are veg way of Asian recipes (I love Asian food), it was so tasteful and good! Also because it has many vegan options, so many and easy to get lost choosing among vegan dishes! The waitresses are too kind even I am deaf using written communication in English. Five stars!

Pros: many vegan options

Cons: water bottle not cold (maybe it's polish habit...)

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Love it! - Edit

This place is vegetarian but offers a huge verity of vegan dishes (maybe too many! You can get lost a bit from all the options). I tried the samosa, spicy tofu, and red rice salad and enjoyed them very much!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff

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What a menu! - Edit

I enjoyed every one of my visits to Pod Norenami. My boyfriend, who is a picky eater (and massive meat fan) loved (!) the food there as well. Menu is huuuuge, which at first made me worried that quality of the dishes might be proportionally low, and I was so wrong. I'm still impressed with cooks skills to deliver so many delicius and unique tasting dishes. Oh, and what really made Pod Norenami our favourite restaurant, apart from food, were board and card games, we had great time playing them :)

Pros: board games, big size portions, vegan desserts

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Asian-Fusion! - Edit

My favorite Vegetarian restaurant in Kraków.

The cuisine does not stick to just one genre of either Korean, Thai, Vietnamese etc. food. Personally, I appreciate this because it means that I can come here often with out getting bored of the meals.

In addition, the waitresses are always really accommodating and always smiling. This is to be treasured in Polish service!

Orders-to-go are packaged in an eco-friendly and heat preserving way with an airtight seal!

Its a bit pricey here depending on what you order, but once you get to know the menu better you can eat here rather often -- even if you are a student. I used to eat at chaper vege restaurants in Kraków, like Greenway, but I quickly noticed that the quality of the food and of the service was terrible there. It's a better idea to cook more often and treat yourself at Pod Norenami or Karma.

Pros: Variety, Service, Location

Cons: Pricey

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Excellent Vegan Cake and Restaurant Quality Food - Edit

Well worth a visit, the restaurant is quite informal during the day but a great place to visit in the evening with friends, family or work colleagues.
The food was excellent with a wide choice of vegan dishes too and a great choice of teas herbal drinks and also wines and beers.
We visited 3 times whilst in Krakow and would definitely go back....I would love to see a place such as this open up in Manchester, I am sure people would flock to it (even meat eaters)...well done Pod Norenami

Pros: Great Food, Fabulous decor and ambience, Relaxed and inviting

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Excellent - Edit

This is as close as you get to an Asian vegetarian restaurant, outside of Asia. Tasty food and lots of choices. Makes me wish I lived in Krakow. Cozy restaurant.

Pros: Price, atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: Could have more generous opening hours

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Very slow, not so tasty and a little bit expensive - Edit

I've eaten in different Japanese restaurants (in Japan, USA etc) in the world and I really don't like this place.

I understand, that's not about Japan or California, but if you are open a such type rest with such price, you should think about excellent service, quality and taste. Because Japanese service is the best service in the world regardless of price.

To wait 15 simple vegan rolls more than 40 minutes is indecently! When we was asking a bill, we immediately got our rolls, but hadn't a chance to enjoy it.

I can't recommend this place for romantic evening, cause it could be spoiled. I can't recommend this place for vegans, cause it has only a few not so tasty vegan dishes. I can't recommend this place for lunch, cause you'll pay a lot and will be wait your order so long. I can't recommend it at all.

Pros: nice interior and central location

Cons: very slow service, not many options for vegans, price

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Reviewer Avatar

Krakow's first vegetarian restaurant...is Asian... - Edit

I know all of Krakow's veggie places and have been a frequent visitor to most of them for about two years now - "Pod norenami" is my first recommendation to anyone, even though it's not all-vegan and not polish at all.

I have been eating there ever since they opened and quite a few things have changed since then, usually for the better, which is a reason on its own to come back.

This is Krakow's only veggie restaurant worth mentioning - which means that you can walk in, take a seat, order food, enjoy it, pay, and walk out satisfied - in this order and without ever having to leave your table and charming company. If you wonder what's so special about that, give any of the other places listed a try.

But now for the naggy part:

- The menu tries hard to cram everything in that allows for soy sauce, tofu, or coconut milk. It's a hotchpotch of Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Korean dishes (recently they even offered samosas) - with Polish pies for dessert. It's not the common watering-down of foreign foods to adapt to the (only moderately tolerant) polish palate found in most sino-vietnamese restaurants in the city, actually it's fairly close to the "real" things, but it sure could use some focus and thereby gain in availablity, affordability, and freshness - mesmerize some instead of trying to somehow please all.

- The sushi, although an essential part architecturally and menu-wise, is edible, but mediocre (especially when judged in the light of the owner's somewhat pretentious self-marketing as an Asia expert). There is much better (yes, vegan) sushi available in town.

- Requests for modification of the dishes are hardly ever accepted.

- The waitresses seem to care more about being polite and friendly (which they always are) than well-informed about the stuff they offer.

- Only about half of the menu is vegan (which is still quite a lot due to the wide choice).

- The "separées" are gone, which took up a lot of space, but allowed for a much more intimate dinning experience.

...but despite all that you, your company, and palate will have a good time going there.

Updated from previous review on Monday September 09, 2013

Pros: Tasty food, moderately priced, actually a restaurant

Cons: Only vegan-friendly (i.e. not vegan), some dishes permanently not available

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Japan in Poland - Edit

Mainly a sushi restaurant there are also other types of food available. Nice decoration and nice atmosphere. Lot of space, so suitable for bigger groups. Pretty expensive, though. Small portions. But really tasty in return.

Pros: really tasty, lot of space, good value

Cons: expensive, small portions

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So good that my meat-eating parents went twice - Edit

This place is DELICIOUS. Everything is vegetarian, they speak English and have an English menu, vegan items are clearly marked, and they accept credit cards.

It's easy to find, easily accessible and has wifi.

I really liked the decor, but let's be honest - the most important part is the food. The food was amazing. I had the coconut tofu, and it was absolutely amazing. I'd put it in my top 5 meals of all time in Europe.

This place was so good that my parents (who both eat meat) asked if I wanted to go there again for dinner the next night.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Delicious, Friendly

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Worth the wait - Edit

It took a long time for our order to arrived but when it did we quickly forgot and forgave the delay. Delicious food prepared with care. The breaded 'chicken' was amazing.

Pros: vegan, vegetarian, delicious

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Great Food, A bit Confusing - Edit

I liked it here. Had some confusion in the beginning since the english menu didnt have a price list. The sushi closes early so watch out for that. Menu was a bit confusing when I was trying to determine how I could veganize some stuff that was just vegetarian and didnt know why it was. Kind of small portions and a bit expensive. Good atmosphere though.

Pros: Great sushi

Cons: Expensive, Language issues

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