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Vegetarian Indian restaurant run by a husband and wife team. Informal and relaxed. Limited seating so book ahead. Open Tue-Sat 18:00-21:30.

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First Review by tadpolerecords


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02 Jul 2022

Delicious food. Lovely atmosphere and staff

Really enjoyed my food. My only complaint is that it was all a bit too greasy and I think the vegan options could have been a bit more varied and interesting. The samosas were amazing. The staff were really hospitable. I would definitely go if you’re in the area and hankering for a decent curry.



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16 Oct 2021

Poor, really poor.

I have eating in both their Hove and Brighton restaurants, and also when they opened in Preston Street, never been impressed, a curry I had in their Hove place was the worst curry I have ever had, really unpleasant. Do not get the hype, and I have tried, but not for me, its poor, really poor.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-16

Pros: none

Cons: loads, I can not leave zero stars


30 Sep 2022

Howdy. I had seen a video by Those Happy days this week, praising this place. Was the curry tasty? Wondering what is wrong with it? Thanks


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12 Oct 2021


very friendly and welcoming staff, samosas were delicious but my main (peas and paneer curry with cumin rice) was nice but a bit bland too….and definitely over priced, I felt a bit meh afterwards🤷🏻‍♂️I don’t really understand the hype and good recommendations of this place! I don’t think I’d visit again and I feel bad saying this though because the staff really were friendly!

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-12


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25 Aug 2021

A must-eat

Cosy, authentic, homely atmosphere. Flavourful, filling food. So glad we found this. The entire menu is meat-free and only a handful are non-vegan.

Pros: Great flavours , Cosy atmosphere , Entirely meat-free menu, majority vegan


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23 Feb 2020

Authentic and delicious

This is the place to go to for authentic Indian food. Great quality and always very consistent.

Pros: Authentic, Fresh and full of flavour

Cons: Can be too spicy for some


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28 Nov 2017

Colourful, pleasantly disorganised. Spicy food.

This is from a visit in 2015.

It's not a big place, so we made a reservation (which was really necessary, as it soon filled up).

A bit chaotic, disorganised relaxed atmosphere.
Very friendly though.
The interior is very colourful, with lots of carpets and drapes (gave me a dusty feeling).

We both had a curry, which were not marked as spicy on the menu, but they sure were!
Expensive compared to other Indian restos we know, but reasobable compared to other prices in Brighton.

review on my blog is here:

Pros: very friendly , large terrace

Cons: too spicy, a bit chaotic, disorganised


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14 Oct 2016


Planet India is a firm favourite of ours!

Amazing food without the pretentious air most of brighton has. The menu is simple (and amusing) and vegan dishes are clearly labelled.

It's also nice and cheap!

Do book ahead though as it gets really busy.

Pros: Cheap, Quirky decoration , Great food

Cons: A little away from the centre of town


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29 May 2016

great for all your friends

this place has rave reviews from the locals and appeals to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. highly recommended and they did great authentic Indian dishes.


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23 Mar 2016

Nice unique place - very popular

This is a very unique little place. Food is really good - it is a gujarati style and so quite a few dishes I'd not seen before. There is a very nice atmosphere and I loved the barefootedness of the owner/waiter. I came here on a Wednesday evening and didn't pay heed to the recommendations to book ahead - that was a mistake as it was really busy - I was squeezed in as I was just on my own. Really helpful and pleasant people working there. My only gripe is that the food was far too hot (temperature wise) when it came out - it took a while for it to cool down. Once cool food was very nice nevertheless

Pros: Unique and bustling atmosphere, Some interesting (non-typical) dishes , Friendly and helpful

Cons: Food came out too hot in temperature

Happy Carla

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06 May 2015

Delicious home cooked food

Fantastic food, felt homely and comforting. The atmosphere of the restaurant was cosy and relaxed. Service was excellent, friendly family run place :) food was quick to arrive and tasted great.

Pros: unique home-cooked indian, flexible combinations of dishes , inexpensive

Cons: none!

Viva Lass Vegan

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03 Apr 2015

Excellent vegan indian dinner.

My partner and I had a briiliant vegan dinner and our 12 year old girl (who is not even a vegetarian) enjoyed it too. Inexpensive - little bit of a walk out of town but well worth it.



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22 Sep 2013

Not for everyone

I've only visited Planet India once but it is a lovely place to eat. Very relaxed - the waiter had no shoes on - and the food is great value for money. Independent beers on the menu, and loads of vegan options. Worth a visit with friends but don't go for anything romantic!

Pros: Great value for money

Cons: Can be a little too relaxed at times!


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08 Jul 2013

Fantastic samosas, over-salted main dishes

We'd been looking forward to trying Planet India for ages. The staff were welcoming, very laid-back but friendly and helpful.
We really loved the homemade samosas which had a good tasty filling and really crunchy pastry shell.
The menu shows clearly which dishes are vegan and it was nice to see some dishes that you don't generally find at any curry house - dahl with spinach was nice and we'd never eaten black chick peas before. Unfortunately we just found all the main dishes far too salty for our taste. I think it will be a while before we try it again.

Pros: samosas, clear vegan options, friendly, welcoming

Cons: very very salty, need more variety for vegans


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13 May 2010


Once you get past the pink sign, unusual decor and mish-mash of furniture this place serves the best Indian vegetarian food-ever.

The waiter was really friendly (and barefoot!) and the menu was clear with what's suitable for vegans. They also offer half portions of all the main dishes which is a great chance to try more! We had half portions of spicy black chickpeas, sweetcorn and patra, mombai potato curry and masoor dahl with cumin rice. The mombai potato curry and masoor dahl where the BEST EVER - so creamy (and Vegan!) will definitely go back there as soon as I can!

Pros: Excellent food, half portions, mombai potato curry and masoor dahl


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26 Apr 2010

Planet India is great

I have eaten a lot of curries all over (even in India) and this is one of the best places I have been. They are proper Indian dishes and taste great. They do microwave their food as they make it fresh during the day and then reheat it so that they can deal with the large numbers of people who come here (it's only a small place). This doesn't affect the taste of the curry as the misguided first reviewer said. It is also very cheap here. They also do takeaway if you ask.

I live in Brighton and me and all of my friends love this place. I sound like a PR man for this place but I am not, just a big fan.

Pros: tasty, cheap, friendly

Cons: get there early, it's v popular


02 Jun 2010

well I guess me and the many many others who go back to keep this place really busy have no taste buds then.


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31 Aug 2009


Planet India is one of my favourite places to eat out. There are lots of vegan options which are clearly marked on their menu and every one i've tried i've enjoyed. I've been there with vegans, vegetarians and also meateaters and the place seems to satisfy everyone. The couple who run it are friendly and it's a really laidback, colourfully decorated environment which i find appealing. They serve a very good sized portion (i love that you can choose to have two half curries adding more variety to your meal) at a very good price, i've always left there with a very satisfied stomach! Writing about it now is giving me planet india curry cravings!

Pros: tasty food, great price, friendly


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15 Aug 2009


the best curry in town, i love the food, people, place. this place is a must for anyone into curry.

Pros: great food, great staff, did i mention great food ?

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