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Florida 102, Buenos Aires, Argentina, C1005AAD

Serves vegan international cuisine and has muffins, cake, and juices. Offers hazelnut milk with coffee. Reported closed to HappyCow, Oct 2015. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-8:30pm, Sat 10:00am-6:00pm.

Category: Vegan, International, Western, Fast food, Juice bar, Argentinian

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First Review by ninovictor

Handy! - Edit

Ate several times the days I spent in Buenos Aires because as it is by Diagonal Norte, is easier to arrive from several directions and also there are like 3 or 4 metro stations around which makes it very easy to get there.
They have combos, just like McDonalds, a main dish, with a side of either salad or oven baked fries (which are delicious) and a drink, I recommend the orange juice with ginger. I had the tart with seasonal veggies (squash at that time) and salad, other day I had, a quinoa burger which was in between a bagel (which I liked) with baked potatoes (I liked this so much I had it in two different days) and lastly, had the falafel in a pita bread and a side which I can't remember. My only critique, the pita bread, was a little dry and I would've liked it with more greens and sauce, tasty non the less. Always with the orange and ginger juice.
Also, had some desserts, muffins and cookies, they have a great variety but they are a little on the fattier side for bakery goods, and had tiramisú which was delicious, almost thought it wasn't vegan! But it was :)
Has takeaway and salads ready to go all day.

Something a little sad is that, the kitchen closes at 4, so if you go and buy a menu after that (which are reduced to burgers and that kind of fast food), is already prepared and is not the same as fresh and warm like at midday.
Overall a really good option.

Pros: Really good location and place overall, Tasty options and great variety, Could be cheaper but isn't expensive

Cons: A little impersonal, Bakery is fattier than expected, The last 4 hs the kitchen is closed

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Amazing - Edit

Everything was just amazing. The lasagna was incredible and the tiramisu just blowed my mind away. Tried a lot of other stuff and loved it all. Staff was not the most friendly and the food isn't the cheapest, but it's worth it.

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Best Vegan Tiramisu Ever. - Edit

Everything was good, but even our omnivore friends were blown away by the tiramisu. And one of them was a professional non-vegan pastry chef, so that's saying something. Other highlights were the savory pumpkin lasagne and the eggplant quiche. Food was fresh and view was impressive. Can't wait to go back!

Pros: Great location, Delicious food, Grab and go options

Cons: Only open until 8pm

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EvaFrade 08 Apr 2015 - Have to agree on the tiramisu! I bought it because I was curious, had like a third because I was so full after the meal, but my mother (omnivore) was blown away! She couldn't believe it was made out of plants! And ate the rest... I was left with nothing! Hahaha

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Yummy, bright - Edit

Great location, lots of windows. Many choices on menu plus there is a cooler for takeout items. I had a grilled veggie wrap. Included a bottle of water and choice of fat roasted potato wedges or mixed salad for 76 pesos. Very friendly staff and food was filling and yummy. Will return to try other items. The falafel sandwich looked good. Wifi works well, as does the air con. Located where Saenz Pena, Bartolome Mitre & Florida intersect.

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Yerba Mate - Edit

The place is bright and colourful and has three floors. It's cool to have such a prominent vegan cafe in the centre of a city. I just sat and had a cup of tea so i can't comment on the food. It was a pretty good spot for passing the time though.

Pros: Three floors, Lots of seating, Central location

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Great location and decent food - Edit

It is centrally located in the Centro area and I ordered the vegetable wok, it did not have any flavor and was on the band side. My husband ordered the falafel sandwitch and it was very good! He also loved the vegan Tiramisu, it was too sweet for my taste. The ambience is very nice - quiet and artsy in the busy Florida street area.

Pros: All vegan, Quirky ambience

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Relaxed microcentro cafe - Edit

On busy Florida, a tourist- and shopper-heavy pedestrian-only street in Buenos Aires' microcentro (in other cities sometimes called the financial district), Picnic is a relaxed refuge. Reminiscent of a north american cafe/bookstore type place, it's more about good vibes than outstanding food. With several levels of small tables and large windows, many people were taking the time to talk with their tablemates, read, or work (on my visit in October 2014 wifi was available but quite weak). All-vegan food offerings included snacks such as coffee, smoothies (the watered-down light version preferred in Argentina), and pastries, as well as combo meals with burgers, sandwiches, salads, or lasagna. Takeaway foods were available in a grab-n-go section in front.

While the food was okay, not exceptionally good, I enjoyed my time here and it's such a treat to not worry about getting food that is vegan in a place like Argentina. I will be back.

Pros: Tranquil atmosphere, Central location, Variety of choices

Cons: Not cheap, Weak wifi, If going by car, would be very hard

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pretty overrated - Edit

Excellent location and rather nice interior design (though clearly cafeteria-style), but in terms of food, could do better!
We tried it several times and had:

- veggie burger: didn't taste much, with poorly reheated fries...
- veggie wok: tasty, but mainly rice, with some cabbage and cold tofu... expensive, for what it is
- salad with grains: nice, pretty expensive
- brownie cake with whipped veg cream and red fruit: great "on the paper", but tasted like dust. don't even know how it's possible for a cake!...
- coffee: pretty poor

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Great food! Very poor service! - Edit

100% vegan! The food is great, but it can be pricey for us here in Argentina. There are set menus (very very good), or you can pick whatever you want form the display fridge or oven: hamburgers, salads, sandwiches, empanadas,
Really tasty pastries ! I love the cranberry muffins, the lemon pie, and the croissants.
The place is really cosy, beautifully decorated.
The service is not good at all, basically because the staff are not friendly or welcoming.

Pros: very tasty food, 100% vegan, beautiful place, conveniently located

Cons: poor service, expensive for local people

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Está bueno - Edit

El lugar es muy lindo, tres plantas, linda decoración. Detesto los carteles sobre el medio ambiente y lo orgánico, pero no queda otra, es lo que vende. Sobre animales solo vi uno solo y en frente del baño, sobre productos testeados, pero bueno.
La comida es un 7,50. La hamburguesa de quinoa está dentro de todo bien, pero si le pones una salsa o algo, sino es medio seca. Los menúes son bastante caros y las porciones no están tan buenas. Las medialunas son caras, super integrales, tengo que ponerle azucar si las como, pero no sé porqué siempre las termino comprando.
Los muffins son caros pero grandes y te llenan, el café es caro tambien y trae poco.
Me gustan los sandwiches que estan en las heladeras, salen arriba de 35 pesos pero por una vez cada tanto y si tenes mucha hambre, van bien.
Lo peor es si en la caja te atiende una rubia, es una mala onda total que se nota que no tiene ganas de trabajar. Después hay un chico y una chica que creo que es chilena que son buena onda, pero cada vez que me toca la rubia me pregunto para qué fui.
La pastelería se ve muy buena, nunca comi porque no me da el presupuesto.

Pros: El lugar, Ubicación

Cons: Comida seca, Precios un poquito excesivos

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Great location, good food, bad service - Edit

It was nice to find a vegan cafeteria in Buenos Aires, and in such a good location. Calle Florida is a great street to walk, and when we finished walking, there it was, the Picnic. The food is not amazing, but is tasty and cheap at the same time. The beverages were interesting, and there was also an icecream machine, which was not that tasty. But the low point here was the service. The people in the cashier were very rude and they didn't help us at all with the menu options and didn't want to explain anything about the food. It almost seemed like they didn't know how to explain. So, if you are vegan and you need a place to grab a bite, go to Picnic, but be prepared to a poor service.

Pros: Honest food, 100% vegan, Good beverages

Cons: Really bad service

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A fast food oasis in meat and cheese central - Edit

Multi-floor corner location at start of a major shopping street (C/Florida) with wide selection of cafe food, all vegan, with great baked goods. Very welcoming to natives of all food genres in a very central location, large enough to take substantial revenues from MacDonalds and extract some demand away from them.

Pros: Excellent food range & quality, Good service, Competitive prices

Cons: That there are not more of them

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Not Perfect But Good - Edit

The prices are okay, I had a hamburger a few potatoes and a water. Bit small portions, but fine for a small lunch. It was the best vegan food I ate in BA, however would not core back if those place would be in my hometown Berlin. Potatoes were cold, bread to dry and the barbecue sauce - u could take by yourself - was too watery thin. They also don't like salt, I think. :)
I had two wait in front of the kitchen standing - with many people around - till my name was shouted.
As it is completely vegan and in comparison two the rest of BA I give 4*.
In Germany however, this would be a 3. ;)

Pros: all vegan , near city center , diversity in food

Cons: bit pricey for BA, Waiting time while standing , not totally tasty

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Tiramisu! - Edit

The food is good, but to pricey for such small portions. Service was better than I expected from comments - after all it's not a cosy local Indian place but a business district fast food joint.. I came back for the tiramisu though, fluffy heaven at 25 pesos! I think they are opening up in other locations: Google it!

Pros: pretty interior design , finally a vegan chain!!!, raspberry soap in bathrooms

Cons: lots of (plastic and aluminum) packaging

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Great empanadas - Edit

I bought some vegan empanadas and some raw snacks here for the bus. I really enjoyed the food.

If you're in a hurry, they have a great selection of take away items including baked goods and salads.

They also have a vegan soft serve ice cream, which I wanted to try but was too full.

Pros: All vegan, Desserts

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Good food, bad bad service! - Edit

I wish I could give this place "5 stars" because it's one of the very few all vegan restaurant in Buenos Aires, but unfortunately it's not the best one.

The food is great, at least what I got to try...since almost everything was sold out by the time I got there. The kitchen closes at 4 PM, but the place is still open til much later. They could have a big sign that says that, that would be of much help for those who don't get the time to check their internet site before visiting.

The service is really bad, the staff there looks unhappy and like they hate their job. Both times I was there they forgot the juice I orderded.

The place looks very cozy and its beautifully decorated.

The salads are OK, the burger and the falafel are very good. The hummus is not really hummus, it's something else with a lot of olive oil. The muffins are OK, but too dry for my taste. The Orange and ginger juice is awesome.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Bad service, unhappy staff, Weird schedule, The hummus

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Miracle in BsAs - Edit

When I was a vegan-organic restricted person in Buenos Aires and not having a place tocook, it was really difficult to survive. Then I found this incredible place in the heart of the city, near everything. That made me realize I was a normal gifted turist that had choosen a preferred restaurant in the city.

Pros: organic stuff!, very-well located, really beautiful place to be

Cons: a little expensive, service people doesn't looked very happy

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Decent - Edit

We ate here on our last day in BA. It was probably our least favorite vegan meal. The burger and fries were OK, but not fantastic, especially for the price. I suppose it's in a great location on Florida street, and perhaps it will encourage more shoppers to eat vegan, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat there.

Cons: price

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pretty good... - Edit

could be better. nothing that amazing about picnic. some of the food is tasty, and some of the options are kind of bland. if you go around closing time, you can get two for one with the pre-made sandwiches. not bad, 30 pesos for two sandwiches. although, the better sandwiches are usually sold out by that time.

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I am leaving the old review below. They have changed owners and some of the kitchen staff. The place is still cool, but the desserts where much better.... The old owners are now in a place 3 blocks from there called VITA and the delicious sweet stuff can be found there, however I prefer the comfort of Picnic, but the desserts from VITA.


This restaurant is way far from where I live but I go there a lot anyway because I love it. The food is 100% vegan and delicious, I understand that people might call it fast food because it comes out fast because of how organized they have all the stuff, but it is HEALTHY, not oily, not fried, not in my definition of fast food. The guys and gals are super nice. And I just LOVE the decoration, the couches, tables, walls, everything is beautiful. It is in downtown so the surroundings have a lot of people moving, but it is lovely because it is in one big corner and it has huge glass windows from where you can appreciate the beautiful architecture of downtown BA without the noise. The best thing is that they have yummy bakery stuff!!! OMG the raw strawberry cake and raw lemon pie and my Goodness- the cupcakes!!! (the ones that have cream on top). They also have a nice juice bar and they are very yummy. The place is very clean. Raw options.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 17, 2012



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Ok... - Edit

Glad there *are* such veggie-friendly places at all, but the pizza base was greasy and smothered entirely with just sundried tomatoes - nothing like the fresh, green veges pictured on the menu. Ginger+orange drink was dilute ... but again, glad to have meat-free places around.

Pros: Friendly staff, Open till 9.30pm weekdays, Good location

Cons: Most of 'menu' was not available, Food not as fresh as I'd like

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Excelent place - Edit

Picnic is a more than pleasant place right in the heart of buenos aires! first thing u see when u reach calle florida, welcoming you with the sentence "viva la vida"! the place is great, the food is great, the service is great and the prices are great too! divided in two sections, first floor serving hot food nd the entrance floor serving salads, sandwiches nd cupcakes nd more! sweet tooth vegans: u r gonna b in heaven! I totally recommend!

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mmmmm - Edit

I went there to lunch because a friend of mine told me about this new place.
I order falafel menu and rustic potatoes with dips.
Never got sense of the food flavour... maybe they dont use the right condiments¿¿??¿

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Very fun vegan restaurants in BA - Edit

This is a very cool vegan restaurant in the heart of Buenos Aires. It has huge windows and lots of places to sit and watch the people-lined street. The vegan menu was great. This is not a dinner place, just a breakfast, lunch, and coffee place. Highly recommended!

Pros: Location, Friendly staff, Beautiful space

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Disappointing - Edit

I didn't enjoy my food as much as I was hoping, I had the clasico burger with salad and it was pretty bland, the bun seemed a bit stale as well. Could have done with some ketchup aha. It's a shame as I really wanted to love this place.

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orangensaft 22 Feb 2013 - Also I noticed that they were selling milk and granola, (it didn't mention that it was soy milk or anything) so the exclusively vegan label might need reviewing.

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mandals 22 Feb 2013 - I was wondering about this too, so I asked today when I was in buying some food and they said they do not have cows milk, but instead it is 'milk' made from hazelnuts. I assume it doesn't mention it because they don't want to scare people off?

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