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Serves meat, vegan options available. Burger joint but has two vegan burgers: the "Ronald Vegan" has a patty with sriracha mayo, salsa, coconut chips, nachos and a salad; the "Vegan Burger" has blueberry jam, fried mushroom, nordic salad, and rosemary potatoes. Chilled, informal vibe. Open Mon-Thu 10:00am-1:00am, Fri 10:00am-4:30am, Sat 11:00am-4:30am, Sun 11:00am-1:00am. Happy hour: 4-8 everyday.

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First Review by Kiwi-Minoumi


Points +75

23 Jul 2022

Nice bowls

We had the Cauliflower and Oumph bowls, both were tasty and nice.

Pros: Nice vegan options , Tasty food

Cons: Affordable (2000 isk for a bowl)



Points +779

25 Nov 2021

No breakfast for me

On the door it says that they open at 8. Went at 8 but was it was closed. Went back at 9 when it had opened. Was told breakfast isn’t until 10 or 11. Only coffee.


Points +3332

26 Oct 2021

Not lots of choice, good burger

There isn't many vegan options here - vegan burger or vegan breakfast. The burger was good, very standard burger but the price was decent.


Points +2216

04 Jun 2021

Limited menu, good burger

Visited here in June of 2021. Compared to previous reviews, the menu was limited to a single page (in Icelandic) with a handful of vegan options. I went for the vegan burger, which was good. Patty wasn’t a Beyond/Impossible hearty type, but the garlic mushrooms added some chew and meatiness. Everything tasted fresh and the fries were crispy.

Ask for menus on the first floor when you enter, and seating is available at a couple tables on ground level with more upstairs. Expect a younger crowd and a lively dive bar atmosphere. The waiter and bartender both spoke great English and were friendly.


Points +16

30 May 2021

Violence isn’t the answer

I never made it inside this establishment because a 6’4 male employee thought it was okay to shove me so violently that one of my earbuds fell out of my ear, even though I simply repeated the same thing the two white women in front of me said (and were able to enter). His reasoning? He felt ignored. I honestly do not care if you go here, Kiki Queer Bar had way better energy and less white American tourists.

BUT TO THOSE BOUNCERS: It is abundantly clear someone hurt you. Most likely when you were little, you witnessed/experienced violence and were likely ignored, and that has damaged your soul. When given the chance to choose patience and kindness, you chose violence and passed your trauma and hurt onto girl alone in a new country because you have yet to develop adult coping mechanisms. It’s a shame, since most of the people I have met in Iceland have been incredibly kind, that you decided to represent yourself, this business, and this country like that. I hope you revisit the policy like I explained in the street and heal the broken child within so you can stop your cycle. I forgive you, and I hope you heal so can forgive yourself and those who hurt you first.

If you want a drink, sure come here. But you can get a gin and tonic and listen to hip hop virtually anywhere 😂 so maybe choose another place?


Points +18

29 Feb 2020

Plant based pop up kitchen bar

Lovely bar with pop up plant based kitchen. Lots to choose from all freshly made. Well cooked and presented. We had the spicy burrito and vegan brunch. All very tasty. Would definitely recommend a visit here! Well priced too.


Points +30

07 Feb 2020

Now with full “dirty” vegan menu

Nice to have a full range of “dirty” vegan options - including two burgers and burritos. A bit greasy for me but that may be the point...


Points +127

04 Feb 2020

Fully vegan menu

Stumbled upon this lovely place with fully vegan menu! We had a burger, spicy burrito and the loveliest fries!!


Points +69

24 Jan 2020

B12 Veganuary Pop Up

Delicious vegan menu for January - vegan burgers and burritos, a must for any vegans in Reykjavik this Jan!


Points +153

18 Jan 2020

More options than in HC description

When I visited this bar, they had a fully vegan menu - a pop-up called B12. Although it is a pop-up, they are looking to keep it, so definitely check it out if in Reykjavik (menu uploaded).

I ordered the vegan brunch, which was quite tasty. It came with 2 slices of sourdough, 2 sliced sausages (which I wasn't keen on, they tasted a lot like Linda McCartney's sausages), baked beans (very good!), half a tomato, guacamole, vegan mayo dip, some orange slices (??), and fried potatoes. It was hearty and filling.

The only negative thing is the place was cold! I was sitting upstairs and it was quite unpleasant waiting in that temperature, not too cosy. I was waiting 30 minutes also for the brunch, which is fine as I wasn't in a rush, but it was very quiet, so I'm not sure why it took so long.

Overall, good, I would go back, but to try other items on the menu.

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-18

Pros: Good menu, Friendly staff, Filling

Cons: Cold, Long wait


Points +30

16 Dec 2019

Great for brunch

Had the vegan brunch from here and it was lovely. My boyfriend had the vegan burger and said it was lovely.


Points +403

11 Oct 2019

Good Vegan Burger

Ronald Burger is a good vegan burger. Noting incredible but it’s flavorful, filling and reasonably priced (1.9 isk). They do have a vegan brunch option and offer take out. The atmosphere is kind of divey and smelled of cigarettes when we were there.

Pros: Multiple vegan options, Affordable for the area, Does take out

Cons: Cigarette smell inside


Points +34

04 Aug 2019

Best vegan burger

I had the "Ronald Vegan", and it was the best vegan burger I've ever had - and I've tried a lot of them in Berlin as well as Iceland. Very flavourful, with a Linda McCartney soy patty. They also have veggie patties but I'm not sure if those are vegan or only vegetarian. The soy patty had a really good meaty texture that even meat-eaters would probably enjoy. All the burgers on the menu can be made vegan on request. They also offer other vegan dishes, including a breakfast platter with sausage.


Points +82

08 Jul 2019

Super good

Loved the vegan breakfast and the coffee was good and the people working there were super nice highly reccomend


Points +94

30 May 2019

Great vegan options, laid back atmosphere

There are now 3 vegan options: vegan brunch, vegan burger and vegan sandwich. And they will adapt other dishes. Very tasty food. Staff friendly, all in a laid back retro environment. Inexpensive for Reykjavik.


Points +242

13 Apr 2019

Love the atmosphere!

I came on a Saturday evening, wanted to try the vegan burger - unfortunately they were out of the vegan patty. I was a bit disappointed, but as they do brekkie food all day, I opted for the vegan avo sordough bread thingy, which was tasty and filling, with plenty of strong enough chilli, so i was happy.
I'll definitely come back to try the vegan brunch - more for the atmosphere than for the food (good but amazing - besides it's only vegan-friendly)
I definitely recommend giving it a try!
Edit: came back for brunch, had a very good, filling vegan brunch - it reminded me of some fry-ups I had in London. 🤤 Not a huge fan of their vegan sausages, but that just personal. Still love the atmosphere :)

Pros: Love the atmosphere, God portions

Cons: Vegan options limited


Points +100

11 Feb 2019

Original local bar

Great original bar and couple of tasty vegan options

Pros: Couple of vegan options , Price , Atmosphere


Points +1395

22 Jan 2019

Vegan brunch, big portions, great coffee, quick service, lovely staff

Stopped here as it was the nearest option listed on happy cow! The interior left a lot to be desired and it’s not somewhere I would typically opt for, seats that were worn and needed upholstering, quite a dark and dingy pub. I ordered a soya caramel latte which was really good! To eat I ordered a vegan brunch (the second of 2 options was a vegan burger) it came with sausages, potatoes, avocado, baked beans, sourdough toast, grilled tomato, herb mayo (very good!) and sliced oranges. It was ok, the portion was very generous. The service was really quick too. For 2 main meals and 2 drinks it was £32.11.


Points +527

11 Dec 2018

Ronald Vegan Burger

Giving it 4 stars for the Ronald Vegan burger which was delicious. Super laid back dive bar atmosphere. I didn’t see a second vegan burger on the menu as some suggested but perhaps if you asked you could get a simple vegan burger using the same patty. The Ronald is spicy, due to the sriracha mayo so keep that in mind. It came with a basic salad covered in pico (?!) and tortilla chips. Odd combo but I was focused on the burger.

Pros: Laid back vibe, Coffee and Alcohol available

Cons: Limited Vegan options


Points +40

07 Dec 2018


Good choice on menu ,. Nice lil cosy place ,. Food was good ,. Coffee was delish and reasonably priced.

Pros: Good options


Points +90

18 Jul 2018

Great for vegan brunch

Great food and several options. Vegan sausage is excellent. Open earlier than most places for breakfast. Nice comfort place.


Points +100

15 May 2018

Vegan burgers

Two vegan burgers on the menu. We went for the Ronald Vegan which was yummy and filling

Pros: Vegan options, Correct pricing, Filling burger

Cons: No vegan deserts

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