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Serves meat, vegan options available. This little pizzeria in downtown offers pizza by the slice, and each day there is a vegan slice made with veggies and no cheese (sometimes a Thai sauce, other times using nutritional yeast to make a vegan roux). Could order by the pie as well. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-2:00am, Fri-Sat 11:00am-3:00am, Sun 12:00pm-12:00am.

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First Review by jozaloz


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20 Sep 2023

Worst Vegan Pizza SLC

Seriously $4.50 for a pizza slice worse than what a middle school severs. Thin, soggy, unflavored. The vegan slices are seriously terrible, this place doesn’t bother to put even marinara on the vegan slices. Last I checked 99% of marina sauce is vegan. The vegan slice is literally a piece of cardboard with wet vegetables on top, yet they still charge the most for it although it has literally less stuff on it than the regular slices. It’s 2023, every pizza place has vegan cheese, yet this place doesn’t.

The only reason this place is in business is because it’s one of the few food places next to bars downtown, drunk people are their primary customer.

Go to The Pie Pizzeria, pass on this place.

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03 May 2023


It was pretty good overall, not sure if it's usually as messy as when I went in, the food was good and friendly staff


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24 Aug 2021

Mediocre Pizza By Slice

I tried the vegan slice of the day and was largely unimpressed. The slices are cheeseless so there is nothing holding the veggies in place. The crust is thin (normally good) but without a sticking factor, it lacked the structural integrity needed and everything kind of fell apart.

Pros: Good hours, Relaxed vibe

Cons: Limited options


Points +22

25 Oct 2019

This place is awesome!

The vegan options are phenomenal! Best Vegan Pizza I have ever had! Great service and environment! I would definitely recommend going here!

Pros: Great vegan options, amazing service, open late, Very inexpensive


Points +485

19 Apr 2019

Can they bring this to California

I was visiting Utah for the weekend and stumbled upon this place for pizza. When I saw that they offered a vegan pizza, naturally I got super excited. They did not skimp on the cheese but they did for the fake meat, so I wish they could have added more fake meat because my pizza just looked like a cheese pizza. Aside from that it was really delicious. My friends enjoyed this place so much we ended up getting it for dinner 2 nights in a row.


Points +54

17 Feb 2019

could be better

the vegan slice is pretty bland


Points +35

11 Jan 2019

Had a couple slices

Although there was only one vegan pie to choose from by the slice. It was GREAT so tasty and the prices were so reasonable.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, Great atmosphere

Cons: Not a large selection


Points +885

01 Sep 2018


Delicious amazingly priced, I love thin crust!

Pros: Cheap, Fast


Points +82

10 Jul 2018

Cheap and delicious

I had the vegan darling pizza and it was great. The crust is really thin, so I ended up eating 4 pieces of pizza before being very full. But they only cost like $2.60 a piece, so it wasn't a big deal.


Points +60

30 Oct 2016


Went when they first opened for the day, but pizza tasted a week old, thin crust with over cooked veggies, no sauce or cheese, absolutely disgusting.


Points +30

26 Jul 2016

Vegan Pizza & Don't Forget the Cheese

From the website: "We do Vegan pie by the slice on Sundays and Tuesdays. But any day we can make a whole vegan pie for you! Options for sauces are: Vegan red w/ nutritional yeast cheese, BBQ sauce, Thai Peanut Sauce, Hummus, olive oil. And top that with your choice of veggies!"

Pie Hole makes one of the best vegan pizzas in the city. Their sauce (something I'm extremely picky about. It's an Italian thing) is truly what sets them apart from the other establishments serving vegan pizza.
When my family makes our red sauce they literally cook it for two days! The clearest response I was able to get for this was "It makes it taste better" and I'll be damned if it doesn't. I don't know how long Pie Hole cooks their sauce, but either way, I can say with all truth that Pie Hole gives my families "ancient" recipe a run for its money. Now throw some vegan cheese on top of that bad boy, sprinkle it with all the goodies and see what a bite of heaven taste like.

Pros: Extraordinary suace, Vegan cheese , Quaint and exciting environment with a great locat

Cons: Only sell by the slice two days a week


Points +57

12 Feb 2016


Delicious, inexpensive & filling. This is decadent pizza.


Points +24

24 Nov 2015

pizza :-)

piehole is good for late night snacks or lunch! Pretty grungy atmosphere (probably not right for everyone) the vegan daily slice usually features hummus instead of cheese and usually doesn't have tomato sauce so it's not my favorite pizza place but still yummy!


Points +576

02 Jul 2015

Thin crust pizza goodness

Finally tried the Pie Hole while in SLC. I had the veganQ and really liked the tangy sauce. A little franks to spice it up and I was pretty satisfied. Not a bad slice


Points +48

27 Feb 2015

best late night vegan slices ever!

The pie hole is the place to go for late night, last call pizza. They specialize in thin crust, reheated pizza slices. They only have one vegan option but it's done REALLY well with a variety of toppings and a vegan pesto like sauce.

Pros: late night, quick pizza slices, vegan pizza done right

Cons: only one vegan option, mid grade quality


Points +169

14 Oct 2014


I love going to pie hole for the daily slice. Its cheap, fast, and tasty! The Vegan Roux is awesome, and i love it paired with the garlic slices. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere always has a nice buzz. Definitely a good place to go with a group of friends!

Pros: cheap, fast, open late

Cons: one choice most nights

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