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Vegetarian restaurant and bar quietly situated on Seven Corners, a side street off the busy Thamel area. Has Wi-Fi. Frequented by travelers. Relocated from Saath Ghumti Marg. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by LisahhK


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24 Nov 2023

Super cozy 😌

This is such a cozy restaurant with carpets and pillows to sit on the floor (in addition to regular tables). We had delicious pad thai, vegan pizza and a great chocolate pie. 😋
It's a little more expensive than other restaurants, but still very affordable!
You should definitely come here if you are in Thamel.

Pros: Delicious pad thai !!, Try the chocolate cake :-), Super nice atmosphere



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07 Nov 2023

Great food and nice open place

Went there for breakfast and had the tofu mash and at least two cups of soy latte - they were just that good. The tofu was really well done too.

Really friendly staff as well and I had a nice chat with the owner too. Don’t be fooled by the pictures in google like me: The entrance is right at the main street, not the side one. If you sit by the window it’s also great for people watching on the street below.

Pros: Lots of seating options, Great food, Friendly staff


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07 Nov 2023

Deserves top restaurant

I don’t give five stars too often. Especially when not fully vegan but this place deserves it. Comfort in a bowl with the Buddha bowl. The best pesto momos seriously the best momos we’ve had and we have eaten them everywhere we go. The pumpkin ones were amazing as well. Don’t forget to get the chocolate cake. Will probably be back during our time here.

So we did go back for breakfast and it didn’t disappoint again the juice the good was so good. Highly recommend staff is friendly and attentive.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-06

Pros: Tons of options , Chocolate cake , Pesto momos

Cons: Only in Kathmandu


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27 Oct 2023

Vegan-vegetarian place in Thamel

The location is very nice, with wooden floors and tables and two different zones: one with low tables, carpets and cushions and one with chairs and regular tables. The staff is kind and helpful and the food we tried was good: we had a vegan pad Thai and two desserts (pumpkin pie and chocolate cake). What we had was simple but good and well prepared and presented.

We were there another time: I would like to point out that this place is not on the main street but you have to pass through a narrow corridor between two palaces and then go upstairs, anyway we had not problems in finding it out.
On the second evening we had eggplant chips (they are more sticks), delicious, tofu and vegetable skewers with rice (I found that the sauce, very similar to bbq sauce, covered too much the other flavours). The vegetable curry with chickpeas and rice was really good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-27


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22 Oct 2023

Try the chocolate chili mo mos

Casual, cushions on the floor and wooden tables looking down through open windows to the street below. Soy lattes!!


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15 Oct 2023


I tried pesto momo and fried pumpkin momo with chocolate sauce and they were both amazing! I found regular dipping sauce to be slightly spicy for my taste but it was not terribly bad. Both momos tasted great. I can't wait to try more here.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-15

Pros: Tons of vegan option, Good atmosphere


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15 Oct 2023

Relaxed friendly environment with an array of delicious vegan options

Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I had the vegan pad Thai, which was delicious.

Pros: Relaxed, Friendly, Pad thai


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24 Sep 2023


Very lovely place with a beautiful seating area. I love the food even though it’s it’s probably a little bit expensive for nepal. But still very cheep for Europeans tbh! I payed 12$ for all of this and a (very strong) cocktail:))) i tasted amazing and there were huge portions, were for example the “starter”eggplant chips(fries) made me already full and I took the rest of the food for takeaway! I would definitely recommend for all of my vegans out there.

EDIT: I went there again, you must try the eggplant chips! I came back for those, and I tried the Padthai noodles, they were quite oily (but I do was craving something unhealthy so I was happy) And saw vegan masala tea for the first time too!! Very nice

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-17

Pros: Vegan labeld, Beautiful sitting area, Huge portions

Cons: a little bit “expensive”


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01 Aug 2023

again awesome ❤️

After having breakfast here, we came back for dinner and we’re not disappointed. The Padthai noodles and the Vegan Pizza were amazing!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-01


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20 Jun 2023

Super chef

This place is at the second floor, not easy to find but once you seated, the staff is very preared the chef super happy to customise his receipts based on your culinarie colture. We went there every day in those days in Katmandu. Highly recomended for vegans...😉


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21 May 2023

Amazing Vegan Pancakes!!

Had the loveliest breakfast at Places, they even give freshly squeezed juice and lovely coffee with milk alternatives with every breakfast. Highly recommend!

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-21

Pros: The best vegan pancakes in Kathmandu 😍🥞, Milk alternatives for coffee

Cons: A little expensive


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01 May 2023

Great Atmosphere, great food

Really lovely atmosphere with seating on the floor and tables. Nice music and art. Vegan items are very clearly marked and there’s a nice wide selection. Had two medium size meals which were both a little small so I’d recommend getting multiple, they’re not expensive.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Great service, Great atmosphere

Cons: Small dishes


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29 Apr 2023

Great food and atmosphere

Lovely atmosphere, you can choose to sit at a table or on the floor. Clearly labeled vegan options. The pesto momos were delicious!

Pros: Great food, Lovely atmosphere, Clearly labeled vegan options

Cons: None


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02 Apr 2023

More veggie than vegan

Was hoping for more vegan options on the menu but it was actually quite limiting, similar amount of options to a normal meat serving restaurant.

Pros: Location

Cons: More expensive than other places , Not as many vegan options as had hoped


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25 Mar 2023

Incompetent staff

The waiter was nice, but couldn't answer anything we asked, f.e. why the couliflower steak is not vegan. Didn't understand the concept of veganism. We have ordered two pizzas, one vegetable and second Hawaii with vegan cheese. The first came with a very little amount of nut topping (probably veg"Parmesan") and the other with a load of dairy cheese PLUS the "Parmesan". Manager gave us apologies and some little discount.

Pros: Nice bright space

Cons: Total misunderstanding, Expensive


17 Sep 2023

I think calling people incompetent is very rude. I usually dont comment but I was just there and the staff was super super lovely so this comment shooked me!! I think when it is clearly labeld vegan and the others not, why bother asking? And especially when you visit a country where the first language isn’t english, you have no right to call them “incompetent”! You dont know if he just wasn’t speaking english well orrr if he could’ve answerd your question in nepali! You could’ve just left “incompetent” out of your review, bc this is just rude…. To be really honest here!


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18 Dec 2022

Great atmosphere

Great atmosphere and very accommodating staff who are happy to veganise and adjust dishes when requested. I had the cauliflower steak (more like cauliflower nuggets) veganised by replacing mash with extra veggies and using soy milk to make the sauce. Also had the pumpkin momos all of which were pretty tasty.


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16 Nov 2022

Great if you prefer Western food

Seating area was great with madrasses on the floor, people here are nice, yet the food (that I had) was disapointing. To be fair, I enjiy LOCAL Nepali or Indian food with lots of spice and flavour, and the food here had neither. But if YOU prefer Western food (like back home), this could be the place for you 😊

Cons: Pricy , Smaller portions, Not so flavourful


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14 Nov 2022

Viele vegane Optionen, aber zu teuer

Die Karte ist gekennzeichnet mit vielen veganen Optionen. Komisch jedoch war, dass so manch veganes Gericht dann doch nicht so gekennzeichnet war, wie z.B. Chips Chilly oder Veg Fried Rice. Ich wollte ein vegetarisches Gericht veganisieren lassen, indem die Yogurtsoße hätte ausgetauscht werden sollte. Ich erhielt leider keine Soße. Damit waren die gefüllten Paprika einfach zu trocken. Dazu war die Portion sehr klein und der Preis Recht hoch. Hinzu kamen am Ende noch 10% Service Charge. Der erste Eindruck des Restaurants war aufgrund der Atmosphäre sehr gut, jedoch Essen, Service und Getränke enttäuschten sehr.

Pros: Viele vegane Optionen, Schöne Atmosphäre , Milchalternativen

Cons: Teuer, Kleine Portionen, Nicht klar genug deklariert


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27 Oct 2022

Good quality, small portions

I did miss some of the latest reviews before going there. Completely agree, small portions considering the price.


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09 Oct 2022

Small portions

We received very small portions considering the high price. Many dishes from the menu were missing. The pasta salad costs more than 400, is very small and is made up of only pasta and lettuce! I asked for more vegetables and after some arguing they agreed.


30 Nov 2022


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04 Oct 2022

Don't come here if you're hungry!!

Both our plates were supposed to come with home made bread but we got instead just some dried old biscuits

Pros: A lot of vegan options , Good vibes and chill

Cons: The smallest plates ever , We both ended up hungry and ate some street food, The food was over all ok but not very good


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Non Veg
19 Sep 2022

Nice vibes, good food and good service

Great place to hang out, eat some good vegetarian food and have some drinks. Polite staff and a very nice owner as well !


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17 Sep 2022

Big place, Cool music, long menu

When you're done reading the menu, which is like a book, you'll see there are many great options.

I had the bbq tofu veg skewers, with rice and salad. This was more sweet & sour then bbq, but was still good.
I also had a smoothie (tropical fruit & coconut milk), and last time I had a smoothie bowl.

Pros: Veg, Long menu, Big place, low seating on cushions, chilled music

Cons: Some items are not available all the time, (understandably... a lot is imported)


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14 Sep 2022

Excellent veggie restaurant

This is an excellent veggie restaurant with a clearly marked menu and staff that understood what vegan meant. We loved the bbq tofu veg skewers and the vegan choc tart was very tasty. Friendly team and friendly owner in this bright and airy restaurant on the first floor.

(4 stars instead of 5 as we never give non-vegan restaurants 5 stars)


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13 Sep 2022

Excellent vegan Momos

So far, these are the best momos I have had in Kathmandu. The restaurant is peaceful and relaxing.


14 Sep 2022

Didn’t have the momos here but the bbq tofu veg skewers with rice, salad and vegan mayo were great. As was the vegan chocolate tart…


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31 Aug 2022

Love this place!

31/8/22: Back again after a 3 year hiatus and yep, it’s still as good as ever!

New location is right in the centre and has all the character of the old venue. The full menu is back up and running too (with plenty of vegan options). I had the pad Thai and it was delicious.

Also the best coffee I’ve had here and I’m a Melbourne coffee snob.


I’ve been to Kathmandu 4 times now and the first restaurant I go to is always Places!

The food is incredible (the tofu skewers are my favourite!) and the ambiance makes it my favourite restaurant in Kathmandu. I love the cozy, shoes off, sit on the floor nature of this place and never get bored of staring at the artwork on the walls! Plus the live music is great as well!

Can’t wait to return next year!

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29 Mar 2022


My favourite restaurant in Thamel! I spent a few months in Kathmandu and I went to Places more than anywhere else. They are changing location at the moment, but apparently will be open in a couple of months. They make fresh and very tasty food anyone will enjoy, whether vegetarian/vegan or not. You can also just go there for coffee or for drinks in the evening (they make great cocktails!). Staff are always welcoming and friendly too.

Pros: Veggie/vegan options, Coffee, Cocktails

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