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Raw food restaurant with smoothie & juice bar, est. 2015. Offers dishes like pizza pesto mozzarella and a shroom burger, plus raw crêpes and cakes. Reported closed, Aug 2018.

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First Review by JasminCollett


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09 Dec 2020

Fantastic Food

Fantastic was the food at Rawtastic! I visited the place together with two other raw vegan friends and we all loved the food.



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15 Aug 2018


It was definitly closed when I came ...


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03 Aug 2018

This place is EXCELLENT

Superb, fresh food. Excellent service and allergen advice. And I was asked if I wanted a straw so I could say 'No!' Portion sizes really hearty. I feel completely nourished and satisfied. Winning!

Pros: All vegan, All raw, so very accomodating with allergies


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29 Jul 2018

Very good food - but expensive

The staff was very friendly and the restaurant is cozy and quite calm. A “raw food spin” on traditional dishes like pizza and burgers. The burger was great, satisfying and very flavorful, and the potions were normally sized. The only con is that it is expensive. About 14€ for a burger and 17€ for a pizza.


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24 Jun 2018

Great raw food

Really good raw food and not too prizy. Love the smoothies and the cashew mozzarella is amazing.

Pros: The mozzarella, Smoothies, Better than other raw-food places

Cons: A little expensive


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24 Jun 2018


I absolutely loved the food! It's so so good and tasty. It's on the more expensive side, but it's totally worth it. I loved everything I got!
We reserved a table, but it was not necessary since there were no people when we arrived. We sat down, ordered our food and enjoyed every bite of it. The atmosphere was nice and the staff was very friendly. They had an english version of the menucard.
Quite dark in the evenings and not optimal for photographing the food, but that's the least of my worries (even though I'm a food blogger).
I personally really enjoyed the food there. Definitely going back once I visit Berlin again.

Pros: Delicious and normal sized portions, Lots of place, Friendly staff


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22 May 2018


Smoothies on point and really good raw vegan desserts. Good atmosphere and music. You have to try the 4 cheese pizzas!!! And they have wifi ❤️


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15 Apr 2018

Rather expensive, nothing special, poor service

We stopped by here to try their raw food after reading some good reviews and blog posts. We ordered a tasting platter and drinks. After 10 minutes the waitress told us we would have to wait 20 minutes for our food. In reality, we waited 20 minutes for our drinks and a whole hour for the food. The waitress, nor the owner ever smiled. The owner was dominantly telling the waitress how she was doing everything wrong all the time, which was annoying to see. The food was boring and tasteless, except for the kelp pasta, that one was fine. This was also what I told the owner when she asked us how we enjoyed the food. She responded that the waitress would take care of our bill, because she "had to work". Ok then, bye.


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04 Apr 2018

Full raw food restaurant!

A raw food place anywhere in the world should for me personally always deserve 5 star's, now it's of course not the goal of a review, it should provide some more objective inside for future visitors.

The location and interior are very nice, the staff is lovely, now I had a feeling that they had a hard time keeping up and the restaurant was not really full.

They propose a really big choice of raw food only lunch, dinner, desserts...

We took:

- Green Boost Smoothie
- Energy Wrap
- Tasting Plate
- Pizza Quattro Formaggio
- Coffee and chocolate cheesecake

Although the food was tasty, we had at some point a moment where there was really no way for us to eat more of it.
We had to stop and could not eat anymore rest of the day, not really feeling very well and hard time to digest.
The staff, lovely proposed a takeaway box.

It was a very strange experience for raw food, something we never had before and I'm just sharing our experience, not saying that it has anything related to the restaurant itself.

Pros: Big raw food choice, Great taste

Cons: None


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12 Feb 2018

amazing place!! all raw and super tasty

I amazed by this delicious raw food so creative I’m a big fan!


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02 Feb 2018

so lecker!

super frisch und lecker!


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21 Jan 2018

Worth evry penny

One word: amazing. 100% rawfood, 100% plant based


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15 Jan 2018

cakes are not special at all

Honestly I don't see why I should go there twice. It is way too pricey and the cakes are nothing special at all. We had a carrot cake and a piece of chocolate fudge, which was dominated by an intense nut taste! When I say piece, I literally mean that it is only a bite-size really, for 3,50€!! The small carrot cake, which was bigger than the chocolate fudge, was 5 € and tasted nothing like a cake, more like a sweet carrot salad.

Since I am not a raw vegan, there is no point for me to go there again and try their main dishes.

Updated from previous review on 2018-01-15

Pros: might be an option if you are raw vegan

Cons: way too pricey, cakes are not tasty


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11 Jan 2018

Absolutely delicious

Really great food and the staff was lovely. It was a little on the expensive side but definitely worth it. Especially the smoothie was excellent and we really enjoyed the pizza with salad. So far I’ve only had disappointing raw food experiences, and this was a huge success and really delicious! Definitely check this one out.


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28 Dec 2017

We went there with Groupon and I was amazed.

I am eating mostly raw really, my boyfriend only vegan. We both loved it! We had Groupon to try several things, but I saw on other tables how are the normal dishes from the menu and they were huge. Our mix was really great. Cheese plate and then a little bit of everything. We really loved it.
The price, of course, could be lower, but being raw myself, I know it does take some money to prepare good quality raw vegan dishes so I do find the prices fair after all.

Pros: Taste, big portions, lovely food


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09 Dec 2017

typical raw restaurant

I'm happy that there is at least one raw vegan restaurant in Germany. The salad was really delicious and refreshing. I think the atmosphere was a bit distant and I don't like it that raw vegan restaurants always are so expensive. But I experienced this in many different locations before. Raw vegan restaurants are often too special with "pizza" and "burger" and all those things. I wish they would use more local and seasonal veggies and would offer more creative and less pricy saladbowls. I really enjoyed the desert


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03 Dec 2017

Very unfriendly staff and too expensive

This was the first fully raw vegan place I´ve ever visited. The food was good but way too expensive. I expected more for this price, I had some zucchini pasta and it was a really small portion
What I really didn´t like about the place is that the staff was really unfriendly. They didn´t smile and it seemed like all they wanna do is go home.
I was very dissapointed as I read so many good reviews. I don´t think I would ever go there again.

Pros: raw, good taste

Cons: unfriendly staff, very expensive


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19 Nov 2017

If only they would like what they do

... at least this is my impression: not really a good service, and the food is good, but as a raw vegan always travelling around I have some idea how raw vegan CAN be. And this is not "it", to my great dismay, as this is my hometown.

Toast and Avocado

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30 Oct 2017

A nice experience

I had never tried raw cooking before. I had the wrap. It was nice and refreshing. I also bought a slice to take away. I was inspired to try some raw recipes after my visit.

Pros: tasty food, a new experience with food


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29 Sep 2017

little bit disappointed

Maybe our expectations were to high after a lot of good recommendations. But the interior looked outdated and not so clean. The flowers on the table were dead and there were fruit flies flying everywhere. The Pad Thai salad had not so much flavor. Not al place we would go again. Although the idea of a raw food restaurant could be so nice.

Pros: Raw Food, Not expensive

Cons: Old interior, Not clean


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10 Sep 2017

Worth the visit

I have visited this place twice, the first time I had a mixed platter tasting all of the main course and it was amazing. The second time I visited I had spring rolls and wasn't mad about them, also tried their pizza which unfortunately I didn't care for.

Pros: fresh vegetables, very tasty, good wine, very frie

Cons: cost, pizza 👎🏻


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08 Sep 2017

Fun food for everyone!

Rawtastic serve an arrange of raw vegan food, and they prove that Raw food doesn't have to be bland or boring. They experiment with flavours and colours and really create art for every order. I've many beautiful and amazingly tasting food here, and my favourites are Kelp Pad Thai and the Summer Pizza.

Pros: Flavourful, Beautiful, Friendly


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06 Sep 2017

Amazing!!! Even if you're not that into raw...

I guess a tight wallet and slight personal prejudice stopped me from eating here for so long, but after moving into the area I finally decided to give it a go - especially as a gf friend was in town and this place was easy for both of us.

All of my reservations were totally wrong. It was delicious, filling, and worth every euro. The ingredients are quality, the ambience is lovely, the service is great, and the taste is interesting and delicious. The plates also look stunning.

We had the pizza and kelp noodles between us - so good! And watching other people get their gigantic salad bowls made me question whether we should have ordered one of those as well. My kombucha was nice (I got the turmeric, and you could really taste it), and my friend's Golden Latte was nice too.

They have a lunch special for €7.50 where you get half a pizza and a lot of salad, which is more affordable and plenty for one person, which I did the next day. I'm definitely coming back again.

Pros: Taste, Selection, Service and ambience

Cons: Price


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06 Sep 2017

Great food!

Rawtastic definitely lives up to its name (assuming it is indeed a blending of 'raw' and 'fantastic' and not some other words). We were a bit dubious about how much we'd enjoy raw food when we went, but it was excellent. We shared a pizza and a kelp noodle dish and they were both really tasty and very decent portions, which made the slightly higher prices worth it. The service was friendly and there's plenty of seating - I'll definitely come back.

Pros: Gluten-free, Good portions


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03 Sep 2017

The type of raw food I like

I must start by confessing I am not a raw-food fan.
However, I loved the Sarma & Mash. The combination of pickled cabbage with nuts was very clever and yummy.
And, contrary to my expectations, the plate was substantial enough.

I also had the chocolate drink, which was one the best I've ever had, as it was creamy and not sweet at all.

The staff was also nice and the atmosphere was pleasant.
I'd definitely come back to try other things in the menu.

Pros: tasty food, nice vive, friendly staff

Cons: none


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31 Aug 2017

Good Raw food experience

This place reminded me of my favorite raw place in my home town. The food is fresh, very good tasting and looking as well. Cakes are good too. We've been here after they had some kind of inspection, so the offer was a bit limited. Prices are quite high, but that's what you expect in these kind of places, I guess. Staff was a bit slow (but friendly) even though the restaurant was half empty, but the whole experience was very good.

Pros: Fresh, tasty food, Good atmosphere

Cons: Prices, Slow staff


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20 Aug 2017

Amazing food!

A beautiful raw vegan cafe in the heart of Prenzlaue berg! I would 100% recommend coming here even if you're not vegan; they do amazing healthy lunches! I love the decor and the tables/seating area outside is super cute! I am obsessed with their cheesecake, it's amazing, most definitely try the cheesecake when you're there! :)I've yet to come for a dinner and a glass of wine, but judging by the last 2 meals I've had there, I'm very excited to come back! 10/10 for service and food!

Pros: Amazing food , Nice decor, Friendly and accommodating staff

Cons: None

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