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Vegan restaurant offering a buffet of dishes which are all gluten-free. Uses raw oils in dishes. Colorful inside and out. Est. 2016. Open Sat 3:30pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by MarinaOdermatt


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01 Mar 2020

Unique interior, food okay

The idea is great: vegan, glutein and sugar free, a lot of fermented stuff, smoothies, healthy and wholesome.
The food looked okay, but a bit smashed, it tasted nice, but unfortunately it was mostly cold, which was a bit a shame. There wasn’t a heating option (I think this would anyway be against the “philisophy”). The owner is nice and seems to be a good guy. However, really awkward was the fact that we had to put the used dishes into some boxes which were filled with water – and this within the restaurant right besides the eating area. Usually it takes me a lot to call something a no-go, but for me this is one and should definitely be improved.
The food itself tasted good and the place is actually quite funny and worth a visit if this “too homy” approach could be changed. Meanwhile I would only recommend it for curiosity and supporting the vegan community.

Pros: Vegan, Glutein free, Sugar free

Cons: Too “homy” - used dishes in boxes with water, A bit pricy



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24 Dec 2019

Okay vegan restaurant

Very cozy place and staff was friendly and spoke good English. Food was okay. It felt like some of the food weren't that fresh. Bit expensive. The decorations of the restaurant is something you don't want to miss out. Very colorful place!


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22 Jun 2019

Lots of vegan options

It's a shame this place seems to hammer in the food is so HEALTHY immediately as you walk in the door, it seems to be making up for the fact its tasteless. Even the smoothie just tasted like half a mushed up banana mixed with water. Hopefully they were just having an off day or something. Maybe others would like it but not my cup of tea.


10 Jul 2019

The difference between Peacefood.Bio and other typical vegan junk food restaurants is that we do not use sugar. This is a completely new concept in Switzerland. The smoothies are sweetened exclusively with fruit and not with sugar and artificial additives, as elsewhere .. However, we do not use bananas .. Maybe I should have explained that even better ... In addition, we heat no oils, resulting in unhealthy trans fat , It is also allergen-free and gluten-free. Simply perfect for health-conscious people. For people who do not care about healthy food, there are fortunately enough toxic places..


26 Aug 2019

Now this, is how you properly (and quite diplomatically) address a review. It is your response, Peacefood.Bio, that has me interested in visiting your restaurant (healthy vegan food vs. vegan junk food, is a concept many are still grappling with). Your response to the above review, just earned you two new visitors in a few days.?


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15 Jun 2019

Excellent WFPB

This place is worth the trip from the old town area. The owner is very nice and knowledgeable and they have a good variety of food. The food is made with care and tastes great on it's own. You can add oil of you want. Kombucha made in house. Sugar free desserts too. By American standards, it's expensive, but not out of the ordinary for Swiss restaurants.


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12 Jul 2018

absolutely genius

real food at its best: vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, only best oils to add separately, many fermented choices, many raw dishes and so on. and the best: the knowledge and friendliness of the owner, just wow.

Pros: vegan, raw choices, fermented foods


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Mostly Veg
06 Jun 2018

Electric Life Foods

WOW. Just wow. I met Armando while I was traveling in the Canarian Islands and he shared with me his attitude and life dreams about a healthy living. I was curious, as I started to change my diet 2010. I was ill already since I was born, so it was for me a big change to take responsibility for it and become healthy. I was reading many books about diets, foods and fasting and 3 years later, I was achieving my freedom in getting rid of the desease. This was the first step to learn about healthy foods and how to prepare them well. Then, in the winter of 2013 I met Armando and his passion and story inspired me to grow my horizon about conventional, industrial foods. I find it very funny, how people rate this restaurant 2 or 3 stars, complaining about something totally different. If you go to burger king, you cannot rate them 3 stars with a comment like the burgers are better in McDonalds, because its made completely different. So, Armando was preparing his food for me already years before he even opened the restaurant. That was impressive and I believe, that people will wake up sooner. All other restaurants are just open to make profit and push the price to the minimum, that more and more unhealthy ingredients has be used, to keep the price down. But real foods are grown naturally. They only understand the importance, when there will be a lack of health and then they reconsider life. But, then it is to late already. Thank you for making an impact Armando and continue the great food supply. Carry on and the people will wake up one day!

Pros: Super healthy, Super Fast, Super Price


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20 May 2018

A pleasant surprise

If you take bus number 1 from the train station to Maihofmatte-Rotsee (5-10mins) you’ll see it on your left hand side at the corner when you get off the bus. Very easy to get to and see. This isn’t your typical Swiss restaurant though. It’s very home-made and has a sort of colorful, artsy interior. It is 3.50CHF for every 100grams of food you get from the buffet. I’m used to seeing 4.50CHF for 100grams food at each Swiss buffet I’ve been to so they do price a little bit better. Either way, it’s the only vegan and organic buffet you’ll find in Lucerne. There was a decent variety of food when I came. Plus they are very health conscious so they don’t cook with any oil and the food is still pretty tasty (they have oil, vinegar and condiments like home-made sauces to add at the buffet) Check em’ out if you’re around !

Pros: Entirely plant-based, Organic, Gluten-free

Cons: Just a little pricey but that’s Switzerland, ,


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22 Feb 2018

Great Location for a different Taste

Peacefood serves a wide range of dishes in it's self-service restaurant. All dishes I tasted have been fresh and tasty. It's creative interior invites for a longer stay. I'll consider it in future again.

Pros: Wide range of real healthy food, Reasonably priced, Many vegan drinks

Cons: someway distant to center of the city

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