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Vegan fast food restaurant serving American classic dishes including burgers, fries, mac & cheese, salads and more. Reported closed February 2024.

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First Review by JeffreyTrull

Sarah P

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16 Jan 2024


The menu here was a little smaller than I expected, but there was still a nice variety of choices. Everything was really good, and worth a return when in the area again.

Pros: Fast preparation, Delish, Great service



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24 Sep 2023

Beautiful spot, delicious eats!

What a great vegan joint! The space is beautiful and spacious, the staff are kind, and the food is absolutely delicious. Had the fried chik sandwich, sweet potato fries, and the milkshake of the month… blueberry cheesecake. My sister got the same sandwich with onion rings. Everything was tasty beyond belief. Wish they had more locations including one in the SF Bay Area; I’d be there every week!

Pros: Delicious food , Friendly staff, Beautiful space


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17 Sep 2023

Absolutely delicious

Visiting my sister in Newport and was craving a burger and fries. Plant City X did not disappoint. Had the truffle burger with Impossible patty and x-treme fries. So good! As a vegan you forget the luxury of being able to pick anything off of a menu and not have to quiz the staff or customize to make vegan. I appreciated the freedom this restaurant afforded me. Highly recommended!


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15 Sep 2023

How does this place stay open

Tasty burger X and fries and quick service but no soul and unhappy staff. We were the only 3 customers a 1 pm!

Somewhat cafeteria style, clean and nice food. Functional.


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24 Aug 2023

Love, love, love this place!

They have an extensive menu and the food was delicious. They’re environmentally conscious—their disposable dishes/utensils are compostable. The restaurant is very spacious, modern, and clean-looking. There’s outdoor seating. They also have a drive thru. I had the Philly Cheese Steak and the X Nuggets with truffle aioli dipping sauce. I highly recommend them both. The Philly had a little bit of spice to it which I didn’t expect, but liked. My friend had the Macadamia Ricotta Toast and spoke highly of it. I wish I lived closer to this place—I would go here all the time.

Update: returned later the same day for chocolate-vanilla twisted soft serve ice cream, which was very good!

Update #2: Returned the next day for a vanilla shake and a cookie. Also both great!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-23

Pros: Spacious seating area, Extensive menu, Environmentally conscious business


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22 Aug 2023


This place is so good, I can’t believe there’s a vegan drive through, food took less then ten minutes and was DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Pros: Fast service , Amazing food, Super nice staff


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15 Jun 2023

Not great

The chickpea wrap I got was really bad. It was 90% lettuce and it did not taste good at all. We also though got the nuggets and the buffalo burger. Both of which were tofu based. They were pretty good, but the flavor was coming from them being fried, the tofu looked and tasted like it wasn’t seasoned at all. Overall would be good to get in a hurry, but otherwise I wouldn’t come back. Possibly to try something else to give it another chance.


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31 May 2023

When you are craving (vegan) comfort food...!

They do advertise it as “fast food” and, while our order was not delivered to the table super-fast, it didn’t disappoint. Rich and delicious comfort food. Buffalo cauliflower app was spicy-good, and the mushroom burgers were terrific!

Pros: Variety of vegan options., Spicy heat, if desired., Roomy interior; easy social distancing.

Cons: Outdoor seating an option, but a sea of pavement.


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18 May 2023


I had the cauliflower wings, the Philly Cheesesteak and washed it down with a root beer and it was amazing!!

Pros: Food , Restaurant , Price


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10 May 2023

Expensive for Fast Food but worth it

Had a few hours to kill so made a special trip from Cape Cod to Plant City X to see how it compared to Plant City in PVD. The restaurant was extremely open and welcoming. The staff were espescially friendly at the counter. The food came out promptly and everything is served in compostable containers. Even any cutlery you get is compostable which is a nice touch.

I got the X Burger and the Xtreme fries, with a Lite cola (their own recipe I believe). The fries were amazing and a must order. The burger was excellent although the bun didn't manage to hold together for the entire sandwich and I had to use my fork for the last three bites. The cola was great too.

I made the mistake of taking a shake to go... only a mistake because it definitely pushed me over the edge from satisfied to bloated, but since I don't know when I'll be back I couldn't resist. I had the monthly shake which was churro cheesecake. It was tasty with a great texture. But yes, after the burger and xtreme fries too much!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Exceptional xtreme fries, Delicious house made patties and drinks

Cons: Pricy for fast food (but again worth it), The bun didn't quite hold up


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16 Feb 2023

Vegan food fast

Great spot for a quick bite. Wish I had one near me in CT.


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11 Jan 2023

Tried a couple burgers

We ordered a "chik" burger. The flavor combination was great but...I'm gonna say it's pretty ballsy in 2023 to name this item like a chicken substitute when it's literally a fried tofu sandwich. There are a lot of chicken substitutes on the market and this isn't one of them.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-06

Pros: good flavor combo, extensive menu, all-vegan

Cons: tofu labeled like chicken substitute lol, inane ordering experience


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25 Oct 2022

Just ok

Had the buffalo Mac & cheese, the nuggets and fries. Fries tasted like McDonald‘s, the nuggets were just plain tofu in a thick batter - I liked them, my partner didn’t. For the Mac & cheese, I definitely had better. And for a restaurant that claims to „embrace a deeper connection with the planet“, they had only single use (although mostly made out of paper, but that’s still a lot of waste) plates and cutlery. Feels a little greenwash-y. It’s nice to have this many vegan options though, maybe we just chose the wrong meals.

Pros: Many options, GF options, Reasonable prices

Cons: Single use plates and cutlery even for eating in


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18 Oct 2022

Delicious fast food!

This place was great! Tried the buffalo chicken sandwich, truffle mac, and the nuggets. The chicken sandwich and nuggets were DELICIOUS. Truffle mac was not so great. Other macs would probably be a lot better. Definitely going to go again to get the nuggets and a chicken sandwich!

Pros: Delicious chicken items, Reasonable prices, Fast service and friendly employees

Cons: Truffle mac not very good


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25 Aug 2022

Vegan fast food with drive thru

This place is fun - it feels very similar to another mainstream fast food joint that starts with 'M', but veganized. We had the Vegan X burger, fries, and Cobb salad. The burger tasted homemade, with lots of beets, and was delicious. The fries were fresh cut. The interior is confortable, with booths for seating, or you can sit outside. On the second trip, we went through the drive thru. This was surreal for me - I have not been in a drive thru in many years! We got Chik-N nuggets and a milkshake. The nuggets were battered tofu, and tasted great, the milkshake was thick and although a (compostable) straw could be used, I used a spoon. I love that a place like this exists and is all vegan. Definitely recommended as well as there main place up in Providence (with completely different menus).

Pros: All vegan, Unique, Drive thru


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19 Aug 2022

Vegan fast food

Awesome spot w/ a drive thru! We tried their breakfast and came back for burgers and x-treme fries. Everything was tasty. Love finding a spot like this on vacation.


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17 Aug 2022


The truffle mac and cheese was delicious. It would be amazing if they opened a location in Virginia Beach. I would be soooo happy.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious , Clean establishment


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17 Jul 2022

A lot of options

Husband and I visited this area and decided to give this restaurant a try. It’s nice to see a vegan fast food. Ordered the truffle burger, buffalo chik sandwich, nuggets with cilantro mayo sauce and the classic mac and cheese. The burger was ok. Husband and I didn’t like it that much. I thought it was too veggie for me. Love the buffalo chik sandwich tho. It has a nice tangy flavor. Also love the nuggets too. Its tofu and was crispy. And for the mac and cheese, I didn’t like it. Thought it was too nutty for me but husband like it tho. He says it taste like the mac and cheese.


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06 Jul 2022

Vegan fast food done well

I appreciate having this vegan option in the Middletown / Newport area. My wife and I ate there several times while visiting recently. I had the chicken sandwich, which was good. The fries were very good. We tried the truffle Mac & cheese and both thought it was much too strongly flavored — plain would be much better, I think. Soft serve ice cream was a nice treat on a hot day.

We ate in rather than use the drive-through. Lots of space to distance from other diners.

Pros: All vegan, Tasty food


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21 Jun 2022

Great spot

Good vegan options and GF buns available for burgers which is always a plus. I had the Guac burger with GF bread. Fries and sauce are so good! Got as recommendation, seems to be very popular.


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27 May 2022

Great food!!

Great vegan chik’n sandwich and tasty fries. A bit expensive but all vegan is awesome!


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26 Apr 2022


one time i ordered some stuff it was great, the next time, the burgers were so mushy they were inedible. the only good thing were the loaded fries. i felt like i wasted my money on 3 burgers.


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07 Mar 2022

Awesome food & environment!

Awesome food & environment! I had a smoothie and salad…both were amazing!

Pros: Fully vegan , Great environment , Delicious food and smoothies


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Mostly Veg
21 Feb 2022

We had burgers and salad, none of which was very good.

The burgers had way too much of the cheese on them. The cheese was watery and it made the buns very soggy. Maybe try to make the cheese thicker or just use much less of it.


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21 Aug 2021

Great vegan foods!

This was the only place my 16 yr old daughter and I ate during our mini vacation to Newport. The breakfast sandwich was fantastic. We both loved the chick sandwich, it was sooo crispy! Sweet potato fries were yummy as well as all the dipping sauce. Good smoothies too. We had other places picked out to try, but instead we just kept coming back to Plant City X instead!

Pros: Food made fast, super friendly staff

Cons: None to report.


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18 Aug 2021

Fast food

It was good for what it is, fast food. Not mind blowing, but okay. I got the spicy chick sandwich, double burger, and classic mac and cheese. If I could do over I would not get the mac and cheese, it was a little strange and tasted nothing like cheese.

Pros: All vegan, nice inside dining, composting

Cons: Fast food flavors, strange mac and cheese


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31 May 2021

Great food, and fast!

Fast and to order online or drive through. The burger patties and a great hybrid between a bean burger and a “meaty” vegan burger (like Beyond). Tofu nuggets with Buffalo sauce were so crispy! Will definitely be back to try more!

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