Serves meat, vegan options available. Vegan items are marked on the menu but from September 2022 are limited to a vegan bowl. Ask if other items can be veganized. No other options within a 1.5km radius. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by LauraHoradan


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19 May 2023

So awesome!

They were super friendly and knew about their vegan options. Many meals were modified to be vegan and they also had a full vegan option! It was really good. They have tofu.

Pros: Has tofu, Many possible vegan options, Friendly staff

Cons: Serves meat



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03 May 2023

No longer vegan

My fiance and I were excited to eat her but was sadly disappointed due to the lack of options. They only had two vegan options that were subpar


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16 Feb 2023

Good Vegan Options

Was looking for a place for meat eaters, pescatarian and vegan diets and came upon this place. It has only been open two days and the place looks brand new. Staff was very friendly and the food was good too. Everyone was happy with their selections and it was nice to have a place where all dietary needs could be met. Not so easy anywhere else around here. Will definitely return.


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23 Oct 2022

No longer vegan

Update 10/23/2022:
Menu has been changed significantly. I'm sure it was hard to stay open in an area like this as a vegan establishment but they could have left some more veg options on the menu when they revamped. Current vegan options are subpar and bring shame to the previous items.

So grateful that someone offers vegan options in Gulf Shores! I ordered the Impossible burger and coleslaw. The coleslaw wasn't as flavorful as I expected, but I was blown away by the burger! By far the best I've tried, vegan or otherwise. I ordered to-go, but I'm very excited to bring the whole family here in the future!

Update: Ate here one more time before leaving Alabama. Tried the cauliflower wings and the beach dog! Both were incredible!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-23

Pros: Adorable atmosphere , Affordable

Cons: Only 2 vegan items


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09 Oct 2022

Fresh and light

A nice change from all the restaurants in the area that fry everything. It was light and refreshing. A couple of vegan options or things can be made vegan. I got the Caribbean bowl, no aoli, add tofu and avocado

Pros: Light and refreshing , A few vegan options or can easily be made vegan, Clean and cute

Cons: Kind of pricey for the amount of food


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30 Aug 2022

Good vegan / vegetarian choice in a fried shrimp wonderland

Very good service and a varied menu choice. Not a ton of vegan / vegetarian choices, but certainly more than most restaurants in the area. Good hours as well, M-F 11 AM until 8 PM....I only put this because a previous post that I had seen on the app said they were only open on Thursday nights, and that's incorrect. I had the Vegan bowl and thought it was very good. It wasn't any more expensive than other restaurants in the area. (I didn't add tofu) . I also had the Riviera Caviar served with blue corn chips that was very good. I would recommend this restaurant for your vegetarian fix while at the beach.

Pros: Very helpful and friendly staff, Clean, Outdoor seating available

Cons: Didn't have iced tea, Add to the vegetarian / vegan menu


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26 Aug 2022

Menu changed

Limited vegan options. Vegan bowl and black bean burger (gluten free bun) are the only options.
Fries share same fryer as dead bodies.
The vegan bowl sucks. Black Bean burger is dry and bland. Way too expensive. $45 for crap food

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-26

Pros: Nice place

Cons: Expensive, Limited options, Have to buy water


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26 Aug 2022

Great, fresh bowls.

Food was very fresh. Not exclusively s vegetarian: vegan restaurant, but s nice selection for appetizers and bowls. Highly recommend.

Pros: 2 vegetarian/vegan bowls — very fresh


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21 Apr 2022

Overpriced and weird food

I had the vegan bowl with tofu. Reading the description, it sounded like a strange mix of foods, but I thought maybe it worked. Nope. It was a bowl of rice with about 10 black-eye peas, tomato, cucumber, and pineapple. It was supposed to have a Frank’s Red Hot vinaigrette, but I couldn’t taste anything except pineapple juice. The rice was soggy with the juice. There was also some seaweed salad, and it tasted like it was spoiled. The two big chunks of tofu on the top were good. It was $38 for the bowl with tofu ($21 just for this - adding tofu cost more than adding shrimp or chicken), an order of fries, and a drink. Wayyyyy too much for sub-par food.


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26 Mar 2021

Vegan Sanctuary

Are you a vegan near the beach and are tired of seeing fish restaurants everywhere? Picnic Beach is the spot for you. All their smoothies are vegan. They have many vegan options which is amazing. You order at the counter. I went in with a Trump shirt and no one cared which was AWESOME! Much props yo!

Pros: So many vegan options, Tolerant of political differences, Delicious food

Cons: Pricy


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10 Sep 2020

My whole family loved it

While the some of our family eats meat, I am vegan and my son is vegetarian so we were looking for a place for everyone to have a nice diner together. This place had something for everyone and we all loved it. My favorite was the cauliflower wings.

Pros: Many vegan options available.


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Mostly Veg
28 Jul 2020

Vegan Options Near The Beach

Gulf Shores is not known for having many vegan options , so this restaurant came as a great surprise for me. Both myself and my omni mom had choices. The menu is clearly labeled showing the vegan appetizers, entrees, and sides. All their smoothies are vegan as well. I chose the Plant Power Bowl and added avocado for $1. The bowl is a fairly large portion size, so I was able to get two meals out of it. I really enjoyed how hearty the bowl was, and I would order it again. I would recommend it if you are wanting something besides a standard plant based burger typical at restaurants that offer a vegan option.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, I was not able to enjoy the cool atmosphere of the restaurant, but I definitely will come back one day and hopefully enjoy the scenery as it has a very relaxed vibe and great outdoor seating.

Pros: Multiple vegan options, Gluten free options, Great atmosphere


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21 Jul 2020

Vegan Cuisine by the Beach

Are you a vegan near the beach and are tired of seeing fish restaurants everywhere? Picnic Beach is the spot for you. All their smoothies are vegan. They have many vegan options which is amazing. You order at the counter. I went in with a Trump shirt and no one cared which was AWESOME! Much props yo!

Pros: Tips welcome but not required, Loads of vegan options, Biodegradable plates and bowls

Cons: Smoothies are expensive. 12 dollars for 24 oz , Plastic straws and cutlery


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10 May 2020

Great option for the area

My husband and I stopped in here in may of 2020 so my review might be skewed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. There aren't a lot of vegan options in the area and honestly I'd say this is the best one. However it's just "ok" the cauliflower wings were ok But were too big, I prefer them to be bite sized. The beyond brat was good, but again, nothing to write home about. If you're in the area, it's definitely a nice option.

Pros: More than 1 vegan option

Cons: Food was just ok, not great.


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11 Mar 2020

Dinner with a view!

Finally made it out to Picnic Beach and we were not disappointed. They have quite a bit to choose from. Perfect place to go to with you omni friends and family. Their cauliflower wings were so good! Vegan potato salad, say what!? Vegan ranch and other homemade sauces!

Pros: So many options, Great atmosphere


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19 Jul 2019

Best vegan options in Gulf Shores

Not many places with appetizing vegan options in Gulf Shores. We ended up eating here several times and loved it every time. The burger, sausage dog, potato salad and cauliflower wings are must haves if you stop here.

Pros: Several vegan options, Clearly labeled menu, Best potato salad!


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03 Jul 2019

Ok in a Pinch

My husband and I made a quick evening drive over to Gulf Shores (1-hour drive) right after work for a meeting. Using our Happy Cow app, we looked for a vegan place to grab dinner. Picnic Beach was nearby so we tried it. They were out of the Beyond Burger so we opted for cauliflower wings and a beach dog. The dog was made with a shredded bbq jackfruit topped with french fried onions. It was delicious! The vegan potato salad also was good. The “wings” were ok. I’d recommend this place in a pinch, but I prefer better quality, preparation snd selection.

Pros: Some vegan options, Vegan server

Cons: Processed plant-based foods, Little pricey for what you get


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25 Jan 2019

Diamond in the Rough

Barbecue place with clean vegan and non-vegan options. I’m visiting the area and until I found this place, all I saw was overpriced fried food in most places. Food was excellent. I plan on eating here again before I leave.


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14 Jan 2019

Meatless Monday specials

The meatless Monday special today was Falafel over couscous with garbanzo topped with vegan tzatziki, garnished with dill and mint. It was awesome. I'm a little biased because I'm a sucker for a falafel.

Pros: 25% vegan menu, Meatless Monday specials, Great way to introduce your family to vegan food


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11 Jan 2019

First time and loved it! So glad I used the Happy Cow app to find it!

Just bought in the area (Gulf Shores) and am finding that everything is deep fried with animal based protein. I am trying to follow a Whole Foods, plant based life style and it is especially challenging when dining out in this area. I downloaded the Happy Cow app and this restaurant was on the list. So glad we stopped here!! My father in law had the “chicken” sandwich and didn’t know he was eating vegan. 😁

Pros: Good vegan options following the picnicky theme


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Mostly Veg
11 Jan 2019

Nice place!!

Cool joint- inside has "grass" everywhere. I had the vegan burger. Great spot!!


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24 Nov 2018


You have to eat here. It’s not entirely vegan so it won’t let me give 5 stars, but I definitely would have! BBQ jackfruit, Cajun chicken, impossible burger and the BRAT are so incredible! The atmosphere and staff is equally amazing. The brat and white bbq sauce were my favorite but everything is fantastic.

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Cutest atmosphere


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31 Aug 2018

Had the impossible burger it was awesome!

The food was great!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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06 Aug 2018

Really fun and really good!

It’s so crazy that my family and I were staying right across the street from a place that had the impossible burger AND beyond brats! (Both we’re really tasty) In gulf shores Alabama of all places! They had four vegan food options and all of the smoothies/ juices/ açaí bowls were vegan! We went back twice! It was great beach food, really hit the spot. The employees were all friendly, helpful, and accommodating! So fun!

Pros: Great food! , Good amount of options , Great service

Cons: A bit expensive


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24 Jul 2018


This place has beyond meat brats and the impossible burger! It also has other vegan options. Service is fast and everyone is friendly.

Pros: VEGAN OPTIONS!, Beyond Meat Brat, Jackfruit!


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02 Jul 2018

Great Food & Atmosphere

We ordered the beyond meat brats, but unfortunately they were out of stock, so the vegan chef personally came out and offered other options for us. We got the impossible burger with vegan cheese, and it did not disappoint! Amazing food and friendly staff. Would give 5 stars if app allowed.


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05 Jun 2018

You’ve got to go to Picnic Beach!

I really wanted to give this place a five star rating but the app will only let me give that to a fully vegan or vegetarian place. Regardless, the food and drinks we got here were top notch. We are a group of seven vegans and one meat eater traveling from Nashville (where we have tons of options) to the Gulf, where it seems like fried shrimp and hush puppies are the main theme. It was great to find such amazing, healthy vegan food! And the ambience of picnic beach was perfect too! The kids loved sitting on the grass and eating their supper on the blankets provided by the restaurant. We’re definitely going back before a vacation is over!

Pros: Several yummy vegan options!

Cons: Now we want one in Nashville! Lol


01 Jul 2018

Thanks for the kind words! I love it knowing fellow Vegans Loved the food!

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