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Serves meat, vegan options available. Pizza restaurant offering many vegan topping choices, including vegan cheese and feta, vegan ham and bacon, kebab, gyros, minced soy meat, soy beef and chicken, chichi, and chorizo. Delivery via Foodora. Please note that many businesses in Sweden are cashless. Open Mon-Thu 15:00-21:00, Fri 15:00-22:00, Sat 12:30-22:00, Sun 12:30-21:00.

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16 Reviews

First Review by piffelina


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08 Jun 2022

Can’t recommend!

This was the first vegan pizzeria in Malmö, the pizza was great and the staff too. But then the owner sold the pizzeria, the new owners doesn’t seem to clean the place. The tables was all covered with ingrained dirt. It’s really sad to see ☹️ The magazine placed in the window are from 2016, when the previous owner still worked there.

The pizza tasted like wallpaper and my stomach hurt afterwards.



Points +69

10 Aug 2020

One of the first vegan menus in Malmö

Was brought here by a couple of friends on a weekend hangout.

REALLY friendly staff, we got all salads, sauces and drinks for free, guess my friends are valued customers or just eat there a lot, hehe.

I were told this was one of the first pizzaplaces in Malmö with a vegan menu so of course we had to try it out.

They really excel at bringing out the flavour in meatless options. Like precooking sausages for that extra crisp and adding ingredients to make the flavours pop.
I tried a fake tuna pizza and a fake salami one and i gotta say they really know what they're doing.

Pros: Friendly staff, They go the extra mile to get it right, Cheap

Cons: You have to go the extra mile to get there.


Points +740

23 May 2020

Favorite hangover pizza place

Are the pizzas gourmet or luxurious? Not in the slightest, but they are super delicious, and there are so many vegan options compared to all other pizza places in Malmö.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


Points +44

13 Oct 2019

Riktigt goda pizzor!!

Bor i närheten och har inte blivit besviken än så länge!

Pros: Mycket att välja mellan


Points +574

21 Nov 2018

First vegan menu

This place goes way back and used to have the first pizzas and kebab and gyros in town.. people used to “vallfärda” to get these pizzas. #retro

Pros: Vegan meny, Retro and hogh standard, Cheap

Cons: Far from city centre


Points +66

02 Nov 2018

My fav local pizza place

Grate pizza! Friendly staff!

Pros: Big vegan menu


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10 Aug 2016

The pizza next door-place with a lot of vegan options and good food

Their garlic sause is the BEST. Pizzas and their "kycklingtallrik" (fake chicken+fries dish)is really tasty. Kind of the pizza next door-place, not very fancy but good fastfood and with a lot of vegan options.


Points +317

03 Feb 2016

Best pizza in the world?

I love this place. Been living in the neighborhood and visited it alot. Still did when I moved to the other side of town and no matter where I travel and have some pizza nothing even gets close to this place. Absolutely a must if you wanna experience the best vegan food in malmö! FIVE STAR RATING!


Points +79

10 Nov 2014

Best vegan pizza in Malmo

Good pizzas, plenty of vegan options. Small and not that cozy, but as a take out pizza place, it's great.

Pros: Good pizzas, Friendly staff


Points +112

18 Jul 2014

Best vegan pizza

This is definitely the best vegan pizza I've tasted. I especially recommend the pizza with fillet o beef and bearnaise sauce. It's pretty cheap too.


Points +23

18 Apr 2011

Yummy vegan pizza, many options

Algarve was one of the pioneers in providing vegan pizza in Malmö that went beyond just serving vegetable-pizza without cheeze. They provide a wide variety of options such as veganized tuna, chorizo, beef, ham etcetera, and for some extra cash you'll get vegan mozarella (cheezly/redwood) on top! Several vegan sauces are stocked in the fridge so you can buy home extra if you want.

You are almost always greeted with a friendly smile, and the owner is really open to and interested in the vegetarian/vegan community despite not being veg himself. If you want some kind of veg-pizza that is not on the menu then that's no problem either!

We've had many very nice experiences with pizza from Algarve, and when we want to show some non-veg friends how good vegan pizza can be then there's no better place around than Algarve to show them. For a nice dining experience, I'd suggest to use the take-out option and bring your pizza home with you (or eat outside in the summertime). Most people that come to Algarve don't eat there so there's a lot of running around and not the most relaxing atmosphere. On quite a few occasions our order have been very delayed, like more than 15 minutes after promised time, and one time they had misplaced the note where they wrote our order completely (!), so if you're very pressed for time and have a tight schedule then this is not the ideal place for you. However the food is so great and the staff so nice that you'd wanna come back for more and more and more despite being frustrated occasionally over messed up orders. The pricing is a bit on the steep side, but the pizzas are very filling and worth the buck. I'd even go so far as saying that this is the best vegan pizza you'll find in Sweden right now!

Pros: Extremely tasty, Huge variety, Friendly staff

Cons: Does not accept credit card, Not central location, No home delivery


Points +141

23 Jul 2010

The best vegan pizzeria in Europe?

Before, I used to think that to get to visit a great vegan pizzeria I would have to go to New York or so. But I never went, and didn't need to - because Algarve started their veggie options! This place is really good, the pizzas taste delicious and Sam who runs the place is really enthusiastic about providing the vegan and vegetarian pizzas.

Barbie the Bishop

Points +28

01 Jul 2010

Makes me want to live in Malmo

Tucked away in a suburb, this tiny pizzeria is just Vegan heaven. Ate there once, got a take away once. The Vegan pizzas are absolutely fantastic. Visit Malmo just to go here! Also noticed that they do a gluten free pizza base on request.

Pros: Brilliant vegan pizzas, Friendly staff


Points +40

12 Jan 2010


100 % vegan pizza! Stumbling on this place was like finding a goldmine. Vegan hawaaian pizza = dream come true!


Points +38

31 Oct 2009

Fresh pizzas..

This is the only pizzeria in southern Sweden to serve vegan pizzas. They have about ten options on the veggie menue and it's really hard to make up your mind on which to pick! They have pizzas with veggie chicken, veggie chorizo, veggie ham, veggie ground 'meat' etc.

To make your pizza VEGAN ask for soy cheese (they have vegan mozzarella too..) and, as said before, make sure to get soy 'meat' and not vegetarian options made with eggs.

Pizzas with soy cheese are between 70-80 SEK and with non-vegan cheese they are about 10 SEK cheaper.

Besides, this pizza place is the most fresh pizza place I've ever been to. They have trendy curtains and matching pillows in the sofa and candles by the windows. The staff are nice and friendly too.

If you travel from Lund it's perfect to take bus 130 and jump off at Kirsebergsskolan, then it's just a short walk!

Pros: Delicious.., Fresh place

Cons: Expensive


Points +3512

22 Jul 2009

best pizza ever!

believe it or not, but the vegan paradise pizzeria has opened in malmö! it is not located in the city, but bus number 7 (direction: bernstorp or segevång) stops right outside (you get off at stop: kirsebergs kyrka)

the pizzas are FANTASTIC! the mexi-pizza is my favorite so far, but i haven't had time to try any of those with fake-chicken yet, as they are clearly very popular.

you choose normal or vegan cheese and remember to say that you want the vegan option instead of quorn if you order something with that. they have a vegan sauce to the kebab pizza.

a pizza cost somewhere around 79-89, but you can easily share a pizza with someone else or save the rest for later. it is huge!

for me there is no doubt that this place should have 5 stars. unfortunately i can only give it 4 cows, since it is not a vegetarian restaurant, but consider this a 5/5.

Pros: best vegan pizza i ever had, nice staff, many choices

Cons: bad location

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