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CLOSED: Quiet Storm

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Contact 412-661-9355

5430 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 15206

Vegetarian cafe serving coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. Uses dairy and eggs; vegan items are marked on the menu. Casual atmosphere. No American Express card. Reported closed to HappyCow Nov 2013, and seeking a new location.

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Reviews (22)

First Review by shellydwaytobe

burritos - Edit

I got the Fez burrito here and it was amazing. I think I ate it as slow as possible to enjoy every second of it. I don't live in Pgh so I can't frequent this place but if I ever have to come back on business again, I will return. That burrito was so good. Dang.

Update: 3/24/13: Ok, I can't stand it anymore, I've lived in town for 6 months and been here a dozen times. The restaurant is dirty, the service is crap, and the food is very hit-or-miss, with a success rate for me at about 25% of the time.

Last time I went, I got the southern comfort plate which I said vegan. It came out with mac 'n cheese, which the server noticed as soon as he put it on the table. So he immediately apologized and took it back. I got the plate back 5-10 minutes later with no mac 'n cheese, except under the stuff next to where it was. I appreciate them not wasting food, but it would be nice if they were more thorough or just got the order right in the first place.

Screwing up my order has happened multiple times. Food coming out not cooked has happened multiple times. We rarely get checked in on at our table, which means rationing water.

I wanted to love this place. It's in my neighborhood. I'm vegan. I come from a small town where there was one place that had 2 items I could eat. This was supposed to be my turnaround for availability. I wanted to scream, I have arrived! But I can't. Even if the food was more predictable, the service is still terrible. I'm no longer a customer. They'd have to do a lot to get my confidence back.
Updated from previous review on Sunday March 24, 2013

Update 10/1/2013:

You can tell from my review above that I have a love/hate relationship with this restaurant. I went there a few weeks ago and had a great time actually. I think the country burrito is the best thing I've ever had at a restaurant here in Pittsburgh.

Sadly, Quiet Storm is CLOSING this location after brunch on October 27, 2013. As of today, there is not a new location picked out, however, at Ava in Oakland they will be serving a few of their dishes.

I, for one, hope the new location comes with a duster and servers that give a crap. Then maybe I'll change my rating!

Pros: vegan markings on menu, decent food

Cons: hit or miss, service

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Eclectic menu, reasonably priced - Edit

I regularly go to the Quiet Storm for a weekend brunch. While enjoy their lunch and dinner options, I find the brunch to be the best they have to offer. The food is consistently very good with a wide selection of different dishes inspired by different cuisines.

The place is both a restaurant and a coffee shop and it has an independent coffee shop vibe to it. The furniture and art is eclectic and might seem cheap to those more accustom to fine dinning establishments. The staff is friendly and helpful but not cloying.

Pros: Brunch, Selection, Price

Cons: Out of the way

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Awesome food - Edit

The food here is delicious. They have a menu with a large variety of options, so I always try something new every time. Their tofu buffalo wings are especially good. The atmosphere is great too, if you're into the indie, retroish diner type thing.

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Large cafe, large delicious menu - Edit

I came here with my father and stepmom. Each of us ordered different dishes and were all completely satisfied with our delicious food. I highly recommend the caesar salad with crispy tofu! All the dishes were healthy and filling. I will come here again!

The also have a large lounge area attached to the cafe where you can use their wifi, read or play their games :)

Pros: wide menu options, teas/lemonades/shakes/espresso), outstanding service

Cons: decor is frumpy

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Decent Veggie Food - Edit

We stopped there with our kids while on a trip to Pittsburgh. Our service was excellent. Place was a bit rundown as others have described. It was a relief to be in an all veggie restaurant - only one we knew of in Pittsburgh. Menu had a nice selection of items. My kids gave their milkshake a 5 star rating. I would describe the food as serviceable, decent to pretty tasty and fairly priced.

Pros: 100% Veggie, Nice Selection of Items, Good Value

Cons: A bit run down, no door on bathroom (just stall)

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Quiet Storm - Edit

I didn't really care for Quiet Storm too much... because the food and service just wasn't up to par. Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing, but then again, everything on the menu should be one of the restaurants finest. The VHF (vegan home fries) came with smashed potatoes (they're just that, potatoes that have been slightly smashed), tofu, and vegan meat. You also have a choice between the vegan red pepper mayonnaise and their homemade vegan queso. I tried both, and neither were great...the homemade queso was actually terrible and had a funny taste. Overall, the food was pretty average and uninspiring.

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Yummy! - Edit

Have been wanting to go to Quiet Storm for such a long time and finally made it out a couple weeks ago, glad I did! Between my husband and I we ordered 3 entrees, and they were all exceptionally delicious. Even my non-veg husband loved it and is asking every day when we are going back! Our waiter was a bit spaced out, but was super nice and got us everything we needed. Loved the place!

Pros: Tasty food - excellent flavor, Huge menu - great variety, Friendly staff

Cons: Location

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Palette Pleasing - Edit

Quiet Storm generally has a diner feel to it with a hodge podge, artsy, retro twist. The staff are friendly, accurate and know their vast menu backward.

The first time we visited we couldn't resist ordering the Cheesy Snake Sandwich and a cup of the Tomato Florentine Soup. The vegan pimento cheesy spread was nice and that is where I had the pickled onions last and couldn't get them out of my head!

The portions are generous and prices are rock bottom for some of the fastest veggie food I have ever had served to me.

Kids are welcome and readily accommodated with high chairs and menu choices. The all vegetarian menu has icons to choose from, v= vegan and gf = gluten free.

Ask for the password and you can hook up to some free Wi-Fi as you try some of their awesome coffee concoctions listed on the big board over the counter.

On our second visit we purposely went hungry and ordered a variety of good foods. We starting with the Chilled Orange Soup. I don't know what I was expecting, maybe something with a weird orange juice concentrate flavor but this summery chilled soup was a delight! The fresh orange flavor brightened up the carrot puré just enough to keep us dipping our spoons in as we smacked our lips enjoying the subtle flavors. The little bit of salt and oil suggested a light vegetable broth but the flavors were so well balanced!

We also split a Graham St. Tofu Sandwich on wheat with Spicy Mayo and a short order of the Buffalo Style Tofu Tenders with Vegan Ranch (both pictured above in slideshow). The acidic scent of spicy Buffalo Style sauce assaulted my nose as the Tofu Tenders made me start to lick my lips. The zippy sauce coated 3 super firm planks of tofu that were seasoned in a way I was glad for the ranch dip and cool veggies to balance it out. Take note that the tenders are oven "fried." The mini portion was just right for us to split as a second appetizer.

The Graham St Tofu is Quiet Storm's signature sandwich, named for the side street upon which we have always found free parking. Everything came together; from the pickled onions that teased me into making them to the wonderfully thyme seasoned roasted tofu cutlets and the fresh tomato and greens, they all danced on a pleasing wheat bread and dressed themselves in the spicy mayo. A side of corn chips and well balanced salsa made this enough of a meal by itself and we had a hard time finding room in our happy bellies to try it all!
Full review here:

Pros: ALL vegetarian, lots of vegan options, excellent food

Cons: not for everyone's gramma

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So Good - Edit

We stopped by Quiet Storm for a late lunch while on vacation in Pittsburgh. The food was excellent. I had the cheese steak and my husband had a peanut tofu wrap, both were served with chips. Everything was great. If I had any complaint it would be that I didn't see on the menu that my cheese steak had mayo on it. I'm not a big fan of it, so had I see that I would have asked for it without. Other then that great place!

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Good food, large portions - Edit

Quiet Storm usually has a couple of specials, but for the most part, their menu is unchanging. They can adapt all the food for vegans. The portions are very large - probably enough to feed at least 2 people. I really like their quesadillas, but I would not recommend anything with their scrambled tofu, as it is very dry and flavorless. Also, be careful when ordering tea. Despite it's coffeehouse affiliation, they seemed surprised when I sent my tea back because they hadn't put it in a tea bag. (I really didn't want to drink tea that had gone bitter due to overbrewing.)

Another plus of this restaurant is their commitment to using local food.

I would be avoid this restaurant after dark because it is in a bad neighborhood.

Pros: Uses local food, Can make dishes vegan, Accepts credit cards

Cons: Restaurant is kind of dirty looking, In an unsafe neighborhood

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Reviewer Avatar

quiet storm - Edit

The website for this place says that they are open until 7pm. I walked in a little before 6pm thinking over an hour was plenty of time. The guy inside told me that the kitchen was closed because they were about to close (in over and HOUR!!!!) and all they had left was soup. So I then tried to order a vegan milkshake because I traveled all the way here from Michigan, and was told they were out of vegan ice cream. I don't know what kind of business they are trying to run here but they left a terrible impression on me. I would never waste my time trying to go there again should I ever be in the area again.

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Mikemotorbike 01 Oct 2013 - before I moved to Pittsburgh (I'm from Michigan too!) I came here with some friends and had the EXACT same experience. I was so jazzed up to take my friends to a real vegetarian place (we are all from a small town) and those feelings were deflated when they said they wouldn't serve us because the kitchen was closed an hour before the restaurant closed.

yummy food - Edit

I love this place! They do have the best scrambled tofu! All the food I ever had there were great! The breakfast burito is awesome and also the Cubano sandwich u have got it try it! I used to get the reuban but I haven't seen it on their menu the last couple times I went.

Pros: lots of options

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the goodness - Edit

i'm not from pittsburgh but frequent the city and quiet storm is always a sunday morning brunch stop. the right amount of deliciously simple food with amazing coffee...and siracha on the table.

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always a treat! - Edit

i've been here several times, and always enjoy the experience! the service is fast and friendly, the food is excellent (try the curry!), and the prices are fair.

it's hip, it's quirky, it's fun. what more could you really ask for?

Cons: location

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a great place to go - Edit

Quiet Storm is a great place to go if youre in pittsburgh. It has a very cozy vibe to it. Its a great place to grab vegan milkshakes and play board games with friends. I usually play battleship when I go

I don't find the food very tasty but it is good. Everything I've ordered there just seemed very bland. You do however get relatively larger portions for the price.

I would definitely recommend coming here.

Pros: atmosphere, big dishes, vegan shakes

Cons: bland food, slow service

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Yummy Food - Edit

I went to Quiet Storm the last time I visited Pittsburgh, and plan on going there every time I'm in the area. We had brunch and it was delicious. I had their black and gold breakfast that had amazing scrambled tofu, black beans, potatoes and onion gravy. My fiance had something similar and we were both impressed. Remember to bring cash.

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um!!!??? microwave!!!???? NUKED FOOD!!!! WHAT!!? - Edit

Ok, so I'm literally sitting in the Quietstorm while I'm writing this(most likely for the last time) me and my fiancé moved from New York City to Pittsburgh a short three months ago and have visited the Quietstorm nearly weekly since we arrived. The food is actually quite tasty but today I was shocked to find out that most of the food served at the Quietstorm is Nuked!! I mean, I'm not one of those vegans that thinks microwave will give you cancer (cell phones are more a threat) although I choose not to use them myself because any idiot that does any research at all can find plenty of information that supports the fact that microwave literally destroys most if not all the nutrients in food. Why eat it if it doesn't help you? Why eat it if you're vegan or vegetarian for health reason? Why support a so called restaurant that serves things you can make at home without a microwave?? It's just sad. I have worked as a vegan/vegetarian chef now for over 5 years in New York City, Massachusetts and Hawaii. I've also travelled extensively over the past 15 years and have enjoyed vegetarian fare around the country and NONE OF IT WAS MICROWAVED. The Quetstorm is never busy either, there just simply isn't a strong vegetarian community in western Pennsylvania, so there is no reason that the food need to be nuked when it can come out just as fast by other mean (not that it comes out in a timely fashion now ). The Owner, Jilly, seems to be incompetent in hiring people that actually know how to cook and it is very lame that they are using microwaves in there junk food restaurant without letting their unsuspecting customers know of it unless they get suspicious and ask like I, did hey!? What do you expect from a visually unhealthy womyn that isn't vegetarian herself, nothing less than a business person infringing on a growing market with no real interest in providing anything but a façade. Word to the wise.

Pros: tasty food

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best coffee ever, best scrambled tofu in the world - Edit

Inexpensive high quality vegetarian food with vegan options for almost everything. The staff is familiar with the entire menu and all options, which as all vegans know is great news. The scrambled tofu is not to be missed--I've searched 3 cities looking for its equal and found none. (they may have started calling it 'golden tofu' recently, ask your server if you go) Also, they have the absolute best coffee I've ever had. Lots of free parking and on a bus line.

On the downside, the servers are nice but super inattentive and the neighborhood can be a bit sketchy at night. But go during the day and be prepared to have a casual meal and you will not be disappointed.

Pros: super vegan friendly, scrambled tofu, inexpensive

Cons: inattentive servers

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clean air please - Edit

The food was alright but the place was kind of grungy and gave me the feeling they were unsanitary. There is also smoking allowed pretty much allowed throughout. So, don't go there expecting clean silver ware and clean air.

Cons: smoking, noisy

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john412 29 Nov 2009 - there is no smoking in this restaurant.

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