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First Review by tsproc

Not so good soup but maybe.. - Edit

I ordered the champinion and portabello soup and didn't like it at all, but maybe that's because it was the first raw soup I have tried.
It is centrally located, right next to the Palladium shopping center, but a bit hard to find since you need to go through an inner street to get there. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and the cutest inner garden. There is even a big cushioned swing :) The lady working there was really nice and the prices are very cheap (60Cz for the soup which is less than 2.5€), Although is was a small portion.

Pros: Location, Super cute inner garden, Service

Cons: Small portions

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We found it rather average - Edit

The seating area itself is nice, but the food is incredibly bland and lacking in texture and flavor. We had two main dishes and a dessert but couldn't completely finish either one of those. The dessert was very coconut-heavy and the texture just wasn't right. Ok if it's your only choice but wouldn't come here all the way just to eat their food.

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YUM! - Edit

I'm moderately enthusiastic about raw food, but I must say their strudel is truly something out of the ordinary! Shame I didn't get round to trying more things from their menu,,,

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Delicious food, but a bit too pricy - Edit

The restaurant itself is kind of small and works also as a shop. I had the cheapest thing on the menu, that was there and even that was expensive (considering that they were zoodles with some shredded walnuts). I must admit the food was delicious and the young coconut water as well, but for me it's quite overpriced. Also the staff was a bit too relaxed and careless.

Pros: Delicious food, Nice interior

Cons: Expensive, Careless, slow staff

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Good food, subpar service - Edit

The service leaves a bit to be desired. While I understand that raw food can be labor intensive to make, it wasn't actually the food prep time that was the problem. It took a long time for anyone to even acknowledge our presence. Even when the staff realized we were there, it was not always clear that they were keen to have our business.

Overall the food was good, but given the service, I might try out some other raw establishments before coming back here.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Inattentive staff

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staff arrogant - Edit

The food is good, but overpriced considering quality and quantity. I have been a few times, but today I had bad experience with the staff, which proved to be arrogant to my surprise. In such a place you expect a friendly and kind attention. I remove it from my list of restaurants.

Pros: good food

Cons: expensive, staff arrogant, uncomfortable chairs and tables

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Rawcha is brilliant! It serves amazingly delicious raw food that my sister, my friend and I all LOVED! We came back multiple times to enjoy the tasty and healthy food. I especially liked the Raw Noodle dish which was very flavoursome and perfectly rich. My friend ordered the raw burrito/taco dish and was in food heaven.
They also have beautiful raw cheesecakes and treats that every vegan traveller enjoys (filling up on raw vegan treats whist we can!!) and you must try the raw vegan ice-creams called Rawitos - they are healthy and so scrumptious - tasting like magnums! We visited the cafe for these little beauties alone they were so good!
You can also buy snack type things to take away as well as a few other items. Wonderful Cafe, and so highly recommended to visit! Prices as well, even for a budget traveller, are very reasonable!

Pros: Raw, delicious food , Healthy, Well priced

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Very nice pasta bolognese - Edit

I tried the zucchini pasta and it was very tasty, good portion as well! I wanted to order a lemonade from the menu, but because of the lack of fresh herbs in winter, they couldn't make it. They offered to make me another lemonade and it was very good! I wished I would have tried the cakes as well, because they looked very good.

Pros: Good food

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Top 3 of my favorite cafés in Europe - Edit

I went to Rawcha last week during my stay in Prague. I am a vegan who loves raw-food because it's full of surprises, it always looks and tastes different and also because I am sure I will be able to digest it!
I came here with a non-veg friend, which is pretty much a challenge when it's raw food and he never had it before.
I must say it was indeed the most delicious raw food I had. I have been to London and I live in Berlin so I guess I can say I know a great deal of vegan/raw restaurants. We had the lunch menu which is served until 3pm. A mushroom soup (although it was more like a cream to me). The taste was incredible, too bad I cannot handle raw garlic but I ate it anyway. It was sumptuous, filling, creamy, coconuty... Loved it. The raw pizza was great as well, the portion was perfect perhaps even a bit too much for me. But we still had desserts. The goji/lime cheesecake was decadent but I preferred the raw Apfelstrudel. Amazing. They have lots of great teas too, and I bought a few items from their raw-shop inside the café. All in all a super good and tasty experience, I would gladly come everyday!
The place is quiet, calm, not to big, perfect to enjoy such a great meal. We ate like crazy and still, we only had to pay around 25€... So the pricing is my final go for it!

Pros: amazing food, not pricey, lots of original choices

Cons: only lunch until 3pm, not à la carte

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raw in prague - Edit

This place is hard to find. The portions were small but very tasty. The homemade kombucha was awful. tasted like vinegar. The atmosphere was comfortable and the staff friendly. As far as gourmet raw food goes this place was pretty decent.

Pros: yummy

Cons: small portion

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great selection of teas and good food - Edit

good food but not to surprise....but still really delicious. great tea selection! its in the basement so a bit dark..


Pros: teas, food

Cons: basement

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Such an amazing place! - Edit

Every time I am in Prague I try to visit new raw food place. I found this place here on HappyCow so I wanted to have new raw food experience since I am raw foodist and love to explorw new places. I found this place very quick even though it is small and tucked in a house court. When I came inside I had very good first impression. Very nice,small restaurant with few tables and very kind service. The food was perfect, very delicious, no complaints. There is also large selection of raw food products as well as organic fruit and veggie to shop. I had very pleasant dinner with my friends who are not raw foodists but they had fresh juices. I highly recommend this place!

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Raw-curious. - Edit

To put it simply: The location was hard to find, but worth the search, as it was in the back court of a house whose access is easily missed, but which guaranteed a calm dinner. Every vegan has tried Falafel, but a raw falafel... now that's a whole different experience. The one big negative quirk was the behavior of the staff. Even though we arrived well over an hour before closing time, the service seemed stressed and eager to get rid of us, which kind of dimmed the mood; still, dinner was an unforgettable experience, and I would go there again.
Their Cheesecake was legendary.

Pros: Healthy, tasty food, private & peaceful outdoor location

Cons: Slow service, Stressed service, Hard to find

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Very good!! (best raw cakes in town!) - Edit

If you travel to Prague, you have to visit this place. Great food and fantastic raw cakes. Very serviceminded staff :)
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 25, 2014

Updated from previous review on Friday November 28, 2014

Pros: cakes, food, staff

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Fresh, healthy, and delicious - Edit

Rawcha is a pleasant oasis of good health and good flavor. The fact that it's all vegan organic is a huge plus, and you can taste the quality of the ingredients in the food.

The menu is similar to many raw restaurants around the world, in that there are dishes called "burger" or "ravioli," for example, that have nearly nothing in common with their cooked-food namesakes but are delicious nonetheless.

There's enough variety on the menu to please most people, and all the more so in the beverage pages. Fresh juices are great, as was the chocolate cake.

The ambience is pleasant and relaxing, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Service was warm, and English is spoken (there's also an English version of the menu for the asking).

Rawcha's prices are a little higher than some of the other veg restaurants in town, but by the standards of European restaurants serving quality, raw, organic food, it's actually a bargain.

Highly recommended.


Pros: Vegan and organic, varied menu, good desserts

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highlight of my trip! - Edit

We came across Rawcha by accident and decided to eat lunch there. My bf ordered the the carrot soup which was a fruity sensation. He liked it a lot! I ordered the peas salad which was amazing! It was basically a bowl of peas which had a dressing on them out of ginger, garlic and coconut oil (I'm guessing). It was so good that my bf ate half of the plate and I decided to make this dish at home someday. Since he ate my dish I ordered a main dish which was raw sushi. It consisted of a lot of nuts and seeds (I try to avoid fat) so it was a cheat treat for me. The wasabi was really surprisingly different. All dishes were served on beautiful chic plates in a really professional way. The restaurant itself is tiny. 2 tables and some outside. The decor was also very nice and professional. We will definitely come again when we're in Prague and we'll going to order a table for dinner. It has the perfect atmosphere for an intimate date night ;)

Pros: nice atmosphere, great interior, amazing food

Cons: waiter was on his phone a lot, waiter took his time to check if we had any wishes

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Delicious desserts! - Edit

I can't speak to any non-dessert foods because I didn't try those, but the raw cheesecake I had here was amazing! Perfect texture and taste, refreshing, and not heavy.

Pros: desserts, all vegan

Cons: served tea in plastic ikea tumbler, what

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Home - Edit

This restaurant is my daily routine, I'm a vegan, however I'm trying to go raw for the summer, the food is always interesting and desserts are incredibly tasty! You should definitely try the pancake, the best I've ever had. Raw restaurant number one in Prague!

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Overpriced and Underwhelming - Edit

My husband and I visited Rawcha on 27 May 2014 - first for tea and then for dinner - after hearing a glowing review from a fellow traveller. While I am a vegan and my husband is a vegetarian, we are not raw food purists, but were keen to try and support such a restaurant. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy our meal, which was both expensive and unsatisfying. The menu relies heavily on nuts and seeds, which results in a heavy, fat-laden meal. I ordered a main consisting of spinach, mushrooms, and a few other things, but I was only able to eat @ half of it - it was incredibly salty and the sauce was unpleasant. It's worth a mention that I ALWAYS finish my food, but I just couldn't tolerate this. My husband had the 'potato' salad, which was good, but not impressive. We also tried three desserts: the chocolate pie was very good (the best dessert of any restaurant we tried while in Prague), the apple streudel was pleasant, and the chocolate muffin was not good (couldn't taste any chocolate). Unfortunately, the staff did not enquire into whether we enjoyed our meal, so could not benefit from our critiques. However, the staff only seemed to have minimal English, so maybe such questions were beyond them. The restaurant was nicely decorated and well-appointed. It was also small, and we had to make a reservation for dinner.

Pros: All vegan , Indendent, local business

Cons: Expensive, Salty food, Small portions

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I have been traveling for four weeks, eating at the best vegan cafes I could find all over Africa, Asia and Europe. This tiny, pretty raw place tops the list! Every bite is fresh, delicious and amazing.
I rarely repeat restaurants when traveling but I am definitely returning in the next few days.

Pros: fantastic food, friendly service, sweet ambiance

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Tiny Raw Restaurant - Edit

Small raw restaurant, menu details in Czech, but owner does a great job of explaining items. And it is all vegan so no worries anyway! It is a small operation with the same guy who takes the order making the food. It was a nice and zen leisurely meal. Another great option to support a small local vegan business. Good food and good people.

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High quality, raw and vegan - Edit

Tucked away in a courtyard off a busy street (look for the sign above the alleyway), this place is very peaceful with an impressive selection of all courses and especially tea.
Personally I liked the decor and found the staff friendly; the owner speaks English (and an English menu is available) but was helpful and paitient in letting me practice my limited Czech. There are only three tables, which means that it is either cosy, or slightly nerve-wracking, depending on how you feel about possibly being the only diner(s).

The food is completely raw and prepared from scratch to order, which means I can forgive the portions being slightly on the small side. Of the options my partner and I tried, we found both the falafel and the ravioli, as well as the fruit juices, to be of a very good quality.

Prices are moderate, and one final positive is that this is one of the few vegan places in Prague open as late as 22:00.

Pros: location, opening hours

Cons: portion sizes

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Guaranteed Satisfaction for Tea and Rawfood Lovers - Edit

I have visited Rawcha a couple of times, and each time I was in the middle of going somewhere (either arriving to or leaving from town). The visit had made me wish I could stay a bit longer.

First of all, this cozy and calm teahouse is the youngest among the raw food serving places in Praha. Therefore, it should not be surprising that after its opening, expectations on the scene were high. As for me I've got to say that all of mine were surpassed.

Not only that the location is great (let's admit it though, a forest hut or a garden house would always suit it more), right in the center, the decoration is much more appropriate than in any raw food restaurant I've seen, and the sitting spots are varied so that they fit (almost) anyone's preference. That being said, here a little downside has to be mentioned - the space is really small at the moment, with only three tables. What I miss a bit is the sitting on flat floor like I know it from some traditional teahouses. But of course, that's no big deal.

Amongst the teas served there, some trademark and rare Chinese teas can be found. Also, I am pleased to announce here that their recommended method of cold brewed Gyokuro is flawless, much like the offered green tea itself.
The celery fresh (a favorite of mine) I've once had there was a truly refreshing experience. It had a creamy green appearance, intense and delicate flavor and smooth, pleasant texture. It is prepared from local organic celery plus some stalk celery.

Now to the desserts, a favourite topic of mine as I indulge in them rarely. First of all, the desserts at Rawcha, especially the Avocado+Matcha+Lime dessert and the Raspberry/Cherry dessert are the lightest I've ever tasted.

Often, the desserts at raw food restaurants are pretty heavy, full of cacao butter and coconut oil. This alone would suit me to be honest, but not in combination with all the supersweet syrups and fruits and nuts.

Rawcha desserts, though, are well-balanced and the taste experience optimal. They actually teached me to appreciate sourness of some fruits a bit more. Avocado and lime is a "killer" combination - especially with tones of matcha (never quite raw, but ssssshhh! we're in a teahouse) in the background. But you do not smell or taste any other flavor than those you would expect to be present in the citrus, the avocado and the pale nutty crust.

Then there is also a variety of raw mains and other desserts I haven't tried.
The pricing is higher, but that's expectable.

Pros: fantastic beverages, quality of interior, positive vibes

Cons: opening hours could be even longer?, i don't really want to write any

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