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PO Box 1, Lamai Beach (at main road just before Lamai turn-off near Buddy Bar), Koh Samui, Thailand, 84310

Serves meat, vegan options available. Radiance Restaurant at Spa Samui Resorts. Also offer raw food (salads, desserts). Clean space, inside the spa resort. Open Mon-Sun.

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18 Reviews

First Review by Miggi

Absolutely great! - Edit

Food: The menu is very good for a vegan lifestyle and the dishes itself are very delicious as well.

Staff: The staff is friendly.

Location: Hidden in the backyard of the associated SPA resort you'll discover a very cozy and relaxing area with possibilities to sit direct at a table at the beach.

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Poor quality food - Edit

Disappointed with food menu, soft boiled eggs was labelled vegan.
I wasn't convinced they knew what they were taking about
I ordered a raw pizza which was unfortunately very hard that it crumbled..implying it was old. I found a hair in my food after a few bites. I brought this to their attention, no apology was given but they did take the pizza off the bill

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Lots of vegan options - Edit

We used to have dinner here when we lived in Samui because they have a huge variety of vegan food both raw and cooked. Lots of Thai food, green curry was the best . We loved also the Vietnamese spring rolls , the vegan burger and also some cakes . The price are good , staff is friendly and they understand what the word vegan means .

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Great Variety - Edit

Another one of my favorite places, I usually can not go past the "Duck" curry, a taste sensation. They have a huge range of vegetarian, vegan and raw options, a massive menu, you are bound to find something you like. Mid range prices, the duck curry is 120Bhat.

Pros: Masive menu, Lovely staff, Reasonable prices

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One of the best restaurants I have been - Edit

I was told by a friend to stay in Koh Samui in an hotel (is not the case to tell the name) close to this restaurant that she loves. So I did it. And I am here for already 11 days enjoying incredibly eating here for every day to lunch or diner. Even the menu is not all vegan (is a pitty for that) they have many vegan options and are specified in the menu. They tell if are vegetarian VG or vegan VN or for people with candida of for fasting people as is the restoran of a resort (is called SPA resort) for people who are for some kind of cleansing: fastinh or make detox of juices, etc. So they are in the healthy stuff. They say on the menu that do not use msg, do not cook in aluminium and they are most organic as they can. All the siahea, every day o try different ones as they havw many options. On the beach itself so can eat watching the sea in a very quiet zone in the north part of Lamai. The attention is excellent, the staff very kind and nice. Not only the best place I eat in the island but also in all the planet. I am so happy I will come every day till my last day. But also I am trying other places that are not even close to this. They also are open to change something like not adding garlic, onions, etc as they make all in the moment. If you stay in some hotel by the beach you coils go walking by the beach so not need to even walk in the street. They even have raw section. The coconuts are giant. Many smoothies, vegetable juices, thai food. You have ground level with a roof or 1at floor with a more panoramic view or they have tables outside on the sand. They even put some spirals for mosquitos. They always serve fresh water for free.
For me is not only that is the best food and quality of the island but also is cheap in comparation with othets. Is a must see if you are in the island. Nothing better that plan vacations in a paradise and also access to excellent vegan food near by.
I have to say that I created the account thinking that this place deserve my opinion, I can not believe that people gave it 3/5 only.
So I give it 5/5 of course.
Now I will continue using it for commenting other restaurants. As well.
By the way I love happycow as I love to travel and thanks to them I can find good places to eat vegan.
To happycow: I am from the smartphone and I can not put 5/5 only allows me till 4/5. Also I can not login from the app, I had to do it via web from the phone as I have no computer. Please change it to 5/5 if you can, thanks.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy ingredients, Great location to sea view

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shurup 15 Jan 2017 - Non-100%-vegetarian places can't get 5/5 at HappyCow. 4/5 is maximum for all of them. And this position is great.  

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Tangomango 15 Jan 2017 - It makes sense. If is not vegan can not be prefect. I agree with that.  

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Good - but not as good as it used to be - Edit

This was one of my favourite places to eat on Samui. It's in a lovely, peaceful setting by the beach and has an extensive, varied menu.

The food here is very good but the prices have risen and the portions have gotten smaller.

If you haven't been, for sure it's worth a visit but as other reviewers have said, there are now many other places which offer better value.

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Sad decline of a formerly-good restaurant - Edit

We have eaten at Radiance restaurant on Koh Samui many times over the past 15 years, and we have seen it first rise and then fall.

First, the good:

The location right on the beach is nice. They make use of reclaimed wood, which is eco-friendly. Though Radiance is a meat-serving restaurant, they do also serve some vegan or veganizable dishes, several of which are tasty.

Now the bad:

1. As other reviewers have noted, the service can be terrible (slow, inattentive, rude, and sometimes even hostile). Of course not all are the same, but we've been shocked a number of times (e.g. even when our own server was OK, it was unpleasant to have to listen to a server at a nearby table shouting at their guests).

2. Prices are increasingly exorbitant.

3. Radiance routinely fails at special orders. For example, the menu says a certain dish can be made vegetarian/vegan, so you order it that way, but then it comes to your table with meat (or dairy or whatever you had asked them to leave out). So it is all too easy for a vegetarian to become unwittingly responsible for the death and suffering of animals. Making matters worse, Radiance staff are prone to argue with customers who complain about receiving something different to what they ordered.

4. Radiance management doesn't understand what "vegan" means (and refuses to be educated about it). A number of their dishes labeled "vegan" contain honey. On two occasions we brought this to their attention, but instead of correcting the error they argued with us, insisting that honey is vegan. We politely explained that "vegan" means "containing neither animal products nor products that have involved animals in the production or have been tested on animals," and we pointed out that honey is made by animals and then taken from animals (sometimes with little bits of bees still caught in the honey), but they dismissed us.

In short, Radiance Koh Samui is an overpriced meat-serving restaurant that does offer vegan and lacto-veg items on the menu but unfortunately can't be depended on to serve what the customer has actually ordered, and then can't be depended on to take responsibility to correct their mistakes — and won't necessarily be civil about it either.

For these reasons, we can't really recommend Radiance, but if you're in the area it's still likely better than most of the other meaty places nearby. Just be triple-clear about your order, to minimize mistakes.

Better yet, try one of Samui's new fully-veg places instead.

Pros: Some veg*n/veg*nizable dishes, nice beach setting

Cons: Too often serve the wrong items, service can be fair-to-terrible, increasingly overpriced

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Prices have hit the roof. I will not remain loyal - Edit

The food here is still excellent. But over time, the portions are getting smaller, and just recently the prices went up anywhere from 10% to 100%, depending on the item. Why, one is forced to ask? When the economy is so fragile worldwide, and so many people i know are really watching their budgets, what on earth would compel these people to make such an aggressive move? What is the thought process here? Was there any at all, or was this a knee jerk reaction to the influx of new Russian and Chinese tourism? For someone who has been visiting the spa beach restaurant a couple of times a week, for years now, I think they have forced me to do a rethink. May be a once a month special occasion kind of thing. The hotdogs are 190 baht! 300 baht for the burrito! What are they thinking? The burrito is more expensive than in California, and half the size, and not even comparable in quality. It was already a bit on the expensive side for some dishes. Now, it has become a lot more expensive. I used to order the fried yellow noodles. They used the home made, thick noodles. Now, they use a packaged noodle, found in Mama soup! When I called them on it, they denied they ever used the good noodles. What am I stupid? Call in the psychologists. Someone needs therapy. Looks like the owners have lost their minds.

Pros: Good food, On the beach, tasty food

Cons: ridiculously overpriced, portions getting smaller, neither the food nor the place is either

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Rude Servers and Manager - Edit

The food is o.k. to below average I've been here twice and ordered 6 dishes. The chefs and cooks arent raw vegans--this is evident when you see the food. Heads up: don't try to send anything back unless you've first braced yourself for the wait staff to unleash their inner jerk. I ordered the coconut lemongrass soup, broth soup, and fresh vegetable salad. After eating the small salad and broth soup, I tasted the coconut soup and it was loaded with salt--pretty typical for this Thai dish as I understand it. The menu did not mention that it had a lot of salt so I said, "I can't eat this because I'm on a diet that restricts my salt intake." The server immediately expressed her annoyance with this apparently outlandish request and said in a very rude, whiny voice, "You know this is a Thai dish. It has salt. The menu doesn't list all the ingredients." She pushed the bowl toward me and I had to repeat 4 or 5 times, I'm not going to eat this. I'm sorry, it was a misunderstanding." Then the restaurant manager came out and he was even more rude and unpleasant. He said, "I tasted the soup and it tastes great." I said again that salt is not something that I can eat in large quantities because of my health. He then had the nerve to say, "You are perfectly healthy." I told him I was offended and said I would like to speak with him and the manager of the resort. He then said, "I think you sent it back because you ate too much already." So he called me a liar.
This staff works at a place where many of the patrons are trying to heal themselves by carefully deciding what to put into their body. I have a weak kidney and have been trying to heal myself with a low salt, no oil, raw food diet for the past 1.5 years. In addition, I had just completed a 21 day coconut water fast two days before this incident so I was still weaning myself into my normal diet. The wait staff pressured me into consuming more salt than I normally consume in an entire week because they assumed I was lying instead of trying to be healthy. I am completely astonished by their lack of understanding as to where many of the resort's patrons are coming from. It shows poor training of their employees and the wait staff's underlying negative attitude toward westerners who are trying to live in a way that is different than the way they live.

Pros: prices reasonable, nice sea breeze

Cons: rude wait staff, poorly made raw foods

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Oh Caro 22 Dec 2013 - I have to agree with you, JohnGalpin, that the food can be surprisingly salty at Radiance. I'm not following any special diet, I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian. Just yesterday, I ordered the ranchero breakfast, which comes with a nice portion of very tasty but very salty beans. I was surprised as I would have thought that all meals at Radiance should be low sodium. I've eaten plenty of other dishes from there, all well seasoned, and probably with a lot more salt than necessary, but those beans really made me notice how generous cooks are with salt here. The dish I had wasn't even Thai so that shouldn't be their excuse. The chef and cooks really need to adapt their recipes. And I bet it isn't even that hard. Dishes are already loaded with other wonderful flavours that they should not require so much salt in the first place. I'm certain people would continue to eat there.

As for the wait staff, I cannot comment on that. I agree with you, JohnGalpin, that the staff should be better educated in addressing patrons' varying and unique health requirements, certainly in a much less judgemental way.


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Pretty Good - Edit

Ate here on a past trip to Thailand. It's one of the few places on this island that offers many vegetarian choices. The food tasted fresh, and they also served brown rice.

Pros: veg-friendly, fresh, ocean view

Cons: not cheap

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Wow, create place - Edit

lot of create meals, with price like all thai food, very cheap, salat, greenpeace curry, water only 170 bth, this is perfect (about 4€).

Pros: Very friendly, Nice lokation, Very big vegan menu and allthough other

Cons: Nothing

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great food ! - Edit

beautiful spot on the beach, nice surrounding and people, great salads and vegan raw food, big portions and not expensive. we loved it*

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Great place to visit! - Edit

It's really nice place with good settings, very long and clear menu. Prices are not high for Samui. 40 baht for delicious fried rice, much more for raw food (150-200 baht). There are lots of fasting people ordering broth and coconuts :) You can sit right on the beach, enjoying soft sand under your feet.

Pros: Delicious, Not expensive in average, So big menu

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An amazing menu - Edit

Two of us had lunch here and was amazed by the size of the menu and the huge variety. Everything is clearly labelled and gives the diner a clear indication of the benefits of each particular meal. I had hommous for an appetiser (a very generous portion with carrot sticks etc for only 40 baht), a raw veggie burger meal for mains (absolutely delicious - grains, veggies, salad, an amazing sauce reminiscent of plenty of ACV and liquid aminos with lemon), a shot of wheatgrass and a juice. My partner equally enjoyed a super pasta dish. It is a shame that there are a few fish items on a seperate part of the menu, but the wealth of vegan and veggie food is incredible. The restauraunt itself was spotless, with lots to read while waiting for the food to arrive.
The only downside was that it is in Lamai, which sadly is sleaze central and a detriment to Samui as a whole.

Pros: The choice, the price, the restaurant ambience

Cons: It's in Lamai (yuk!), There are meat items on the menu

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Best Vegan Restaurant in Samui - Edit

Huge vegan, vegetarian and raw food menu. The menu was excellent, offered a huge variety of food to choose from suiting all types of lifestyles and diets. The menu clearly indicates raw, vegan, vegetarian, candida diets etc. It is by far the best Vegan restaurant on Ko Samui and the food is fabulous. Favourite menu items to choose include the raw cheesecake and raw pizza. Enjoy!!

Pros: Veg/Vegan/Raw food options , Beach Location, Fair Prices

Cons: Needs Aesthetic Revamping, Staff could improve customer service

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My favourite restaurant in Samui - Edit

The restaurant here at the Spa Samui Resort is actually called 'Radiance' and it's such a shame it's not fully vegetarian (there are some fish and chicken dishes on the menu) so that I can give it five stars. There was so much to choose from that I visited on several occasions after a nice walk along the beach - sometimes twice a day! - and never got bored. My fave dishes were the very tasty and very healthy brown rice salad, the veggie 'hot dog' for a naughty treat, the spring rolls and the pesto spaghetti (although the portion size of this dish was not quite as large as the others :-)). Wash any of these down with a refreshing lime and honey cooler and you're fit to take more of the Thai humidity.

Pros: Extremely extensive menu, Friendly, helpful staff, Beautiful setting on the beach

Cons: Do serve some non veggie dishes

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Good to try - Edit

A good place to try for vegeterian fare in Samui.
HOWEVER, many of the dishes are grease pit fare, and overly laden with oil and salt.
Portions are huge, even small size.
The brown rice salad, cow daeng pot, and steamed vegetables are yummy.
Staff were a bit sour. This is is not a luxury resort.
Love their Dalmatian dog.
Do recommend the Spa grocery store, near the Spa Beach. A great selection of health foods there!!

Pros: good vegetarian to try on Samui

Cons: too much oil and salt, staff impolite

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Best restaurant in Samui - Edit

Spa Samui is a very friendly relaxed spa resort on the beach. We're vegan, stayed there twice and had no problem finding variety on the menu. It's probably the best place for veggies to stay in Samui and there's a good choice of accomodation at the resort. Also, although termed a "resort" it's a relaxed hippy hang out rather than the kind of torment the term resort often implies.
The restaurant is on the beach. you can sit at wooden tables actually on the beach or at chunky tables on a large veranda. The service is excellent, happy and friendly.
The food is brilliant, from the best thai green curry in the world, to sweet potato mash with sweet & sour, to the veggie fried rice in half a pineapple. The "Softies" made from frozen fruit for dessert are really good as are their smoothies with coconut milk.
Everything tastes fresh and is well presented. And the prices are really reasonable.
Try the steam room and massage before you eat!
Weirdly enough, for a place that serves such great food, the Spa specializes in colonic irrigation and fasting. This means you see some weird things on the menu that people on this programme can drink while looking smug. We ignored them!
If you stay there you can join in stuff like yoga, meditation and tai chi on the beach. Also go into Lamai and visit the Ska Bar if it's still in business - great atmosphere and seems to one one of very few that aren't part of the sex industry.

Pros: Perfect relaxed beach setting, Happy friendly staff, Fantastic food

Cons: Wish they didn't also serve meat

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