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Chain of organic ice cream gelaterias. Offers a list of vegan ice cream flavors made from fruit or rice/plant milk. Has vegan yogurt topped with fruit as well. Serves coffee and some sweets. Previously at Paseo de Cristobal Colon, 9.

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First Review by Mk27


Points +20

23 Sep 2023

Not clear what is vegan here

The website lists some vegan ice cream flavors, but on asking the staff what flavors are vegan. The flavors listed on the website are not.
Staff showed us the vegan ice cream. We picked yogurt and peanut butter after asking again if they were vegan. They gave us yogurt and chocolate instead, but at this point we didn’t bother anymore.
Yogurt tasted heavily like there was milk in it. I think you can assume that the yogurt flavor isn’t vegan. Chocolate flavor probably is vegan and tasted okay.
Wouldn’t recommend getting ice cream here as a vegan since it is not clear at all which ice cream is vegan and which is not.
If you want decent ice cream go to Amorino instead. You pay about the same price and get way better ice cream.

Pros: Chocolate flavor was good I guess

Cons: Not clear what is vegan , Got non-vegan ice cream , Didn’t get the flavors we wanted



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14 Sep 2023

Small selection of fruit sorbets

There wasn’t much selection at all. Just watermelon or lemon.


Points +161

15 Apr 2023

Really nice

Great chocolate flavour! And good cone


Points +976

07 Mar 2022

Some vegan options

Some ice creams and smoothies are vegan but waffles, pancakes and other cakes are not.


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Mostly Veg
26 Dec 2021

Very good!

Para desayunar o merendar es una muy buena opción, hay yogurt helado vegano y mucha variedad de panes y pasteles. Eso sí, bastante caro comparado con otros locales de la ciudad.

Pros: Helado riquísimo, Yogurt vegano, Variedad de desayuno

Cons: Bastante caro


Points +86

24 Sep 2021

Tasty ice cream with some vegan options

Unfortunately many of listed flavors were not available, which was disappointing. The ones we tasted were very good though.


Points +50

24 May 2021

Frozen yogurt was fine

They had a long list of vegan ice cream on the board but actually just had 4 which have been pretty similar. I took the vegan frozen yogurt which was quiet fine, nothing special.


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29 Jan 2021

Fantastic vegan ice cream

They have fantastic vegan ice cream flavors here. I had the vegan almond and the vegan ginger caramel, and both were excellent.


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31 Jan 2020

Utterly disappointed: no vegan option! :(

We went there today, hoping to try delicious vegan ice-creams or vegan frozen yogurts. We asked the waitress what vegan options they had today and she just answered "none". We were speechless and super disappointed as their website clearly mentions "options for everyone"... So don't bother with Puro & Bio, there are plenty of other places that really offer vegan options in Sevilla.

Cons: ZERO vegan option, Unfriendly service


Points +287

10 Nov 2019


The ice cream is so tasty, and without sugar! Some basic flavors, but also some unique flavors. Ended up going back several times!


Points +760

25 Oct 2019

Great vegan options!

Organic vegan ice cream and parfaits to cool us off on our hot summer walks along the water. Lots of great options and really great flavors.

See our whole 21 country Vegan Voyage:
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Blog: ForGoodnessSeyks.com/blog
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We were hosted for this stay but please be assured this is an honest review.


Points +160

18 Oct 2019

Staff were a bit off and only a couple of options

I did not want coconut ice cream so was only left with the chocolate one - however it did have lots of flavour and was really nice!

I don't know if I would jump at going back if I was going out of my way but if you pass it is worth a visit just so you can have some ice cream in the sunshine😄

Pros: Vegan ice cream!, Vegan cone

Cons: Not much choice, Use of plastic!


Points +111

01 Oct 2019

Several vegan flavours!

Great gelato place with at least six different vegan flavours. I tried almond and chocolate (both very good) and my husband had the coconut which tasted very fresh with bits of coconut in it. The woman behind the counter was super friendly and happy to suggest flavours and fill our water bottles on a very hot day! The menu sign near the door suggested that they have vegan muffins but I didn’t see any muffins in the shop (only non-vegan cakes).

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Interesting flavours, Friendly & helpful staff

Cons: Pricier than other ice cream shops


Points +67

20 Aug 2019

No defrauda

Amplia variedad de helados veganos. Yo pedí un yogur hecho a base de leche de arroz con macedonia y estaba delicioso. Relación calidad-precio-ubicación estupenda. Al lado del puente de Triana, genial para hacer un descanso mientras se visita Sevilla.

Pros: Muchas opciones veganas, Trato agradable, Terraza


Points +18

11 Aug 2019

Helados buenísimos

Tienen opciones veganas maravillosas y todo esta súper rico

Pros: Helado de Canela y jengibre


Points +2076

28 Jul 2019

Doesn't get any better

Separate section with vegan gelato. So many options! Tasted really natural and flavorful. I loved it!


Points +116

Mostly Veg
26 Jul 2019

Vegan ijs bij Puro & Bio gelato! Yummy 😍

Het bestaat... ijs van 100% vegan, glutenvrij, sojavrij en van alleen nature aanwezige suikers. Verschillende smaken ijs en het is echt mega lekker! Ze hebben ook vestigingen in Italie.

Mijn favoriete ijssmaken: ijs op basis van rijstmelk met de smaken cocos en pistache 😍

Pros: Vegan ijs, Glutenvrij, Sojavrij


Points +401

22 Jun 2019

creamy, dreamy vegan ice cream and sorbets

gorgeous pistachio, coconut and chocolate vegan ice cream. had other flavours including coffee. also had lovely sorbet, we tried mango and lemon. both delicious. the cones are not vegan - ask for a tub.

Pros: vegan ice creams labelled and separate from others

Cons: expensive, but worth it.


Points +28

12 May 2019

Delicious and creamy

Tried out pistachio chocolate rice milk icecream as an experiment. Delicious and creamy! if it wasn't labelled I'd never have guessed it wasn't dairy

Pros: 6 vegan options


Points +104

18 Mar 2019

Good Ice-cream terrible attention

I live in Sevilla, and I discovered this Italian Ice cream shop not long ago.
I have to admit that is one of the best ones I ever tried.
Unfortunately the people working there is very rude and dont like to be asked for information (well, I am vegan and I like to know what I am eating) and also, they like to do things their way. (Like serving more of one flavour and just a bit of other one). Pistacchio is amazing, Mango is average, coconut is yummy crunchy with coconut pieces.

Pros: Creamy Ice cream, Pistacchio, affordable

Cons: Terrible attention, You cant decide which flavour goes as base/top, small space, crowdy, noisy


Points +240

27 Oct 2018

Delicious vegan options

Great vegan ice cream (not just the fruit flavors) and all organic. This makes it a little more average than other places but you can get 15% discount vouchers at the nearby market del Arenal!! Just look neat the entrance , they are hanging on the wall.
Unfortunately the service was not very nice but I'd still recommend it!

Cons: no vegan cones


18 Mar 2019

agree 100% that the service es terrible.


Points +516

24 Oct 2018

amazing vegan ice cream options!

Ice cream shop close to the river with excellent vegan (rice milk) selections. Vegan options clearly indicated. Many ice cream shops in Spain cities have vegan options, but this place was my favorite. I enjoyed the chocolate and the cinnamon.

Pros: Numerous delicious vegan options

Cons: Serves dairy


Points +72

04 Oct 2018

Unbelievably good quality of ice cream

I must admit I took the chocolate because it is the best one I had in my current lifetime. I tasted other ones and was amazing


Points +64

05 Aug 2018


Truly the best vegan (rice milk) ice cream I ever had. The very handsome and charming server recommended cinnamon with the chocolate..... so delicious! Yes, you must get two scoops. It’s so creamy, wonderful consistency. The cinnamon tasted like very cinnamonie rice pudding. Highly recommend!!! 👍👍👍

Pros: Best vegan ice “cream” I ever had!, Very handsome and friendly server, Adorable place

Cons: None!


Points +89

31 May 2018


I got the medium size ice cream which gives you two flavors. I picked ginger/cinnamon and pistachio. It was AMAZING!!! While we were waiting for him to scoop my ice cream he also gave us a sample of the chocolate, which my boyfriend then decided to get. The server suggested to get it with the coconut flavor and the combination was really good! The ice cream is amazing and the staff is friendly and helpful. You have to check it out next time you go out for ice cream!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Most vegan options are also refined sugar free, Great staff!!


Points +100

19 May 2018

Heladeria con opciones veganas

Muchas opciones veganas tanto para helados como dulces


Points +493

21 Feb 2018

Ginger & Cinnamon

Delicious Ginger & Cinnamon vegan ice cream- so delicious... tastes like chai. They have about six vegan flavours, you have to ask because they aren't on display. So good! Friendly staff & nice outdoor seating- They also have gluten free cones if that's your thing.

Pros: Tasty

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