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Vegan coffee cafe with a small kitchen that makes toasts and salads. Offers daily baked goods. Est. 2019. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by pm011


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27 Jun 2023

Favorite coffee & vegan breakfast of all time

I get Project Coffee several times a week. They have the most incredible vegan breakfast and brunch foods, and it is my favorite coffee I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!

Pros: Coffee, Variety, Atmosphere

Cons: No wifi, Loud music, Price



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04 Mar 2023

Good service

Lots of vegan options. Sandwhich

Pros: All vegan, Ambience , Quick staff


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25 Jan 2023

Best Cafe in Sarasota

My favorite by far — even if I wasn’t vegan. Biscuit (just) egg sandwich is amazing.

Pros: Biscuit, Biscuit, The Biscuit


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10 Jan 2023


Great coffee and tea, baked goods and all-day breakfast. Highly recommend.


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08 Dec 2022

Best breakfast

One of my favorite breakfast sandwiches of all time. The burrito, pumpkin cookie, and pumpkin spice latte were all great too!

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-08


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03 Dec 2022

Delicious All-Day Breakfasts!

I love this all vegan coffee shop and I don’t even drink coffee! The breakfasts are so good and they have a nice varied menu of options to choose from. I had the tacos with scrambled ‘egg’, cheeze, avocado and all the trimmings. They were delicious! My husband had the ‘egg’, cheeze and beyond sausage biscuit. The filling was really good, but the biscuit was too salty, even with the syrup. We still really enjoyed it though. There was a great atmosphere and you can tell it’s a very popular place. Love it!


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13 Nov 2022

Vegan coffee shop

Very basic, small kitchen and menu, some paint, art on the walls and tile or pergo floors would go far, also vent the kitchen. it’s all vegan though.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-12

Pros: Vegan


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01 Sep 2022

Best Waffles EVER!

A very clean and modern location, Project Coffee was really busy when my mom and I stopped by, but it was lunchtime so it makes sense. We're not from the area so we were eager to try things, so we got a breakfast burritos and the sweet waffles. The burrito was really good but I LOVED the waffles! They were super fluffy, the syrup was great, and the whipped cream paired perfectly, being sweet but not overwhelmingly so! The fresh fruit tied it all together and adding a burst of color too! They are by far the best waffles ever!

Only con, we weren't a fan of the music that they played...aside from that, really love them!

Pros: Best waffles ever, Decent prices, Clean interior

Cons: Music with a lot of cursing


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23 Jul 2022

Great Service, Great Food

This place was excellent. We had a proper breakfast and it was terrific. The service was great: pleasant people, quick service. Great vibe. I wish they had OJ, since it is a breakfast place, but otherwise our visit was five stars!

Pros: All vegan, Great food, Great service

Cons: Pricey but not too pricy


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14 Jun 2022

Unstable Portions!

What a joke!

Came here for brunch one morning new to the area as a Vegan and was SO excited to see the All Day Breakfast Burrito option. It was so good I ate it all! The sauce was super yummy!!

I left town for a few weeks and came back so excited to come back and get another with their yummy coffee I drove 20 mins out of my way to come for the burrito! Reminding me of our amazing Mexican and vegan food back home in San Diego.

I ordered an extra sauce as one is not enough unless you get half a burrito! 🤨😒

I get my “burrito and it’s about half the size it was my first time coming in. Mostly tortilla!

I went back and inquired if this was right and Lacey had an attitude about it and was solid in her response. Which was that’s “pretty” normal and didn’t offer to make any changes, then shared well maybe you just got a bigger one that day?!!!! The gas lighting that just took place is SUPER unexceptionable in customer service! Apparently they don’t serve the same amount of filling depending when you go! 🧐

The burrito should have been made properly with the proper amount of filling! For an 11$ I received LITERALLY half a burrito!

I am a loyal customer and had planned on this being a local spot for me as there aren’t many QUALITY VEGAN food options in Sarasota or even FL in general! Unfortunately I wouldn’t come back nor would I recommend. I find this extremely disappointing considering I made a divine new friend during my first experience while waiting for my food and we discussed coming here to reconnect. Definitely will be exploring other options.

What a night and day experience.

Hopefully you get the day experience!

Pros: Great Coffee, Get atmosphere of guest, Great Chimichurri sauce

Cons: Rude and unfriendly Customer service, Gas lighting, Half burrito portions on some days!


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01 Jun 2022

Incredible breakfast, incredible food

The Proper Plate (or something like that) was incredible! Coffee good too!


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21 May 2022

Absolutely fabulous!!!

The world needs more of this delicious vegan breakfast food


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19 May 2022

Bad! Rude employees

So Rude customer service, very $$
I was regular customer as a vegan person living Sarasota than their costumer service make me tired and sick ..( mask wearing etc) I can write long paragraphs about them but I don’t want to spend more time anyway, one day , I was waiting my brother to give order other and another costumer who sit next table of me she annoyed of me BECAUSE I was speaking on the phone another language ( also a kind of racism) than worker told me I have to leave the place . It was so shameful moment. Anyway there is lots of vegan place in Sarasota now and Project Coffee is banned of me..
Costumer service is bet the food.I wish I give 1 star.. they do not allow me ..

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-19

Pros: 100 % vegan

Cons: Less option , needs more meals menu, Rude ppl working there


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04 May 2022

Great coffee, food and vibe

Busy, cool vibe in a converted light and airy space. All coffees default made with oat milk and the whole menu is 100% vegan including eggs, cheese etc. Chia bowl is delicious!

Pros: 100% vegan menu with interesting choices, Coffees made with oat milk as standard, Great setting and vibe

Cons: Meals made with impossible eggs and meat


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29 Apr 2022

So yummy!

I love getting coffee here and their biscuits are to die for

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-29

Pros: Everything is vegan, All delicious , Friendly staff

Cons: It's expensive


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17 Mar 2022

Loved the burrito

Very happy to find a 100% vegan place. I got a burrito which was delicious and very filling I had to take the other half to go. I got the hot mocha cocoa which was yummy as well. My daughter was really happy also and we will definitely be visiting again soon. The place is nice and comfortable and the people very friendly.

Pros: A variety of vegan breakfast options , Very nice atmosphere , Friendly staff

Cons: Wish it had more lunch options


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Mostly Veg
14 Mar 2022

Very happy I tried this cute café!

100% Vegan place which is so refreshing since most places dont go all the way! Drinks have oatmilk by default and I had the delicious match latte and chia seed bowl. My (not vegan) mom tried their hot chocolate with a cute design in it and burrito which she found to be very filling and satisfying.

Pros: completely vegan , staff are really friendly , food and drinks are good

Cons: food is mostly breakfast (to be expected for cafe), closes at 4pm


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26 Feb 2022

Experience: 👎, Food: good

-1 star for the overall experience ….before 12 PM they were out of biscuits, but the real thing that rubbed us wrong was that we were then told that we have to get there earlier to get biscuits. Which suggests that they regularly run out of biscuits. Well then plan to order or make more, no? And they also refused to simply make the sandwich with toast instead of the biscuit.
-1 star because my husband and I will never go back.

I can totally see how all of the other low reviews (especially on Yelp) were possible (I should have read them before we gave this place a try).
The only reason I am giving them 3 stars is because the foods that we were able to order were actually pretty good.


21 May 2022

Lots of restaurants run out of biscuits and they have all recommended I get there earlier. I never realized I should have been upset about it. Dang. Have you worked in the food industry? Or has Amazon and McDonalds destroyed your perception of life?


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26 Jan 2022

Amazing vegan food!

The selection of vegan breakfast food here is great. The meals are insanely delicious as well! 10/10 would recommend.

Jennifer Schubert

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05 Jan 2022

More please

The food is so good. I had the burrito, which was large and wonderful. A little on the peppery side but so good. My friend had the avocado toast and said that was equally good.

Pros: Love the vegan breakfasts, Easy ordering , Outdoor seating

Cons: Outdoor seats are uncomfortable


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08 Oct 2021

Best coffee!

We had the savory waffle and breakfast sandwich. It was so much food that we had to take half of each meal home.

Pros: Best coffee!, Nice staff, Good waffles

Cons: Run out of biscuits, Small selection of food


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17 Sep 2021

Recommend the breakfast Burrito

Great spot for hanging out and getting food for breakfast, drinks or a snack. I recommend trying the breakfast burrito!


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16 Aug 2021

Amazing waffles

They have an amazing vegan breakfast burrito and amazing coffee drinks and chai lattes. Very friendly staff

Pros: All vegan, Amazing chai latte and coffee

Cons: Busy


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29 Jul 2021

Positive caffeinated experience

Trend driven cafe bursting with pothos & clean white walls. Treated myself to an oat milk latte to combat the blazing summer heat. Refreshing & flavorful.


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22 Jul 2021

Love it!

Project coffee is 100% vegan! I love their waffles and breakfast burritos. My non-vegan family members love it here too. I highly recommend it!

Pros: Completely vegan

Cons: A little expensive


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26 May 2021

Best coffee shop

I love project coffee so much. They have great coffee and food options. They have oatshakes that are basically frappachinos and they include stickers on all their drinks and food that are so cute😄interior is very beautiful as well


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21 Mar 2021

New menu

It was probably a year ago the last time I was at Project Coffee. Since then they have changed the menu and I’ve seen some new workers there that are way more friendly then the ones that I had last year. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a caramel frappuccino with whip and boy did it not disappoint! The caramel is actual vegan caramel and not liquid flavoring, so good! It’s still such a pretty place to enjoy some coffee too!

Pros: Delicious biscuit and frappuccino , Cool aesthetics , All vegan

Cons: Sometimes unfriendly staff, but not recently

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