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One of this city's three original pizzerias that's 100+ years old. Makes just 2 kinds of pizza: one with cheese and one without -- much like a few other pizza joints around here. Reported August 2021 to now offer four types of pizza. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-22:30.

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First Review by msvegan


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16 Sep 2023

Naturally vegan

I waited nearly 1 h to get my Pizza Marinara. But I spoke with nice people in the queue and the waiting was worth it. Such a good Pizza, and naturally vegan. You have to try… the tomato sugo is unbelievable!
You can choose take away or pull a number for a table.

Pros: Marinara is vegan , Nice atmosphere , Cheap



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05 Sep 2023

Ober-Hyped nostalgia.

Waited for 40 minutes for take-away. (Got there around 16:20) pizza was honestly not great. Quite chewy and intense "burnt" taste. Probably better to get a table and eat super fresh, if the wait is comparable.

Pros: Atmosphere

Cons: Slightly burnt , Chewy


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13 Aug 2023

Great pizza but long wait!

We arrived at 11 a.m. (current opening time of the pizzeria) and waited for about 1 hour until we received our take away order! The quality and the price (5.50€) of the pizza is really great! Definitely worth the long waiting time!
The whole process until you get your order is really unorganized, because there are two waiting line: one for take away and one for a table inside.
Only the persons who intend to get a table inside receive a numbered piece of paper.


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28 Jul 2023

Messed up...

Waited for about 50 minutes to get a pizza for takeaway, and only a while later to realize they put a Margherita into my box (where the receipt clearly shows Marinara)... Unfortunately I had no time to get back and complain...

Cons: Messed up the order, Long waiting time


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28 Jul 2023


You need to wait a long time, but it’s part of the experience!

Such good pizza! The tomato sauce is outstanding and volcanic.

Pros: Delicious pizza, Cool vibe, Excellent value

Cons: Very very busy (for a reason)


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20 Jul 2023

Diese Pizza zu ergattern ist ein Abenteuer 😅

Die Schlange für Take away unendlich lang, Wartezeit auf einen Tisch ca. 2 Stunden. Wir haben uns für take away entschieden, warteten fast 2 Stunden, bekommen nichts, da die Bestellung irgendwie untergegangen ist. Am Ende bekamen wir trotzdem: schmeckt sehr lecker, Teig unglaublich gut und alles zusammen perfekt.

Pros: Pizza sehr lecker , Mitarbeiter sehr freundlich und bemüht , Ambiente

Cons: Sehr viel Müll herum, Lange Wartezeit


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15 Jul 2023

Great pizza, as expected

It was 5,5 euro for a pizza, which is a great price. In my country, Belgium, you easily pay 12 euro for a normal Margarita. We had the marinara and the margarita and we ate them on the steps just around the corner. There was a long wait if you want to be seated, but take away only took like 20 minutes. The pizza was sliced in four pieces. The taste was delicious, the dough was great, soft and crispy. How a pizza should be. The marinara was my favourite. Pure taste, with basil herbs.

Pros: Very good priced, Delicious and perfect, The wait was ok

Cons: If you want to be seated, it takes some time


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16 Mar 2023

Worth the wait.

Best pizza I’ve ever had. Not overpriced at all. Extremely delicious. Be aware that there will be a wait.

reissausta ja ruokaa

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20 Jan 2023

Best marinara in the world

Still the best marinara in the world. The dough is spongy, soft and crispy all at the same time. It's wonderful that they have kept the prices so low despite the success.

I got there maybe 14.45 and I think the queue number was 8 and my number was 83. It took about 1,5 hours until it was my turn. I used the time by walking around the Centro Storico quarters, I came back a couple of times to check which number was on display. It was good that I stayed there by the pizzeria when the number was 60 or something because I think they waited that the restaurant was empty and cleaned and too more than 20 people in at once.

Pros: Super good pizza dough

Cons: Long waiting timw


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17 Jan 2023

Traditional must visit

As mentioned before, the pizza is delicious (although I had one I liked more in Napoli and even cheaper 😅) the queue is horrendous. But it’s one of those you must visit if you’re in the town:) €5,50 per pizza is good too


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01 Dec 2022

A Napoli must!

Da Michele is a must if you’re in Napoli. Not the best pizza I ever had, but definitely up there.
We went for the full experience and decided to wait in line for a table.
If you don’t fancy waiting 30-40 minutes then order a takeaway or go sit in the bar across the street and ask them to order the pizza for you. They will bring it to you when ready.
I totally understand the hype of this place. Don’t miss out!

Pros: Cheap, Authentic

Cons: Long queues, Not the best service


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08 Nov 2022


We went there because I guess you have to if you are in town.

Pizza is great, and prices seem from a another time. 5€ per each big pizza.

We order to take away, as the line to eat there was quite long.

The pizza was great.

Pros: Pizza is delicious , Cheap, Fast take aways

Cons: Not easy to get a spot to eat there


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31 Aug 2022

Good pizza

It's more of a happening, because why would you otherwise wait for over an hour for your pizza? While in line, there is some time to look at the baking of the pizza's.
Pizza was good, but be sure to be able to stand in line for over an hour.

Pros: Good pizza

Cons: Long wait


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26 Aug 2022

Typical pizza napolitana!!!

Only 4 types of pizza, 3 of them vegetarian, and the other is vegan (Marinara), as previously and constantly here informed 😉 the dough is perfect, as the homemade sauce and the seasonings. Only 5€!!! We were there at 1pm and we've waited for an hour to take our pizzas (take away). To sit there takes more time, and you have to get a number with the guy on the door to wait for it. Watch out the lines you're getting in.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-21

Pros: Very cheap , Delicious , Take away or sit there are both possible

Cons: Wait a long time, at least one hour in the summer, Just one vegan option


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01 Aug 2022


The crowd and cue is certainly there for a reason. Fantastic pizza marinara which we didn’t have to wait too long for. We didn’t book a table but there are tables outside. Not super fancy of a eating location but the vibe is all in the pizza!

Pros: Vegetarian and vegan, Cheap

Cons: Can be long waiting time


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31 Jul 2022

A traditional vegetarian pizzeria!

I love their vegan marinara, and I love that they don't serve meat.

Pros: no meat, traditional recipes, excellent marinara

Cons: can be touristy


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15 Jul 2022

That’s a really good pizza

I wouldn’t say it’s the best pizza in the world but it is definitely a very, very good one. Be prepared to wait a long time even if you’re just ordering take out since the place is always crowded.

Pros: Traditional vegan Marinara , Very cheap

Cons: Long waiting time


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06 Jun 2022

Pizzas totalmente vegetarianas

Pizza fantástica num local mítico

Pros: Pizzas muito boas


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19 May 2022


vegan marinara pizza,very quick takeaway service at teatime (5ish),sat at a bar across the way


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22 Apr 2022

Worth it

€5 pizza is a god send!! It’s a bit confusing when you get there and just see a crowd of people but we eventually deduced that they were waiting for seats or takeaway and we went right in and ordered our pizzas which were ready in about 20 mins😄worth it to say you ate from here but it’s not for everyone.


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27 Mar 2022

Best pizza I've ever eaten...

The classic marinara is soo good! Maybe not the best atmosphere like everyone is in a rush but it's worth the 5€ for a pizza. Next time I would go outside to a park.

Pros: Super tasty original napoli pizza , Cheap prizes

Cons: Crowded


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15 Mar 2022

Amazing pizza, though a bit crowded

Indeed it's probably the best pizza I've had, like most of the reviews say. It's just a bit crowded and seems toury like "that pizza place you should visit" so all tourists come there queueing up.

Takeaway is the best option here

Pros: Marinara one love, Few places around to eat your takeaway, Cheap, fast, delicious

Cons: Forcella is a dangerous place, watch out, Crowded lines


18 Aug 2022


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27 Feb 2022

nice place

it’s lovely that we had this experience considering that it is one of the original pizzerias, but we had to wait loads of time to get a simple marinara, don’t get me wrong, simple does not mean bad, it was delicious, but it also was unremarkable


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26 Feb 2022

The most simple things can bring the most happiness 🍕

It’s all about the sauce, cause the pizza is very basic. But it really is the best tomato sauce I ever tried in my whole life. It’s insane how such a simple pizza can taste so freaking delicious. A few hours later: I’m still not over it. The whole experience is very zen. The queue is huge, I had to wait for a little bit more than two hours in the rain before there was place to sit inside. But it was all worth it. During this whole experience I came to the conclusion how privileged one is to be allowed to stand there, take the time to wait for delicious food. We live in peace and eat pizza. Back to the basic.

Pros: The tomato sauce, The whole pizza, The experience

Cons: No wine


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21 Feb 2022

Really good Pizza

We payed (without the tip) 16€ for two pizzas and two drinks. The pizza is really good, the dough the tomato sauce, I had the Marina, my boyfriend the Margherita. Quick service, lovely staff and really good food.


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20 Feb 2022

Pizza vegana e vegetariana

Ottime pizze! Forse tra le più buone al mondo. Uniche opzioni: vegana o vegetariana quindi marinara o Margherita.
Di tanto in tanto una terza opzione

Pros: Pizza buonissima , Prezzo modico

Cons: Attesa lunga , Poca scelta


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05 Jan 2022

Tasty marinara

Pizza marinara is very good, there is a lot of people and the tables are few, but if you ask you can take the pizza and sit in the bar on the other side of the street!

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