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131 N Clinton Ste 7 (at inside French Market), Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60606

Grab-n-go, prepared raw food vendor inside the Chicago French Market at Ogilvie Train Station. Offers organic raw vegan meals, drinks, and snacks, with a focus on nut-free. Salads, raw pizza, super food smoothies, wheat grass shots, coconut water, and rejuvelac. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-7:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5:30pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Raw, Juice bar, Take-out only

Reviews (31)

First Review by s4hawkins

Raw Never Tasted So Good - Edit

I've made various raw dishes and dined at raw restaurants over the past few years but this place serves raw food unlike any i've ever had. It's exploding with flavor and wonderful textures. I've had the tiramisu (more like baked tiramisu than i thought possible), cranberry muffins, and the sample platter (zucchini noodles with marinara and meatballs, ravioli, garden burger with the fixings and a dessert). i can't wait to try more of their food, i just wish i lived in the city so i could go there more often!

Pros: delicious , lots of choices, lots of variation

Cons: a little expensive, grab and go only

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Quite possibly my favorite vegan restaurant - Edit

Yum, yum, yum! I love this place so much. Everything is vegan and most items are gluten free as well (except the sandwiches). I especially love the lasagna and the ravioli ... both absolutely delicious! You don't in any way feel like you are missing out, even though there is no pasta in it. It is better than actual lasagna, in fact. There is also a sample platter, which you can't go wrong with ... ravioli, "spaghetti," veggie burger, sides, dessert. On that note, while most of the meals include a tiny sample of the lemon square dessert (another must-try item!), only some of them do. Not sure why some have a dessert and other don't. There are other dessert options, as well, and smoothies and snacks.

Everyone is so nice, too!

It is expensive, though. I understand why - a lot of work and high quality ingredients go into their food, but I wish there were more (non-sandwich) items under $10. Overall, though, it is amazing.

Pros: 100% vegan, Delicious, Lots of choices

Cons: Expensive, No seating

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very satisfying - Edit

We had a very tasty and satisfying lunch at Raw. It was also very filling and kept me happy and going the whole afternoon. I could have skipped dinner easily... The food was very fresh and tasty and I especially have to recommend the deserts! It's a very small take-away-spot with a small seating area. They also sell (cook)books, supplements and ingredients (like raw nuts and such). They have a well assorted smoothy-menu as well.

Pros: food is fresh and tasty, very well seasoned , friendly staff

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Fast food in a convenient location - Edit

Raw's location in the French Market inside Olgilvie Transportation Center makes it very convenient on my commute. I either pick something up in the morning to take something to work for my lunch or pick something up for dinner on my way home. They often have a kale salad and a variety of raw vegan versions of non-raw, non-vegan dishes. The food is good, and I always enjoy eating somewhere that I can get lots and lots of vegetables. For me, there are two drawbacks about this place. The first is that I don't eat much salt, and everything here tastes moderately to very salty to me. The second is that it's expensive. Compared to other places within a few blocks that I buy lunch, it costs me several dollars more. But Raw will likely be in my rotation as long as it's there.

Pros: Fast service, Convenient location

Cons: Expensive

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Best Raw Food Ever - Edit

I was lucky enough to be staying just a block from this place... was in Chicago for 4 days, ate here everyday! Everything was amazing. The pizza was the best raw pizza I've ever had... the moment I bit into it, it reminded me of the days of Pizza Hut in my youth! Amazing flavors! The Empanada is to die for as well, and the muffins.... seriously just everything is awesome. I've been a raw foodie for about 3 years, and they had the best I've had so far!

Pros: Ready to eat!, Super healthy!, Like I would make at home.

Cons: I live to far away :(

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Great time at Raw - Edit

Went with a friend for a healthy lunch after yoga, we had a delicious meal and entertaining conversation with one of the partners. Recommended to everyone looking for net positive energy nutrition and uplifting vibes. Have a great time!

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Best Raw food I've had so far! - Edit

I've tried raw food all over the county and out of the country and by far this is both my girlfriend and I's favorite raw food place! I am vegan and I was never sold on the raw thing for awhile, because I had stuff that was ok and this changed my mind on the whole thing!

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A hidden gem - Edit

I was visiting Chicago two weeks ago, and I would never have found this place without Happy Cow. It is tucked into the French Market at the Metra Ogilvie Station. The French Market is a bit like Reading Terminal Market in Philly, but smaller.

Raw is basically a counter with a couple of refrigerated cases flanking it. There are two open refrigerated cases below the counter as well. I had the mock salmon salad sandwich and the tiramisu. The tiramisu was one of the best vegan tiramisu's that I have ever tasted.

The main problem with RAW was the sky-high price, for a take-out only place. I know that the food is all made from scratch, but it is not made-to-order.

I took the food with me to eat at O'Hare before my flight back home. It was a nice way to end my trip to Chicago.

Pros: good flavor, good texture, healthy food

Cons: steep price, take-out only

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An oasis!! - Edit

I was visiting from out of town and found this little gem through Happy Cow. Friendly, helpful staff. Delicious, healthy food. Sustainable practices. Delicious, filling juices and smoothies.

I'm making it a point to visit every time I'm back in town.

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Know Your Ingredients! - Edit

I found this place after seeing a truck driving around the city and I made a trip to visit as my wife takes the train home and it could be a regular stop for non-cooking nights.

I have a tough time finding vegan food, for the obvious reason of not many places with good options, but also garlic makes me sick.

So, I go through my painstaking routine of reading ingredient labels were most thing here have garlic. I found a dish that did not have garlic listed on the label and I figured most people have specific diets who eat there and the people working there should be accustom to the "what's in this" conversation, so I asked if there was garlic just to confirm. She said no, not if it's not on the label. I thought, excellent! I start eating and half way through (it's hard to tell if there is garlic in some vegan food) I bit into a clove. I wasn't happy. I debated over throwing it away and just walking out, but I had specifically asked her about garlic. I went up to the counter and said that it did have garlic in it (thinking they may try and reconcile) and the girl just said "oh okay". I wait for her to maybe say "sorry for the mistake we'll get you something else seeing you ate only half of a $15 lunch". I was pissed (and sick the next day)! Most restaurants know what's in there food, I expect nothing less here. Chalk this one up as another place I can't eat at!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 23, 2014

Pros: They have vegan food (rare), Good location

Cons: Misleading ingredients , Kind of expensive

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Raw Rocks! New Location at Dearborn & Huron St. - Edit

This place is amazing. They opened up a new location on the corner of Dearborn and Huron. Mostly take out but they have a small window counter area where you can eat on-site too. I live two blocks away and am thrilled to have them in the neighborhood.

The Salads are all amazing. I've had both Kale Salads and a couple of others. If you love salads you will be very happy.

The Pizza, Collard Burrito, Falafel...What can I say? Simply delicious. Also love their Oat/Fruit Muffin. That's become a regular breakfast for me, but their Raw Oatmeal is pretty incredible too, flavored with apples, raisins and cinnamon (not reliant on cashew or almond butter but still delicious.)

Portion sizes are perfect and pricing is moderate. In my opinion all of the food is price appropriately for the value equation of what you are getting for what you pay.

One thing they do incredibly well is come up with delicious healthy food that, I believe, would be lower on the caloric scale then other similar establishments. I'm a big fan of a few Vegan/Raw places in NYC but the (only) knock I have on those places is they use a lot of Nut Butters in everything they make and so their food is Caloric. At Raw Chicago, this is not the case. They use a great blend of healthy ingredients and their food, its richness, is generally not dependent on Nut/Seed butters. Although they don't put calorie counts on their packages, I know their food is not overly caloric (just moderately and appropriately caloric and certainly healthy calories at that.)

Get yourself to Raw. You will not be disappointed. If you are a Whole Foods shopper it's a half block away from the Huron St. Whole Foods. Go and grab lunch before your next Whole Foods shopping excursion. Don't grab the last Collard Burrito because there better be one there when I get there!

Pros: Variety/Selction, Lower Calorie not reliant on nut butter, Location (new store Huron and Dearborn)

Cons: Mostly take out, little seating, Tough to find unless you know it's there, Run out of top sellers, get there early

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Delicious Food - Edit

Stopped in for lunch.so many choices! Ended up getting the "sampler". Very tasty and filling. Friendly staff. If location was closer to my office would eat here more often.

Pros: Variety, Fast Service, Delicious

Cons: Pricey

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Awesome - Edit

Boyfriend and I were visiting for a few days and decided to come check this place out. What a great little gem! The selection was decent considering how small the storefront was. I ended up hauling a bag full of stuff back to the hotel-a coconut yogurt, a raw carrot cake, an apple pie, and different kinds of snacks. Everything was delicious, so I came again two days later to try out some more stuff.

This time I got an avocado-chocolate pudding, two carrot oat muffins, and some more snacks. The pudding had cacao nibs all over the bottom and on top and was decadently rich. I found it a bit too heavy for just one person, but would be perfect for 2-3 to share. The oat muffins were huge and AMAZING. Seriously, get them or you'll regret it! I would also love to try their entrees, but was already booked up for all the other veggie restaurants in town. Well, next time for sure!

Pros: great food, selection

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My Favorite Raw Food Place - Edit

The owners are the best and that translates into some of the best raw food I've ever eaten. I've tried everything on the menu and like it all. My personal favorites are the "egg" salad sandwich, the energy soup, the kale salad, and the Thanksgiving dinner package. I've recently moved away from Chicago and will miss this place very much. I used to work across the street from the French Market (where Raw resides) and I've eaten there at least 150/200 times. If you are in downtown Chicago (west Loop), you must try this place.

Pros: Amazing food, All raw, Organic

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Absolutely wonderful - Edit

My husband and I were absolutely delighted by the French Market and even more delighted with RAW. Hands down, the food we got from RAW was the best raw food we have ever had. He had the Salmon Pate and I had the Falafel sandwich. We shared an apple pie for dessert. The owner was extremely nice - she gave us two free muffins because she said it was customer appreciation day. I wish we lived in the Chicago area because I would love to further support this business and the food is very reasonably priced for the quality and everything is just delicious. We will be going back during our next trip to Chicago!

Pros: great food, friendly staff, convenient location

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Great!!!!! - Edit

The food here was great! I had a burrito and for the next week I was craving another. It was amazing! My friend got the pasta. She was surprised at how good it was. Everything we tried was great and I would go back every day if I could. The food was completely raw and vegan. You could buy items for the go too. The service was very friendly and I highly recommend RAW!

Pros: great healthy food, friendly service

Cons: a bit expensive

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Treat Yourself - Edit

I couldn't eat here all the time cuz it's just too expensive. But for a treat, or if you are visiting from out-of-town, I highly recommend stopping in. The owner is an absolute delight and will put you instantly at ease. The food is fabulous.

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My sweetheart and I were blown away by RAW! He's not even into raw foods and he loved it all. Sadly we were just in town for the day but we tried lots of things (they have wonderful samples available) and all of it was deeelicious. This food is SO MUCH better than Karyn's. I experienced Karyn's raw foods as being too heavily focused on sweeteners, nuts and fermentation (overly fermented in some cases). Raw's food is more refined in regards to balanced & complex seasonings, textures and aliveness. There's NO comparison between Raw's almond milk and Karyn's! If Raw had been closer to where my conference was I'd have eaten there all 4 days I was in IL. And one of the proprietors, Carole, was absolutely delightful---a kind-hearted, generous, authentic person. The green drink we had was ahhhhmazing, the pizza was astonishing, the tiramisu was one of the best desserts I've ever had. I can see why they've got so many regulars. And everything is so beautifully packaged & presented. The prices were very reasonable considering how much effort & brilliant execution goes into what they make (I've made lots of raw food and it's very labor intensive). The only reason I'd ever want to go back to Chicago (I'm not a city person) is to eat at RAW! Go there soon--you will NOT be disappointed! The only thing that could improve Raw is if they had a little cafe rather than a location in the market place. I see them growing into such a place---with food this exceptional and the heartfelt vibe they exude, it's a given.... BRAVO!!!

Pros: outrageously excellent food, quality ingredients, lovely people

Cons: lack of comfortable seating

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Healthy & Delicious - Edit

If you shop at the big Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, you're probably already familiar with RAW. Walking into the French Market, I was delighted when I saw the familiar bright pink and green labels and realized it was one and the same. I'd eaten so many of her dishes before, having bought them at WF's. I was glad to have finally discovered the mothership! She carries so much more at this location than they have at Whole Foods.

I found it very expensive, but portions are big and I am happy to pay for quality. I actually wish she would offer items in smaller portions with correspsonding smaller price tags.

If you're driving and want to do a quick pop-in, as you are driving on Washington, just past Clinton there is a row of free 15 min parking spots on your left (leave hazzards on). If you are there for 16 mins, you will be ticketed so u have to be quick!

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My new favorite raw restaurant. - Edit

My apologies to all of the other fine restaurants around the country where I've eaten, but this place is too good to be true. I had several items there and took some home. All were beyond belief. Rather than repeat what others have said below, just read their reviews. I concur wholeheartedly. You're the greatest, Carole.

Park in the structured parking lot north of the French Market, spend more than $20 in the market, and parking is discounted or even free for a while.

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The BEST raw food! - Edit

RAW is now my favorite place to eat! I visit from New Orleans occassionally, and like to try raw places wherever I go. This place has so much that's wonderful. The collard burrito is my absolute favorite (but there are still so many entrees to try) and I LOVE the raw muffins and desserts. The lemon pie, tiramisu & chocolate brownies are dreamy. And the kale chips are terrific, too Besides the food, the two owners are super sweet, helpful and passionate about their food. Polly even gave me some pointers on how I can try making raw muffins at home. It's obvious the owners love and believe in what they do and it's not just about making money. I can't wait to come back and stock up again!

Pros: terrific food, sweet staff, healthy

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deliciously RAW! - Edit

This was my first raw food experience. I went for the sample platter which had spaghetti, ravioli, a meatball, a lil veggie burger, and a tiny brownie. The ravioli was my favorite. The marinara sauce that came with it was amazing, and the ravioli filling was so soft and creamy. I had a sample of the tiramisu, which was incredible, but chose a parfait for dessert. The parfait contained rejuvelac, which I had never heard of; maybe if I had I wouldn't have gotten it (rejuvelac is fermented, so it had a sour taste, but it was nicely balanced with apples and granola). Everything was so good, I look forward to coming back again.

Pros: healthy cuisine, friendly staff

Cons: plastic packaging

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Best Raw! - Edit

I have eaten at dozens of raw food restaurants around the country including several who call themselves "gourmet". This little vendor blows them all away. They have the best tasting raw food dishes and deserts I have ever had. If I had the money, I would buy these people a restaurant!

This place is a little hard to find if you don't know that they are inside the "French Market" which is next to the train station.

Pros: Great food, Great prices for raw food, Recyclable containers

Cons: A little hard to find

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Refreshing! - Edit

Raw is refreshingly good. I don't eat raw vegan, just vegan, but enjoyed all the amazing choices they have to offer. The owner allowed me to sample a few items in order to help make a choice. For desert I reccomend Polly's Brownie. This was my first raw brownie, and it was scrumptious. They are very easy to access from the Green Line (get off at Clinton). Being an out of towner, this was important.

Pros: Good food, Owner very helpful and attentive, Easily acessible from Green Line

Cons: Take out only, so a lot of plastic containers

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Keeping healthy while traveling - Edit

Here in Chicago on business and striving to stay healthy while eating out I found Raw. Not far from my office, I wound up eating here for all three meals several days in a row. Their smoothies were delcicious, nutritious, and keep me full until lunch. Recently added "run like bull" smoothie being my favorite. Their meal portions are very generous and also filling- I was able to share most of the meal and feel satisfied. My favorite was the raw pizza. I also tried many samples I loved but had the sample platter, raw lasagna and salmon pate sandwhich and loved them all. The power snack was a nice suppliment if you are sharing (my finace also loved every meal) and the raw carob chip cookie was to die for. Finally, a place where the food is delicious as it looks, and you feel great afterwards! The owner, her son and other staff were super friendly and it felt great to support their business. I'll be back whenever I am in Chicago!

Pros: Friendly staff, ingedients listed, Delicious, satisfying food

Cons: Expensive- but worth it, Not on every corner, Because it should be on every corner

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Really good - Edit

I went to Raw yesterday, while on Chicago for a weekend. It is located in the French Market which is a fun place to walk around. I loved the food and everything was really good. The owner Carole is super nice as well and there are plenty of samples to make sure you try everything.
I got the sampler plate from which I loved the ravioli, really good.
My husband got the burrito which was pretty good as well.
Our favorite though was the yogurt, unbelievably good, they should sell this stuff everywhere !
I'd recommend it to any of my friends.

Pros: Location, Quality

Cons: A bit pricey

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Great Raw/Vegan Food! - Edit

RAW definitely does raw food right. Chicago only had two fully raw/vegan restaurants before RAW, and it's clearly a great new addition. RAW has a small stand/spot in the French Market but they seemed to have a huge presence. They always have two huge trays filled with samples of just about everything, and they even encourage you to try everything - this is great because you can see what you like. The first time I ate at RAW I went with the zucchini spaghetti, and while I liked my meal, I felt the 'meat ball' flavors were a little overwhelming. Other than that, the other things I've had were amazing such as the raw pizza, raw lasagna, salmon sandwich, etc. I will definitely be back.

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Rawnforgettable - Edit

Not only is the location extremely cool (within the new French market that reminds me of the LA Farmer's market), but the stall, staff, and food is decidedly phenomenal. I've tried quite a bit of raw food, but this place, with its conveniently packaged meals, desserts, and even salad dressings, bread, and hummus in to-go containers, makes this place wonderful. The staff is clearly passionate about spreading their joy and belief in raw foods, and it's rather contagious. The samples are abound, and the staff will make sure you buy something that you've tasted and loved! I did not try a single thing I did not absolutely love--and that makes for about 10 different menu options!

Pros: phenomenal taste experience, wonderful and exciting location, warm and inviting staff

Cons: the stall is rather small, so many curious people make it crowded!

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Friendliest Raw Food Anywhere! - Edit

I loved this food! Not only did I buy lunch, I got more to take home to eat for dinner! I had the "spaghetti and metballs", delicious. Tonight I am having the Collard Burrito, and boy am I looking forward to it.
On top of top notch raw food, the owner is incredibly friendly and helpful. She explained everything to us, gave us samples, and genuinely chatted with us for a while.
So, if you love raw food, or you are looking for your first raw food experience, go to RAW!

Pros: Friendly, Delicious , Healthy

Cons: None

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