Serves meat, vegan options available. Traditional ramen house with vegan section on the menu. Open Mon-Thu 3:00pm-11:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by Jerry_eats_food


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15 Oct 2023

Great Ramen, but where is the Vegan Egg?

Ramen Danbo has an entirely dedicated vegan menu which made this a go-to spot for lunch with a friend while in Seattle.

I was able to select the Negi-Goma Ramen ($13.45) since I love me some onion-sesame combinations in my life. There were even vegan gyoza and bowls that you could tack on for an additional cost too for $4 more.

Strangely, they advertised having a vegan egg as a topping when filling out your menu. Our server came back after seeing this and told me this was not available, but they had an actual egg available and said 'he's never seen the vegan egg be offered ever.' Erm... weird to say on both ends, my friend, but I'll let this slide...

Anyways, back to the ramen. I thought my negi-goma broth was fantastic - rich with umami and my customized ramen from the noodle firmness to the salt levels was spot-on. They included two slices of firm tofu as my replacement for the cha-shu.

The gyoza were fine and I probably wouldn't get them again, but the fact that the ramen was so amped up, I gotta give them praise. If you're looking for a solid vegan ramen that is creamy, rich, and filling, Danbo is the place to be.

Pros: Completely vegan set available



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15 Oct 2023

Customizable and delicious

Since Aloha Ramen closed and hasn’t opened back up again, this is now our favorite Ramen place outside of Japan. We love that you can order extra tofu, noodles, specify noodle firmness, and the flavor is great. If you can foot the bill get that extra tofu if you like it like I do, it doesn’t come with much to start.


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Non Veg
24 Jun 2023

Worst service ever.

We went to Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA branch.

We were a group of 4 people (including two elderly parents). As usual, we loved the food. However, one of the waiters (relatively chubby with brown hair) assigned to us made the experience really disgusting. Our prior experiences with this restaurant had been good but this one left us with a bitter experience because of this one waiter.
First, he was rude while taking the order itself. Then after taking the order, he just disappeared, completely ignoring us until after 30 minutes when our order was served. We literally had to resort to other waiters to even ask for water and napkins.
When the time came for cheque, while I was filling a custom tip amount, he literally took away the control and insisted to choose from the pre-filled tipping options (of orders of 25%+ tip). Then later, when we needed packing boxes, he again ignored us for next 15 minutes until I literally had to shout to gain his attention, and then we were given the packing boxes. I was still okay to let this go but then later, while going out, we decided to take a brown envelope to put the packing box in. Since he was busy with some stuff, we ourselves picked one brown envelope. In a moment, he snapped onto us, literally snatched the envelope back without asking, and then gave us a small envelope saying it was a better fit for our box. (Although we took the bigger envelope and should have taken a smaller one, but the way he snatched it back without even asking us, literally put me off).

Since I was with my parents, I did not want to create any scene, so I just left after that, but I never faced such a rude discriminatory behaviour in any place I ever visited in US. Even in the same restaurant, the other waitress was really patient and kind and assisted us with all the issues.

Please be aware of that waiter and do complain if you can, if you face similar experience. Have a good one and hope you don't get served by that waiter.


26 Jun 2023

Did you create an account just to post a negative review?


27 Jun 2023

So you’re just going around posting this review on multiple platforms. I found the exact same review (word for word) on multiple sites.


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05 Apr 2023

Spicy and Great Flavors

I don't frequent ramen places very often. However, I have to say this is the best ramen I have had in the U.S. The flavor and broth were great. It was a cold rainy day, which increased the need for ramen. I can't wait to try this place again. For the average ramen connoisseur, I don't think Ramen Danbo will disappoint.


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31 Mar 2023

Decent vegan ramen option

If you're in the area.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-31

Pros: Multiple vegan options including vegan lunch set, customizable ramen

Cons: Broth was good but not memorable, no dipping sauce for gyoza, which left the flavor a bit un rounded


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28 Mar 2023

extremely solid ramen, fantastic delivery method

the ramen was delivered broth seperately so when i received the food i could essentially eat it fresh when i mixed the broth in. overall falls somewhere between good and very good 7-8/10 and this very good to me especially considering it was delivered!

Pros: vegan options/menu


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27 Feb 2023

Very vegan friendly

Came here for something warm on a cold day and Danbo definitely came through. All their broths have a vegan equivalent here, including their seasonal special. We tried the Curry Rekka and Miso Rekka and both were good with a good level of spice. I recommend adding the pickled veggies. Next time I think we’ll try the vegan gyoza and sesame broth.

Pros: All the broths can be made vegan


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23 Feb 2023

Freaking Delicious

I had the spicy vegan ramen and it was so good I have been thinking about ordering it again all day 🤣 I had it delivered so it wasn’t quite as hot as you’d want a soup to be (we were having a power outage so I couldn’t warm it), but it was still ridiculously good. I can’t wait to get more!


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18 Feb 2023

Hands down best vegan ramen

I've tried all of the ramens there and they are all delicious, my personal favorite is the sesame one but you can't go wrong with any of them


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11 Jan 2023

So good!

delicious vegan options, ramen was 11/10 and so was the gyoza 🤤 Will definitely be coming back for more!


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19 Nov 2022


I love love love the ramen here. I get the classic and my partner alway gets the negi goma. The gyoza is also pretty good.

Pros: Vegan version of everything

Cons: Long waits sometimes


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16 Oct 2022


All original dishes are also available in Vegan! Been here a few times and never disappointed.


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09 Jul 2022

It’s cool

I ordered the Negi-goma Atsuaga Ramen and added seaweed. The broth was phenomenal but besides that I wasn’t impressed. I feel that it is a mighty small portion for the price tag. The place also was not air conditioned and it was a warm summer day eating a hot, small bowl of ramen.

I certainly do love the customization aspect of the place, though. Everything from broth richness, spice, noodle texture, etc. I would return but not on a hot day.


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29 Jun 2022

Solid options

I had the vegan spicy (rekka) miso ramen. It was actually super spicy and I enjoyed the broth so much! Everything was perfect, I just wish it was bottomless 🥲 😂

Pros: Whole vegan menu

Pebbles K9

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11 Dec 2021

Solid Vegan Ramen 🍜

Simple and straightforward, but delicious vegan ramen.

Bonus: Walk a few blocks to Frankie & Jo’s afterwards for vegan ice cream!

Pros: Seattle is the perfect place for vegan ramen! , Vegan ice cream nearby.


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27 Nov 2021

Best Vegan Ramen in Seattle

They have a full vegan menu with lots of customization options. Everything is so delicious. The servers are friendly and super attentive.


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07 Oct 2021

Nice Vegan options

The vegan ramen is very tasty. Its a simple ramen topped with tofu slices and green onions, but the flavors are really good. Sometimes simple is better. Portion size is perfect

Pros: 4 vegan ramens to choose from, Good portion size


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15 Sep 2021

Good vegan ramen!

Such a great spot for takeout (minus the excessive packaging) or dine in. Casual and delicious! Put your name on the list before you go.

Pros: Vegan gyoza!, Lots of options


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07 Sep 2021

Good Ramen!

Go to their website to check out their offerings.
This place has an extremely customizable menu so there are a lot of possibilities for vegan meals here. They even have a vegan menu! They have 4 vegan broths and adjust your order by thickness and richness of broth, type of noodle, spiciness level, toppings etc. Vegan soft boiled egg is also a topping!  You can choose the type of ramen, broth, spiciness level and toppings. We loved Miso "Rekka Ramen"  spicy style and that broth definitely had some depth! We ordered it with mushrooms and nori on top! Very delicious!
We also ordered Negi-Goma Atsuage Ramen. Super tasty ramen with  rich and succulent roasted sesame seed infused oil. 6 slices of tofu and we added pickled veg.
Very delicious and I recommend if you are in the neighbourhood. This place gets very busy so keep that in mind!

Pros: Vegan Menu


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01 Aug 2021

Embarrassingly basic ramen

I was excited about this place after reading the reviews. Ordered takeout and legitimately thought that I was eating instant noodles. The broth had no particular flavor except for salt, and the noodles seemed like they were the cheapest option available at the supermarket. Equivalent to setting your $$ on fire.


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01 Nov 2020

Vegan Ramen and Gyoza

I first had Ramen Danbo while in Vancouver and was glad to see they had a location in Seattle as well. They have a separate vegan menu that includes 4 different kinds of ramen, which can then be customized for noodles, richness of broth, spice, etc. My go to is the Miso Rekka Ramen and it never disappoints. Their vegan gyoza are tasty as well. They offer a lunch special that includes a ramen of your choice, 3 gyoza, and then a topping of your choice for less than $20. They also offer extra orders of noodles for when you've got a ton of delicious broth left. Comforting food for sure.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Customize your ramen, Vegan Gyoza


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30 Jul 2020

Vegan Variety

Multiple different vegan ramen options, as well as vegan sides.

Pros: Variations of vegan ramen, Vegan sides


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03 Jan 2020

My Favorite Ramen

The broth is quite amazing! Currently stands as my favorite ramen due to the unique, umami flavor.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Customize your noodles and broth (ie. thin/thick)


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24 Oct 2019

Yummy and customizable

All the ramen types are available vegan, and there are so many customization options! They also have vegan gyoza, so the description is out of date

The Hungry Vegan

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11 May 2019

Best in town

This is the best vegan ramen I've had in town!

Pros: Customizable

Cons: Very popular, There can be a wait


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22 Jan 2019

Best vegan ramen in the area that I've tasted.

This is my favorite vegan ramen in town. Rich, creamy, and spicy, it knocks the socks off of other places nearby (that shall remain unnamed) and has a number of customization options (all the same ones the nonvegan versions have), including negi-goma and miso versions, which are my favorites. Some of the extra toppings are also vegan. The noodles have a nice chew to them.

Pros: Almost every ramen option veganizable, Rich and umami with heat adjustable to your taste, Could convert your nonvegan friends

Cons: Serves pork as its primary product., Would be nice if they could have a vegan rice dish

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