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Refeitorio Organico

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Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 120, Botafogo, Zona Sul, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 22280-030

Buffet style with many choices including sushi, miso, salad bar, soya meats, and lots of vegan takes on local specialties. The only non-vegan item is honey (Apr 2016). Location is tucked away down a passageway and up some stairs in Rua Dezzanove de Fevereiro, look for the sign. Open Mon-Sat 10:30am-4:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, International, Buffet, Salad bar, Brazilian, Latin American

Reviews (34)

First Review by Lanky

Variedade E Sabor - Edit

Excelente restaurante. Ótimo para levar aquela pessoa que insiste que "é difícil ser vegetariano". São tantas opções que chega a ser difícil experimentar tudo.

Para melhorar, poderia ter um atendimento mais ligeiro e dispôr de mais lugares, pois ter que descer escada com o prato cheio de comida é complicado.

Pros: Variedade, Sabor, Ambiente

Cons: Atendimento, Quantidade de lugares

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Good - Edit

Delicious, fresh ingredients. Ordering process was a bit confusing, because the employees weren't very attentive or friendly.

Once I got the food, it was delicious and fresh, and I really liked it. Service could be a bit better.

Pros: No meat, Delicious, Fresh

Cons: Service needs work

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All-you-eat vegan buffet can never be bad - Edit

The selection is huge and all you can eat - this includes a large platter of sushi as well. Cucumbers, carrots, tofu: the standard fare is all available, so is banana-cinnamon and other more exotic varieties.

Plenty of fried foods and Brazilian classics made vegan. You've got spinach quiches, salads, pastas and other miscellaneous foods unidentifiable to this American. All of this for 28 reais, the equivalent of $9 at the time of this writing. Don't miss this place if you're a vegan in Rio.

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Vegan Heaven! - Edit

This place was a special trip for us - we've been visiting Rio for years but never made it here until this trip, and now we want to come every day! The food is just wonderful, and SO much variety, from the sushi station, to the salads, to the casseroles, to the grill. The buffet was so incredible that I could not think of eating dinner that night after having lunch there. Then all i could think about was my next lunch there... Absolutely fabulous.

Pros: excellent food - all vegan, excellent value, lovely people working there

Cons: in Botafogo, and not next door to me

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Awesome! - Edit

This place is great! I came here several times. The buffet lunch is upstairs. You'll be given a bit of paper to record what you have once you sit down with your food, and you can also order juices and desserts for an extra cost. Amazing selection of food at the buffet - salad, noodles, hummus, potatoes, beans, sushi, spring rolls etc. Everything was delicious except once I got some fruit salad which tasted a bit questionable. Very reasonably priced.

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Nice place! - Edit

I wish there are more spots like this in RJ. About two blocks away from the Ibis Botafogo. Good variety of items and friendly service. The menu is all in Portugese, which makes it a little difficult if you are not fluent. You write your choices down on a pad of paper and the waiter will take it back to the kitchen and bring you your food when it is ready. A little different from what I was expecting when I read it was a buffet. I chose 4 items (just based on what I could understand with my limited Portugese) and a fresh juice. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Pros: vegan, variety, budget-friendly

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huge buffet - Edit

they offer a huge buffet with salad, and cooked stuff like seitan, different types of pasta, sauces and more. I came here 4 times to have lunch. Big list of juices. I tried around 6 drinks, all were delicious. A good place to eat. Nice dessert too.

Pros: buffet, cheap

Cons: sometimes too full of people

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Yum! - Edit

So far, one of my two favorite vegetarian buffet experiences in the world (along with Herman's in Stockholm). Go upstairs for the buffet rather than ordering off of the menu downstairs.

The selection is luxurious and you will be stuffed.

You can also order a wide range of fresh fruit juices (for an extra charge).

Pros: excellent, satisfying buffet, lovely ambience, did I mention the buffet?

Cons: the vegetable sushi is only OK, hard to find the first time

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Amazing buffet selection - Edit

We dined at the upstairs buffet for lunch. The selection is huge and amazing. There are salads, a wide variety of hot foods, soup, grilled vegetables, a selection of dumplings, sushi and sesame crackers. Drinks and dessert are extra. There were so many items, such that I tried, but could not manage to try everything. This is definitely a place you should go to in Rio.

Pros: huge buffet selection, great value

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My favorite vegan restaurant in the world - Edit

My first time at Refeitorio Organico I knew I had found an amazing place and that I would come back. I did. Almost every week for three months and I can´t wait to go back. The buffet on the second floor is not only vegan, it makes you feel good. It is not that expensive and the staff is supernice. You can´t go to Rio de Janeiro without visiting this place.

The desserts were maybe not my favourite, but it does not matter. After you are done with the buffet, you will not have any more space!


Shanti shanti shanti
Updated from previous review on Saturday June 27, 2015

Pros: Fantastic food, Good value, Nice atmosphere

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The paradise itself - Edit

This is the best place for vegans in Rio de Janeiro, really, they are perfect...even the cashier was wearing a t-shirt that had written "Animals are friends, not food".

You have to go upstairs for the buffet. There are so many options that you will gonna wish eat all the dishes... they have sushi and desserts too!! All you can eat for R$26.

My boyfriend and I were a little "sick" by the caipirinhas the night before, but still we tried to taste all the dishes. So, yes, this was our paradise.

The staff is very polite and friendly. The space is small but with a nice atmosphere.

The street is a bit hidden, you gonna need google maps.

* Sorry my english.

Pros: Excelent food, Good Value, Nice Vibe

Cons: The location, No more cons

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Pretty good - Edit

I went there without really understanding that there was a buffet upstairs, so I was sat downstairs and ordered from the waiter.

My food was not bad, but nothing was really outstanding, and it was my first meal in Brazil, so I had high hopes.

I did really like the bobó.

I'd like to add that the person I was with ordered the same thing and loved her meal, so I guess you have to try it for yourself.

Pros: Vegan, Friendly staff, Nice decoration

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This place was hands down the best place we visited in Rio. Amazing and huge buffet with everything you can imagine. I ate so much... Says R22 per person but it was R35 when we went. May want to update. The food was outstanding though. Well worth it!

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Stellar lunch buffet - Edit

It was only a block from my hotel and it is glorious. A full spread of vegan sushi options and a bountiful spread of vegetables, soy proteins, tofu and other raw salads.

Pros: Variety, Quality, Accepts Credit Cards, Including AMEX

Cons: Doesn't have an easy take out option, unless you are ordering a la carte, no english or spanish speakers on staff

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Incredible, central spot - Edit

Places like this make me scratch my head when people refer to Rio as being a veggie wasteland or difficult in any way for vegetarians. It's an incredible little all-you-can-eat dream that is always creative, tasty, and interesting.

I haven't been when the place is absolutely full so I can imagine it would be less appealing then, but it's a great resource to have in the city. Note that there is now a sign out front (an article hung up inside mentions a previous period where the door was unmarked!), but it's still easy to pass by if you're not looking for it. They also have a small health food store on the first floor.

They close around 3:30, but when I called at 3:45 one day they said as long as I got there by 4 I could eat... though they were already clearing things off at that point, I was still glad to have made it!

Pros: scrumptious, varied, affordable

Cons: should be open 24 hours!

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Good, but not amazing - Edit

On a 35 degree day and after walking for hours around the city we we hungry and thirsty when we arrived. The restaurant location is easy to find, the dining areas in a converted kind of house with different levels. It was busy, and hot. No air conditioning, and because it was so busy really uncomfortable environment to eat in. There was a lot of variety. Most stuff seemed fresh except something I put in my salad from the buffet. I think it was sprouts. Sprouts down really hold up to well after sitting outside for hours in 35-40 degree heat. The problem with vegetarian restaurants in brazil is that there isn't a lot of creativity. It's easy to replace meat with soy protein in traditional dishes and that's what you usually find in rio. The food was good but not amazing. Would go back but there are better options in the city, not necessarily vegetarian restaurants.

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Best vegan spot in Rio - Edit

For less than $20, this all-you-can-eat spot in Botafogo is your best bet for vegan food in Rio. I'd definitely recommend the buffet vs the per-plate downstairs. Easy to get here via a quick walk from the Botafogo metro stop. I loved the sushi and tiny pasteis. If I had it to do over again, I'd go to this spot twice.

Pros: Flavorful food, Adorable upstairs, All you can eat

Cons: Food gets cold close to closing time

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Like a dream - Edit

OK, I've never been to a vegan all-you-can-eat buffet before. So to say that I went a little crazy here would probably be a massive understatement. The food was so good! And there was so much of it! I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth and then some. I tried almost everything and loved it all. The sushi and spring rolls were awesome. The rice dishes and meatballs were delicious. The various stuffed fried things were incredible. Best meal I've had in a long time. Highly recommended.

Pros: delicious, good value

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Happy haven - Edit

Finding Refeitório Orgânico after a week of working and junk food in Rio was pure bliss. We were pointed to the restaurant by a friendly local after we found Vegana Chacara closed. A really tranquil setting. The sushi is off the hook!

Pros: Wide selection for buffet, Good value for money, tranquil setting

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Good value and nice vegan food - Edit

I came here for lunch today and found that the food was pretty good, and decent value at R$32 for an all you can eat buffet. The salads were great and the various hot bean and vegetable stews were excellent. I also had a very nice watermelon and ginger juice which was very refreshing.

Pros: Good food and drink, Good value

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great restaurant - Edit

I have to agree with other comments here. I ate at the buffet upstairs, a fixed price with all you can eat fare. Plenty of selections for even the pickiest of veg preferred patrons. Will certainly go back, the best value and very relaxed setting. A nice find in a hard to find vegetarian options city. Buffet was the equivalent of 11.00 (US) or 22 Brazilian reais. Drinks, desert are additional. The restaurant downstairs has a priced menu with service by waiters. The price per person included 4 choices for under $10.00 US or 18,00 reais (Brazilian).

Pros: relaxed dining rooms, quiet, choices of service + items, reasonable prices, best in Rio

Cons: really could not find cons here

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Excellent taste and variety - Edit

I really enjoyed eating at Refeitorio Orgánico during my stay in Rio. I was there about five times and loved it every time.

The buffet livre (all you can eat buffet) is 23R$ (december 2012) and offers a huge variety of different dishes.
Usually there are two soups, about 10 to 15 different salads plus the same amount of main dishes and a heated plate with piles of tofu, seitan and grilled vegetables.
Additionally you can choose from several very tasty vegan sushi/maki rolls, including sweet ones with banana and cinnamon.

The food is from all around the world: I've seen sushi and miso soup, hoummus and arabic salads, pasta, yakisoba and traditional Brazilian dishes like a great vegan feijoada.

Going there more often you'll realize that a part of the main dishes, salads and makis are the same every day, but even after eating five times there I did not get bored as there is so much to choose from.

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awasome place - Edit

I've been to this restaurant at least 3 times in the past 2 years and for me it is one of the best vegan places in Brazil.
They are 100% vegan, what is not very common here, and their food is always delicious.
They serve a lot of brazillian dishes and some classics of international cuisine (sushi, spring rolls, hommus, falafel, etc).
All-you-can-eat buffet for a reasonable price.

Pros: all-you-can-eat, awesome food

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Excellent healthy, varied organic food - Edit

There's not much I can say about this place to add to the reviews that have already been written here. The food is great and there feels to be something there for everyone.. the variety is so good that we ran out of stomach room to try it all, so we're headed there again tomorrow. Most of the flavourings are quite subtle, so if you're accustomed to stronger tastes you may be better off at Universo Organico in Leblon (but be prepared to pay for that!). The healthfulness of Refeitorio Organico felt superior to Universo Organico though if for no other reason than for the huge variety. We were lucky in that a girl who spoke fluent English happened to be on the staff when we went, so she explained the system to us. We stocked up on desserts and had them for breakfast the next morning - they were really yummy! (do be aware that they cost extra though)

The vibe was bustling and yet at the same time alternative, which was a mix that we liked - being in a room filled with likeminded people is always nice. We noticed statues around that looked a bit Buddhist - very aesthetically calming.

All in all, this variety, this healthfulness, and organic, all at this price? Can't beat it.

Pros: organic , healthy, variety

Cons: not open in the evenings, not open sundays

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Okay Food, Lots of Options, Friendly Staff - Edit

I was here in July 2012 and I enjoyed the food. It's very "Mom and Pop" so expect a relaxed atmosphere. I liked that there were lots of things to try. The fresh juice I had was very good. You should probably speak Portuguese or at least Spanish as I don't know how much English they speak (I spoke Portuguese while there).

One thing you should do is stock up on their Vegan sweets that they have in the small store downstairs. I know I wish I would have grabbed some more of the really good organic Vegan chocolate they have.

Pros: Lots of Options, Nice Staff, Has a store to pick up treats to go

Cons: instructions unclear, food runs out at end of meals

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Excellent Buffet Restaurant - Edit

After eating at a vegetarian buffet restaurant daily in 4 cities in Brazil for the past 2 weeks, this is by far the best I have experienced so far. One of the guys when he realized we did not speak or understand Portuguese, took us under his guidance,a nd showed us around the buffet, explaining everything, taking our drinks orders, and after the meal going out of his way to guide us to the Museu Indio we wanted to go to in the neighbourhood.

The restaurant is in a quite side street off a very busy main street in Botofago, and this 2 level place is extremely popular and busy. This was the largest buffet in terms of number of items, includingan entire section on Zen sushi items that ha done of the most potent wasabis I have ever eaten. I literally broke out into convulsions! Unlike most other buffet restaurants that have primarily salad items only, this one had various fried items, grilled items, pasta, soup, and many other hot cooked items. Desserts are extra, and after this hearty meal (it is a fixed price, not by weight), we had no place for desserts that looked very enticing.

Pros: Variety, Flavor, Value

Cons: Language

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Very good variety and quality - Edit

The place is really comfortable, though I thought it was small for the amount of people it receives. The food is excellent, all vegan and an amasing variety for sure.

Pros: excellent food, amasing variety, healthy cuisine

Cons: small place

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Loved this place! - Edit

This place had a great variety of food--sushi (including one kind that had the seaweed wrapped up just like they do in Japan!), hummus, farufa, casseroles, grilled tofu/faux meats, salads (with a deep variety of ingredients, such as arugula or watercress) and rice and noodle dishes. If you tried everything they had to offer, you'd have to have about a spoonful of each, they have so much! Note that the price is now R$18, though that's quite affordable for Rio standards (and it's all you can eat). Highly recommend--the only request I have is to be open at dinner too!

Pros: big variety, has veggie versions of Brazilian food, affordable

Cons: only open for lunch

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a great restaurant - Edit

Absolutely brilliant vegan buffet here.Such an incredible array of vegan dishes, including tofu, seitan, sushi, fake meat burgers, rice, soup, bread, etc etc..wondrous.
Updated from previous review on Monday September 06, 2010

Pros: great choice, affordable, speedy service

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a great choice for vegans in rio - Edit

We met an animal rights group in rio who recommended this place to us. It wasnt the easiest to find: the entrance is at the end of a passageway/ alley, and we almost missed it. There's a meat buffet place next door which confused us for a moment.
However, once we got in, it was worth it! The best vegan food we've had so far in Brazil, especially when price is considered. It was about half the cost of the per kilo place that we had been to the day before.
A great salad bar, and a good range of soya meats. The sushi wasnt the freshest, but they had some interesting inventions, like deep-fried sushi with banana filling, sprinkled with cinnamon. Good juices.

Pros: great selection, great value

Cons: hard to find at first

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