Small vegan restaurant that serves only organic produce from Yokohama. Offers a lunch plate or curry. Also serves sweets and organic drinks like coffee, beer and tea. Seats 14. Located close to Yokohama station. Suggested to call ahead to check times. Open Wed-Sat 11:30am-3:00pm. Closed Sun - Tue.

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First Review by Plantbaseddavid


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31 Mar 2023

Tasty food, friendly staff

The vegan one plate is pretty good, the staff is kind and it’s not too expensive, but it’s pretty far from the station and there’s no tourist attraction in the area, so the location isn’t great.



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06 Sep 2022

Amazing meal and atmosphere

I've been wanting to come here for a while, and I'm so glad I did! The owner greeted me when I arrived and let me know she was almost out of rice, but she still put together a beautiful and delicious lunch set. My lunch included cold corn soup, pumpkin, soy meat karaage, roasted veggies like eggplant, a salad and beans. The presentation itself was pretty, and the meal tasted great! She gave me a complementary iced tea which was great as well. The atmosphere was relaxed and cozy with acoustic music playing. The owner was so friendly and told me she uses lots of local ingredients as well. If I have a chance I'll definitely go back!

Pros: Different meal every time, Friendly owner, Great atmosphere

Cons: A bit out of the way from the station


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Mostly Veg
15 Jul 2022

cozy atmosphere

This restaurant looks like somebody's house, but the door is unlocked you can open it without hesitation
2000 yen Lunch plate comes with brown rice, a salad with a giant okra, fried tofu wrapped in seaweed and a few other yummy deli dishes plus a soup (cold sweetcorn soup for summer) and a drink
There is also self-service herbal tea for free
You can order a desert separately and they have a takeaway bento for 1400 yen

The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday, but often closed for private events, so make sure to check their facebook page before visiting
A reservation is a must for dinner


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15 Jan 2021

Overall good experience

Ambiance, variety and organic based lunch makes an overall good experience. I would have appreciated a bit stronger taste on some of meal components like soup or salad.

Pros: Ambiance , Variety

Cons: Taste could be improved/enhanced


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19 Oct 2019

A lovely meal

English below👇 横浜駅から徒歩で15分ほどの所にある『ラレンターレ』へ行ってきました。





Rallentare is a new ALL-VEGAN restaurant located a 15min walk from Yokohama station. It’s situated in a small but airy and charming space. We took our shoes off at the entrance and shuffled inside.

On this particular day they only had their lunch plate on offer, but it seems they have curry and other choices on other days. All of the produce they use is organic and sourced from the Yokohama area, and the meals are designed and prepared by a macrobiotic sommelier (!).

The lunch plate was as delightful as it was delicious, with a variety of carefully-prepared dishes. It was healthy and wholesome, and the two ladies who run the place were so kind.

Our only quibble was that this restaurant can get really loud. The dining room is small and there’s no carpet or curtains or anything to absorb the sound. Sadly, this seems to be a trend in restaurants these days, and is by no means limited to Rallentare.

I also disliked how they put essential oils (from an MLM, no less) in the drinking water. That stuff’s not meant to be consumed.

Still, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy your meal here. Go here if you’d like to discover how tasty veggies can be.

Pros: Tasty and beautiful food, Friendly service

Cons: A little pricey (but high quality), Can get quite noisy


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14 Sep 2019

Cheerful little place

A short walk from the station, you’d mistake the building for homes if it wasn’t for the sign on the door. The food is excellent and clearly prepared with care. Very calm and bright atmosphere.


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07 Sep 2019

Very good

All is vegan, good tasty and beautyfull.
Small nice Restaurant, friendly people.

Pros: All vegan, nice atmosphere


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03 Aug 2019

Well hidden but well worth it.

The restaurant is about 10 min walk from Yokohama station. Look for the little black board outside.
The lunch plate (Â¥1500 plus tax) comes with a few different types of food plus a drink (tea or coffee, hot or cold).
The food was great and it seems the lunch plate will be different each day so it’s a good reason to come back.
Owners were very friendly. Well hidden but well worth it. Will definitely be back.


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Mostly Veg
04 Jul 2019

Wonderful meal

I was here for a private vegan meet-up for dinner. They prepared a plethora of delicious foods for us. The restaurant is intimate with limited seating. Located within walking distance of Yokohama Station.


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26 Jun 2019

Macrobiotic restaurant

The owner believes “you are what you eat” so the food doesn’t contain white sugar, diary products, eggs, animal products or additives. Also, she chooses organic vegetables whenever possible.

The restaurant’s name, Rallentare, means ‘to slow down’ in a musical term.
It was named with a wish of taking a rest and resetting your mind.

Food was good.

Pros: Cosy

Cons: A little bit pricy, The owner doesnt speak english


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25 Jun 2019

Lovely food

Went for a private event through Yokohama Vegan Meetup, so it was open in the evening when it usually isn't. It was buffet-style and very tasty. I liked the "karaage" brown rice balls and the green mandarin mojito from the party menu. I'm not sure if they're regularly available.

The restaurant itself is spotless.

It's 12 min on foot from Yokohama station.

Updated from previous review on 2019-06-25

Pros: tasty food, clean restaurant


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20 Apr 2019

All Vegan

Super nice women serving nice refreshing and interesting food.

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