Family and woman owned artisan vegan doughnut shop specializing in small-batch and scratch-made doughnuts. Flavors rotate. Call ahead to check availability or see which types are currently being made. This storefront opened Apr 2021. Open Fri-Sun 9:00am-2:00pm. May close earlier if sold out.

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First Review by BriggitteJ


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27 Nov 2023

Best donuts I've had in a long time

They make a sweet variety of donuts and cookies. Their old-fashioned donuts are bomb 💣 😋

Pros: The perfect amount of sweet, Good price

Cons: Limited store hours



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26 Nov 2023

Love at First Bite! Adddicting!

Drove 90 Minutes in a Rainstorm from NJ to here! Well worth the Drive! Upon entering its a nice and small home feel. When I got to the counter was greeted by a nice lady who was very patient when deciding which to get despite a bit of line behind me.
Got so many doughnuts as when driving that far, got to make it worth it! This was my first time going, but I will gi backBite! Some would say It was love at first bite!
PS... Fried Dougnuts are Here!
Check their Website and Social Media for Most Current Flavors

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-07

Pros: Nice and Small Shop, Amazing Staff, Everything


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25 Nov 2023

Amazing donuts

I’ve been getting donuts from here for years. Back when they were a pop up and sell donuts at Orchard Grocers in Manhattan it was always a treat. I was glad to finally visit the store. I love the Blueberry Crisp yeast donut.


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11 Nov 2023

Such a treat!

I’ve been eating Peaceful Provisions since their pop-up days, but this was my first chance to go to their store front. I love it and so proud of how far they have come!
I find it funny that some reviews mention how big the doughnuts are, but I was surprised to see they are smaller than what they used to be, still generously sized -
My hubby and I shared one- maple pecan glazed - it was divine. I wanted another but my husband reminded me to have some self control🤣


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28 Aug 2023

All Vegan, Very Sweet

I appreciated the vegan take on the traditional flavors and the imaginative creation of new ones! They were too sweet for me though and HUGE (maybe that’s why the sweetness was a bit much for me) 😊


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20 Feb 2023

The Best Place Ever

I love Peaceful! My girlfriend and I walk here literally everyday it’s open (unless we’re out of town). We always grab breakfast sandwiches, I get coffee, she picks up seitan and pizza from the fridge, and of course, we get some donuts!

Amazing vegan food! And our dog loves it too, he gets a peanut butter treat from Victoria every visit!

Some people complain about the price, but you have to remember that, first off, it’s Beacon, everything is expensive. Secondly, their donuts and pastries are actually huge, way bigger (and so much tastier) than a dunkin donut. Plus, they’re vegan, and use high quality and cruelty free ingredients.

Really love this place and their delicious food!

Pros: Amazing desert food, Specialty vegan groceries available too, Dog friendly!

Cons: They aren’t open every day 😢


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08 Dec 2022


OBSESSED would be an understatement. By far one of my favorite vegan places in the Hudson Valley. I have never had anything from here that wasn't just divine. From donuts to breakfast sandwiches and just as of recent croissants! Like what! Vegan Croissants!
The only down side to this place is they are only open 3 days a week. So when that mid week craving hits I have to wait a few days.
Be prepared if you show up on a nice day because there is always a line out the door. Trust me though stand on that line!


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02 Sep 2022

Best Donuts 🍩

I wasn’t a huge fan of donuts before I went vegan, but these are just dumb yummy

They’re like croissant-esque, and soft and 🤤

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-12

Pros: Absolutely Delicious , Vegan


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01 Sep 2022


Best. Donuts. Ever.
Go. Get there early. Stand in line. You won’t be sorry. Promise.


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06 Jul 2022

Get ‘em whenever you can!

I rolled through Beacon after driving from late-night music at Peach Festival. I timed it specifically so I could catch this place;
A) when they’re open &
B) before they sell out of everything
I got there at 7:35am and they open at 8am. A line was already forming so I jumped on. Yes, it’s pricey, but these doughnuts are AMAZING!! We got Filled doughnuts (NY Cream, Coconut Pie) Regular doughnuts (Maple Pecan, Pineapple Beer) and Cake doughnuts (cherry/orange, vanilla frosted chocolate cake)
I would have gotten so many more but no need to have that many doughnuts at once!! Haha
We also got their breakfast sandwich; just egg, plant-based sausage, Violife cheddar on a grilled, Unfrosted doughnut. Freekin awesome man!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-04

Pros: One of a kind, DOUGHNUTS!!, Limited batches, fresh made

Cons: Expensive (but worth it), Lines up early, Sells out quick


02 Feb 2023

FYI for anyone reading this-- they open at 9am now

But yes, 1000% agree that it's worth it to go out of way to get these donuts


19 Sep 2023


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21 May 2022

best donuts ever

this place is just the best!! i drive 90 minutes at the crack of dawn for these donuts. the yeast ones are so light and fluffy, highly recommend. pictured are a chocolate pb pudding filled donut and a passionfruit yeast donut

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-21

Pros: all vegan


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03 May 2022

Truly the best.

Amazing donuts and a delicious breakfast sandwich. Worth the trip!


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Mostly Veg
03 Apr 2022

Can’t get enough

Light & fluffy! The most amazing donuts anywhere! These twins know what they are doing. So lucky to have them close by.

Pros: Amazing, Always vegan , Light and fluffy

Cons: Expensive , Runs out of donuts before closing, Just do good. I want to eat to many.


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06 Feb 2022

Amazing donuts

Literally the best donuts I've ever had with no qualification


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27 Jan 2022

Best Donuts I’ve Ever Had

Just like the title says, these are the best donuts I’ve ever had PERIOD. You can tell just how much love goes into them. The menu is thoughtfully made every single week and they always have an insanely good variety to choose from, there’s some thing for everyone. Many of my friends and non-vegan relatives also love these donuts and always ask for some when we go. I regularly drive an hour at 7 AM to go pick these up by 8 AM so I’m able to get the flavors I want. By 8 AM there’s a Long line out the door waiting for these delicious donuts and baked goods. Would also like to mention that everyone that works here including the owners are incredibly friendly and accommodating. If they have breakfast sandwiches or chicken bacon ranch sandwiches in the morning, highly recommend that you get them they are so freaking good. Would also like to mention that they sell many local vegan snacks and cheeses, I love seeing small businesses supporting other small businesses. I always make sure to pick up a pack of DAM good English muffins while I’m there.

Pro tip: get there early or be sorry you missed out #Veganuary

Pros: So many different flavors, Super friendly staff, Donuts are HUGE

Cons: They’re so good that they sell out so quickly


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14 Jun 2021

THE best vegan donuts.

The title says it all. I mean ABSOLUTELY the best!


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30 May 2021


Did NOT disappoint! Fried vegan donuts are hard to come by; I’m so excited this place has opened up. Delicious, beautifully made donuts and treats and their staff is really friendly too. 10/10

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30 May 2021

Gorgeous and Delicious

The eclair is amazing! Beautiful and delicious doughnuts and display!

Pros: All vegan doughnuts and pastries!, Look beautiful!


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19 May 2021

Heavenly Vegan Doughnuts

I haven’t had a fried doughnut in years and these delightfully hit the spot. The dough is soft as a cloud and their fillings and glazes add the perfect amount of sweetness. They are open Friday-Sunday mornings until they sell out, and their flavors change weekly. My favorite is the eclair but that one always sells out first. I highly recommend stopping by— the earlier the better!

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02 May 2021


Vegan doughnuts (the non-cake kind) are hard to come by, and we were SO excited to find Peaceful Provisions. The first time we visited, they had closed early because they were sold out, so we came back early the next week. The wait was worth it, and the doughnuts did not disappoint! We tried the eclair, lemon poppyseed, vanilla, and blueberry glazed doughnuts, and all were fantastic. This will certainly turn into a regular stop.

Pros: 100% vegan , Fried doughnuts, not cake

Cons: Hard to find parking on weekends


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23 Jan 2021

That’s a Tasty Doughnut, vegan or not!

I ordered two maple pecan and two strawberry shortcake doughnuts. They are everything you would in expect in a proper doughnut. Gently crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside. They are a mile high, and not cloyingly sweet. It’s worth the effort to order ahead and pick up this weekend treat. I will definitely order again the future.

Pros: Fresh ingredients

Cons: Order ahead only


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24 Sep 2020

Best donuts ever

Was able to snag a donut from Orchard Grocer in NYC and that thing was massive! Absolutely delicious and considering what it was, it wasn’t overly sweet. Can’t wait to try other flavors. These donuts aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for! These are high quality donuts!

Pros: They have pickups in various places , Huge donuts

Cons: Can’t think of any


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15 Aug 2020


these donuts are amazing. they’re currently doing pre-orders for pickup on fridays (nj), saturdays (hudson valley ny) and sundays (nyc). i ordered a box for pick-up at freakin’ vegan in jersey and they did not. disappoint. these donuts are MASSIVE and worth the $5/ea. will definitely order again!!

Pros: sooooo yummy, available for pickup in a few locations

Cons: must order a whole box, no singles (at least now)


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21 Jul 2020

Love LOVE love!!

I love ALL of the doughnuts I have tried! So many unique flavor combos. They are always flawless in presentation.
Love their fudge cake and rainbow cake as well!! The filled doughnuts with pastry cream are a must try if you like filled doughnuts!


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09 Jul 2020

insanely delicious donuts!!!!!

Wow. I am absolutely blown away with how fluffy and perfect these donuts are! They also always have the JUST right amount of glaze/filling. I so look forward to days when they deliver to orchard grocer in NY! Strawberry is by far my favorite. Also, the price is very reasonable considering that they are hand made made in small batches.

Pros: 100% vegan, Unique flavors


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09 Feb 2020

Best donuts

I have had their donuts at popups in Brooklyn, they are the best donuts I’ve ever had. They are delicious, creative (they have a baklava donut with a mini baklava on top!) and also beautifully made.

Pros: All vegan, Amazing and creative flavors , Women owned small business

Cons: A bit pricey but worth it


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07 Feb 2020

Best doughnuts

These are the best doughnuts I have ever had, vegan or not. The PP twins sell them fresh every week at Peekskill Brewery and are constantly coming up with new and innovative flavors. Sometimes the line can be long, but the PB staff sometimes gives out beer samples and allows you to order brews from the line. Craft beer and doughnuts: breakfast of champions! I am looking forward to getting them again on my next trip to NY.

Pros: Delicious, Large portions, Sweet owners

Cons: Sometimes the line is long, Limited hours, Run out quickly

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