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CLOSED: Dam - Co Dam

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71/20 Phan Chu Trinh (at in an alley), Hoi An, Vietnam,

Quan Chay Dam family-run eatery where you choose from many veggies and soymeats dishes, rice, and noodle soup. Located in small alley in town center that is difficult to find. It's between Le Loi and Hai Ba Trung. Take the alley mid-block to the south, toward the river, from Phan Chu Trinh for 30 meters and find the restaurant on the right. Reported closed to HappyCow, Sep 2015. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Buffet, Take-out, Vietnamese

Reviews (22)

First Review by rach

Awesome - Edit

We went here three times in a row. I ate the most delicious eggplants I've ever had and the mock meat is also genious (caramellized soy meat(?) with coconut strips inside).

They have a buffet with 10 or 12 different foods which were both days the same. For a big plate we paid 40'000 and were satisfied for the next 8 hours.

We can only recommend this place.

Pros: Delicious, No MSG, Inexpensive, big portions

Cons: Well hidden

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Pleasant Surprise & Exceptional Meal - Edit

I was a bit apprehensive about trying Quan Chay Dam (Quan chay means vegan in Vietnamese) but I am SO glad I did because the meal was exceptional.

When you walk in, there is one menu on the wall and a small buffet. Someone who worked there was eating and asked what we wanted. My carnivoresque husband opted for the first noodle dish (Maekong Noodkes I think..) and I got the buffet. I was handed a plate of white rice and chose between about 9 items. I took a little of everything. We got 2 diet cokes and our total was $3.

Let me tell you... I was blown away by how tasty the food was. The mock meats were crispy and so flavorful. Even the tofu, which appeared plain, was exceptionally flavored. By the time I fjnished my plate I coukdnt even touch the soup that came with my meal.

As a tip, from the main road you will see a shop that is 71. Go down the alley and you will see 71/5 and 71/12... Just keep going until you reach 71/20. We had no trouble finding it and it's clearly labeled outside.

Highly highly impressed.

Pros: Cheap , Delicious , All Vegan

Cons: Limited English, Hot just like everywhere in Hoi An

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INCREDIBLE hole in the wall - Edit

Not super easy to find but a local helped us, after trying to get us to go in her shop for 20 minutes. Definitely a hole in the wall. No one spoke English. Menu on the wall had 6 dishes and listed in English. We chose pho and chicken fried rice. Both were out. So we got bun and something else. Both were excellent. I loved it. We sat at a table that was the door to the house and a girl was laying on bed, watching tv. It was very hot and the owner took a fan from inside to cool us off. 2 entrees, a soda, and a water were $3. Plan to go back before we leave!

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Budget freindly - Edit

This was another place we were looking for and walked right across it atleast a couple of times. Located in a small alley it's a very simple eatery meant for locals, so they don't really cater to tourists. In fact thats possibly the reason they are not overjoyed to see tourists in their place. But for tourists like me, its always a matter of joy to walk in to a 'vegan restaurant' especially when most of the veg food options in other places always have a strong after taste of fish or eggs.
Anyways after a bit of confusion about ordering I pointed to a noodle broth on banner they had up. Be warned, they just didn't have forks, so be prepared to use chopsticks
Thankfully we had a wonderful young local couple sharing the table with us. They helped me with the ordering, Gave me an explanation of what I had ordered and how to eat it) and finding out about the forks. Overall a fun experience and the food was pretty good. And its really inexpensive

Pros: Sweet simple place

Cons: no forks!

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cheapest pho chay in town - Edit

been here a few times since ive been in hoi an. pho is pretty good for 15,000d(75 us cents). they have the typical buffet type deal. its all really good. the karela(bitter gourd) was done better than ive ever had. eggplant was ab-fab. plenty to choose from and its not the same every time i go. maybe its the time of day. dunno. when i eat there i get stuffed for less than 40,000(2usd). its not the cleanest place or nicest. but we are in vietnam. who cares. its like camping. we all like camping right?

Pros: real vietnamese price, real vietnamese food, real vietnamese filth

Cons: hard to comunicate, again, who cares

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Nice, authentic family restaurant - Edit

Almost everything has been said about this place in the other reviews. Apart from the dishes on the menu and the buffet they also sell tasty buns with tofu, lettuce and the like (great for trips etc as you don't often find ready made vegan food on the way).
I think the food quality is good but not outstanding. I still find this "excellent" for what it is: very cheap - you have to eat a whole lot to even spend more than two dollar - and quite authentic. Here you get a vegan version of the Hoi An "Cao Lau" noodles, as well as the "chicken rice". Make sure to try the " fish" tofu rolls from the buffet: they look like spring rolls, but are filled with tofu and seaweed. Haven't seen them elsewhere yet and loved them.
Tea is for free like in most of the small family restaurants.

Note: Don't be irritated if they won't come to your table immediately, just go over and order. They are not really excited about nor bothered by tourists, which is quite a bless compared to the rest of Hoi An. The main part of their customers seems to be Vietnamese which is another plus!

Pros: Cheap local food

Cons: Hardly any English

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Nice Local Food - Edit

We went here twice and tried almost everything on the menu (there are 2 noodle dishes, 2 soups, fried spring rolls and mock chicken rice). It was all quite good, not amazing, but good. And it's cheap - 30,000 vdn ($1.50) for two plates. Worth a visit as it is one of, if not the only, cheap veg/vegan options near city center.

Pros: Price, Local Foods, Location

Cons: Lacks Flavour, Small Menu

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delicious buffet - Edit

Delicious local eatery on a side street. We ate here 3 times on our trip and they always had different dishes and soups. Big buffet of vegan meats and gluten style dishes plus soups. Costs 20,000-30,000 dong depending how much you pile on. Was delicious the first two times we went there, but the third time was in between meal times approx 3pm, a lot of the dishes had run out and what was there was cold and had been sitting for awhile. Best to go at meal times

Pros: variety, cheap, delicious

Cons: not cooked fresh for you so go early or dinner tim

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Best budget vegan food in Hoi An - Edit

This place is so amazing. The food is excellent, they have 6 dishes to order on the menu and a hot buffet with rice. If you want the buffet just make the staff aware behind the counter and point at which dishes you want. The pumpkin is very good and a large selection of deep fried mock meat goodies. The noodle dishes are excellent and good size portions. The homemade soya milk is also worth a try (it is sweetened). We have eaten here twice, 2 noodle dishes 2 soya milks and spring rolls = 80,000 vnd. 2 hot buffet = 50,000!
Not too difficult to find, it's the first alley way off le loi, keep waking until you see 71/20. Clearly marked vegan throughout.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, Soya milk

Cons: Slightly off the beaten track, Limited menu choices

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Friendly, cheap vegan fayre - Edit

Really liked this wee place. It is mainly frequented by locals and the food is good and plentiful.
The owner speaks very good english and was very helpful. Highly recommend it.
It is fantastic value!
Not the easiest to find: from the river head up Le Loi and turn left in the lane just before the nursery on the right. follow the lane and after a sharp bend right the restaurant is on the left.

Pros: good food, cheap, local

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V E R Y Good - Edit

As simple as good. The family is vegan already in 3rd generation. Very authentic.
I've posted an image, which makes it easier to find.
The food is made once/twice a day. The earlier you arrive the warmer and fresher it is

Pros: Cheap, Clost To Center

Cons: Cold

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Amazing Vegan Gem! - Edit

This place was a beautiful find for us, once found we ate here twice a day!
It is hard to find the first time but then your fine.
Buffet style, good selection unless you go later for dinner you may only be left with a few choices, still great though.
We paid 20,000 dong a plate during the day and 25,000 once at night. No msg, no plastic bags and no smoking.
The family is beautiful and once we became regulars after the second day they let us serve our selves and grab a cheeky spring roll on our way out.
Free drinkable water and tea also available. I highly recommend, you won't find cheaper or tastier eats in Hoi An!

Pros: Good selection, Cheap, Beautiful family

Cons: Hard to find the first time

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Delicious Vegan Buffet! - Edit

I have been to this restaurant pretty much every day whilst staying in Hoi an. It is a buffet style eatery you point at everything you want and the lady will put it on your plate for you. At first glance the food looks cold, but most of it is warm and all is freshly cooked all day. It has a really nice mix of vegetables such as spinach, roasted eggplant, spicy bamboo, okra and lots of tasty mockmeats like chicken fish and tofu, you also get a soup on the side! Very popular with the locals. I pay 30,000 dong but i think the locals pay 15,000 but still very very cheap! Nice relaxed atmosphere in there with good vegan posters and buddhist statues :)

Pros: tasty, cheap, nice atmosphere

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Cheap And Nice - Edit

Hidden down a small alley as mentioned by others. Small menu for orders, or buffet available. Limited English, but freshly cooked and very nice. Also extremely cheap. Fairly standard in cleanliness for small restaurants in Vietnam. Not too dirty. meals for two people came to 45000 dong. For that price, it was awesome

Pros: Tasty, Cheap!, Friendly People

Cons: Hard To Find, Minimal Menu

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cheap & tasty but prices vary - Edit

We ate there twice and liked it. You can get a plate with rice and choose from a variety of mockmeat or vegetables dishes, just say "com chay". Soups are available as well but apparently only if you get there early enough (probably before noon). We also tried Cau Lau, a special noodle dish of Hoi An.

Prices for "com chay" varied between 15 000 - 20 000 dong (though a group of 4 tourists next to us paid as much as 30 000 for a plate). We couldn't figure out why. You might wanna try to agree on a price before you start loading up your plate.

Pros: cheap, variety of dishes to choose from, nice staff

Cons: prices vary

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All right - Edit

Ate here on a past trip to Vietnam, here's my review for happycow. This restaurant is situated in a small alley, so you have to look for it. Food is served during limited hours, so better get there on time. I liked it all right. It's a good find for Vietnam.

Pros: nice people, good choices, vegan

Cons: cleanliness issue

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Cheap and tasty - Edit

I went here in Feb 2011. If you have a map, you can work out the lane to go down easy enough. Small family run place. Variety of choices - noodles, fake meat, salads. You load up your plate and pay.

Pros: cheap

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Cheap and tasty - Edit

Found this restaurant after reading the reviews on Happy Cow. The staff didn't speak English so we ordered two meals of what they were serving from a warmer thing. They put some rice on the plates, then we pointed at the various fake meats and veges that we wanted to try. The meal also came with a small bowl of bittermelon soup, and whole chillies were available, (although I didn't feel the need).

Pros: cheap, nice selection

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Cheap and tasty - Edit

A nice little place in a good location - central, but tucked down a quiet alley so you're away from the tourist crowds. This place is *very* budget friendly - almost embarrassingly so. We couldn't find any English translations on the menu, the staff couldn't speak English, and my pigeon Vietnamese drew only blank stares, so we just got two serves of whatever they gave us. The food was all very pleasant though, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

Pros: Excellent value, Nice location

Cons: No English on menu

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Dirt Cheap Tasty Food - Edit

This place is a fantastic find for budget eating options. Its in the centre of town, tasty and 100% vegetarian which means you can choose randomly from the menu, which is lucky cause the place lacks in English translation. But what it lacks in communication it makes up for in taste and savings! This is good food, we went back twice and tried the local specialties and various noodle soups. They had fresh mint, yummy noodles, various mock meats, with tasty saucy-soups. Both times lunch for 2 people cost is 12,000 dong! Its not that hard to find just look for number 17 (which is an ally) and its down the ally on the right-hand side. Definatley worth a visit (or in our case 2 or 3). It was also packed with locals, which is always a good sign!

Pros: Delicious Food, Cheap as chips, Chance to try local food

Cons: Communication, Looks budget

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