Serves meat, vegan options available. Menu marks the items which are or can be veganized. Includes a few vegan pierogi types as main dishes, soup, and kimchi. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00.

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First Review by UrbanAndersson


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21 Nov 2023

Great taste and huge portions

The staff were friendly, the space very clean and bright. The pierogi was excellent - so tasty and great to have 4 vegan options. There is also option to make the sweet pierogi vegan.

Pros: Huge portions, Good price , So tasty!



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20 Aug 2023

Tastiest pierogi I had throughout the entire trip

Truly the best pierogi I had all throughout my travels through Poland. Even better than the ones I had in restaurants in Warsaw (and also for a better price)! The service was good, welcoming and helpful.

There were lots of options so I had a hard time choosing. I ended up picking the potato and natural tofu pierogi and loved them. A friend had the more traditional ones (with vegan cheddar!) and they were delicious, too. Really satisfying, filling food that just heals the soul and feels nostalgic even if you're not Polish and its your first time having pierogi.

Pros: Excellent flavours, Great vibe, Helpful service

Cons: Long queues


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13 Aug 2023

The best pierogi in the world

This is by far the best pierogi I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot!). The vegan options were amazing. We had the tofu potato boiled pierogi, veggie mince, cheese and pickles baked pierogi and blueberry pierogi after (which we had to take away as the portion sizes are massive). The staff are super friendly and kind as well which is so nice. I would definitely recommend Mandu and I’ll be back!


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06 Aug 2023

Very tasty, cosy, recommended

Extremely tasty, many options, all vegan options labeled, classic dumplings but also exquisite ones and sweet dumplings. Whole family loved them

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-06

Pros: Tasty vegan dumplings , Many options , For entire family


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02 Aug 2023


So I only had the vegan white vegetable soup, and the pierogi russki(potato pierogis) but they were incredible with the caramelized onions! It’s a little pricy for your typical pierogi place but the portion is really big. I had no business eating 10 pierogis and soup by myself! This place gets busy so plan ahead!

Pros: Separate vegan menu section. , Tasty pierogis , A multitude of vegan options.


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21 Jul 2023

Some good vegan options

We got:
1. “Z kapusta duszona z leśnymi grzybkami podawane z biała cebula” * need to say that you ważny them vegan (you fan get vegan mayo that is really nice)

2. „z truskawkami”. * say that you want it vegan

3. A salad with carrot and apple

There were all really lovely!


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26 Jun 2023

Excellent price-quality and friendly, English-speaking staff

I had a coconut & white-vegetable soup, soy-protein pierogi and saurkraut, all of which were excellent. Especially the soup was unexpectedly good. The staff was very friendly and spoke excellent English. We went on Sunday evening around 20h00 and did not have to wait to get a table for 2.

Pros: Very friendly, English speaking staff, Many different options, Possibility to take-away leftovers


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23 Jun 2023

Very good!!

Vegan section on the menu, nice staff.
I opted for the potatoes tofu version as I wanted something more traditional, plus a carrot salad. Had a prosecco with violett syrop and blueberries.
The food came faster than expected.
There was a queue when I arrived (maybe arround 8:30), they had a waiting list which I thought was nice. The place is big, has seats outside also, so it wasn’t a very long wait. And it was Friday evening. I am happy I went and had the chance to try something traditional.

Pros: Well organized, No blink on my request for a table for one, Food came fast


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10 Jun 2023

Good vegan dumplings!

It's not easy finding vegan polish food but this place has pretty good vegan dumplings! Also for dessert😄

Pros: Vegan polish food , Very big so you can always find an available table, Indoor and outdoor sitting space

Sindala Marvaleus

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23 May 2023


Traditional and international choice of 5 different dumplings.
Also salad and desert choices


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12 Mar 2023

Fancy pierogi ^ ^

Cool recipes, very nice presentation, big portions too. Tried the thai pierogi and the carrot-apple salad, both very tasty!
Avoid the coffee however, it was pretty bad.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-12


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14 Feb 2023

Vegan pirogis

Place was packed with people and with a long queue to get in even. Serves traditional foods like pirogi, clearly marked vegan options. I had the tofu potato pirogi but found it quite bland.


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13 Feb 2023

A must-eat for Gdansk

Great place if you're into dumplings. If you're not into dumplings - don't go here.


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30 Jan 2023

Plenty of vegan pierogi options

Several types of vegan pierogi (traditional Polish dumplings) available, including a few gluten-free options. They also have one vegan soup on the menu. Everything we had was delicious but it's a pity they don't offer any vegan cake. Also, be prepared to wait for a table as it's a pretty popular place amd there are no table reservations (first come, first served). Sadly, I think a couple of vegan options weren't labelled correctly on the English menu.

Pros: Delicious food, Great selection of vegan pierogi

Cons: Can get quite crowded, No vegan dessert, Only one vegan soup


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23 Dec 2022

Great pierogi

I had really lovely vegan pierogi with boiled potatoes and tofu, topped with fried onions and some kimchi on the side, and warm, home made raspberry lemonade to drink. The vegan section is clearly stated on the menu. The food was tasty, especially kimchi surprised me positively (it can be a bit of a hit and miss). The service is friendly and polite.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-23


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04 Dec 2022

Great pierogi and soup

We had the one vegan soup, a creamy potato soup or some kind. And we got 3 pierogi: potato and tofu, peanut butter and carrot, and a fried one with Asian flavirs--tofu, soy sauce, chili, and a spicy mango sauce. All were good, though the fried one really stood out. All around, everything was good!


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24 Nov 2022


Great pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms; several vegan choices, nice staff


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23 Nov 2022

Amazing Restaurant for vegan and non-vegan

Huge range of options for vegan and vegetarian along with meat eaters and everything in between. Brilliant service, incredibly tasty food and all at a good price.

Would give it 5 stars if Happy Cow would let me! Returning for a second visit in our trip!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , All vegan options clearly marked, Staff knowledgable about food content

Cons: None!


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15 Oct 2022

Polish Dumplings 👍🏻

Polish Dumplings available in Vegan and Vegetarian options. Creamy vegan soup thick and tasty. Staff and service is really good.


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14 Oct 2022

Great selection

I had the creamy veg soup and soy protein pierogies. They were both really tasty and the server was really clear on what was/wasn’t vegan.

Pros: Plenty of vegan options & clearly labelled, Lots of options vegan adjustable

Cons: Can’t mix and match pierogies to try more options


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21 Sep 2022


The restaurant was very sweet 🥰
The vegan choices all sounded really good but we took the deep fried with spicy mango sauce (Thai goodies) and more traditional ones. Food was amazing and all workers was really friendly 🥰🥰


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02 Sep 2022

What an amazing place

I thought I would never give 5 stars to a non-vegan restaurant, but if I could, I would.
I wanted to try typical Polish food and this place is perfect. First of all: The food is amazing.
They have a great variety of vegan pierogi and some that can be made vegan. The two waitresses were really friendly and when they understood that we are vegans, were they able to give us good recommendations like a vegan soup and salad. They knew the menu in detail.

They have a Polish and an English menu.

It is a pity that you can not give a tip when you pay with card

Pros: A great vegan variety , Great stuff , Fair prices

Cons: not possible to give tip when you pay with card


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06 Aug 2022

Fantastic food, freshly made and good selection with (declarated) vegan options.

the options which didn’t sound „fancy“ / with basic ingredients where just fantastic

Pros: Declarated vegan options, Staff speaks english, Yummy


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26 Jun 2022

Nice place

The restaurant has a very nice interior, it’s cozy but somehow refreshing.
Service was very friendly.
The vegan choices all sounded really nice.
We took the deep fried ones and one with yeast dough.
For me the deep fried ones were a bit too deep fried, but this is a matter of taste.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-26


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25 Jun 2022

Crazy flavours!

There are 3 or 4 vegab options (salty) abd two sweet vegan dumplings. The Thai vegan dumplings are anazing and they cost 37 zl (they are 12 pieces). The “A la beuf” dumplings are 5 pieces, bigger and they cost 32 zl.
It is SO WORTH IT!!!!!


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24 Jun 2022

Vegan pierogis

It’s nice being able to try local vegan food, and this place has quite a nice variety! Would absolutely recommend a visit.


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12 Jan 2022

Traditional and other vegan 🥟🥟

Traditional, spicy or with an Asian touch, you'll find many different pierogi dishes on the Manuel. My recommend: Try the vegan traditional option with pickled cucumber and vegan cheese and the fried Thai one with an additional kimchi salad 🥗!

Pros: Traditional Polish food in vegan creations, Stylish bistro flair

Cons: Not possible to try different 🥟, one dish one 🥟, Okay-ish pricy

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