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728 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6A 2V7

Vegetarian restaurant connected to a yoga center, centrally located near Chinatown. Serve local organic food, both raw and cooked. Menu includes quinoa nut burger, Moroccan tangine style chickpeas, raw dishes, and more. Vegan and bio-dynamic wines. Free Wi-Fi. The eatery portion of Radha is now closed.

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Worth the wait - Edit

Our family of 4 went to Radha last night for our first time. We had 2 vegans, 1 vegetarian and a meat eater in our group. While the restaurant is in somewhat of a sketchy neighbourhood, it was very charming inside and had a great feel about it.

We had a 7pm reservation and placed our order right away, however, for reasons still unclear to me, our food did not arrive for 1 hour a 20 minutes! We inquired several times, each time being told "a few more minutes" without further explanation or apology. I did finally ask to speak to the manager (she had not volunteered to come to our table prior to this) to ask if there was a problem. She said she didn't know and that she "promised they were not doing it on purpose". This didn't even cross my mind, and I thought it a very strange thing for a manager to say.

Finally the meal arrived and we were all glad we decided to stay. We had, actually considered leaving at one point about an hour a 10 minutes into our wait). I ordered the "Nutrition Bowl" which was quinoa and hemp seed with seasonal vegetables, sesame encrusted tofu and a miso and ginger sauce. It was fabulous! The portions were very large and the prices very reasonable.

It was just a shame about the service and even a bigger shame that the restaurant is closing at the end of April 2011. According to the server, they have not been successful in being profitable and have decided to close.

Pros: Food quality, pricing, ambiance

Cons: long wait for food

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excellent - Edit

It was the best restaurant i found in Vancouver

Pros: excellent food, very creative, shanti place

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Surprise gem in Vancouver's DTES - Edit

I found a delicious and surprising treat of a restaurant at Radha on Main Street. I came in for a friend's art opening and found an amazing and warm atmosphere. Vegan and bio-dynamic wines were served with an eclectic and reasonably priced menu. The building itself looks like nothing from the outside, but a cosy refuge is found inside. Friendly, hip staff, cosy surroundings, twinkling candles, a yummy pasta dinner and a decadent baklava dessert. I loved it!

Pros: food, atmosphere, service

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Hidden Treasure! - Edit

At last--locavore vegan food! Yay! Creative and well-executed mains and appies with amazing desserts. Our big group was well taken care of by a friendly, attentive server. The location is a bit surprising--2nd storey of an old building in Chinatown/downtown eastside. I'm impressed that they walk their talk-not only with organic and local food, but also a nice slection of organic/biodynamic wines. Plus environmental building upgrades and practices. Like it! Recommend it!

Pros: healthy , beautiful food, warm ambience

Cons: location

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Radha Yoga and Eatery, Vancouver - Edit

I've just had dinner in this place. It's a non profit organisation located in a building that has formally been awarded eco status.

The menu is 100% vegan vego and many of the dishes are raw. Starters are $8 and main courses $15. There's also a package they offer of 3 courses for 28 bucks.

I had the yellow tomato gaspacho that was very pleasant indeed, close to perfect. I then had the utappam with sambar and cucumber raita.

The setting is very nice and the staff were very pleasant. It's centrally located very close to Chinatown.

A big thumbs up from me.

Pros: 100% vegan veggie, Nice vibe, centrally locatted

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Mediocre food/insanely overpriced/insipid attitude - Edit

I'm vegan, gf is not. Ate here about July 30th 2010.

Upon arrival, asked the hostess if we are ok parking on the street just to the side of the entrance to the restaurant, due to confusing signage.
She had no idea, but asked the waitress and the bartender. After a 3 way conference which took several minutes, we learned that none of them had any idea.
Even if none of them drive to work, this cannot be the first time this question was asked, and is sloppy and poor customer service to not be able to answer a basic question such as this.

The waitress also had little knowledge of the menu. One of the itneresting things about dining out is finding interesting dishes, ingredients, etc.
Yet both before ordering and asking questions about the items on the menu and the specials, and after the food arrived, the waitress (although friendly) seemed as if it was her first day of work whenever asked questions about the food, ingredients, etc. She knew that she serves 2 brands of bottled water, but only knew the name of one of them.
This is disappointing.

The food itself was throoughly mediocre, fairly bland, and ridiculously overpriced.

Summary: Avoid this place - insipid attitude/mediocre bland food/overpriced.

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Rick77 13 Aug 2010 - I wanted to give this restaurant 0 cows for the rating, but apparently 2 cows is the minimum.  

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Vancouver's Finest! - Edit

This is my number one favourite restaurant in Vancouver. For $27 you get a starter, entree and dessert, which is great value for the quality of food you receive. My favourite dish is their nourishing grain bowl - the sauce they use is so simple yet so delicious! My husband loves the stuffed mushrooms.

I also love how they change their menu all the time, so you have new things to try.

The ambience is amazing. The restaurant is so beautiful. After our main course, my husband and I always take our dessert and tea and sit on their cozy sofa.

The staff are so nice, always finding time to stop and chat. I went there when I was on an allergy elimination diet, and the server took time to discuss menu options with me, and made substitutions to my order so that I could eat the food safely.

Pros: Delicious and healthy , beautiful calm atmosphere, friendly service

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My Favorite Veg Restaurant! - Edit

Radha is refreshing and inventive, my favorite place to sit, eat and just be.
I love it here, I feel quite at home. It's an unassuming and beautiful place with always fresh, always exquisite food! I'm impressed with the changing seasonal menu and am so happy it's all vegan. The desserts are amazing and wheat-free!

Pros: food, atmosphere

Cons: open only 3 nights

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Disappointed by the experience - Edit

We ate here in mid December. My partner found a hair in his entree, and the waitress said "only a hair?"- no apology, nothing- just BIG attitude like we should only complain if a bug was there.
While they did remove the cost of the entree from our meal, it left a very poor impression. Which is unfortunate, as the ambience is pleasant and attractive.
Also, the items in the entree were altered without the waitress informing us; just told us later they had run out and had to make the substitution.
Again, a negative memory.

Pros: Decor, Atmosphere

Cons: Poor service, hair in food

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Everything in perfect balance - Edit

What a feast of flavours, textures, arrangement, colours and combinations! Wow, thank you team radha for such a treat.
It has been a while since I have been to radha, but with vegan foodie family members visiting for the first time in 3 years who have listened to me rave and rave about the restaurant, I couldn't wait any longer. Swept in from the chilly outdoors to the bustling atmosphere, my guests coming from Hawaii were embraced by the warmth and light.
Several times during the meal comments were made about the incredible attention given to presentation, health and flavour. "You can taste the care and love that is given to each dish", "I can't believe the beautiful food that they have created and so healthy" "You know it is good food when you can eat so much and still feel energized" "I think this is the best meal we have had in a long time"
We all ordered the special 3 course meal (appetizer, entree and desert for $27), finding it hard to choose between the options. Great value given that 90% of the food in organic.
The weekly appetizer special "for the love of local food" was an incredible spelt gnocchi with roasted beets in a cranberry reduction - beautiful!
The perogies filled with roasted squash and pan fried mushrooms, toped with sunflower sour cream ("really" said my vegan relatives - "they can do that with sunflower seeds? so creative!") and served on a bed of homemade sauerkraut - were rich and complex in flavour.
Even the great seeds and greens salad got rave reviews: "Taste it, it is such a great combination of textures and tastes, ummm"
Entrees were dominated by the pine-smoked portobello mushroom steak
with butternut squash brown rice risotto, winter greens and parsnips. I would have liked a bit more salt, but I seemed to be in the minority. My sister and brother-in-law fought over who got to finish off the dish.
And in combination with the raw special - a buckwheat pizza crust topped with pesto marinated veggies was excellent.
Desert - wow, after such a meal. Pumpkin pie and molten chocolate cake - both rich and decadent, sweet endings to a great meal.
Such a honour to be able to bring special guests to such a special place.
Thank you for creating such beautiful healthy food.

Pros: organic and healthy, super people, beautiful space

Cons: only open 3 days a week

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trying to be positive here ... - Edit

The food is excellent, the servers are wonderful people, the price is totally reasonable. The raw special is always fantastic and the raw chef Patricia is an amazing person ... BUT ... some of the items are not organic. This is apparently because of "cost" but Radha owns the building, so their overhead should be pretty low. Not to mention it's a nonprofit organization. I am also of the opinion that chefs in a vegan restaurant should be vegan, or at least the head chef, and this is not the case here. Having cut tofu from the menu they're making progress, but still feature many dishes and desserts containing gluten and baked goods. If you're looking for a nice place to bring a date then this is it, but if you insist on maximum health benefits from your food, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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Coming back soon - Edit

Just went here last saturday night and it's my new favorite restaurane, it's has really nice atmosphere, very spacious, we had the mezze for appy which was good, but just meant for one person, i had the grain bowl with tempeh, i wasn't that impressed with the tempeh next time i would get tofu instead, we also go the burger platter and the kamput cakes and sucotash which were delisous, and for desert the raw chocolate tart was to die for.

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Radha is Rad! - Edit

We just had dinner there tonight and were very happy with our meals. Both the food and the presentation was excellent. Husband commented that they really get the importance of "mouth feel" in their dishes and I have to agree. The combination of textures in each dish was very satisfying. We had the Spanish Tapas for an appetizer and both the burger and the paella for entrees. Yum!

We were also really impressed with the ambience of the dining area. It is aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable. We didn't really know what to expect knowing it was also a yoga studio. They really know what they are doing and we are happy that as out of town visitors that we were so lucky to find this place!

Pros: Gourmet food, Reasonable price, Ambience

Cons: Somewhat edgy neighborhood, Only open 3 days a week

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Vegan with virtue tastes right at Radha Yoga...... - Edit

Full Review here -

Vegan with virtue tastes right at Radha Yoga & Eatery
By Carolyn Ali
Publish Date: July 17, 2008
Three things make Radha Yoga & Eatery stand out among vegetarian restaurants. First, it serves exclusively vegan fare. Second, its goal isn't profit. And third, it goes far beyond salads and veggie burgers to serve innovative dishes that place as much emphasis on presentation as on taste. After a meal there, even dedicated bacon eaters might have to admit that good food is good food, whether it contains animal products or not.

Radha is hidden away on the hardscrabble fringes of Chinatown in a century-old brick building. Condo construction sites flank both sides. But at the end of a flight of stairs to Radha's second-floor perch, you land in an alternate universe.

A homey calmness prevails. Hardwood floors reflect the sun that shines through picture windows. Glass domes on the bar are filled with cookies. Fans turn lazily overhead.

Radha operates as a nonprofit organization, to promote the yogic teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha. By day, the airy space is used as a yoga studio and for catering. Three nights a week, it's open as a restaurant. "It's not really run in a traditional way where the chef is at the top," explains chef Andrea Potter in a phone interview. The four cooks, the baker, and even interested servers brainstorm what goes on the menu. "My job is to filter through the ideas," she says.

Trained as a chef, Potter cooked in high-end establishments in Scotland and Ireland before doing a six-month stint as an entremétier (vegetable cook) at Feenie's. "We do a lot of experimenting," she says of cooking at Radha, because there aren't many vegan fine dining or raw dishes to imitate. (To learn more about raw food dishes, in which no ingredients are cooked, see page 13 of Summer Vitality.)

Radha does serve the requisite salads, grain bowls, and burger platters. But it also offers a three-course table d'h'te that changes seasonally, and a different raw-food option each week. Pricing's easy: all appetizers and desserts run $7, mains are $13, and the table d'h'te goes for $25. Almost everything is made from scratch with organic ingredients, and organic beer and wine are available.

Full Review here -

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Raw Special was delightful! - Edit

Last night I had the raw special - a beautiful dish of puffed root vegetables, croquettes, and greens with a very complex yet subtle dressing. Friend had the curry squash soup with yam wedges. He and I were both impressed with the flavours and the serving size was more than ample.

We enjoyed our meal in a beautiful interior with sandblasted brick walls and refinished antique flooring. Service was relaxed, but luckily we were in no rush.

Pros: Food, Atmosphere/Energy

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radha, food for the palate & the soul - Edit

I've often been hesitant to try vegan cuisine.. I admit it, I'm a bit of a food snob. Radha's lunch & dinner offerings FAR exceeded my expectations. Creative, colourful and most importantly very, very tasty. I think they're doing an excellent job.
my fave- the nourishing grain bowl & chai.


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expensive but very good - Edit

if u like your meal freshly made, u better be prepared for a long wait. like the ambience but bad location. carry your bikes up into the restaurant.

Pros: very yummy

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