Serves meat, vegan options available. Chinese food restaurant at the entrance of Chinatown facing Yamashita . In 2016 it added a vegan menu. Also has vegan bao for take-out in a range of flavors: plain, vegetable, lotus seed, sweet bean, and sweet bean & date. The owner speaks English and will assist. NOTE: Removed Nov '22 due to selling shark fin.

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23 Jan 2023

Vegan Streetfood

I recommend getting one of their vegan Bao they're selling to go. It's hard to find vegan streetfood in Chukagai and my lotus seed Bao was delicious.

They also have a vegan menu in the restaurant and I ate a stir fry before. It was good but could have been a bigger portion tbh.
Still not bad at all if you're around there. It's conveniently located next to the entrance of Chinatown.



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15 Oct 2022


It was nice, thank you! Hard to find anything vegan in China Town.


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Mostly Veg
04 Jul 2022

voluminous enough to share with 2-3 people

it is easy to get lost in the Yokohama Chinatown, but the restaurant is located right by the East Gate and you can see it from the Minatomirai Line Exit 1
We ordered Spicy Eggplant with mushrooms, Mixed Vegetable on Sizzling Rice and Tofu Skin Roll with Vegetables, which were all tasty
Each portion was large enough to share with 2-3 people and staff mbembers were very friendly and helpful
The fist floor is rather casual, but they have round tables for large groups and formal occasions on the second floor


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14 Jan 2022

Amazing bao buns!

Good bao buns for take out.
Went to the restaurant to eat too.
Was delicious, but not cheap

Pros: Delicious vegan options

Cons: Pricey


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04 Dec 2021

Buns that kept me coming back

*** This review is for the chukaman that are sold outside the restaurant ***

I am a sucker for Chinese-style bun (chukaman), and finding vegan buns are no walk in the park. Knowing that Peking Hanten does four different vegan chukaman (minus the plain ones), I ended up coming almost every weekend to try them fresh out of the steamer.
If you want to eat them the next day or store them in the fridge, you can ask for a cold one, which is their default option. However, if your desired chukaman is not available hot, you have to wait for 3-10 minutes.

They sell two different variants of chukaman: sweet (which are all vegan) and savoury (only the vegetable bun is vegan). The bun itself is fluffy and thick; it took me 2-3 bites before reaching the filling. However, there are plenty of fillings in the middle, especially the sweet variant.

Since they were quite big in size, the vegetable bun (閲庤彍銇俱倱, consists of Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, bamboo shoots, bok choy, and vermicelli) is a great option for lunch on the go. However, since the vegetable stuffing were stir-fried first, it can be a bit watery and loose, which makes the bun a bit soggy in the middle. The vegetarians can also pair this bun with tapioca milk tea (which they sell for 300鍐) as a dessert option.

For the sweet variant, I found the lotus seed and white beans (銇仚銇疅銇櫧銇傘倱) has a more subtle sweetness compared to its sister, the date + black beans (銇仱銈併伄榛掋亗銈), which made my pancreas wanted to give up. But you should not miss the classic anman; although it is more expensive than the regular ones along Chinatown, I gotta say, Peking Hanten has the best anman in Yokohama.

In summary, don't miss this spot when visiting Yokohama Chinatown between autumn and winter. Especially when you still have a spare stomach to be filled with fluffiness and warmth.

visited between October to November 2021

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-30


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30 May 2021

Decent Chinese food for reasonable price

Went there for late lunch.
They are labelled clearly for vegan & vegetarian menus.
We had vegetable fried rice and fried egg plant (楸奸鑼勫瓙锛塧s vegan dishes. Fried rice was a bit too light compared to normal fried rice that you can find in Bo鈥檔ess restaurants in Japan but it was nice with other fried dishes.

The best thing I had was the peach shaped bun filled with dates and red bean paste from the outside!!! It was over 楼500 but totally worth!!


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26 Mar 2021

Lots of Vegan and Vegetarian options available

Items are also written in English. Taste was average but definitely try it if you wanna have Chinese cuisine.

Cons: A bit Expensive


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20 Mar 2021

Tasty Baos!

We only stopped at the takeout counter, so I can鈥檛 comment on the food or atmosphere of the restaurant itself. The takeout baos, though, were very good! The vegan options were clearly labeled with several flavors to choose from. They are MASSIVE, so don鈥檛 attempt one alone unless you鈥檙e quite hungry! Not all flavors were available hot, but the ones that weren鈥檛 could be purchased cold for takeaway. Even though I ordered the red bean and date bun, I was given the pork bun by mistake. Luckily I quickly noticed, pointed it out, and the man apologetically switched it out. It seemed like an honest mistake on his/the kitchen鈥檚 part, but double check your baos before biting in!

Pros: Clearly labeled vegan options., Several flavors to choose from., Big baos!

Cons: Double check your order., Not all baos always available hot., Baos almost *too* big.


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14 Dec 2020

Nice takeout corner for bao and pickles has been added

My review is for the takeout area outside. You order outside while standing on the street and take it to go as there鈥檚 no outdoor dining area.

They now sell various kinds of clearly marked vegan Chinese bao (buns/breads): plain, vegetable, lotus seed, sweet bean, and sweet bean & date. They also sell marked vegan pickles: vegetable and also Szechuan. Be sure to get the bao marked vegan as they also had two non-vegan varieties containing pork when I visited.

I got the vegetable and the sweet bean & date as I loved the beautiful design of the latter. The total was 950 jpy.

I liked the sweet bean& date. Next time I鈥檇 like to try the sweet bean and get some of the plain. I鈥檓 pretty sure I鈥檝e had the plain in the restaurant before and it鈥檚 meant more to pair with saucy dishes and that sort of thing, in my opinion. I probably wouldn鈥檛 try to eat the plain by itself as the bread itself doesn鈥檛 have much taste and is supposed to be a balance for filling or sauce or something, I think.

They were quite large. Be sure to ask for them heated up if you want to eat them right away and take the paper off the bottom before eating! It was late and I didn鈥檛 even see the paper before biting into them, haha.

I haven鈥檛 been to the restaurant itself in a long time but seem to remember it was expensive so really happy to see an area created in the restaurant with more vegan options at an affordable price. Recommended!

Updated from previous review on 2020-12-14

Pros: So many vegan options, Pretty designs available , Clearly marked vegan

Cons: Nothing really


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11 Aug 2019

Good but way overpriced

We enjoyed our lunch here鈥 the restaurant itself is nice, with large windows, and the food and service were good. But the food felt overpriced. Go to Kokien instead.


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25 Apr 2019

Tasty tofu and friendly staff.

We tried two of the tofu dishes with steamed rice and chinese bread. This was very tasty! We particularly recommend the Chinese steamed bread. Our waitress was very friendly and spoke good English.


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04 May 2018

Excellent food

The food was excellent. Waiters were to the point and were very helpful. Two of them could speak very good English and recommended us on what to eat.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Helpful wait staff

Cons: Little expensive


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08 Feb 2018

Overpriced and unfriendly

Sat down, looked at the extortionate prices (almost 楼2000 for a plate of sliced aubergine), absorbed the icy cold stares from the waiter and felt it necessary to leave and run for the hills (in this case we ran to Koukien, another happy cow suggestion in the area which was amazing).

Obviously can鈥檛 comment on the food quality but I don鈥檛 know if even the most delicious aubergine in the world is worth the prices in that menu...

Cons: very cold waiter, extortionate prices


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22 Aug 2017

Don't do it.

Easily twice the price that the quality, service, and portion size deserve. 楼1800 for a small portion of old tasting mixed veg. Better off eating more onigiri and peanuts from Lawson.

Pros: The rice was cheap.


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06 Aug 2017

Delicious but a bit pricey

Conveniently located at the entrance to Chinatown in Yokohama. Loves the completely separate two pages of vegan menu options. Sweet and sour vegetables were good but a small portion for 1800 yen. Vegetable moo shu was fantastic but pricey at 2400 yen for 5 wraps.

Pros: Separate Vegan menu, Wide selection , Convenient location

Cons: A bit pricey


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24 Jul 2017

Whole vegan menu but not compassionate menu

Two pages on the menu with vegan options, spicy aubergine and tofu options. However, shark fin and other grim stuff on the meat side- no compassion and I would rather not give custom to such a restaurant. Seems like the vegan menu is just a tourist trap- take snacks instead to China town.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: shark fin, mostly meat


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29 May 2017

Great vegetarian food in Chinatown

I was relieved to find this gem in Yokohama's Chinatown. It was really nice to be able to enjoy veg-friendly Chinese food in an authentic atmosphere. The owner is very friendly and speaks English really well. I ordered the braised fried tofu and it was delicious. My only word of warning is the price: one or two items were 1200 JYP but the rest were 1600-2000, and very few items include rice. Just be prepared to pay above average Tokyo prices if you're planning on coming here. Otherwise a totally positive experience and definitely recommend!

Pros: Yummy food, Friendly staff, Relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Expensive


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18 Jan 2017

Great Chinese Vegetarian Food

In the heart of Chinatown is this restaurant that serves a great vegetarian option. Vegan options also available. The owner speaks English and friendly staff. Totally made my visit to Yokohama a truly pleasant one.
Separate veggie menu.

Pros: decent variety


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05 Jan 2017

Chinese food paradise in Yokohama - for vegans too!

We looked for a restaurant where I could have vegan food in Chinatown Yokohama, at the end of a long walk.
We found this place right by the eastern gate of Chinatown. Beautiful setting.
The restaurant has different seating options. Pleasant background music will get you into the mood.
The service upgraded our comfort by a few notches.
And the food.... heaven. You must (!!!) try the stir fried green vegetables and the spicy eggplant if you're vegan like me.
But everything my wife and kids had looked great too. I would definitely come here again on my next visit to Japan

Pros: Delicious, Location , Atmosphere

Cons: No vegan noodle options


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02 Oct 2016

Good and friendly place

Went there and got tasty Chinese food, took the fried soya with vegetables. Separate pages on the menu for vegan, even though there were other dishes in the menu that seemed to be vegan/vegetarian as well.
Just wouldn't recommend the Chinese bread dumplings as they are quite dry (in contrast to the filled non-vegan options).
Still a good place to go.

Don't use Google maps to find it, leads you to some place 5 minutes away.

Pros: Tasty food, Big portions , Special menu

Cons: Chinese bread is too dry


05 Jan 2017

Thank God google maps is corrected now. This place is amazing! Fantastic food and great service.

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