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Small vegetarian restaurant in San Blas neighborhood at this space since 2015; previously a snack bar at Choquechaca 152. Offers a weekday lunch menu set that includes soup or salad, main dish, and small dessert. A la carte menu offers veggie burgers plus pasta, pizza, salad, and fresh juices. Reported closed August 2022.

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First Review by vegprasada


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14 Oct 2021

The best vegan restaurant in Cusco!!

My friend brought me to Prasada in Cusco and it was such a wonderful experience! It has such a beautiful and cozy atmosphere that makes you immediately feel at home. The staff are so friendly, kind and helpful. AND the food is absolutely incredible with generous portions prepared with so much love! I cannot wait to go back! I highly recommend this restaurant to all vegans and non-vegans alike.

Pros: Amazing food! , Wonderful service! , Beautiful decor!



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09 Sep 2021

Right up there with Green Point

Lots of vegan places in Cusco have closed, so Prasada and Green Point were our go-to's. The staff here is very nice, and even though there were a few things on the menu that were not available, everything we had was great. Especially the curry!!!


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12 Jul 2021

Nice vegan restaurant in Cusco city center

We had a great experience at this vegan restaurant. If you are okay with sitting on the floor with cushions while eating, then you should try this place. ♥️

This place is changing their menu and for that reason they didn’t have many options that were on their current menu, so that was a bit disappointing, but other than that the experience was great.

I highly recommend their vegan burgers (sooo yummy). We also got the meatball bowl, which was delicious as well. The tofu teriyaki looked good as well, so next time I will try that out!

Highly recommend this place to all vegan lovers out there! Go support this place and show them love! :)

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-09

Pros: Delicious food & flavors , Excellent service

Cons: Were out of many items on menu , A bit cold inside , Limited seating


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22 Apr 2020

Omnivore friends loved it

Visited back when it was a snack bar in 2013. Being the only veggie in the group I dragged my 3 omni friends here and they were delighted! Glad to hear its doing well.


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22 Feb 2020

Different address:Choquechaca 430 now

Cute vegan temple with lots of fresh juices and great peruvian veganized dishes, loved the yellow Huacachina sauce


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25 Jan 2020

Definiately worth to visit

Vegan temple and smoothie bar offering nice range of food and drinks. Chilling and welcoming. Good quality of food and huge smoothies.

Pros: Huge smoothies/juices , Quality of food, Menu


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05 Nov 2018

Energizing smoothies & tasty food

Super tasty and huge smoothies which will give you energy for the whole day! Our chacarera sandwich (tofu, sweet onions, chimichurri, guacamole and Peruvian yellow pepper) was delicious too! Also don’t leave without trying the energy coffee :)


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25 Aug 2018

Good but not great

The food was good but compared to the sister restaurant, “The Vegan Temple,” it was just okay. Some of my friends had better food than me so it’[censored] or miss.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Best options weren’t vegan


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27 Jul 2018

Good food for a good price

We had two vegan burgers, which where super tasty. The staff is really friendly and the location is nice.


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16 Dec 2017

Delicious, inventive food

I'm so glad we went here! We split 2 burgers between 2 of us and went back for a third because they were so tasty.
The sauces are what make each one distinct - I haven't had anything that tasted similar to any of them elsewhere.

One was a vegetable curry with pesto and sesame, another had honey mustard, pineapple and guacamole, the third was a pea burger with a bit more spice and mustard/guac as well. Thoroughly recommend any of those.

Excellent value for money and friendly service too :)


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12 Oct 2017

delicious and friendly staff

Good vibes here, food was fantastic and the staff were lovely.


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28 Jul 2017

Super yummy burger

I went for a late lunch. The menu has so many interesting options it's really hard to choose. I went for a burger with pinapple chutney, i don't remember the name but the flavour was awesome and I really liked the texture of the burger patty. I had a mango-passionfruit-ginger juice which came in a huge glass, really great as it was so yummy I could drink buckets of it. Really good value for money too. Highly recommended!


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16 Jul 2017

Great burgers!

We had some great burgers here!

The owner is aware of what veganism is and can help you order/customize whatever you're looking at on the menu.

We had some really good burgers and were very full after we left.

Pros: Knowledgeable on veganism, Good burgers

Cons: 'Healthy' place that isn't vegan


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02 Jun 2017


This is your stop for great vegan burgers! The burgers are packed with flavor, with different ingredients, sauces, and come all together for a great burger time! I always came back to the super vegan, but my travel companions really loved the chacarera. One night we even brought a bunch of omnis with us for dinner and they were all raving about how good it was.

Juices are huge, and they have vegan brownies on offer if you arrive before they sell out!

Pros: Fantastic burgers!, Large variety of flavors on offer, Huge juices!

Cons: Too few of the wantan fries, and I didn't really like the wantan fries that muc


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14 Jul 2016

Very different burgers!

We had the Chacarcera (chumichurri, cheese, garlic and sweet onion) and the Hawaiiana (cheese, chutney and honey mustard). Both came with crisp sticks (no fries). The drinks are massive (chai tea lassi was ml).

Pros: lots of original burgers, friendly staff, Wi-Fi


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13 Jul 2016

Simple but good

The place is small and, when i was there, the same nice guy that works as waiter is also the chef (although at some point came another guy to help him out).

The food was simple but good (not great). Mostly burgers/sandwiches. There are a couple of vegan dishes and others which can be veganized.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: a bit slow


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03 Jun 2016

Just a winsome place

Comfortable restaurant with causal staff. Food was pretty good, although the pesto that came with my burger might be considered oversalted by some. Mango juice was awesome, it came in probable the largest glass I have ever drunken from.
Overall good attitude and good value.

Pros: good value, good attitude

Cons: there could be more vegan options, can get cold in there


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03 Mar 2016

Wonderful Veggie Burgers

The veggie burgers here are really good! (They are homemade from lentils) If they had fries or some kind of potato on the side rather than wanton strips, it could be a perfect meal. I recommend the Super Vegan Burger.

Pros: Great Veggie Burger, Free WiFi

Cons: Not many tables, More vegetarian options than vegan


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02 Mar 2016

prasada exists

it exists and is fully vegetarian and delicious.


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23 Aug 2014

Delicious but a little cold

I ate here in August 2014. Ordered a falafel sandwich (came in ciabatta bread), a lentil burger, and a vegan chocolate brownie. All were absolutely delicious and made to order. Very friendly service too.

The only downside is that it was a little cold to eat there (Cusco is cold), but thankfully there is now another Prasada round the corner on Qanchipata 269 with indoor seating.

Pros: Delicious food, Separate vegan menu, Made to order

Cons: A little cold


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02 Mar 2014

Hearty, tasty, good prices

Great sandwiches, salads and wraps for $1.50-$3 US. Get the falafel salad, or the argentinian burger with delicious garlicky chimichurri sauce. NOTE: You must specify that you want an item vegan. Even if the menu lists the item as vegan, it may arrive with dairy cheese unless you specify. Don't be discouraged if you can't find this place at first - it's there. Ask around. Look for a sign they place out on the sidewalk. Hours vary, always ask when they'll be open next.

Pros: flavorful food, good value, friendly staff


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27 Nov 2013

not so great

this review is for the prasada at qanchipata 269...
the guy running the joint was behaving like he was on speed. maybe he's just an overly energetic character? when he came to take our order, he immediately pointed out one of the burgers as the best on the menu. i said we were looking for vegan only, to which he answered "yeah, that burger i just told you to get is vegan!" well, it actually came with honey mustard. when i pointed that out, again he said "yeah, it's vegan." when i tried to tell him most vegans don't eat honey, he just got annoyed and walked away.
beyond that guy acting like an a$$hole, the food was average at best. it was cheap though. lunch for two people came to about $7 u.s. dollars.


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02 Aug 2013

nice portions, good food

I had a large falafel tortilla salad plate for only 6.50 soles. Just make sure you indicate that you want the item vegan. I thought the vegan symbol on the menu meant the item was vegan, but it means it can be made vegan.


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25 Jun 2013

awesome, cheap and friendly

Came 2 days in a row for the vegetarian taco. Service is fast and the menu wide. Closing at 9 pm on weekdays.

Be sure to check it out!!


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13 Jun 2013

yummy food but often closed?

As 2 vegans, we were very lucky that this restaurant was 2 or 3 blocks from our hotel! We both got the mexican burger with chips which was really good! (although I think they mix guacamole and ketchup..think next time I'd just want it with guacamole). The most amazing part was dessert!!! Chocolate covered strawberry jam filling cookie. was so crunchy! We both got 2 1/2 (shared the last one) they were sooo good. I could have had 10 more. I asked the woman working if they'd have more the following day she said yes. Everyone working was very nice and helpful! However, the next day they were closed...and we tried to go back a few days later and they were closed that was a bit of a bummer :( no hours listed. Was really hoping to go back a second time, especially to get the cookie! I guess I will just have to dream about it.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 12, 2013

Pros: friendly staff, amazing dessert, yummy food

Cons: no idea when the hours are


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21 Jan 2013

Greatest falafel sandwich ever

This place was one of my best food experiences in peru. It was hard to find and to get it OPEN, but when I did it was totally worth it.
The owner/cook was a very kind woman who made a great falafel sandwich for me and my girlfriend. She also made another sandwich of something I can't remember (lentil, maybe) that was equally delicious. Both of them were vegan by request.

Pros: Delicious, cheap, kind owner

Cons: hard to find it open


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05 Mar 2012

run, don't walk!

Finally, finally, a veggie place in South America that knows how to serve delicious food. This humble hole-in-the-wall cranks out mouth-watering burgers, felafel, soups, and salads at dirt-cheap prices. Seating is a bit cramped, being stools and narrow counters to hold the food. But this is a quibble--the food is fantastic and portions ample.

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