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Zeil 112-114, Zeilgalerie UG, Frankfurt, Germany, 60313

Raw food restaurant serving raw meals, snacks and desserts, juices, smoothies, and fresh cold pressed nut milk. Since 2013. Aug 2015 REPORTED SHUT, CONFIRMED BY ITS FB

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23 Reviews

First Review by purple

sweet - Edit

indulgent little treats and delicious fresh smoothies with friendly, helpful service.

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if only... - Edit

I come here a lot, especially during the warmer seasons as there is no other place downtown that offers raw vegan food so I know Rag Bar quite well and appreciate their attitude. But I do not accept how quickly they increased their prices for the still not really big portions.
Whenever I bring colleagues (I am the only vegan unfortunately) they complain about not being satisfied with these "baby portions" decorated very sophisticated to make them look big on the plate. I can handle this as I always have my raw snacks in the office in case I fell hungry later in the afternoon, but for everybody else is just not enough obviously.

Food itself is of good quality as far as I can judge but way too bland for me, but that's my personal preference. The cashew sauce on burgers and lasagna tastes really really boring. I prepare raw food myself at home so I know how spicy without being hot it CAN taste.

I like their raw candy, not too sweet, exactly how I like it. The cakes are a bit too sweet though, maybe that's how most of the people like it, because to me - since I went raw on sweets - everything tastes too sweet very quickly. They prepare cakes for birthdays and special occasions which I love because it's very time consuming to prepare a raw food cake considering sprouting, dehydrating.

I only tried a smoothie once since I prepare them myself at home but they tasted OK, although more on the fruity side and rather thin. Lots of Super foods - love it.

Service is sometimes a bit slow but have improved lately.

Everybody speaks English, that's helpful.

The location is the worst of all, it's close to Hauptwache which is a huge advantage, but that's about it. Imagine all those nice people, this great, healthy natural food in a better setting (closed restaurant, natural day light or even outdoor seating)... it would be a dream. But unfortunately they are in the basement of a shopping mall surrounded by Pizza Hut. You even have to use their seating area. Sometimes the music from the upper floor is so loud that it becomes really stressful and impossible to relax while eating. At other times it's rather quiet but it's never really cozy down there. During Winter you have to keep on your jacket because of the draught from the main entrance of the mall. At least they have a cool and fancy deco (old timer car) that sticks out of this boring hallway.

I will continue to come here, but would never do so if there was a similar place in a better location.

Pros: raw vegan food, friendly people

Cons: setting, cash only, no online menu, no tel, no reservations

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great! - Edit

I have come here several times during different stays in Frankfurt. This place is located in the basement food court of a big mall right in the centre of the city on a big shopping street. There are four or five tables to sit at - I wouldn't call the atmosphere cozy or relaxing but it's tranquil enough. They have many many smoothie options including superfood shots and fresh pressed juices. They have a variety of vegan desserts and a raw vegan dish or two as meals. I've never been disappointed, I would highly recommend! The staff is friendly and speaks English.

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raw. vegan. gluten free. check! - Edit

Huge selection of smoothies, protein shakes and interesting mixes of freshly pressed juices. Plus tasty desserts to take out. Try the truffles! Was a pleasant surprise to find in the touristy galleria!

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all raw and vegan - Edit

Smoothies are okay. Snacks and sweets are awesome but really expensive. Good for a smoothie in the city but not one of the best in town.

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Raw Foodies Heaven - Edit

I went the first time to this restaurant when visiting Frankfurt and I was so excited to see they have a lot of raw options. I tried their raw burger as main meal, two raw cake slices and a fresh juice. The quality was all good and it was delicious. The cakes were small but not too sweet as often the case, just right. They told me they often just use dates to make it sweet and agave which I don't think is healthy. The prices were a bit high but I was very pleased with everything I tried.

Pros: healthy raw food , fresh and good quality , tasty desserts

Cons: a bit expensive , location opposite pizza hut

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Delicious raw treats - Edit

I've tried a few different raw slices which tasted divine. Maybe the price is justified for the location and raw ingredients, but holy cow, is it expensive. A small slice is 4.80 and the main dish would have even cost 13 Euro. A snack sized flat quiche was 7.50.

Worth going there to taste the raw unbaked goods though.

Pros: Raw cakes, Yummy slices

Cons: Very expensive

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Disappointing - Edit

I went there with my boyfriend, because I read all the positive reviews here and saw delicious promising photos on facebook, so I was really curious and excited to go there.
They have a really big menu of smoothies and all sorts of superfood stuffed drinks and shakes, plus raw vegan treats like cakes and also savory dishes. We only tried two "smoothies"/shakes, which already were expensive enough, though.
Don't get me wrong, but, due to the fact that I make myself a smoothie each morning, I know how to make a good one. And so I was curious how they prepare theirs and what they put in it. As I watched them prepare it though, I was left a bit dazzled and hoped they would taste better than I assumed from what I just saw...
First of all, they took a tiny piece of unripe banana and then a tiny scoop of 2 superfood powders and the rest was all liquid. The same happened to the shake of my boyfriend.
When we finally got our shakes the taste was more then disappointing. It was pretty watery and I could taste the unripe, starchy banana. The one my boyfriend had didn't taste any better. Overall they were pretty tasteless and except for the starchy banana I wasn't able to taste anything else. I even refused to finish it and left really unsatisfied and disappointed.

I know the rental of the little shop must be high, because it is located directly in the city, but I don't think the taste and quality, at least of the shakes we had, can justify the high price of these shakes.

Cons: expensive, unripe fruit, sparing usage of ingredients

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Geniale Bar! - Edit

Wirklich schöne Bar mit leckeren grünen Smoothies und tollen Snacks!
Die bar selbst ist auch sehr schick :)

Klare Empfehlung!

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excellent!! - Edit

Excellent i love it! ! Dishes are really good and the staff is great! ! Try it!!!

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Central, fast, yummie - Edit

I have to disagree with "Timeless"'s review further down. I found the staff to be very friendly and knowledgeable. I couldn't decide between two smoothies and the owner explained all ingredients and benefits in detail and was generally a nice chap. Oh, and there are 5 tables with 4 chairs each (I counted. Sad , I know).

My smoothie tasted great and the cookie I had was nice, too. I liked the place - it's central and there isn't much else around in the area that's 100% vegan. If you're exploring the city or are out shopping, Rag Bar makes a good place to take a break & refuel.

Pros: Central location, Great taste, Not expensive

Cons: Better for smaller meals and snacks, Only five tables and some bar chairs

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RAW vegan place @ Zeil - Edit

Rag Bar is one of Frankfurt's few inner city vegan options. Smoothies, juices, shots, food and sweets are great and the staff is competent and welcomes customers heartily!
If you are lucky you will be able to enjoy their raw burger, Lasagna or Burrito.
If not, there are plenty of other options to choose from!
The perfect antidote to Pizza Hut right in front.

Pros: Great staff, Great Food, Inner city

Cons: Few seats, lunch sold out fast

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Great food, nice people, few seats and a Chevy - Edit

The "Rag Bar" consists mainly of a very long modern bar with a lot of glass and shiny elements with (parts of) an integrated black vintage Chevrolet. It is really a pity that this great place has just two chairs and a tiny bench (at least, that was the situation back in February when I was here)! Indeed - for an evening out in a cozy environment with a bunch of friends this is not the place to go...

When I came here it was a rainy day and I expected I won't find a seat, and I definitely did not want to eat standing at the bar or on a bench outside in the rain, but I was curious and decided to take at least a look at this venue.

When I saw the food I was hooked - it looked so great! I ordered a raw lasagna and some fresh juice and while I was talking to a friendly staff member I was able to get hold of one of the chairs. Lucky me!

The freshly made lasagna was just fantastic and so was the chocolate-mint cake I had for dessert (with a taste resembling some mint-chocolate of a famous brand). While sitting there I saw quite a few people making use of the take-away option which is really fine when you live in the area (or when it does not rain). All staff members were friendly and helpful and gave detailed explanations about the food.

If I ever get to Frankfurt again I will definitely come back. I would even stand at the bar just to eat this great food (but I do hope they will have more seats by then).

Pros: Wonderful healthy food, Nice staff, Cool decoration

Cons: Too few seats

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complete dissapointment - Edit

I had planned an evening with some friends and showing them a place where good vegan food can be eaten so they get a kind of clue that being vegan means tasty food.

because of the good reviews I choose rag-bar.

We went there.

it was a complete waste of time.

They had a total amount of 2 chairs ( a restaurant with only 2 chairs...srzly? my kitchen has more chairs than this bar.), the ppl were talking and not really interested of any maybe possible costumer even when you asked them.
I honestly dont know where the great meals come from. I double-checked the adress and all.

maybe good for a vegan snack or coffe when you are in the middle of the town.
but honestly?
go to edelkiosk or sesamo or veganz.
There you really have a true staff who take care of the costumer and really know how to do some service and get it done! plus there you have a real variety of meals.

Pros: location ( in the middle in frankfurt)

Cons: ignorant staff, less variety, total amount of seats: 2.

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jule_stein90 05 Mar 2014 - Dear Timeless,
I completely disagree with you in most points. Yes it might not be a restaurant and they might only have two chairs but that is probably why they called it Rag BAR?! In terms of staff I have to say, that I never met any staff that is so friendly, open and lovely. In addition they always take time for your questions and explain the advantages, ingridients and preparation of every single drink or food on the menu. I just love going to Rag Bar, not only because of the great and healthy food and drinks you get but most importantly because you always get to meet lovely people and have great conversations.  

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TlMELESS 05 Mar 2014 - Then it is friendly ignorance.
If they show photos of food and what is available at the bar then you might assume that they also have food or at least drinks to stop by.

And no. they did not make time. they didn´t even take time to get a possible order. they (2 ppl. a guy and a girl) were just turning around and chatting with 2 costumers who were nearly finished with their drinks.

I worked in gastronomic places. For several years. It might be nice from you to defend them but that won´t delete the fact that they ignored new quests. they didnt take time or took an order. that was what happened.  

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great experience - Edit

Beside the.dishes were excellent, taste,quality and appearance,chating with the helpful and kind stuff was a pleasure. I definitely recommend to visit and will come back myself.

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tastefully holistic!!!! - Edit

Situated right across the Pizza Hut in the hustle and bustle of the downtown Frankfurt, was quite a contrast to begin with.
The menu was purely organic and unique with a million options in juices, smoothies, raw and organic main courses and quite sumptuous desserts. The portions were sizeable and the value for money was good, compare the other vegan restaurants I have been to. The owners Ahmed and Ali were really friendly and cordial and were very helpful in discussing the menu. The menu is revolutionary considering they are the pioneers in the raw vegan food. I ordered a juice, lasagne, a burger and a pizza.I liked the lasagne to no end and my girlfriend fancied the burger , the taste was great. kudos to the owners for their good work and the concept.3 cheers.

Pros: nice vibe , lot of options, vast menu , great food

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Wonderful Food with Naturally Gluten-free Options! - Edit

Found this on Happy Cow as I was visiting Frankfurt and was impressed with the location as well as the variety of gluten-free food options. The only thing to avoid was the spelt flour as it contains a low amount of gluten.

I chose the raw burger which was amazing and tasty! I also had a mango smoothie and by the end of the meal I could feel the goodness. t the end I left with a slice of pistachio cheesecake which was a pure pleasure to eat!

The owner spoke fantastic English and was happy to explain the ingredients (a necessary for those affected by gluten). They were extremely friendly and let me know how long the food would take. A really wonderful place to rival all the bread-based frozen food that is served all around us!!

Pros: Extremely healthy and fresh food!, Very gluten-free/Coeliac friendly, Friendly staff with great English!

Cons: Limited seating

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Amazing! - Edit

I am so surprised. I visited Rag Bar, After I saw it on HappyCow. It. was amazing! The staff is so friendly, and offered me to make me a lasagna, because I asked for it. Instead I took the wrap - and had a nice chat with the owner. The dip is absolutely fantastic! The cashew-chocolate & the smoothie, too. The names are funny, the offer is great! Visit it! I'm thinking about going raw, it. was overwhelming and i received a lot of information.
They speak German and English fluently!
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 02, 2013

Pros: Friendly, capable staff, Fresh and healthy food

Cons: Not so much space to sit down (yet)

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Great Food!! - Edit

I travel the world as a Health Coach, and have the chance to eat great heathy good around the globe. Rag Bar was amazing!! The food was fresh, delicious, energizing and packed full of super foods and yummy ingredients. The raw ravioli with a red pepper/pinenut/turmeric dressing is excellent, and so are the green juices and smoothies. The Johnny Cashew raw/vegan chocolate fudge is super. The staff is very warm and friendly too!! It's a must!

Pros: Fresh, Variety, Delicious

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Finally... - Edit

When walking through the streets of London, New York or L.A. you can find these kinds of places everywhere. Finally there is a place to enjoy the best and healthiest foods and beverages right here in Frankfurt.
The quality is perfect and the taste is simply amazing. Every smoothie, shake, juice, cake and salad is made with so much love and dedication that you feel special while enjoying them. The owners take their time to chat with you and explain their concept and how the ingredients they use really make a big difference. There is a wide range of ingredients used: chia seed, goji, wheatgrass, herbs, quinoa, raw protein, not to speak of a variety of power fruits and vegetables. I am not eating vegan or vegetarian but I really appreciate the possibility of having almond milk or other alternatives to the "normal" dairy in my food. For me as an athlete it is, too, very important to eat clean and to know exactly what ingredients are included and at Rag Bar I can see what is put into my smoothie, other than when purchasing a smoothie in the supermarket. I am looking forward to trying all the other shakes, smoothies and juices. This place is truly an enrichment and I will be a recurring customer in the future.

Pros: healthy & possible to eat/drink clean, great staff, taste is amazing

Cons: only one place in frankfurt, please expand!!! ;)

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Great superfoods, tastes, and people! - Edit

Definitely the best address when it comes to raw vegan food and superfoods in form of juices, smoothies as well as sweets (cakes, pralines, etc.) -- right in the heart of Frankfurt. Internationally, only the Inspiral in London could compare. Go for it!

Die mit Abstand beste Adresse, wenn es um raw vegan food und superfoods in Form von Fruchtshakes, Smoothies und insbesondere süßen Leckereien (Kuchen, Pralinen, etc.) geht – und das im Herzen von Frankfurt. Im internationalen Vergleich konnte für mich bislang nur das Inspiral in London mithalten. Worauf warten? Go for it!

Pros: Superfood, vegan and raw, Nothing compares to that tastes, Very friendly staff giving great advices

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Amazing superfoods - Edit

Everytime I go to "Zeil" I visit the Rag Bar. It's a nice location. The food is really healthy, you can find a lot of rawfood there and also vegan food. But you don't have to be a vegan to like it. The team is so creative and lovely. They all give their best everyday and try out new things. It's really worth visiting whenever you are at ,,Zeil". I love it!

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delicious - Edit

I love the treats at Rag Bar. They are just delicious! I always drink the Raggucino there.
Lovely people working there and I hope they will have some more seats soon.
I can recommend it to anyone who would like to have a healthy snack while shopping at the famous "Zeil" in Frankfurt.
Updated from previous review on Thursday October 03, 2013

Pros: excellent food, great freshly grounded coffee, friendly staff

Cons: not many seats

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