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1111-2 Meridian Ave, San Jose, California, USA, 95124

All-vegan pizzeria also serving paninis, burgers, hot dogs plus kid friendly food. REPORTED CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, AUG 2016.

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28 Reviews

First Review by macmantrl

May be closed for good - Edit

I love this place! However, today (8/26/16) I went by to get a pizza and the windows were covered with brown paper. A handwritten sign on the door said "We are closed until further notice". I hope they haven't closed their doors for good. I keep an eye on them!

Pros: Best pizza around , Love all the vegan snacks, Perfect for take-out

Cons: May be closed for good

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Will not follow through on delivery; would give 1 star if I could - Edit

I've tried multiple times to order for delivery from them, and have failed each time. Once they claimed that they don't deliver to my address (even though they were happy to take the order).

I tried again a couple times through a delivery service (that I've used many times for other restaurants with excellent results); each time my order was taking way too long. When I talked to the service to see what's up, that service tried to contact Plant Based Pizza, Plant Based Pizza was not being communicative at all.

It seems like they really want people to *think* they deliver, but I've never gotten any follow through from them on it. This is just dishonest business.

Note that if you dare to leave a negative review for this business, you might be getting a call from them trying to blame someone else for what went wrong rather than trying to make it right for the customer. In my case, I got two calls in a harassing manner while we were trying to make other arrangements for our Friday night dinner.

Had the call been trying to fix it for me instead of blaming the delivery service (which didn't explain how this happened multiple times, and *only* for this restaurant) I would have reacted much differently, but sadly, this business owner doesn't have the humility to realize that customers are the lifeblood of any business, and that it's important to treat them accordingly.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Rude, harassing owner, Won't follow through on delivery

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Best pizza place ever! - Edit

If you want excellent service and great pizza this is the place to go.I was met with a smile the minute I walked through the door. The people were kind and brought the food quickly. The pizza was so good perfectly cooked and they had other options besides pizza that anyone would love. I am definitely going back for more!

Pros: Great food, Multiple options, Friendly service

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Definitely try for yourself - Edit

I've tried Plant Based multiple times, but eventually stopped going. Plant Based has a large selection of vegan food, as well as special, pre-packaged vegan treats in house (e.g. cookies, vegan egg, etc.). I have tried their sandwiches, salads, bread sticks, and many pizzas; however, the quality has never met my expectations and, therefore, the price is too high for me. I make better pizzas at home for half the cost with store bought dough and toppings.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly staff, Many food options

Cons: Low quality food

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a great find ( thanks to Happy Cow ) - Edit

This was a really cool find. The food is great. All freshly made. Quick and friendly service.

Pros: plant based, good selection, good quality

Photo of CLOSED: Plant Based Pizza  by <a href="/members/profile/Kelsurfs">Kelsurfs</a> <br/>5 Veggie Pizza - you create it. Smells and tastes great <br/> April 24, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/35332/146057'>Report</a>

5 Veggie Pizza - you create it. Smells and tastes ...

Photo of CLOSED: Plant Based Pizza  by <a href="/members/profile/Kelsurfs">Kelsurfs</a> <br/>Faux Meat Burger - lots of pesto - delicious  <br/> April 24, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/35332/146055'>Report</a>

Faux Meat Burger - lots of pesto - delicious

Photo of CLOSED: Plant Based Pizza  by <a href="/members/profile/Kelsurfs">Kelsurfs</a> <br/>street view <br/> April 24, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/35332/146053'>Report</a>

street view

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Great atmosphere, friendly staff, awesome location, it's uniquely fitting. Inexpensive and for good cause. I enjoyed my visit very much! Excellent job guys and gals!! I will surely visit in the future when I am in the area. :D

Pros: Comfortable atmosphere, Inexpensive , Friendly staff

Cons: None

Photo of CLOSED: Plant Based Pizza  by <a href="/members/profile/stixx">stixx</a> <br/>5 veggies pizza VEGGIES OF MY CHOICE <br/> April 10, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/35332/143809'>Report</a>

5 veggies pizza VEGGIES OF MY CHOICE

Photo of CLOSED: Plant Based Pizza  by <a href="/members/profile/stixx">stixx</a> <br/>LOVE IT! <br/> April 10, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/35332/143802'>Report</a>


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A great place to quench a pizza craving - Edit

After reading the reviews, we decided to give this place a shot while on our one-night visit to Silly-Con Valley. And we are so glad we did! Both the Hawaiian and Mediterranean 10" pizzas were excellent. Be sure to snag a free take-out box, because we had lots of leftovers. Good crust, nice 'ham,' and the Mediterranean was really rich. Gotta go back.

Pros: Good value, Friendly vegan staff

Cons: Small shared parking lot, Only 4 tables - could fill quickly

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The Perfect Meal For Movie Night... Whether It's Dine-in or To Go. - Edit

We love Plant Based Pizza and we love Will, the owner. He's an incredibly cool guy. He knows how to extend his creative hand to the backside of the kitchen and create the coolest looking bathroom in a pizza place we've ever seen.
Sometime the staff just lift the counter top and lead you through the kitchen. Otherwise you walk around the outside of the building and through the backdoor to use the bathroom. If someone is using the washroom, you have a few minutes to check out the behind-the-scenes kitchen and storage area. Everything is very clean and you can see the playfully colored skateboard holder and other eye-catching attractive artistry while you are back there.
There are amazing wall sculptures in the bathroom and even the toilet paper holder is awesome. Everything you see back there makes you feel genuinely happy to eat the food they make for you here. It's no wonder the staff are so happy in their jobs.
I feel very comfortable with their food preparation practices. That's probably the first time (and only time so far) that I've felt this satisfied in viewing the kitchen of a pizza place in my life. The best thing about this is that they don't try to hide or cover up any of the kitchen or food prep. They KNOW they're doing everything to code, so why should they worry? And accordingly, why should you worry?
The pizza is well prepared and totally delicious. We've tried every one of them and they are all top notch pizzas. Our favorite is between the Hawaiian Pizza and the Pepperoni or Mediterranean Pizzas. We usually order the Gluten-free crust, but not always. My least favorite is the Indian Style Pizza which surprises me because I love tumeric, curry and Indian food in general.
I have had the Vegan dogs in a blanket and I love the way they swirl the crust around the dog. Something about that is so fun when you eat it. I don't know why they list the Calzone under Appetizers, but that's where you'll find it and it is huge. The first time we ordered a Calzone to share. And by the time the pizza came out, we were so full we had to box the pizza and take it with us. We couldn't even sample the pizza, we were that full from the Calzone.
I'm not big on sandwiches, but my husband loves them and also the burgers. I know they're good because every time he eats them, it's in complete silence. He is completely consumed in the eating process. He doesn't utter a word, he just eats in silence until he's finished the last bite... then he let's out a big sigh of contentment and gets his happy look all over his face (and body too!).
No matter what you eat here at Plant Based Pizza, I'd say you're eating smart and healthier in the body. It's good food preparation practices is the best food for my mind also. I've found the larger potions at Plant Based Pizza makes it a good buy for health-minded pizza and junk food consumers like myself.
So, if you're in the market to indulge in a pizza moment or need a quick "Corn Dog" and Burger movie night meal with the family, this is a much better choice than the traditional convenience food fare. So, happy eating!

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Awesome full-vegan menu. Best "meat lovers" pizza I've ever had. Yummy pesto and the garlic jenga sticks are ridiculously good.

Pros: yummy pizza, lots of options, fully vegan

Cons: service can be a little slow

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Oh Em Gee! - Edit

This place is bombtastic! They sure know how to make good pizza! I love all the decor as well so eco friendly!

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Vegan Hawaiian Pizza Cooked The Right Way - Edit

Plant Based Pizza knows how to make vegan Hawaiian pizza and it stayed fresh until I made it to the motel room in Ukiah, CA. The blackberry smoothie was sweet but not super sweet. They had the best vegan sausage I’ve ever had and the garlic bread is called Jenga garlic sticks, which puts a smile on my face.

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Yummy!!! - Edit

I was happy to find a GF vegan pizza place near my hotel and happier to know they didn't disappoint!! Service was ok. No alcoholic beverages though (food would have been great with wine). Place is cute.

Photo of CLOSED: Plant Based Pizza  by <a href="/members/profile/meldydoody">meldydoody</a> <br/>5 veg pizza (choose your own 5 vegs)  <br/> December 3, 2015  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/35332/127011'>Report</a>

5 veg pizza (choose your own 5 vegs)

Photo of CLOSED: Plant Based Pizza  by <a href="/members/profile/meldydoody">meldydoody</a> <br/>vegan gf garlic chips <br/> December 3, 2015  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/35332/127010'>Report</a>

vegan gf garlic chips

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Get your pizza fix - Edit

Needed a place to fill up before hitting the road back home, this place did the trick! The garlic sticks were the best! So many gourmet pizza options to chose from. (They also have salads, sandwiches, burgers.) Their crust is incredible!! Yum!

Pros: All vegan menu, Multiple options , Good for families

Cons: Small location

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All-vegan pizza joint! - Edit

I have to start off and say I am friends with the owner, Will, so I am biased. He is a really great guy if you want to say hi! :)
I was skeptical of this place at first because I don't love the processed meats and cheese. They do have some creative pizzas though like the Masala (Indian) pizza, lots of spices and flavors. I really like their garlic sticks too. I think this is a good place for transitioning vegans as it does provide a lot of traditional pizzas, pepperoni, meat lovers, etc. I do like going here to support the local business and should probably try something other than pizza sometime.

Pros: all-vegan, great staff, lots of pizza options

Cons: process meats, cheese

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Mediocre pizza, but glad it's all vegan - Edit

I've given this place about 5 tries before writing a review, but I must confess, I'm not sure what all the hype is about. Yes, it's great to have an all-vegan pizza spot in the South Bay, but the pizza is definitely not delicious. The sauce just tastes like tomato paste straight from the can. To their credit, the crust (especially the gluten free version) is pretty good. I've tried the Hawaiian pizza, but did not like the "ham" on there at all. I've also tried the hot dogs, which were unlike any I've ever bought in the store - odd flavor and texture. On a few other occasions, I've built my own pizzas, but the sauce is just so terribly off-putting and the ingredients don't always seem very fresh. I hate to say it, but I've gone back to the two local chains that do vegan pizzas just because the sauce at Plant Based is so unpalatable. I really would prefer to support vegan businesses (and not have to worry about cross-contamination at the other pizza spots in town), but they really need to work on their sauce. I also have concerns about hygiene at this place. Last time I went in with a friend to pick up our order, and the owner came up to the register, took our money, ran his hands through his hair, and then walked back and resumed working with food without washing his hands first. We both kind of looked at each other and cringed, and haven't been back since.

Pros: good crust, all vegan

Cons: terrible sauce, questionable hygiene practices

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A good find - Edit

All-vegan pizza place? We're there!

We tried a couple of pies, both of which we liked.

We just wish they would develop their own homemade "cheese" (e.g. a cashew-based one) rather than using the processed commercial stuff.


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Wow!!!! - Edit

This pizza is so amazing! I've had it at least 3 times now and if I lived closer, I would go all the time. Everything about it is perfect, and the inside of the place is very nice, although small. Even if I wasn't vegan, I would indulge in this plant based deliciousness as often as possible.
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 26, 2013

Pros: Yummy, Tasty, Delicious

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Not Bad - Edit

Cute little place with a simple menu. Sorry if like a Dominoes for vegans. They have hot dogs but no hot wings. Owner and staff are pretty nice. Good location too. Loved meat lover....title cracks me up.

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Amazing - Edit

Delicious vegan pizza! We tried the Mediterranean, and it exceeded our expectations. Also tasty hamburgers and salads.
Friendly staff helped us decide between so many tempting options.
We'll be back and reccommend!

Pros: Delicious food, Good Prices, Friendly staff

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Would go again - Edit

Tried 3 kinds: Vegan Chicken, 5 Veggies and Mediterranean Pizza all with the fantastic gluten free crust. It reminded me of Udis' which I eat as a cracker sometimes.
The sauce could have used some spices: basil and oregano, for sure. It tasted like a can was just opened and contents poured on.
But the pesto sauce was good on the Mediterranean and I thought that must be why it's popular since it does not have that tomato sauce on it. I believe the chicken one was a garlic sauce instead and it's a favorite too from their website.
None of the veggies tasted cooked enough to me. I don't know if they were like that because the crust was different but it reminded me of my raw pizza days and although not bad, it was not expected. It would be nice if the veggies could be grilled ahead of time and then put on the crust if that was the case.
They sold small packets of cookies if you wanted something sweet and they offered gluten free options there too. We bought 4 different ones and all were good. (2 wheat based and 2 gluten free)
There was a large selection of bottled beverages too which made it easier for them to concentrate on the food itself.
The atmosphere was great. Nice art on the walls, a continuous monitor showing pics from the internets and the chairs were painted lively colors with affirmations on the backs which reminded me of Cafe Gratitude.
Very nice place.

Pros: gluten free options, large variety of beverages, cookies! (also gluten free available)

Cons: sauce needed flavor, veggies could have been cooked more

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Awesome! - Edit

I had the Hawaiian pizza and it was amazing! Definitely will be coming back here again and again.

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Good Vegan Pizza! - Edit

I visited with my wife and daughter. We ordered the Hawaiian and the Indian Style pizzas. We were also offered a sample of an eggplant pizza while we waited.

The eggplant pizza was on the gluten-free crust, and the crust was surprisingly good -- crunchy on the edges, and a little chewy in the middle. I didn't ask, but I'm guessing it was rice-based. The eggplant were generous, well-cooked slices, along with some Mediterranean spices and the ubiquitous Daiya. Overall, it was quite pleasant.

The Hawaiian "Ham" was quite good -- thin slices of pinkish, tender, faux meat with just a hint of smokiness. I never really liked Hawaiian pizza back when I was eating real ham, but this is a good rendition. The sauce and crust were good, but I think I prefer the gluten-free crust.

The Indian Style was my favorite. It was quite spicy, and had typical Garam masala flavors, a layer of spinach, peppers, onions and, of course, the Daiya.

I'd really like to see a whole-grain option for the crust, and that's the only nit holding me back from a full 5 "happy cows".

Give this place a try!

Pros: Good Pizza

Cons: Only 5 small tables inside

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AWEsome Pizza!!! - Edit

I was very excited to finally be able to try Plant Based Pizza out on my birthday...and I was NOT dissappointed! The pizza was nice and huge, with the perfect amount of vegan cheese all over it - without having to ask for extra. I can't wait to try another one...not to mention some of the other menu items.

I know my level of enthusiasm might seem ungenuine, or like I'm "green washing" a vegan restaurant... but it really WAS that good!!!

Pros: best pizza!, huge portions, plenty of vegan cheese!!!

Cons: better for take out - small dining area

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A Great Addition to the South Bay Vegan Scene - Edit

Before Plant-Based Pizza opened in the Willow Glen district of San Jose in November, the Bay Area's leading vegan pizza spot was Pizza Plaza, inconveniently located in Oakland. Now, we have a hometown option! In fact, with the November openings of Plant-Based Pizza and Veggie Grill (just a few days apart), the South Bay vegan scene has gotten a lot more interesting.

Plant-Based Pizza has a small but clean facility with 5 eat-in tables, meaning they don't really expect most customers to eat on-site. On our visit, we got a peppers and shroom pizza slice and a 12" vegan BBQ pizza. The BBQ pizza had a thin crust, daiya cheese, an unobtrusively mild BBQ flavor, non-housemade fake chicken, and a few onion and cilantro here and there. Yet, the flavors worked surprisingly well together, creating an irresistible combination that meant we enjoyed every bite and had no leftovers.

Prices were on the high side of fair. The menu has many more intriguing options to explore. The world needs more vegan pizzerias! Please, let's support this place so it will remain a viable business.

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first visit - Edit

i live close by and visited plant based with my boyfriend and brother, neither of whom are vegan-vegetarian, but are not afraid to eat veggie. we had two 12" pizzas, and it was plenty of food for the three of us. i had a salad as well, which i will mention later.

the bbq chicken was tasty but overly sweet. the daiya cheese was perfectly melted and hot, and the crust i found to be soft and on the doughy side, which is very much to my liking. the pizza was supposed to have cilantro on top, but they were out so they asked if we wanted basil instead. personally, if you run out of an item on a saturday night, maybe you head over to safeway two blocks away and buy a bunch of cilantro? there were no other vegetables on the pizza flavorwise, i am sure it made no difference, besides the sweetness the pizza was great.

the sausage pizza was equally tasty, with but a few slivers of green and red bells complimenting a very light amount of vegan sausage bits. the sausage was crumbled a bit too finely, so it cooked faster than the pizza itself and ended up a bit over done, but not burned. great crust, we finished both pizzas and they filled us perfectly.

i ordered the garden salad with vegan ranch, and it was fresh and tasty. the only bummer was it came in a lidded sturdy plastic to-go container, which puzzled me (we ate in-house) when i asked our server if they always serve salads in to-go containers she told me it was just a mix-up in the kitchen. when i looked at my receipt, it stated our order was for "take away." i also saw two other diners eating in, with salads in to-go containers. recycled or not, i found it hugely wasteful to be using to-go containers for eating in. i hope they fix this minor problem, saving a few dollars and some environment in the process!

im definately going back, and want to become a regular. small wrinkles after the opening are to be expected, and i know this place will be successful and around for a good long time! great prices, small cozy seating area, and a very informed and high quality of service will help it to do just that.

Pros: lots of parking, all vegan!, selection

Cons: seating, not many veggies

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Amazing Pizza - Edit

I was thrilled to see the "Plant Based Pizza coming soon" sign on my way to TOGO's for one of their two vegan possibilities. Waited a few weeks, and they opened around Thanksgiving 2012.

We've had several of their pizzas so far - no disappointments. The crust is amazing, the toppings excellent. We had panini once. They were OK (the ham and cheese was pretty good) but they don't compare to the pizzas.

The Greek style is my favorite so far. My wife loves the Hawaiian.

Everything is vegan, so don't worry about the names sounding like they may have meat or cheese.

Even if you're not vegan, you will like Plant Based Pizza.

This place is worth a trip even if you don't live right in Willow Glen, San Jose. They do have a few small tables, so you can eat in.

Pros: Excellent food, friendly staff, fast service

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yummy ! - Edit

This pizza place rocks ! We had the sausage and bell pepper was so yummy ! The service is fast, the staff is friendly, and the music good ! The owner is a really cool guy too! Knows his stuff ! My family will be definitly coming back !!!!

Pros: clean, yummy, friendly

Cons: there are none !

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