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507 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas, USA, 77006

Serves meat, vegan options available. Brunch on Sunday. Originally all-veg when it opened in 2011 but added meat in summer 2013. Moved from Fulton St. Confirmed closed, May 2015.

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Great for Blended Families - Edit

My husband and I are vegan, but our grown children are not. When we have family dining events, they used to avoid any vegan restaurant. Since Radical Eats now has a limited selection of meat-based meals along with numerous vegan meals, everyone can find something to enjoy! The vegan Steve Winn of Vegas also considers it important for people to be able to dine together and all of the restaurants in his casino have both. Radical Eats continues to have mostly vegan and vegetarian options, so you'll find plenty to choose from. Most of our family has tried many of the vegan dishes at Radical Eats and has enjoyed them very much. There are "comfort food" choices as well as healthier options. Tex-Mex cuisine can be heavy, so if you want light, don't order tamales, which are GREAT vegan creations. We like the chicken fried eggplant with mashed potatoes and the desserts satisfy too. The buffet is substantial and a good sampler of their fare. I prefer ordering from the menu, so I have just one taste trend in my mouth. I recommend to all other Blended Families. Bon appetite.

Pros: good vegan food, great location, nice clean atmosphere

Cons: slightly higher price, busy at times

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Radically Awful!! - Edit

I don't think I can remember the last time I had such awful food! The beans were about the only thing we could stomach eating. Couldn't finish any of our dishes as we felt we were getting sick from the taste. If you love the flavor of cooking oil, this is your place! We sent back our food and the only thing they offered was an 8 dollar discount off the 100 dollar bill. The drinks were also below average. The guac wasn't made fresh and came cold from the fridge. This place is a disgrace vegan friendly restaurants!

Pros: The beans, The Decor

Cons: The food, The service, The price

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Great place to bring omnis - Edit

I am saddened by the negative reviews after the resto added non-vegan options. I think it is nice to come to a place where everyone can eat happily. I think their Sunday brunch is their best value as you can sample many different dishes for a more reasonable price. It is not my favourite restaurant because I found their dishes heavy and relied a lot on vegan subs (daiya, tofutti, etc) but my omni friends never objected to coming. Their vegan desserts were great, so definitely see what they are serving that night.

They also have free drop-in cooking classes.

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Fantastic Food! A real standout! - Edit

I'm originally from Houston, but haven't lived in the city for a while. I was SOOOOO pleased to find this restaurant on a recent trip home for the holidays, so much so that I ate here 3 times in 2 days! My folks live in suburban north Houston, so it's not exactly around the corner either!

I came here first with my dad, who is not vegan and only has a lukewarm understanding of vegan food, generally thinking that joking about my food leanings is still acceptable (it's not). Wanting to share (even though i told him he didn't have to), we ordered a completely vegan meal, with entrees, appetizers, the works. My dad LOVED everything, especially the jalapeno poppers and the eggplant schnitzel with red cabbage (which, by the way, is an AMAZING special, highly recommended!). We also ordered the Mushroom enchiladas, and those were a big hit as well. Being that my dad is hispanic, I thought he would be particularly critical of the Mexican food offered, but he liked everything, as did I.

As to service, my father is also disabled and part of his disability is a lack of patience and being prone to impulsiveness and irritability (in short, very cranky old man). . Servers tend to give us crappy service because of this, and working in the restaurant industry, i get why even though it isn't his fault. The server handled my father well, and took good care of us, despite my dad asking him multiple times about the food. I don't know about the previous poster's experience, but anyone who can deal with that and still give great service is an awesome food service professional. We tipped well accordingly.

The food here was so awesome, I took my sisters there for lunch the next day, and then a friend suggested it for dinner later that night. I couldn't say no, and of the three other friends there, none chose to order a non-vegan meal. Everyone loved it, and it made eating there a lot more comfortable that my non-veg friends knew they had non-veg options (even if they didn't take advantage).

Ultimately, I know this place used to be all vegan and it makes people mad that they still aren't. But in a city with almost no other good vegan options, their food is stellar, and it's a fantastic place to take friends to make them feel comfortable and still get great food. I think it's wrong to hate on this business for offering a few non-veg options once they moved into a larger space to compete for business in a town where vegan is still considered really "out there" and a hard sell.

Pros: Tons of great veg options, kind, patient waitstaff, drinks are yummy

Cons: seating in the next door room is cramped

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Vegan, Vegetarian, or Omnivore? - Edit

Something here for everyone. Great venue for 'mixed' families and business events. Love their Guacamole & Chips, Mushroom Enchiladas, and Black Bean Burger!

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Below average food/service, no longer vegan - Edit

I am deleting my previous review for Radical Eats, which I wrote when they were a vegan restaurant. To be honest, I never thought their food was that good - even when it was all-vegan. The cream cheese in their stuffed jalapenos tasted like it was right out of a Tofutti container and other dishes were heavy-handed and messy as well. I thought they had one great taco, but that was about it. I went, though, because I wanted to support a local vegan business. So when they started to serve dairy, then eggs, and finally meat, I was not willing to spend my money on their at-best mediocre food. I did try it once since they reopened as a omnivore restaurant on Westheimer, and it was just like I remembered. The food was just okay. And the service was some of the worst I've ever experienced - we waited almost 20 minutes to see a waiter after we were seated. (I've heard that they don't have service problems if you go on a special night: Valentine's Day, New Years, when they hire extra staff.) They do have a Sunday brunch (different prices for vegan, vegetarian, or meat brunch), but it's expensive (especially given the quality of the food). I supported this place when it was vegan, but now that it's just another restaurant with vegan options, I have no qualms about saying that it is not very good and I do not eat there at all.

Pros: Good for omnivore groups, Has brunch

Cons: At best-mediocre food, Worst service, Expensive

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Owner takes MEAT Route... no longer radical eats - Edit

We supported this restaurant from its beginning days at the Farmers Market. The food was completely vegan and gluten free. Simply excellent. It was homey - not 'boutique' - and the prices were very reasonable. The owner, Staci, stood on a soap box about veganism... she would come by the tables, preach about its benefits and how it cured her cancer. The restaurant was also covered in anti-meat and animal rights bumper stickers and such. You can easily find articles about Staci's veganism online. She had also been a vegetarian chef to rock band and acts that came through Houston decades ago. But now, of course, Staci totally denies her former vegan stance and claims she has always consumed meat. How many meat eating chefs open vegan restaurants??? The answer is probably none! The change happened when 2 corporate-minded suits came in to the restaurant one afternoon and wowed Staci with talk about expansion. Suddenly and without warning, the unlimited Aguas Fresh on tap ended. The unlimited salsas ended. The Family Style Buffet Brunches ended. People used to serve themselves these Aguas Freshes, Salsas and Buffet Brunches. After the 2 suits had their way with Staci, she brought her food out to you in limited quantities and the price of the Family Style Brunch jumped from $9 to an astounding $22. Dairy was shortly introduced to the menu soon afterward, and then the meat arrived. I was stunned to see meat on the menu... I thought it was a typo or a joke. Needless to say, I have never gone back or visited Staci's new, 'posh' and way overpriced location. It is a shame that this establishment is off our eats list. The food was so good when it was vegan. It had such a great vibe once upon a time. We have since found a very much welcome REAL vegan/vegetarian restaurant (with great prices) in town.

Pros: None, None, None

Cons: Vegan to Meat, Not Unlimited Anymore, Expensive

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So Sad! - Edit

I'm very sad to see that this once amazing vegan restaurant has added meat to the menu. Along with that they have moved to a more modern building and hiked up the once very reasonable menu prices. The food since the move is also lacking and they have taken menu of the wonderful vegan dishes off of the menu. I will no longer go out of my way to eat there.

Pros: Vegan Mexican Options

Cons: Expensive, Careless Owner, Promotes "Happy Meat"

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Unforgivable. I will never eat here again. - Edit

I can deal with a vegan place going vegetarian, but a vegan place going to serving animal foods is a sellout and completely unforgivable. [edit by staff]

Pros: none

Cons: sellouts

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NO LONGER VEGAN VENUE - serves animal flesh now - Edit

NO LONGER A VEGAN VENUE! When Radical Eats was a vegan restaurant, the food was unique and tasty. The Raw vegan tacos were a bit hit. Now in 2013, they have moved to a new venue in Montrose and reverted from being 100% vegan to serving dead animal flesh on the menu. Who on earth does that? I hear there are still 'some' vegan options on the menu that taste good (left over from the original Radical Eats menu), but I have no interest in going to a restaurant that was once vegan and now makes profit off of dead animals. Many non-veg restaurants are moving in a progressive, 'radical' direction by ADDING vegan items to the menu, not the other way around by once being vegan and adding dead animal flesh. A recent Houston Press article interviewed the owner, who seemed indifferent to the disappointment of vegans on her changes to the restaurant. No wonder vegans have lost interest in this place. Many other great, fully vegan restaurants in Houston to visit instead.

Pros: some vegan options

Cons: NO LONGER VEGAN, Serves animal flesh

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Great Vegan Options! - Edit

My spouse and I recently visited Houston. As always, we checked with Happy Cow to find a place that could meet our vegetarian needs. We were not disappointed. We found Radical Eats, a restaurant in the vicinity of the downtown hotel where we were staying.

Once we arrived, we noticed the restaurant had a very eclectic appearance. The wait staff was warm and friendly. The menu choices included several vegan/vegetarian options. We chose the tamales which were authentic in taste. The salsa was the bomb -- couldn't stop eating it. There was also a green sauce offered alongside the salsa which the waitress warned us was very hot. She wasn't kidding, but added sparingly to our tamales, added just the right amount of extra flavor.

We have friends in Houston to whom we bragged about this place and already, they have tested it out and agree with us that this is certainly the place to go. One of our friends mentioned that the restaurant will be relocating in August to the Westheimer area so the next time we come to town, we'll be visiting the new location!

Pros: Authentic tamales, Fresh ingredients, Reasonable prices

Cons: Too eclectic, decor seemed old

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My Favorite Restaurant!! - Edit

We found this place about a year ago and we go whenever possible. We have tried many dishes on the menu as well as specials. The only thing we haven't tried is the Sunday Brunch, but we hope to soon. Some of our favorites are the Thai tamales, the mole enchiladas, the jalapeño salsa and the lasagna. OMG the lasagna!! We love chatting with the owner and waving back to the cook staff. This will always be our favorite place in Houston. Wish they would open a 2nd location a little farther north.

Pros: Great food, Great service, Funky atmosphere

Cons: Location, Parking, Small dining room

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The food was kind of average to me - Edit

I would rate this place 3 cows, which to me means good basic food. I got the enchiladas with móle sauce and rice & beans. It was about $14 for the meal, including tax and a Jarritos drink. I thought it was kind of expensive for what it was. The flavors were OK, but nothing really that special. Probably once was enough for me, but if I were to return I would just try the tacos or tamales, which appeared to be a better value. The parking was very difficult the night I went. The waitress was great.

Pros: Great service

Cons: Not a good value, Not memorable in a good way

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So much fun!!! - Edit

I found this place in and decided to give it a try since 1-It is all vegan, 2-It is Mexican food and I am Mexican, 3-It was close to downtown.

When we arrived we were asked if we were there for the cooking class. We said "no", grabbed a menu and ordered a mole tamal (yums), jalapeno poppers (super yums) and taco flight (mega yums). While we were eating, the class started. It was a blast. The owner and cook was so funny, we could not stop laughing. The place was very crowded. She made focaccia (gluten free and out of this world), a crepe stuffed with onions and mushrooms and then she basically asked what else we wanted to learn. She was giving away any recipe from her menu! She told me how she makes her flan: agar agar dissolved in hot water blended with coconut milk, cream cheese, fruit and sweetener, topped with caramel sauce. Of course I had to order one to try it. It was sooo good!

When in Houston, go to this cheapo place. The people are nice and the food tasty. Oh, and disregard the A/C comments. The A/C system is just fine.

Pros: low price, atmosphere, tasty

Cons: greasy, small

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great place hidden deep in the heart of Houston... - Edit

A vegan place in texas is hard to find. A really good place one is like finding a diamond in a coal mine. We loved the food, we loved the service, we loved the and once the metro line is be done we'll love the location too.....

Great place for us and kid with multiple food allergies...

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Radical Eats, pretty radical! - Edit

A new little Mexican/Tex-Mex all vegan restaurant. The location is pain to get to due to the construction and it is so small. The parking lot is also small of course. It still looks new and not fully done. The menu online is not the same that is in restaurant for some reason. The prices are semi releasable and most of the food is good. I had the K-So and a side order of fried avocado. The K-So was one of the best vegan queso's I have ever had. I was able to remake it at home though, cheaper. The fried avocado was really hard and pretty much tasteless; and they only gave me 2! They seem to have a lot of good different foods (if their menus become in sync) and reviews to want to come back. They also have a brunch on Sunday's that would be nice to check out.

Pros: good vegan food, local food, varitey of food

Cons: small portions, location, not that clean

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overrated - Edit

The place smelled like Roaches (if you've never been poor then you have no idea what I'm talking about)

A hairy, sloppy, guy with dirty nails was waiting on me that should have been my warning

I had the black bean tamale & k so. As I waited forever he came to tell me they had ran out of k so. When my meal arrived my tamale was crumbly and the black beans were dry/hard. They charge $2 for rice and beans that were bland. Its not real, authentic,fresh mexican food

My biggest turn off was seeing the guy dip his finger in the salsa to taste it!

I wont even mention how filthy the restrooms were.

Pros: Location, near downtown

Cons: Dirty , strange characters working there , construction /parking

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Vegan Mexican Heaven! - Edit

Hands down, one of, if not the best vegan restaurant in Houston! You must eat here! Everything I've had is amazing, but the must have item on the menu is the fried avocado tacos. They are lightly fried and breaded in cornmeal and are marvelous! There's a bunch of avocado in each taco, so one might be enough plus sides.

Their regular menu consists of tamales, tacos and appetizers plus daily specials, all of which are available on Saturdays. On Sundays they have a brunch that starts at 11 and you definitely want to get there at 11, 'cause they run out of food. The brunch menu changes, but is always wonderful.

I really can't recommend this place enough. I've taken lots of people here, most non-veggies, and they've all loved it.

Pros: Vegan mexican food!, Everything's Great!, Fairly Priced.

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I absolutely love the vibe of this restaurant. When I first went, it was love at first bite as I sunk my teeth into the jalapeno poppers, and pupusas.

More than anything, I look forward to the Aguafrescas drinks that consists of natural fruit juices such as Prickly Pear juice and Hibiscus to name a few.

The folks here are very helpful, and I can appreciate the fact that they do not use any mock veggie meats for their mexican dishes, but use natural vegetables such as mushrooms instead. The food is also not over-seasoned, which is good for those trying to limit spices and excess salt.

This is an excellent place for people that are dating and want to go somewhere simple, yet eclectic.


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Vegan Heaven in an Old Fashioned Taqueria - Edit

I have had the great pleasure of dining at Radical Eats a few times. As a point of reference, I live about 40 miles away and will make the trek to have Staci's dishes.

The first time I went I totally missed the restaurant as it is housed in a small taqueria and, at the time, a smallish sign. The road in front is under construction so you have to really slow down and look to find but once you do, you will not miss it again.

I have had the most delicious tamales, enchiladas, guacamole, tacos and aqua frescas. Everything I've tried is very fresh. Also, at Thanksgiving I ordered more American traditional fare of lentil pot pie, sweet potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce. A great compliment when I joined my non-veg family.

Staci (the owner) also supports the veg community in Houston in so many ways. At our annual Gentle Thanksgiving celebration we all go to enjoy her delicious veg Thanksgiving fare, including delicious jalepeno poppers. At our First Houston Veg Fest, she was there serving her food and aqua frescas.

Treat yourself and try Radical Eats. You won't be disappointed. The vibe and food are good.

Pros: Fresh, Variety, Vegan

Cons: Parking , Road Repair

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fantastic hidden treasure - Edit

Almost didn't go in bc it looks like a shady taco shop from outside, but this is the most amazing resturant un Houston! Had the mushroom fanitas, which fed two of us, guacamole salad, asian salad, corn, and fresh made juice - strawberry is the best. All that for around $20. Best veg food I have ever had, and close to Caninos market too.

Pros: food-every bite is heaven , nice staff, good price

Cons: busy, 30 min wait-but worth it, was out of some things., bad/scary area

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Most Excellent Mexican Food - Edit

Thank you, Staci Davis and the staff at Radical Eats for hosting your grand opening and sharing such wonderful food at no cost to your customers. I tried and LOVE all of the following:
aqua frescas
vampira(spelling?) - (consisting of beet...)
poppers de jalapeno
guacamole small and large w slices of bumper crop patipan squash, carrot, and celery
contorno (side dish)
black-eyed peas and okra
corn pudding w rajas
bumper crop squash stuffed w spinach
tacos especial
tamale plate - chipotle black bean; spinach and corn
pache tamale in mole

It was nice to have an old-fashioned album player -- and have another listen to Dark Side of the Moon.

Pros: Great Food!, Great Opening!, Smart Aesthetics(recycled materials...)

Cons: I live a bit away..., Houston's bus route(s) to area not known, Houston's pedestrian travel is limited

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