Punk rock atmosphere vegetarian pizza restaurant serving New York style pizza. Has vegan cheese, vegan pepperoni and sausage. Option to create a custom whole pie or order by-the-slice. Also serves salad and beer. Order online. Open Mon 11:00am-9:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by kprofancik


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20 Nov 2023

Artichoke pizza

One hell of a killer pizza! Seasoned to perfection. I’m gluten and dairy intolerant but surprisingly had no stomach issues.

Pros: Crust was buttery, Seasoning



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14 Oct 2023

Perfect late night pizza fix

Had their daily special collab and pepperoni pizza. Will definitely get again. By the slice is a perfect option. Omni friend said he even like the vegan pizza slice better.

Pros: Vegan cheese, Vegan meats , By the slice


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06 Oct 2023

Love their Pizza!

Make sure you get the vegan cheeses but it’s all so good. You really can’t go wrong. Their pizzas are big!


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11 Sep 2023

Mmm Pizza

Great vegan pizza options that come in a large size. You order ahead and pick up at a window on the sidewalk.

Pros: Good pizza, Friendly staff

Cons: No indoor seating


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05 Sep 2023

Great pizza spot

Great tasting pizza with lots of toppings! Parking is a little difficult to find nearby during rush hour so be prepared to walk a bit but it's well worth it.


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30 Apr 2023

Delicious Pizza and Ice Cream!

We ordered the Vegan Meat Lovers and the Vegan Utopia pizzas and they were delicious! The pizzas were surprisingly low on grease and weren't too messy to eat. Two pizzas is way more food than the two of us could have hoped to finish in one sitting and we would have been full with just one. Out of the two, the meat lovers is what I want to try again most!

We also had the Bombay Food Junkies brownie and orange dreamsicle ice cream and it was absolutely delicious. The dreamsicle surprised me with how creamy it was and it ended up being my favorite.

Overall, Pizza Head is a new favorite when I'm in town!


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29 Apr 2023

I’m a Pizza Head for life!

Sadly we do not life in St. Louis, so we can’t eat here often, but it left we wondering what the Uber Eats delivery fee would be to Memphis! The cashew cheese is made in house and it is amazing!

Pros: Service, Outdoor seating, And most of all the pizza!!!


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09 Apr 2023

Yummy Vegan Pizza

This vegan pizza is excellent! Unfortunately no dine in currently. It’s a bit on the expensive side but worth the money! We ordered one pizza which, for the two of us, will be sufficient for two dinners! The home made cashew cheese is good, it’s not stringy, hence we’ll add some additional vegan cheese when we warm it up for round two!
You order and it’s ready for pick up 15min later.
No gluten-free option yet but likely within the next two weeks.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-09


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21 Jan 2023

Best Vegan Pizza in the Lou

The house made vegan cheese really elevates this place above anything else I have been able to find locally. If you’re looking for a junk food vegan pizza, this place is your best option.


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29 Aug 2022

Delicious PIZZA !!!

The pizza we got was one slice of specialty pizza - Chikn Tikka Pizza (to share) and it was absolutely amazing. We also got a whole spinach and artichoke white pizza. Both of these were vegan pizzas. The spinach/artichoke pizza was insanely creamy and buttery and had such an amazing flavor (they both did). I love the window to order and outside dining. Definitely will be coming back here again if I ever visit St. Louis in the future!

Pros: Friendly service , Super creamy sauces , Large pizza

Cons: Zero cons


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10 Jun 2022


It's kind of difficult to figure out what you're suppose to do. It's a window in a wall right on the sidewalk you order from and it looks like there's only two tables to sit at (there's a patio around the corner but I didn't see it until way later). You stand awkwardly on the sidewalk feeling like you're in everyone's way waiting for your food. The pizza is good though. The vegan is cashew cheese blended with sauce which is an interesting choice.


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20 May 2022

Pretty Good Pizza

I’ve had the utopian veggie dream with cashew cheese and another pizza (at another point) with vegan mozzarella. Both were good.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-20

Pros: Fully vegetarian — good vegan options, Large servings (bang for your buck)

Cons: A little oily for my liking, Not fully vegan


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21 Dec 2021

Must Try!

My favorite vegan pizza restaurant! Pizza by the slice or whole pies. The cashew cheese is a MUST. They mix their pizza sauce with the cashew cheese, which makes it delicious albeit a bit funny looking. I always get just cashew cheese pizza. Yum!

Pros: HUGE Pizzas, 100% Vegetarian, Vegan Options, Quality and Care

Cons: A bit pricey, but large portions!


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31 Oct 2021

Really good!

Delicious pizza. They are MASSIVE. Both the cashew cheese and mozzarella shreds are good. You can even build your own, and they have lots of pre set vegan options. Quite expensive, but like said, huge pizzas. I tried the brownie too and it was pretty good, 7/10 for it.

Pros: Lots of options & build your own, Massive pizzas, Delicious food

Cons: Expensive


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24 Oct 2021

Humongous Giant Pizza!

Delicious vegan pizza. I got a build your own vegan pie with vegan shred mozz, vegan pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. They also have a cashew cheese available. The pizzas are giant 20 inch pies which lasted me several meals but who doesn’t love left over pizza?! The vegan ranch is also delicious!

Pros: Giant Pizzas, Two plant-based cheese and meat options, Vegan ranch available!

Cons: A bit pricey but you get a lot of food


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15 Oct 2021

Not the same

Menu has not only been drastically simplified. Makes me sad, this place was super cool.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-12


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12 Jun 2021


Love the walk-up window (still, even post-vaccine world).
The pizza sauce and cheez are blended together, which results in a phenomenal and even taste experience.


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03 Jun 2021

Best Vegan Pizza

Pizza Head has the. best. vegan. pizza. Their cashew cheese is delicious and doesn't sit heavy in my stomach like some other imitation mozzarellas do. Getting a whole pie is a bit expensive, but the slices are truly gigantic (bigger than your face) so you get what you pay for in quantity and quality. They also sell single slices if you don't want a whole pie. The vegan meats are fantastic as well. I've had the pepperoni and bacon and each is fantastic (they now have pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and chickn) Pizza Head's vegan selections aren't a side thought - they go out of their way to make fabulous vegan food as a priority.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-03

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Vegan meats and cheese are unique and sit well, Huge portion sizes

Cons: Expensive, Pizza box is so big it will not fit in your fridge


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07 May 2021

Cravings satisfied

Amazing pizza! The crust is uniform and perfect, and the toppings are delicious. I love their Tikka Masala collab, although the biggest selling point for me is that I can get a 20" pie.

Pros: Options for vegan cheese, 20" pizza!


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09 Apr 2021

PUNK-ROCK PIZZA: 100% Vegetarian with Vegan Options

After perfecting his vegetarian and vegan pizza recipes at Pizzeoli in Soulard, Scott Sandler left in 2017 to launch this simple concept at Pizza Head: a punk-rock pizza joint serving entirely vegetarian, New York–style pies by the slice with a vegan (cashew cheese) option for everything.

The pizzas are huge (20 inches) , the toppings are great, and the dough is soft and chewy with a slight crisp. Before the pandemic, it was a great place to hang out at the bar, always with an IPA and PBR on tap (plus Stag in a can, I believe).

The pepperoni and sausage are convincingly "real." I have often brought non-veg friends to this place (or ordered out) in order to gleefully surprise them with the announcement that they have not, in fact, been eating meat. Subversive, I know.

The best pizza you can get here, in my opinion, is their collaboration with Bombay Food Junkies: the chick'n tikka masala pizza (usually available once or twice per week, I think... maybe on Wednesdays?). Check their website to see what the special of the day is.

This place is one of the growing number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants on South Grand, now the hot spot for veg food in St. Louis in addition to being the most diverse commercial district in the city for many years (I've often heard it said that there are 14 nationalities represented among the South Grand restaurant row, but I don't know how accurate that number is today, a year into the COVID-19 pandemic).

Pros: Good food, good music, good people


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04 Apr 2021

Excellent vegan pizza

We come here every time we're in St. Louis. Best vegan pizza I've ever had, the cashew cheese is my favorite. Pepperoni is nice and spicy. Pizzas are huge!

Pros: Big pizzas , Vegan cheese options


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23 Aug 2020


The pizza is amazing. Got the marinara. Perfect dough and cooked just right. They also did the social distancing perfect and wore masks.

Pros: Delicious pizza , Also fantastic bagels


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09 Aug 2020

Wicked Sick Pizza! 🤘🤘🤘

Staff was awesome pizza was FAN-F@#$ING-TASTIC! cashew cheese , which is made on site, was so damn good. I wish there was one in Chicago. Will be making a stop on my way back through oh also the pizza is huge! (That's what she said)

Pros: Tons of Vegan options., Worth every centavo!


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16 Jun 2020

VEGAN Margherita Pie

this pizza was AMAZING. Possible the best pizza I have ever had (ive only been vegan for 1 month and it still beats all pizza).

Pros: vegan, delicious


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17 Feb 2020

Cheap and delicious vegan pizza

Finally I have found a pizza shoppe that has has single slices that doesn’t use daiya cheese. They make a house cashew cheese that is incredible!

Pros: Vegan, Single slice, Whole pie


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16 Feb 2020

No matter the company

I have taken my sister and brother in law on a St Louis pizza tour. This was there favorite! Even beating The Hill!


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06 Jan 2020


Vegan pizza was delicious. So glad we decided to try Pizza Head our. The employees had great energy and we very knowledgeable. We will definitely come back for more!

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